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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 616

"Anniversary of Revenge"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 24, 2011 12:29 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 616 - "Anniversary of Revenge"
From the Decks of the World
Vol. 4 "Rika trains as a waitress in the Shells Town Marine Base."

1: Ryuuguu Palace, Ryuuguu Palace--
2: Please respond!
3: Mama, what is that?
4: Something's flying up there...
5: It's too far away to see, though...

1(2b): Ryuuguu Palace! This is the Border Patrol!!
2(2b): ...strange...why can't we make contact with them...?!
3: Is their Den-Den Mushi sick...?
4: Just now...some dangerous individuals
5: have entered the "Fishman District,"
6: so we wanted...to report it to you as soon as possible...!!
7: They don't look like they just came here to shop, but...
8: Hopefully nothing bad will happen...
9: Listen up, everyone.
10: This will be the day!!

1: It will be a day commemorating mental union for "Fishman Island!!!"
2: If we Fishmen and Mermen are not of one mind, then we won't be able to accomplish anything...!!!

1: Those inferior humans who can't even breathe underwater should be controlled by us!!!
2: Today, once and for all...our history of repeating mistakes will be rectified!!!
3: Bahohoho!! And today will become the anniversary of our wedding engagement, Shirahoshiiii!!! But there's no reason to hurry...we'll have the ceremony...tomorrow!!!

1: Jinbe's gang, a faction of those pain-in-the-ass Sunny Pirates aren't here right now-dosun.
2: "Neptune," "Fukaboshi," "Ryuuboshi," "Manboshi"...
3: Muhhiii!! As long as we can take out those four, the Neptune Army will be as good as gone!! Muhhihii!!
4: Kyaaah!! Gnash up all their meat!! Kyah kyah!!
5: If I'm told to slice, then all I need to do is slice...whooweee...hic...
6: Let's begin...everyone go and suppress your designated areas!!!
7: Today is the last day for "Ryuuguu Kingdom!!" We will become the new rulers of the sea floor!!!
8: Woooaaaaahh!!!

1: Osakana Bus (*Fish Bus) Stop
2: headed to "Sea Forest"--
3(2b): ...m...must....report...!! She got...away...!!
4: burorororo...
5-6: basun
7: I did manage to get some information after all...
8: There is a "Poneglyph" here...
9(2b): This country should be gripping an important key to the "Blank Century."

1: Don't make it sound like I was having fun cutting the hell out of these guys!!
2: Ryuugu Palace--
3: No, you looked very energetic during your battle! You're a born murderer!
4: What, then? You wanna go bring out some tea to the armed pirates who just attacked you!!
5(2b): Mmm, yes...we should bring out tea, and try talking with them...
6: That's not gonna work on these guys!!!
7: In any case, beating them all will not help us understand their purpose!!!
8: You people have no duty to be that hospitable!!
9: It feels like things...are rolling in the wrong direction...
10: Did Luffy-san meet the Mermaid Princess? I want to see her too...
11: More importantly than that, undo my chains!!! Give back Shirahoshi, you rogues!!!
12: Why would WE kidnap the Mermaid Princess?!
13: "Straw Hat Luffy" is the perpetrator!!!

1(2b): But I saw Luffy-san and Shark-san go out of that room. There was no Mermaid Princess-looking person with them!!
2(2b): But she would never leave the castle on her own!! Her body is as big as I am! She couldn't just slip away without anyone noticing!!!
3: Ehh?! The Mermaid Princess is big?! Impossible!!
small text: Indeed, I'm the princess!
4: That's it!! What if Megalo put Shirahoshi into his mouth and took her out like that!!?
5: Puuuuuh!! Stop trying to make us laugh at a time like this, King!!!
6: Who would try that even if they managed to think it up?! It's too bizarre!!
7: In any case! Our Captain would never kidnap someone!! Lump your suspicion onto someone else!!
8(2b): No!! I cannot think of any other possibility!! Unless Shirahoshi returns safely, I will not return your other crew members or your ship! Got it?!
9: But!!
10: Ryuuguu Palace Entrance
Cannons Open--

1: Northeast of Fishman Island: The "Sea Forest"--
2(2b): They call this place the "Ship Graveyard"...because sunken ships are dragged here by the currents. Ironic, isn't it? Out of all the places...the "Sun Tree Eve" spreads her blessings here and makes the coral spread out even more beautifully,
3: which gathers fish and whales...

1(2b): You know about whales...? They only appear in plentiful areas of the ocean.
2: I've been living here and researching this mysterious "Sea Forest" that continues to stretch out along in the deep sea.
3(2b): It's true...I can't believe I'm seeing a place like this in the deep sea. Fishman Island is the same deal, though...
4(2b): Wood from the "Treasure Tree Adam"...what a find. The ship can have pride in its materials now.
5(2b): Right?! I used the same materials Tom-san did to make the Pirate King's ship!! Its are my finest work, too!!
6: ...fufu...in that case, I'll take care of the coating job with a DON!
7: Thanks, I really appreciate it!! Umm...and your name would be...

1: Den!
2(box): Ship Carpenter and Sea Forest Researcher
Den (Tom's younger brother)
(A Bering Wolffish Merman)
3(2b): But Den-san, you really don't resemble him...and you're a merman, to boot...you aren't even a type of boxfish! If you're really Tom-san's younger brother, then shouldn't you look even a little like him...?
4(2b): Hahaha! That's a very human way of thinking. I suppose there are a lot of species whose families resemble each other up on the land.
5(3b): Fishmen are a little different, though. Fishmen and Mermen both have ooooold memories resting in their genes. If a shark merman is born from an octopus mermaid--
6: Parent and child
7: then that means one of the parent's ancestors a loooong time ago was a shark.
8(3b): No matter what kind of children the people on "Fishman Island" give birth to, no one bats an eye. That's why, honestly, we can't understand the feelings you humans have...about always wanting to categorize people.

1(2b): By the way...did you have a robot for an ancestor?
2: I'm a human!
3: Everything about you...and Iceberg were written in the letters.
4: Oh, that's right, Granny Kokoro wrote letters...
5(3b): --so I know all about the incident, too...my brother really lived with a don, right up to the end...if you came all the way here just to tell me about it, then he really must have picked the right disciple.
6: Awww, you're gonna embarrass me!
7: bah!!
8(2b): ...oh yeah, that reminds me. Is someone sitting over there?
9: Yeah...that's Boss Jinbe.
10: Boss?
11: He seems to be waiting for someone...but he's a wanted man, so he can't enter the island.

1: Ryuuguu Palace Entrance--
2: "Connection Corridor"--
3: "Main Gate"--
4: "Royal Gate"--
5: How did you people get in here?!
6: That face...!!! It's the insidious Vander Decken!!! Has he finally shown himself!!?
7: Why is he...?!
8: And that's...!! Hodi Jones from the "Fishman District!!!" What could he possibly be here again for?!
9: ...Hodi...?! But he's...
10: Yes...the talented soldier who was once a part of our army!

1: What in the hell?! I was all ready to start a battle,
2: but look, Neptune and the soldiers are already all tied up!!
3(2b): I'm surprised...to think there'd be such a present waiting for us...!!! Is this a trap?! Things seem too convenient.
4: This is one busy castle. It keeps getting guests one after another...!!!
5: At least give us weapons!!
6: --are you plotting with them?! Did you invite them in here!!?
7(2b): Excuse me?! We wouldn't even BE here if you hadn't invited us!! Who the hell are all those strong-looking guys?!

1: Vander Decken!! Now that you're here, all my doubts have been cleared!!! You are the criminal!!! Return my daughter!!!
2: Bahohoho! But I haven't even taken her as my wife yet, and you already want her back? You're getting too ahead of yourself, father!!
3: Don't call me father!!!
4: Where did you take Shirahoshi!!? She'd better be alright!!!
5: What are you talking about...you're acting like the Princess is gone somewhere!
6: Don't play dumb!!!
7: Why else would she suddenly disappear from her room?!?!
8: My sweet Shirahoshi...!! Disappeared!!?
9: She's MY daughter!!!
10: Neptune-sama!! Don't get so angry over this man's rubbish...
11(2b): Calm down, Decken!! Look, the humans you threw toward the Princess have landed alright!! Doesn't that mean she's still here!!?
12: Whether he's telling the truth or not,
13: you already have a surefire way of finding out her "location!!"

1: True!! You're really a sharp guy, Hodi!!! --I think!
2: Alright, coral! Fly to Shirahoshi!!
3: It isn't flying toward Koukaku Tower...!!
4(2b): Kuaaahh!!! --After dreaming of each other for 10 years, then can be nothing other than "death" that separates our love!!!
5: hop!!
6: Bahohohoho...if you're going to become someone else's,
7: then you're better off dying in a sea of blood, Shirahoshiiiiii!!!
white: Madness approaches!!

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