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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

One Piece 607

"10,000 Meters Under the Sea"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Dec 9, 2010 12:22 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 607 - "10,000 Meters Under the Sea"

Request: "Franky, riding on a mecha-horse he built, has a race with a (wild) mustang" - P.N. Magic Mushroom-san

1: An "undersea volcano" is going to eruuuuuupt!!?
white: That's a big deal!!
2: We're pulling back for now, men!!
3: Roger!! Captain Van der Decken!!
4: "Ankoro"!! "Wadatsumi"! Pull the ship!!
5: G...got it!!
6: kih!!
7: This is bad...!!

1: Luffy!!! Tell the "kraken" to get far away from here at once!!
2: OK!!
3: Hey, Surumeeeee!!
4: Wait!! That won't be necessary!!!
5(2b): He's already running with all his might!!! That legendary monster is making an unbelievable face!!!
6: We're saved!! Looks like we'll get along surprisingly well.
7: What a horrible way of running.
8: Well that just goes to show how frightening this eruption really is!!!
9: But I wanna see it erupt!!
10: Escape to the front side!!!
11: That won't change anything, it's just few meters of difference!!!

1: Waaaaaaaahhh!!!
2: Kyaaaaaaah

1: The magma's running down to the ocean floor...!!
2: Hot!! Burning!!!
3: The water temperature's rising!!!
4: Ooooooaaaahhhhhh!!!
5: The ghost ship and the umibouzu!!!
6: Run, Surumeeeee!!
7(2b): The ocean current's started whirling up because of the temperature difference!!!
8: Nami-san, which way to "Fishman Island?" Bubayu!!!
9: You're having a guilty conscience at a time like this!!?
10(2b): We have to go forward more!!! Just a little more!!!
11: Into that trench!!!

1: Owaaaaaaaahhhh!!!
2: It's a sheer precipiiiiiice!!! Are you kidding meeeee?!?!
3: It's darker than darkness itself!!!
4: Is "Fishman Island" really down theeeere?!
5: The back side is hoooot!!! It's steamiiiing!!!
6: It's dark in the front! And scaryyyy!!! Some kind of monster's definitely going to come out agaiiiin!!!
7: I don't feel like I'm going to leave this place alive!!!
8: Luffy!! That darkness is going to continue down to hell
9: Jump in, Surumeeeee!!!

1: It erupted agaaaaaain!!!
2: --what is that?! There's something above us!
3: A rock!!?
4: Earth and sand!!?
5: It's an avalanche of earth and rocks!!! We're in danger!!
6: The eruption just now destroyed the trench!!!

1: Out of the way, Surumeeeeee!!!
2(2b): I'm going to go out of the bubble and cut it!! Luffy!! Hang on tight!!
3: gah!!
4: OK, leave it to me!
5: Zoro!! You can't!!!
6: Hey, let me go!!!
7: gsh!!
8: We're already 8,000 meters down!! If you go out of the bubble now you'll be crushed by the water pressure!!!
9: Then what should we do?!
10: "Hissatsu"
11: "Midoriboshi"!! (Green Star)
12: "Sargasso"!!!
13: Waaaahh!!!
14: Seaweed flew out!!! Awesome, Usopp!!!
15: This'll stop it for a moment!!
16: Now's your chance, get away, Surumeeee!!!

1(2b): Woaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Saaaaaafe!!!
3: Great job, Usopp!!!
4: Myyyyyy!!! What excellent judgment!!!
5: You saved uuuuuus!!
6: --hmm...
7: Wah!!
8: Aaaaaahhhhhh...

1: 10,000 meters below the sea - [the ocean depths] (the bottom of the sea trench)
2: ...we...we're saved...!!
3: ...light? How, so deep in the sea...?!
4: So bright!! I feel like I'm going to go blind!!!
5: I!! I have no eyes to get blinded, however!!!
6: Yohohohoho!!!
7: Hey, you guys, get over here!!
8: Look up! Uuuup!!!
9: It's so bright, it's hard to see...
10: Hey, Nami!!! Is that it?!
11: Yes!! There's no mistaking it!!
12: The needle is pointing to that island!! --that's

1: Fishman Islaaaaaaaaaaaand!!!!
2: It's surrounded by a huge bubble, so there might be air...

1: It's huuuuuuuuge!!!
2: muku...
3: Yeaaaaaaaah!!! We made iiiiiit!!!
4: One of the famous spots of the "Grand Line"!!!
5(small at bottom of panel): Oh...ohhh...so you maaaaaade it, huuuuh!! Keheehee
6(upper left): The island where the mermaids dance!! The beautiful "mermaid princess"!!!
7: We finally made it! I've yearned for this place since I was a kid...it's a paradise straight out of a dream!!
9: Sanjiiii!! You're not ready yet after all!! All it took was some fantasizing to get you like that?!
10: I'm sorry, Sanji...the rehabilitation didn't make it in time...it's probably better for you now if you don't meet a real mermaid
11: Doctor!!!
12: It's his "DREAM" to meet the mermaids from Fishman Island!!!
13: However, if he meets them, he'll lose his life!!
14: But!!!
15: It doesn't matter...!!!
16: Sanji!!
17: Instead of living a long life without my dream coming true...I'd rather die while giving perverted looks at mermaids!
18: Horrible!!

1: I'm going to meet them!!!
2: So exciting...I wonder what kind of meat goes into the food on Fishman Island...
3: Luffy! Can you wipe your drool and talk to Surume? Let's search for the entrance!!
4: Hey, what are these guys doing here?!
5: What are you letting HUMANS order you around for, Kraken?!
6: Waaaaah
7: toss!!
8: What are you doing, Surume?! Just carry us a little bit moooore!!!
9: Who are these guys...?!
10: Waaaaaaah!!!
11: Since you're in a pirate ship, that means you're an enemy to the humans...so you have the right to a choice!!
12: Woahhh, those sea monsters look so cool!! --and someone's riding up there?!

1: A gang of sea monsters!!?
2: Gyaaaaaaaaaaah!! It's all over! Even though we made it this far...!!
3(3b): You're...the "Straw Hat Pirates," aren't you...? I know a lot about you...you're the pirates who crushed the ambitions of the "Arlong Pirates" -- if that was all there was to it, the answer would be simple, but...!!
4(2b): I also heard that of all things, you protected Hachi-san, an ex-staff leader from Arlong's crew, two years ago...and even beat down a member of those despicable "Celestial Dragons"...!!

1(2b): Just like our beloved "Hero of Fishman Island," "Fisher Tiger!" Hamo hamo hamo!! This truly complicates things.
2(2b): So c'mon, tell me...!! Are you friend or foe? Will you fall "under the umbrella" of us "New Fishman Pirates," or "reject us"?!
3: New Fishman Pirates
(A Daggertooth Pike Conger Fishman) (*tl note: "Hamo" is the word for that fish in Japanese)
4: If you refuse, we will have you sink right here!!!
5: What did you say!!?
6: Franky, refill the fuel!!

1: What do they think they're doing?!
2(2b): There's no way Luffy and the guys are going to listen to what those fishmen say!! --But we're 10,000 meters deep right now!! We can't even fight here!! We have zero chance of victory!!
3: That's why we have to run!! We'll use up all the air in this ship on a "Coup de Burst" and charge into "Fishman Island"!!!
4: Are you serious!!?
5: Otherwise we're all going to die right here!!
6: True...that's the only way we'll get out of this alive.
7: Franky, take care of the steering, I'll fill up the fuel!!
8: Alright, super! Leave it to me!!
9: Sooo, are you going to become our subordinates!!? "Straw Hat Luffy"?!
10: "Coup de Burst" full throttle!
11: Preparations OK!!!
12: Noooooooo way!!!
13: Moroooooooons!!!
white: Of course!!

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