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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 603

"Keep This In Your Hearts"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Nov 2, 2010 21:44 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 603 - "Keep This in Your Hearts"

"Sanji and some cute squirrels make a pie together" from NSC Hayao-scan (Pen Name)

1: Sabaody Archipelago - "No Man's Land"
2: Bro-brooo!! It's to hard to diiiig!!
3: Well, obviously. This island is mostly composed of roots!
4: Please forgive uuuuuus!!! Don't bury uuuuus!!!
5: We'll do anything, just don't kill us!!
6: We were...!! We were forced to by our Captain!! By Black...!!
7: Keheheheh!! ...let's just join their crew temporarily, we thought! Join up with those high-bounty "Straw Haaaaats!"
8: That way, we figured we could just...
9: kill 'em all to our hearts' content from the insiiiide!
10: Gyaaaaaaahhhh!! Drip!!
11(2b): Hey, please, stop! He'll die!!! You...have an "ability?!?!"

1: Stop, I said!!!
2: jakin!!
3: zuzu...
4: Zubuh!!
5: U...uwahhh, what the?! A "Logia"!!?
6: shiver shiver
7(2b): ...so what if I am...I figured since it's been two years, the faces and bodies of the Straw Hats could possibly change...but what do I find...but a bunch of faker bastards...!!! You think God will forgive this?! Coribou!!
8: Diggin', diggin'!
9(2b): C'mon, friends...let's bury 'eeeeem! Ohhh, God!! We're gonna bury these dummies right here!!!
10: Please, stooooop!!!
11(2b): --but don't worry, I made sure to confirm the real "Straw Hat Luffy"...with my very own eyes! Keheeheehee!!!

1: Grove #46 - The "Fake Straw Hats" Meeting Spot
2(2b): ...there was nothing more we could do. Didn't I say that?
3: The "Dark King," the man who stopped Uncle Kizaru, stood in our way. What did you expect us to do?
4: And then, the Caribou brothers, their crew...and a number of the fake Straw Hats cleverly disappeared from the plaza...
5(2b): We captured the rest, but thanks to the real "Straw Hat Pirates," two Pacifistas took heavy damage. They were both the same "Prototypes" that cornered the pirates two years ago...and of course, they haven't gotten any stronger.
6: Those pirates are the ones who got stronger!! During their two years in hiding, they've undergone a shocking level of growth!!!
7(2b): Make sure the Marine HQ in the "New World" hears that VERY clearly!!! Tell them that the "Straw Hat Pirates" have completely revived...!!!

1: They sure left quickly.
2: Monkey-chan and everyone else...they've gotten so much stronger...
3: shubo!!
4: --you were watching?
5: Of course. I'm a fan of theirs, after all.
6: --are you...recalling something? Ray-san.
7: ...mmm?
8: Nooo...
9: Well, maybe...
10: Fufu...
11: Hey!! Nice ship!!
12(2b): ...mm? --it's a ship I stole...my house burned down, so I'm living here.
13: Oh! What's your name?
14: ...Rayleigh.

1: I'm Roger!!!
2: This is a fateful meeting!! Rayleigh,
3: --How about overturning the world together with me!!?
4: The world? ...hahaha, who the hell are you, anyway? Go run off somewhere else!!
5(2b): --...there may be no such thing as coincidences in this world. It seems like everything that happened was inevitable...
6(2b): Destiny is slowly, deliberately taking its shape...--in any case...Luffy stepped up to a new level,
7(2b): and has become a man well fit to wear that hat...!!
8: --it may not be a bad idea...
9: to live on a little longer...

1: Undersea in the coastal waters of Sabaody Archipelago--
2: Look how far away the surface is already...!!
3: A superb view!! You'd couldn't find this wide of a window even on a submarine!!!
4(2b): We're sinkiiiing!! Farther, farther, farther!! Are you sure this will keep water from getting in?! I'm worried!!
5: It feels like the world humans live in is getting farther and farther away...my heart's beating fast...!!
6: C-c...can we really get back up to the surface?! I...I'm not scared, but...
7: The ocean sure is beautiful!!!
8: Yohohooo! Let me see out the side!

1(2b): Trees!!! No, they're roots!!
2: --oh yeah. If you think about it, Sabaody Archipelago is just one huge mangrove...
3: Overwhelming Mother Natuuuuuuure!!!
4: I've seen this already.
5: Yeah, when you GOT ON THE WRONG SHIP!! SHUT UP!! People are getting deeply moved here!!
6: More importantly, there's something behind uuuus!!!
7: There's something huge behind that treeeee!!
8: I can't believe these roots continue down to the ocean floor...they're so big, I'm speechless...
9(2b): Boy is this excitiiiing!! We're having a big adventure under the sea!!
10: This is like a dream!!
11: Ohhhh!! Fish!!
12: I think I can grab 'em!! C'mon!!
13: guri guri
14: There's some tasty-looking ones over here too.

2: ba-dump ba-dump
3(2b): What are you gonna do if the bubble pops?!?! Go to hell, both of you!!! Never do that again!!!
4: ba-dump ba-dump
5: --Nami-san, could you go through a list of things we should know about the coating
6: before they do anything retarded?
7(2b): Sure, Sanji-kun! Rayleigh-san gave me some notes.
8: Alright, everyone...!! Let me explain...
9: She moved...!!
10: A real beautiful womaaaaaan <3 <3
11: Sanjiiiiiiiiiii!!!
12: It's gonna break, it's gonna break, it's gonna breaaaaak!!
13: How can he fly that far just from a nosebleed?!
sfx: pop!!
14: goboh
15: Ehhhh!!?
16: Sanji flew out into the ocean!!!
17: Sanjiiiii!!

1: Come baaaaaaaaack!!!
2: Uuu...!! I'm powerless in the ocean...!!
3: Hang in there!
4(2b): Hey...!! What's wrong?! Sanji!!! It's like...he's become utterly weak towards women!!
5: This isn't like you, Sanji!!?
6(2b): How pitiable...Sanji-san loved women, what could have possibly happened to him over the past two years...?! At this rate, once we finally meet the mermaids we've been dreaming so much about, he'll...
7: shiver...shiver...
8: We'll have to do a blood drive at "Fishman Island"...do fishmen and mermaids...have the same kind of blood as humans...?
9(2b): --so what we just saw...must mean that this bubble shares the same characteristics as the bubbles on Sabaody Archipelago?
10: Don't start analyzing the damn bubble at a time like this!!
11(3b): Yes! It's basically the same! It will stretch to a certain limit--and anything stronger than that will just go through it. That way, in an extreme case where we're attacked by a sea monster or something, we can fire guns and cannons without breaking the bubble!
12: --alright then, what WILL make it break?
13: Ahhhh, behind us! Watch ooout!

1(2b): Apparently if there are too many holes open at once, it won't hold -- for example, if it gets bit by a sea monster or a Sea King, it's done for.
2: --or if we hit some rocks or a trench, and our ship ends up breaking,
3: Gyaaaaaahhh!!
4: then the broken pieces of the ship or mast hit the bubble...we'd be dead meat there, too.
5(2b): So we need to be careful of the ocean creatures and obstacles. And then as long as nothing problematic happens from the inside, we'll be OK.
6: A fight...
7: Wow, it's surprisingly strong!!
8: But
9: "70% of all ships that head for Fishman Island sink before reaching their destination, so be careful."
11: If I used my "Gatling" there, I could take in that whole school of fish!!
12: How about we compete to see who can get more, then?
13: She just said not to make "multiple holes," dammit!!!
14: I'm gonna beat the crap out of both of you! Never do that again!!!

1(2b): Grrrr!! Hachi said he'd guide us to Fishman Island, if we had gone with him we could've gotten there so much more safely!
2: Oh yeah! I got a ton of lunchboxes! Since Sanji's all messed up or whatever, let's all eat these!
3: Waaaah, My stomach's totally empty!!
4: Yohoho! My stomach's totally bones!!
5: Nami, is the ship a little more stabilized now?
6: Yeah, since we're still riding on a big current.
7: There's something I need to tell everyone.
8: A robot secreeeeeeeet!!!
10: Woahhhh, awesome!! Robotspeak!!!
11(3b): It's true that Hachi was supposed to guide us along the ocean floor, but --he ended up suffering serious wounds and is back at "Fishman Island" resting and healing himself...!! And the reason is same as Duvall's...!!!
12(2b): He got all his wounds trying to protect the Thousand Sunny after we left it at that island...about one year ago. The Marines found out about the Sunny, which ended up causing a huge battle, where they both were forced to retire.
13: Eh?! --then how was the ship fine up until today?
14: Because there was ONE OTHER warrior present...

1: The man responsible for blowing us apart from each other two years ago: the huge "Ouka Shichibukai"...
2: Bartholomew Kuma!!
3: A few days ago...when I arrived at the Sunny...
4: I couldn't believe my eyes...!!!
5: --he had waited...

1: What are you doing here?!?!
2: ...mission
3: gigi
4: complete...
5: There wasn't a single scrape on the Sunny.
6(2b): Afterwards, I spoke with Rayleigh...and the truth is, back then during our battle, he whispered into Rayleigh's ear...
7(2b): I'm an officer from the Revolutionary Army...because of a bond I have, I wish to let these pirates escape.
8(2b): You guys should have slightly realized it by now, but...our lives were saved back there!!
9(2b): --and then after we disappeared from the island...this is what Kuma-san told Rayleigh when he visited the man:
10: I have no time left.
11(3b): I don't know what kind of weakness he acquired, but he was apparently treated like an "guinea pig" by the Marines and slowly modified into a cyborg...and before the "war on the summit," he made a deal to have his 'personality' completely stolen away.

1: --but!! He should have had no idea what we'd do after he blew us away!!
2: But even so, he waited at the ship?! Even though he lost his personality?!
3: Apparently, he made a special deal with his modification surgeon, Dr. Vegapunk,
4(2b): and had a sole mission programmed into his body. "To protect the pirate ship with his life until someone from the 'Straw Hat Pirates' returns to it."
5: --that's why he has utterly no memory of the past two years...he simply carried out the orders his previous self told his new "human weapon" self, and waited for us.
6: What a crazy way to go about doing things...why would he be so concerned with us...
7(2b): If he had some kind of "bond" with the "Revolutionary Army"...all I can think of is that Luffy's dad is the boss of that army.
8(2b): Yeah, although I don't really know much about my dad. But I guess this means that "bear guy" was a good guy after all.
9: ...Kuma...
10(2b): So there's no mistaking it: these meaningful past two years we experienced were actually born from that man's actions...!!!
11(2b): As of now, there's no way for us to ask him what he was really thinking, but keep this in your hearts: as a result, to this crew, Bartholomew Kuma is

1: a "man we are greatly indebted to"...
2(2b): --and that if we do manage to meet him again someday, he will have already become a heartless "human weapon"...!!!
3: I'm thankful, but I'm still doubtful...--I hope we figure out his true intentions someday...
4: That's all I have to say...
5: --ah! Sanji, you woke up...?
6: Eat a lunchbox! It's an "Isle of Women" lunchbox!
7(2b): Isle of Women...?! That Kuma guy is actually someone we owe a debt to...!!? Where do you think I've been for the past two years!!? Just WHAT kind of training were you doing, Luffy?!?!
8: Come now, come now, Sanji-san! How about we sing a song?
9: Don't try to cheer me up, it just makes me feel more wretched!!!
10: Bro-bro!! There they are!! In front!! Straw Hats!!
11(2b): I can see that, ya, silly nimrod!! Keheheheh! This time you'd better let us on your ship for real, fellas!!!
white: The crazy guys are here...!!

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