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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 601

"ROMANCE DAWN for the new world"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Oct 21, 2010 11:25 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 601 - "ROMANCE DAWN for the new world"
--The Dawn of an Adventure into a New World--

bottom: Request: "Nami and some herons battle it out at a casino" from Anonymous

1: Sabaody Archipelago Grove #33: Sabaodream
white: Sabaody in an uproar!!
2: --right now, this place is in a state of panic!!
3(2b): --yes, the Marines who stepped in to arrest the Soul King, Brook, have been obstructed by his fans, and are resorting to violence!!
4: And it appears that the man in question has escaped somewhere!!
5: Yohohohohoooooo!! Do excuse me -- and good timing!!
6: It was Big Sis Shakky's orders!!
7: Your crewmates are waiting at Grove #42.
8(2b): My chest is swelling with nostalgia! --I have no chest TO swell, though!!! Yohohohoho!!!
9: Dammit!!! You traitor!!!
10: --yes, the musician Brook was actually a pirate!!!

1: Grove #41--
2: Roger. The Grove #42 beach, right?
3: That's it. Let's meet up later!!
4: ga-chah!!
5: What's up?
6: Weren't you listening?!
7(2b): Let's see here. "Marines"..."coming," "we," "boat"...."escape." Do you understand now?
8: Why are you talking in pieces like I'm some kid?! Explain it to me in sentences, goddammit!!!
9: I just figured that in order to explain it to a muscle-brained idiot, that way would be best...
10(2b): OK. You're getting chopped later. More importantly, isn't there a lot of noise coming from that island?
11: You're right..."over there," "noisy."
12: Grove #46 -- Meeting place for the Fake "Straw Hats."
13: Kill hiiiiim!
14: Boooooss!!
15: Kill hiiiiim!!
16(5b): Looks like we found one of the culprits already! Now, first things first, it's time to teach this man a lesson!! --by the way, you all: what I am about to do to this guy now...should also serve as a warning to each and every one of you, my subordinates. THIS is what happens if you go against me!!
17: Zoro, Sanji! Is he some friend of yours?
18: Well, you see, a while back...

1(3b): Hold it right there!!! Pirates!!! Attention "Straw Hat Luffy" and all his subordinates!!! You are to surrender peacefully!!!
2: We have sealed all the entrances and exits to this place, Grove #46!!! You no longer have
3: Marines!!!
4: Eh...?! How did the Marines find out about me??
5: Huh?! What the hell are you talking about?!
6: Captain!! W...we're surrounded by Marines!!
7(2b): Don't panic!! You idiots!! What do you think we went out gathering crew members for?! We even have some worth over 100 million!

1: any place to run!!!
2: Hey!! Caribou!! Coribou!! Use that one Marine as a shield!!
3: And wrench open an exit!!!
4: What Marine?!
5: It seems that a lone scout was captured by them...!!
6: Damn...!! This is bad.
7: Booooss!! I'm afraid that's too tall an order.
8: You see, this little shithead lied and said he "didn't call the Marines!"
9: ka-cha...!!
10: Haa...haa...
11: Right?
12: Stop, you idiot!!!

1: Seems like they have zero intention of surrendering.
2: So it's OK to lie to an evildoer, is that it...?! You boys should really do away with that unwritten ruuuule...geheheheh!!!
3: Awww man.
4(2b): Caribou!! That crazy son of a bitch!! He went and ignored his Captain's orders...!!!
5: Shoot down the piraaaaaates!!!
6: Keheeheeee! Smells like bloooood!
7: Like the stinky blood of hypocriiiites!
8: You stupid Marines! Our boss is the man worth 400 million!!! "Straw Hat Luffy!!!"
9: Fight baaaaaaack!!!

1: ??...why are those guys all calling me boss?
2: Like I said, what the hell you're talking about?!
3: Hey, you idiots! Don't just go wild on your own!!!
4: boooom!!!
5-6: Gyaaaaaaaaahhh!!!
7: Pacifistaaaaaaaaaas!!!
8: What are those human weapons the Marines used in the war on the summit doing here!!?
9(2b): Pirate "Straw Hat Luffy" identified. beep beep...
10(3b): P...Pacifistas...!! Are those the real things?! ...one of them targeted me just now!!

1: pyuuun!!
2: Oreaaaaaaahhhhh!!
3: 88 million bounty: Lip "Service" Doughty.
4: Captain Doughtyyyyyy!!!
5: No way...!! Captaiiin!!
6: Auuguaahh...!!
7: A man worth 80 million...didn't even stand a chance?!

1(2b): This is impossible, "boooss!" Please, do something!!! These human weapons are gonna completely annihilate us!!!
2: Huh?! Where's Boss Luffy?!
3(2b): Hurry, let's split!! There's no way we could fight against someone who crushed Doughty like that!!
4: Uoohhhh!!!
5(2b): Woahhh!! Boss "Straw Hat" is gonna fight for us!!! Get 'eeeem!! Show us the power of 400 million!!!
6: ...? Why are you being called "Straw Hat"...
7: Hey, punk!! You know who I am, doncha?! If you don't wanna be murdered...if you don't want your guts splayed all over the floor,
8: then open up a path!! I'm the son of Dragon!! The grandson of Garp!! With a bounty of 400 million...

1: "Straw Hat" isn't some piece of shit like you!!!!
2: Hobuuuuuuuuuuhhh!!!
3: Ehhhhhhhhhhh!!?
4: B...Boss "Straw Haaaaaaat!!?"
5: quiver quiver
6: I see...so all of these guys were tricked by a "Fake Straw Hat" and joined his crew...
7: Who is this guy, PX-5?

1(3b): beep beep!! 26 million bounty: ...the pirate "Three-Tounged Demalo Black!"
2: A fake!!?
3: They're on to us!! Run!! They're gonna kill us!!
4(2b): Whaaat?! Those bastards!!! They used the name of "Straw Hat Luffy"...!! and deceived us!!? Taking advantage of him because he's dead!!
5(2b): Dammit!!! We were just about to be used by some random piece of trash worth a mere 20 million!!
6: Eh?? Those guys were pretending to be me??
7: That Zoro and Sanji too? They seemed a bit different, but boy did they look the same...
8(2b): The people who tricked you were idiots, but since you were dumb enough to buy it, you're all out of luck. I'm arresting every one of you!!
9(2b): --and out of some coincidence, it looks like the real “Straw Hat Luffy” is also here!! PX-5 picked him up for sure just after he got on this island!!
10: Ehh!!? …
11: Aim for HIM!!! PX-5!!

1: pyun!!
2: Uwahhh!!
3: Eh
4: Dat wath crose!!
5: pop!!
6: What are you doing?!?!
7: My special lunchboxes are this bag!!

1: He looks just like the wanted posterrrrr!!!
2(2b): Gyaaaaaah! HE was the real "Straw Hat Luffy!!!"
3(2b): Keep your wits about you!! This is what we came here for in the first place!!
4: Yes sir!!
5(2b): So you're gonna get in my way again, huh? I was told not to make a big scene or it'd be harder to set sail, you know!
6(2b): Relax! You won't need to set sail. Unlike two years ago, I'm an official Marine now!! And I'm arresting you right here!!
7: Get him, PX-5!!
8: Slow...
9: "Gear 2"
10: "Gomu-gomu no"...

1: "JET PISTOL"!!!!
2: He had Haki equipped...!!!
3: One hit...!!?
4: click...!!

1: tah!
2: Shishishi! Later!
3: I had a feeling I'd meet you again somewhere.
4: Wait, Straw Haaat!!
5: Hey, Luffyyyyy!!!
6: Luffy!! So it is you, after all!! Why are you always smack dab in the middle of trouble all the time?!?!
7: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
8: Zoro!! Sanjiiiii!! Uwahhhh!! I know it's you guys for real this time!!
9: It's been so long!! Guys!!
10: Hm?

1: Move it!!!!
2: I cut him!!
3: I broke his neck!!

1: gigi...!!
2: It's the "Straw Hat Crew"!!!
3: The real things!!! They're completely different!!! Nothing like the fakes!!!
4: Hey, Luffy. You're #9.
5(2b): Shut up, you idiot! How long are you going to brag about that? Let's hurry, Luffy. Everyone's waiting at the ship.
6: OK!! Boy is this great! This is the first time we've seen each other in two years!!
7: "The Pirate Hunter Zoro"...!! "Black Leg Sanji"...!!
8: --so the entire crew really is on this island!! ...they're alive!!
9: Hm?!
10: Hey, what's wrong?!

1: Rayleiiiiiiiigh!!
2: ....!!? D...
3: D-D-D...!! "Dark Kiiiiing"!!?
4: Fufufu...I just thought I'd come and check up on you.
5: But it looks like you've got no problems...
6: And you've refined your strength even further...!!
7: Yeah!!
8: --well then...hurry up and go to your crew...
9: OK!! Rayleigh!
10: Thanks for everything over the past 2 years!
11(2b): ...fufu...there's no need for such formalities...hurry up and go...
12: ...Rayleigh, I'm...
13: gonna do it!!

1: I'm gonna become!!
2: "Pirate King!!!"
white: The New World awaits!!

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