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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Fairy Tail 180

Erza vs. Erza

+ posted by Nagumo as translation on Apr 12, 2010 14:51 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 180

For use in English by Binktopia ONLY. International scanslators to whom I've already given permission for any series may use this in a non-English language, provided I am credited. International translators to whom I've given permission must ensure that I am credited in the final scanslation, not just in the script. Others please PM for permission.

[Title] Chapter 180: Erza vs. Erza
[Inset] [The 33rd Analect of Elfman] If you're a man, convey your innermost thoughts with your eyes!!
[Inset, next to Natsu] Has an easy-to-understand personality, so doesn't really have any hidden thoughts. He's just imitating Elfman!!

[Sidebar] Dependable Erza and Gray!! Their magical power is infinite when it comes to their friends!!

[1] Wh..what!? There's another Erza-sama!? / Is the other one Gray Sorouge!?
[2] No!! They're from Earthland!!! / Ehh!!?
[3] Where are our comrades?
[4] Where the hell are our friends who were turned into that Lachryma? / KIIN* / Well!?
* shing

* kashingshingshing
[2] Gwaah / Gya / Waaah
[3] BATSU*
* fwip
[4] GATSU*
* thud

* clang
* whooooo

* kafwooom

[1] BUSHU*
* slice
[2] BUSHU*
* slice
[3] Erza vs. Erza...!!?
[4] Kyaaaa
[6] Wendy's voice!!!
[7] Are they in the basement!!? / Probably just ahead!!! / Natsu should be there too
[8] Gray!! Go on ahead!!! / Yeah!!
[9] Can you stand, Lucy? / Yeah..
[10] How... How did you get here? / PARI*
* crumble
[11] The details can wait!! Let's go!!!

[1] KIIN*
* clang
[4] To think I'd be getting in my own way... / A strange feeling, to be sure
[5] I'm the Commander of Edoras Kingdom's Second Magical Warfare Corps / BETORI* / Erza Knightwalker
* smear
[6] I'm Erza Scarlet / A mage of Fairy Tail
[7] Let's see just what my Earthland self is made of
[10] GAKII...* / KIII* / Sylphalion!!!!
* shing / clang

[1] KIN* / KIKIN* / KIKI* / KII*
* clang (x many)
[2] She's fast!!
[4] Well, then... / OOO*
* fwooo
[5] Flight Armor!!! / GYUAAAA*
* swoooosh
[6] GATSU* / BAKITSU* / KIIN* (from top to bottom)
* thock / bang / clang
[7] Her armor just changed.. / Her speed increased!!?
* fwish
[9] HYUUN*
* vrmmm

[1] Mel Force!!!! / DOMUTSU* / Kuh
* thoom
* crash
[3] KIN*
* shing
[4] She requipped!? / No.... The shape of the weapon's been changed
[5] Explosion / DOTSU*
* fwoom

* kaboom
[2] OOOOO*
* fwooo
[3] ZATSU*
* fwish
* vrmm
[5] The armor's form changed again..

[1] So it's a magic which transforms the armor and sword at the same time.... / Looks like my Edoras self can only change the shape of her weapon
[2] Beyond the shape of my spear, I can raise my body's battle power as well....
[3] It would seem that even though the principle behind it is different, the result is the same as my use of "The Knight"
** T/N: "The Knight" is the name of Erza's magical style
[4] The demonstration of the true power of Ten Commandments, my magical lance, begins now / GATSU*
* grab
[5] GATSU* / Come!!!
* grab

[1] The Lachryma in the plaza!!? / TOTSU TOTSU TOTSU* / GATSU GATSU GATSU* / Yeah, that's right
* click click click / step step step
[3] Seems that was just Erza and me / No way!!
[4] But how'd you return to normal?
[5] Gazille came / Ehh!!!?

[1] That's right... Gazille's a Dragon Slayer too, so the Anima wouldn't have worked on him, just like it didn't on Natsu and Wendy / TATSU TATSU TATSU* / So he was left in Earthland rather than being sucked in here?
* step step step
[2] And then Mystogan sent him here / Why didn't he come here himself?
[3] Seems that Dragon Slayer magic serves various purposes in this world / One of which is turning those who've been turned into Lachryma back to normal
[4] Really!!? / We... We know the location of the Lachryma that everyone's trapped in
[5] For real!? Happy!! / Aye!!
[6] Gazille's tearing up the city looking for that giant Lachryma right now / Can you take him to the Lachryma?

[1] Gazille should be able to turn the Lachryma back, right? / Actually, it should be possible for Natsu and Wendy as well... But I don't think they know how it's done
[2] Got it!! I'll take Gazille there!! / Wait!! Will you be okay, Happy!?
[3] He'll be fine
[4] As for us, we've got to hurry up and find Natsu and Wendy!!!
[6] Look!!! / There's a door!!! / Over there, huh!!!?
[7] GATSU*
* smash

[1] GUTE-N* / Natsu!!! / Wendy!!!
* unconscious
[2] Are you alright!? Get it together!! / Wendy!!
[3] Natsu!! Wake up!!
[4] They're both unconscious
[5] I'm sorry / I'm sorry, Wendy......
[6] Let's try having them take Exballs / Hey!! Open your mouth, Natsu!!! / What's that?

[1] We got them from Gazille / Did you not get them from Mystogan? / KARA*
* rattle
[2] It's medicine to allow us to use magic in this world / Come to think of it, I think he did have me swallow something
[3] *cough* / *cough*
[4] Natsu!! / BATA BATA* / *cough* / *cough* / Alright, now for Wendy!!
* roll roll
[5] Bwaah- / GORON* / Are you alright, Natsu?
* turn
* thud

[1] If we don't stop them.... / GOOTSU*
* fwooom
[2] Stop?
[3] Ngaaaahhhh / DOGOOOTSU*
* fwoooosh

[1] Aaaaahhhh / DODODODODODODO*
* run
[2] Natsu!!! / Hey, you...
[3] *cough* / *cough* / Wendy!!
[4] Charle.... You're alright.... / Everyone from the guild...
[6] Gushushushu sorry to keep you waiting, Your Majesty / The extraction is complete / Well done
[7] As expected, the Dragons' magical power is outstanding / With it, the weaponization should be simple

[1] In order to destroy Extalia... / the Royal Army...
[2] is going to crash the giant Lachryma into it......
[4] They're going to use our friends as a bomb!!!!
[4 inset] Fairy Tail, caught in the middle of a vortex of chaos!! / Is there no way to stop this countdown to despair!?
[5] I've been awaiting this moment...... / The magical energy from the Lachryma and the Exceed will burst and fuse / And eternal magic will rain down upon my nation
[Inset] To Be Continued in Chapter 181 "All-Out War in the Royal Capital!!"

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