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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 600

"The Island of Restarting"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 14, 2010 13:50 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 600 - "The Island of Restarting"
bottom: Request: "While working out, Zoro mistakes an alligator for his
equipment and starts swinging it around" from Kororu-san (pen name) in
Kanagawa Prefecture

Sabaody Archipelago - Grove #35
white: It was the fake Robin who was kidnapped, but--
1(2b): Robiiiiin!! Haa, haa
2(2b): Robiiiiin!! Where have they taken youuuu?!?!
3: ...dammit!! ...dammit!!
4(2b): Just what has gotten into everyone...?! Luffy!! And Zoro, and Nai,
and Sanji, and Franky!!
5(2b): We crewmates always cared for one another so much, and yet...!!
Robin gets kidnapped, and they tell me to "leave her be!!?"
6: Haa, haa...
7: That's horrible...!!
8: What have I worked so hard over the past two years for...?!
9(2b): For who...?!?! Uuu...
10: Heeey, Chopperrrrrrr!!!

1: !? ...ah!
2: Heeey, heeey!
3: Ussoooooop!!
4: Woah, you sure have gotten bigger!
5(2b): I bet you're even easier to ride now, huh?! How've you beeeen?!
6: It's truuuue!
7: squeeze
8: You're fluffier than before <3
9: Hm?
10: Long time no see, Chopper!!
11: Huh?! Nami??
12: Well, yeah?
13: ...no...that's right!! I'm happy to see you both again, but this
isn't the time for that!
14: Robin's in big trouble!!

1: Ehh!!?
2: You mean those guys were fakes!!?
3: So that's why there's two Namis!!
4: You really amaze me...
5(2b): Robin's been escaping the World Government for over twenty years,
remember? That woman getting stuffed in a bag and taken away...I just
can't imagine it.
6(2b): Oh!! I thought there was something funny about her...she didn't
smell like how I remembered, either...
7: Here's a cucumber.
8(2b): ....mmm!! That makes me mad, then!! How dare those guys
impersonate us?!
9: I can't forgive them!! I can't believe we're being copied!! It's like
the real us are...
10: famous people or somethin'! Aww, gimme a break!! <3
11: wiggle wiggle
12: What are you getting all happy for?!
13: psh!
14: --it's because our Captain, Luffy's name got so popular, so there's
really nothing we can do about it.
15: Eheh...I gotta think up a signature!!
16: I've already thought up mine!
17: You guys know we're famous in a BAD way, right?

1: Grove #40--
2: I can't believe this!!
3: We finally catch the real "Straw Hats"'s pet, and then...!!
4(2b): My side hurts...zeh
5: Grrrr!!! I misjudged you all!!
6(2b): What?! That was a survivor from the real "Straw Hats" just now?!
You shoulda told me that sooner!!! Hurry up and bring it back!!
7: Ehhh!?
8: Easier said than done!! Where the hell are we supposed to look?!
9: We totally lost sight of him! And Sabaody Archipelago pretty big, you
know?! zeh zeh
10: Hey, let's walk, let's walk.
11(2b): I guess I should put on the mustache, just like Hancock
said...she told me not to make a scene, too.
12: Nnnn!!?
13(2b): Hey, that's...the "cloaked kid with the big bag" the Captain was
looking for...
14: That's a KID?!
15: ...huh? ...you guys...!!

1: Grove #41
2: I
3(2b): want to go to the beach. I want to fish...
4: NO!! You shithead!
5: Why not?! Why do I have to listen to what YOU say?!
6: I'm not walking with you for fun, you know...it's a pain in the
ass...especially if you go sauntering around the island again...!!
Wayward Marimo!
7: Everyone's gonna get together soon, so just shut up and come with me
to the ship!!!
8: ...geez.
9: #7 talkin' like he's so high and mighty to #1...
10: Why are you ranking us by what order we came in?! Don't get all cocky
just because you miraculously got here first!!!
11(2b): Oh. Sorry. #7.
12: Alriiiight!! That's it, I'm dropping you right here!! With these legs
I've polished in the hell I was in for two years!!!
13: Fine by me, dammit! I'll cut you right in two!!!

1: Grove #46 - The Straw Hats' Meeting Point--
2: This is Grove #46--
3: Rookies from the island who have joined the "Straw Hats"' crew--are
showing themselves one after another. And there are 4 Captains we can
4: At a bounty of 92 million B,
5: "Gashed Albion!"
6: At a bounty of 88 million B...
7: "Lip Service" Doughty!
8: And the Super Rookie brothers, "Wet Hair Caribou,"
9: and "Blood-Splattered Coribou"...!!!

1(2b): If they all become underlings of "Straw Hat Luffy," it would
2: Hey!! What's wrong?!
3: Oh no!! Hurry with backup!!!
4: Hey hey heeeeeeeey!!! Weren't you on the phone with the good ol'
Marines just noooow!!?
5: N!! ...No, I wasn't...!! It's true that I was about to, though!
6: What?
7: We wouldn't like that, you knooow? If you called themmmm...geheheheh!
8: This plaza'll become smeared in blood, you knoooow!! With your blood,
that iiiis!!!
9: Right, Coribou?!?!
10: Yeuuup!! Sorry, bro-bro!! Sorrryyyyy!!!
11: I'm over here, ya dummy!!!
12: Sorrryyyyy!!
13: Caribou, the Marine killer...
14: I'm not over there either!! Ya damn dimwit!
15: ka-chak...

1: Thaaaaat's noooot
2: fuuuunnnyyyyyyy!!!
3: Gyaaaaaaahhh
4: He went and did it.
5: He lives up to his reputation...
6: Guaaaaaaahhhhh
7: O God, forgive him!!! Placing a weapon in his hand,
8: and attempting to kill me...this foolish marine...please, give him
your mercyyyyy!!!
9: Sorryyyy!! Bro-bro!! Sorryyyy!!
10: Captain of the Caribou Pirates
"Wet Hair Caribou"
210,000,000 B Bounty
11: Also a Captain (Little Brother)
"Blood-Splattered Coribou"
190,000,00 B Bounty
12: Bury him, Coribou!! Bury that sinful Marine aliiiiive!!!
13: Yeuuup!!
14: W...wait...please, not alive...!! I haven't...called...the Marines!
15: Help...
16: Dig, dig!
17: That's as far as you go!!! Caribou!!!
18: Nnnnn??

1: Woaaaaaaahhh!!! Captain "Straw Hat Luffy" has appeared!!!
2: Just throw those measly one or two Marines over to the side!!
3: And everyone!! Look around you!! You're probably surrounded by a bunch
of unknown faces!
4: Woaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!
5: Which is to say!! That the day I become "Pirate King," you'll all be
part of the "Pirate King's Crew!!!"
6: Woaaaaahhh!!!
7: And in order for that to happen!! We're gonna go on an adventure now!!
8(2b): This is like a dream come true!! We're gonna join the crew of the
one who wreaked havoc at all three of the World Government's three
biggest facilities: "Enies Lobby," "Impel Down," and the "Marine HQ,"
9: an unprecedented, unparalleled pirate!!
10: He's definitely one of the candidates to become the next "Pirate
King." This is what it means to ride on a winning horse!
11(2b): The reason I have called you all here now is none other than--
because some some nobodies have gone and humiliated me, your cherished

(right side first)
1: From this point on, you are all my followers!! You're the crew of the
"Straw Hat Pirates!!!"
2: You are to become my hands, you are to become my legs!! You are to
risk your lives fighting for me!!!
3: Woaaaaaahhhh!!!
4(2b): The criminals are somewhere on this island!!! You are to find them
and drag them back here and put them before my eyes!!!
5: No problem, boooss!
6: We're not gonna let those idiots go freeee!!
7: Boy, he sure gathered a bunch of people...
8(2b): That's the place? I can't wait to see everyone!
9: You two sure have changed over the past two years, though! Haven't you
gotten a little too silent?
10(3b): And were you two always so buddy-buddy? Well, it has been two
years, I guess...your faces sure changed as well...are you both in
disguise too?
11: It looks like this mustached guy is a friend of the real "Straw Hat
Crew," like I thought...who is he?
12: I dunno, but it's better not to talk so we don't reveal
13: We're almost there. Once we hand him over to the Captain, it's over.
14: Captain!!
15: Call me "boss," you idiots!!
16: We couldn't find that real pet, but...could this be the man you were
looking for?!
17: Ah

1: Grove #33 - Sabaodream--
2(2b): --oh really...?! The Marines...!! Understood!
3-4: Encooore
5: --I have a little more...yes...all my fans are calling for an
6: Encooore
7: They aren't stopping, so I'm going to return.
8: Chaaaarge!!
9-10: chak
11: boom!! boom!!
12: Hold it right theeere!!! Stop the concert!!!
13: chak
14: Eh!!?

1(2b): Representative Captain of the Rumbar Pirates, a.k.a. "Humming
Brook!!!" We have reason to believe that you are the same person as this
pirate, wanted for 33,000,000 B!!!
2: We have also received information that you are currently a crew member
of the pirate "Straw Hat Luffy"'s!!!
3: "Soul King" Brook!!!
4: No...Pirate Brook!! We are arresting you right here!!!
5: No way...Brook-sama?!
6: The Soul King is a criminal?
7: He's a pirate...?!
8: But the word on the street is that "Straw Hat Luffy" died...
9: Looks like it's all over now, Brook!!
10: kachak...
11: Manager--so this was your doing, after all.
12: That talk about your "retirement" you so honestly told us in the
dressing room...it was quite the shock. Especially now that your
popularity is on fire, and we were about to make a killing...!!
13(2b): You betrayed us...our company is finished now! So we're gonna
have you die with us, "Soul King."

1: Put down your instrument and raise both hands!!
2: Back band...
3(2b): Chorus!! Dancers!! Just one more song...please, I request that you
accompany me!!
4: ...it's alright. My music has "power" now!!
5: Have you gone mad? You're finished, Brook!!
6: You took good care of me for these past two years, Manager!
7: --and I must thank you for escorting me to this island.
8: grip...
9(3b): To "us," this is an "island of pain" harboring memories of
defeat...--but it is also an "island of restarting!!!" --and it is my job
as a member of the crew to enliven the adventure...!!
10(2b): "Straw Hat Luffy..." dead? Ridiculous--tell this to the world!!
11: The pirate "Straw Hat Luffy" is alive!!!

1: HQ!!
2: Respond please!!
3: As the man who will someday become the "King" of the sea...!!
4: peace and quiet is utterly malapropos for his departure!!! OH BABY
5: I have news!!
6: Big news!!
7: I send this out to my beloved crewmates.
8(2b): The last soul!!! Please, lend me your ears!!! YEAH!!!
9: Luffy-san: Let's go to the "New World!!!"
10: You fools! We said to stop this concert...
11: Shut up, Marines!
12: One more song!! Let us listen to it!! Let him sing it!!!
13: That's right!!! It doesn't matter who the "Soul King" is!!!
14: That's right! Music is our ally!!

1: Grove #17 - The island where the Sunny is docked --
2: Woooooooowwwwwww!!!
3: Riiiiiiiight!!?
4: What an awesome bodyyyyy!
5: You're a robot noooow!!! Can you shoot LASERRRRS?! Can you shot
MISSIIIIILES?! Can you merge with anythiiiiing?!
6: Calm down, Chopper! You're gonna die of excitement!!
7: Haa, haa
8: That's right! Filled with the emotions and dreams of men, right now!!
The only and only, the you-know-who, is about to move forward!! And his
name iiiiiis!! "Armored Me!!!"
9: But Franky, how can you do such precise work with those huge hands?
10: What are you talking about?
11: jakin!
12: pakah!! whirr
13: gakong!!
14: There it iiiiis!! A hand!!!
15: Robiiiiin!!
16: Nami! You look well!

1: What kind of unusual play brought that body about...?
2: Ufufu. Who knows...I don't get it.
3: wah! So this is a coated ship...
4: Try pushing my nose! My nose!
5: Noooose?
6: Yeah, keep it pushed down for over three seconds...
8: He re-said it!! Like a robot!!
9: It's baaaaaaaaack!!! His Haiiiir!!!
10: Your HAIR is controllable?!
11: It's controllable.
12: What has he been doing over the past two years?
13: Oh! Is that Nami? Yo!
14: Hi, hi.
15: Show us your weapons, please! Weapons!!
16: Are you nuts? We can't start the main event until Luffy gets here-
17: Woaahh!! He's saying mecha at the end of his sentences now!!
18: You guys!
19: step...
20: Rayleigh-san! Shakky!!
21: Looks like the island's gotten a bit hectic.

1: Marines?
2(2b): Yes. They think the fake Monkey-chan is the real one, so they've
started moving in droves.
3: I listened in on the Marines' communications, so it's for sure.
4(2b): I also informed Brook-chan of the situation through a Den-Den
Mushi at his concert hall. He should be coming here soon.
5: Hoh...so he's abandoning his star seat to come here, huh...he's sure
got bones. (*means reliable in Japanese)
6(2b): You're the navigator, aren't you, Nami-chan? I'm gonna teach you
how to control a coated ship, so be sure to remember.
7: Ah...okay!!
8: I'll do my best.
9: Hey, what, what? Everyone looks so tense all of a sudden.
10: But Rayleigh!! Luffy isn't even here yet...
11: Don't worry.
12: Luffy's already disembarked.

1: How exciting...
2: --I gave a Den-Den Mushi to Sanji when he came here the first time.
He's with Zoro now.
3: Hurry!!
4(4b): Oh...good. We need to hurry, the Marines are already close. The
only one we aren't in contact with is Monkey-chan...--but I'll give this Vivre card to you. He's counting on this, right?
5: flap...
6(2b): "Grove #42," facing the shore, should be good...move the ship
there. And get everyone together -- it'll be a little flurried, but now
that you've all gotten through your own two years
7: it's finally time to restart!!!
white: A new journey begins...!!

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