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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 606

"Adventure in the Deep Sea"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 2, 2010 12:16 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 606 - "Adventure in the Deep Sea"

Request: Robin reads a book under a tree with a canary-like bird singing on it" - P.N. Yuuki-san

1(2b): Luffyyyyyyyy!! Zoroooo! Sanjiiiiii!!
white: Their Captain has strayed from them!
2(2b): Where did you goooooo?! Come baaaaack!!
3: With the ocean floor being this spacious,
4: the "Sunny's Eyesight" (lights) can't pierce that far...
5: Its certainly gotten weaker...while this darkness looks to be stirring up even more unrest...
6: We're really gonna make no progress at this rate! What should we do?
7: We can't stop the ship, so don't overlook a single thing!!
8: Wahhh!! Jellyfish!! There are huge jellyfish above us!!
9(2b): Huuuuge!! You're riiight!! And they're shining!! They sort of look like stars in the night sky, don't they?!
10: Woahh!! One of their hands slipped inside!! ...does...does this mean they want to be friends?
11: !! Don't touch it!! Chopper!!
12: It's probably poisonous!!
13: Ehhhhhhh!!!
14: Oh no!!!

1: A little "Coup de Burst!!"
2: ping!!
3: Waaaaahhhhhh!!!
4: Ehh!?
5: Ehhhh!!?
6: Ahhh...!! The air within the ship really has lessened a bit!
7: It's better than getting eaten!!
8: The jellyfish was eaten!!!
9: --but the fish that ate it flopped over!!
10: pshaah
11: So they possessed nerve poisons after all...
12: This deep sea is scary, and dark, and...!!!

1: There are a lot of white-eyed fish around here too, it's really creepy!!
2: The deep sea is a world of darkness, so there exist many creatures whose eyes have become vestigal.
3: Eh...? And why can I see without any eyes, you ask?
4: Oh, so they can't see too well!
5: Neener neener! You idiots!! Go on, try and make it over here!
6: snap snap
7: There are also creatures whose eyes have evolved.
8: Gyaaaaaaahhhh!!
9(2b): Haa...haa...
10: --and the answer is...da-dum dum...it's a secret!!
11: What are you talking to yourself for...?
12: It's no problem. I'm used to being alone.
13(2b): They really aren't around here...they went somewhere else!! Luffyyyyy! Zoroooo! Sanjiiiiii!!!
14(2b): ...huh? ...this rope...
15: Everyone!! That pirate gentleman...do you know where he is right now?
16: Hm?!
17: Ah! Now that you mention it, we did have him aboard!! I completely forgot.
18: Where'd he go?!
19: I haven't seen him since we arrived in the deep sea.
20: Maybe he was thrown off when we entered the "downward current?"

1: That's possible--his arms and legs were tied up, so he wouldn't have been able to grab on to anything.
2: --yes, about that!! The ropes seem to have come untied...look!
3: gloop...
4: rattle...
5: Eh?! ...then...he's somewhere on the ship?! ...where?!
6: He might be hiding somewhere on this ship...?! ...ewww!!
7: Ehhh?!
8: Keheehee!! Now, should I sneak into the girls' room just like I've been hoping too?
9(2b): ...dammit...!! So on top of our current situation we can't even let our guards down WITHIN the ship?!
10: What does it matter? It's not like he was that strong.
11: Keheheheh...this is gooood...the monster trio who fought with the kraken are all long gone noooow...!!!
12: If someone gets thrown out into the deep sea like that with nothing but a bubble around them, they're dead meat for sure!! It's a shame that I wasn't able to collect "Straw Hat"'s head, though...
13: But if I gather up the heads of everyone left on the ship, it'll be proof that "Straw Hat" is dead as well...keheehee! Mmmmmm, buuuuuuut, there's no reason to rush things, Caribouuuu!
14: You can't get haaaasty! If you kill them all here, then who'll pilot the ship?! They have a pretty good navigator, so it'll have to be the instant they reach "Fishman Island"...that will be their FINAL moment!!

1(2b): Ttttttfu!!! Tttttfu!!! Tttfh!!! Dammit!!! You sons of bitches!!! I can't believe this!!
2(2b)): tap tap! knock knock!
3: Found him.
4: How did he get inside that barrel?!
5: This'll do the trick.
6: --we let our guards down too...if he wasn't such an idiot, we would have been in big trouble. He melted his body into a mud-like form and lost his original shape.
7(2b): He must have a "Devil's Fruit" ability -- and a "Logia"-type one, at that...he took that attack earlier on purpose and just acted like he had been captured.
8: Nuuuuheeeey!! Let me out, master!! Master bikini pants! I'm going to be your slave nooooooow!!
9: What's wrong, Chopper?
10(2b): I don't know...I got really hot all of a sudden...!! It's no good, I'm too hot...
11(2b): We can't see anything in the front!! Man, it's hot...!!!
12: What is this...!!?
13: Smoke?!
14: Smoke in the deep sea!?? Why??
15: Could these be...?!

1: "Hydrothermal mineral deposits"!!!
2: This is a deep-sea "volcanic region"!!!
3: There are traces of activity...!!
4(2b): If it erupts we'll die instantly!!! Let's get away from here!!!
5: Hottt, hoooot...
6: Something's coming after us!!
7: Carnivorous tubeworms!!
8: A noppera-crab!! (*Based on the Japanese noppera-bo youkai. Check wikipedia)
9: I don't get it!!

1(2b): I can't go on living in this place...Luffy, Zoro, Sanji...I waited two lonely years to finally see you again, and then this...!!
2: Don't be ridiculous! You think they'd die this easily?!
3: Let's use "Coup de Burst" little by little...we've really lost a lot of air.
4: What is that?! It's shining like crazy!
5: Is it the Fishmen?! Is Luffy there?!
6: We still have 3,000 meters to go.
7: "W H O A R E Y O U..."
8: flash
9: flash flash
10: Where are you sending those flash signals to?!?!
11: Can you see anything?
12: It's still too bright...
13: Oh crap!!!

1: A sea devil!!! It tricked us!!
2: We were caught by a deep-sea hunter!!! This is bad!!
3: Woahhh, that was close!!!
4: We fell right into is trap!! Can we shake it off?!
5: Hm?!

1: ...nkorooo...
2: Ehhhhhhh!!?
3: NOW what?!
4: A person!!?
5: There's only one ocean monster that takes human shape:

1: An "umibouzu"!!! (*Again, check wikipedia)
2: Gyaaaah! It's going to flip over our ship!!!
3: 'eyyyyy!!! Ankoro!! (*A nickname from the Japanese name for sea devils, Ankou)
4: HE got punched!!?
5(2b): Dass nawt nice!!! No eatin' ships!!
6(2b): 'ow many times I gotta tell you?! Captain Wan der Decken will get mad at us!!
7: ...he...he saved us...?!
8: Let's escape! Either way, let's escape!!!
9: They're both monsters!!
10: Dead men tell no tales, and want not
11: Eh...
12: They live in a black country, where not even birds fly~

1: The dead need no jewels on their fingers, and regret cannot be seen in the darkness
2: Seaaarch, seaaarch, the sunken treasure is miiine
3: I'm the riiiichest maaaaan in the woooooorld
4(2b): Captain "Van der Decken"!!!
5: Wooaaaaahhh
6: No way...
7: There's one in the deep sea too...!!?
8: Hiiiieeeee

1: A ghost shiiiiip!!?
2: Don't YOU be surprised!!
3(2b): T...that's the real thing!!! Look at that sail!! It's the famous "Flying Dutchman!"
4(2b): The ship that should not be!! Its story dates back hundreds of years...!! Once, on a very stormy day, a pirate captain suddenly became deranged and began tossing his crew into the stormy depths, one after another...killing them all...spitting even at God!!
5(2b): That Captains's name was "Van der Decken"!! And the ship's name was the "Flying Dutchman"!! He incurred the wrath of God...and was doomed to an eternity of torture, wandering the ocean forever!
6: That is the ship you see in front of your very eyes right now!! ...the cursed ship of Captain Van der Decken!!!
7: "Ankoro"..."Wadatsumi!" You won't get treasure if you keep eating ships like that...
8: Knock it down...!!!
9: Got it!!!
10(2b): Uwaaaaaaaahh, the umibouzu!!! So it WAS an enemy after all!!
11(2b): Franky! "Coup de Burst"!!!
12: I can't, we ran out of fuel just now!!
13: Ehhhhhhh?!

1: Ehhhhhh!!? The kraken!!?

1: "Monster of the Arctic," Kraken??
2: ...buh!! Boh!!
3: Hey!! That's enough!!
4: Stop it!!
5: Good boy!
sfx: niheh
6: Luffyyyy! Zorooo! Sanjiiiii!!!
7: Good, you're aliiiiive...!!!

1: Ahoooooooooooy!!!
2: Nnnnnami-saaaaaaaan!!! Nnnnrobin-chaaaaaan!!!
3: Hey guyyyyyys!!! We were looking for you!!!
4(2b): Tch...you know how much trouble you caused us? ...getting lost like that...
5: Hey!! Get up, Watadsumi! It's revenge time!! Hit 'em back!!!
6: Uuuu...
7: Mine and Sanji's bubbles broke, soo
8(2b): we took refuge in Zoro's house! Ahaha! We could've died!!
9: Don't make us worry so much!!
10: Puhaaaah, look at all this room!! My house really is the best!!
11: Luffyyyy!! I was so scaaaaaaarred! Uoooonnnn!
12: You guys have got so much vitality in you!!
13: I can't believe this...you actually tamed that monster octopus...?
14: Yeah!! I'm gonna make him into a top-notch navigator!! Right, Surume?! (*Dried Squid)
15: Don't name him like he's a squid!!!

1: Instead of having our ship pulled, though...we should be careful that it isn't squashed...
2: What??
3: We've got trouble!! Captain "Van der Decken"!!
4: Oh no, the "undersea volcano"...!!!
5: ...is going to erupt!!!!
white: The calamities continue!!

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