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Naruto 304

Naruto Ch. 304 Translation

+ posted by Nihongaeri as translation on Apr 24, 2006 05:33 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 304

Just a *tad* bit late this week...

Page 1

Number 304: The Other Side of Betrayal!!

A flame which feeds off of darkness - The traitor was waiting with a deathly silence, looking for its chance to strike.

Page 2

Frame 6, Yamato:
Once my clone's ready, we're going.

Page 3

Frame 5, Kabuto:
Sai... Judging from your situation, I suppose this means you were captured.

Page 4

Frame 3, Kabuto:
Since it doesn't seem you've betrayed us... I'll trust you, for now.

Frame 5, Sakura:
This guy just doesn't give up...

Frame 6, Naruto:
If you two are going to get in my way, then I'm not going to be holding back!

Page 5

Frame 6, Kabuto:
So pointless.

Page 6

Frame 1, Naruto:
Fights aren't decided 'til the very end, and we're just getting started!!

Frame 2, Kabuto:
No, no. That's not what I'm talking about...

Frame 3, Kabuto:
... Watching you makes me truly feel pity.

Frame 4, Kabuto:
People change. Sasuke is no longer the Sasuke you used to know.

Page 7

Frame 1, Kabuto:
What the!?

Frame 5, Kabuto:
What are you doing...!?

Frame 6, Sai:
You say people change... and here I am.

Frame 6, Kabuto:

Page 8

Frame 1, Sai:
... But there are also things that don't change...

Frame 2, Naruto:
Sai... What are...

Frame 3, Sai:
... Bonds... I want to see what they're really made of.

Frame 4, Sakura:
... Sai...

Frame 5, Yamato:
Sai! Just keep him still like that.

Naruto unleashed!! A tempest of emotion drives him forward!!

Page 9

Frame 3, Naruto:
Sai... Why did you...

Frame 4, Sai:
Why is it that you place so much value in the bonds between you and Sasuke-kun... What exactly are those bonds you speak of... I decided I need to know the answer to these questions myself...

Frame 6, Sai:
According to the two of you... I've been unable to get rid of the bonds that formed between me and my brother.

Frame 5, Sai:
... If those bonds are so important to me, then I might be able to figure something out if I see the "bonds" between you and Sasuke-kun. That's all...

Page 10

Frame 3, Kabuto:
The four of you don't know the real Sasuke-kun...

Frame 4, Kabuto:
Heheh... Heheheh...

Frame 5, Sakura:
What's so funny!?

Frame 6, Yamato:
Tell us where Sasuke is.

Page 11

Frame 1, Kabuto:
He should be done with his training about now back in his inner chamber. There are a large number of rooms strewn all throughout the lair. If you end up looking in each as you go, you might find him.

Frame 2, Kabuto:
Still, if you aren't careful, you might chance upon a snake as well. Orochimaru-sama keeps his quarters in the same area, after all.

Frame 4, Yamato:
I thank you for being so honest.

Frame 4, Kabuto:
Oh no, you really shouldn't be thanking me.

Frame 5, Yamato:
You expect us, the hunters, to become the prey then?

Frame 5, Kabuto:

Frame 7, Yamato:
Now now, just like Naruto said, fights aren't decided 'til the very end.

Page 12

Frame 2, Yamato:
We'll split into two teams to search for Sasuke. Sakura and I will form one, Naruto and Sai the other.

Frame 3, Yamato:
If something comes up, focus your chakra. That will be more than enough to produce a reaction in the seeds I have in your bodies. I'll be there for you at a moments notice.

Frame 4, Naruto:

Page 13

Frame 2, Naruto:
Isn't here either...

Frame 3, Sai:
That's it for the rooms on this floor. Let's go on to the next.

Frame 4, Naruto:

Frame 6, Naruto:

Page 14

Frame 2, Sai:
We've already split into teams to do the search. We have time to rest. There's no need to hurry so...

Frame 3, Naruto:
Like I care...! I can't rest at a time like this! Sasuke is just a little bit...

Frame 4, Naruto:
... Damn... The damage from when the Kyuubi took over is still...

Page 15

Frame 1, Sai:
... Oh jeez... You two are so alike.

Frame 3, Sai:
You and my brother, I mean... He was loud, impatient, unrefined... And his peni...

Frame 4, Sai:
Well, it doesn't really matter...

Frame 6, Sai:
But still... Yeah... Just like you, he took on anything he did with everything he had.

Frame 7, Sai:
Watching you somehow brings back memories of...

Page 16

Frame 7, Naruto:
Is that...?

Frame 8, Sai:
I remembered... I remembered what I was trying to...

Page 17

Frame 2, Sai:
I wanted to show my brother this...

Frame 3, Sai:
This picture of our dream...

Page 18

Frame 6, Orochimaru:
Well then... Sai... Which side do you intend to take?

Sai reclaims the memories of his bonds and his real smile. All is well... But the celebration is greeted by a circumstance that freezes everything in place... Orochimaru reappears!!

Chapter Preview:
Naruto and Orochimaru face off. How does Sai respond!? Next Issue, "The Truth"!!

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Apr 24, 2006
actually, if you didn't do it today, I was planning on doing it, thanks :ossu

so instead, I'll be able to go to bed at a reasonable hour :p
#2. by Nihongaeri ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2006
Quote by njt :
so instead, I'll be able to go to bed at a reasonable hour :pWell, I'm glad I was able to save you a few winks of sleep then.
#3. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Apr 24, 2006
Quote by Nihongaeri :

Well, I'm glad I was able to save you a few winks of sleep then.

I hope you saving me didn't cause any greif, or lack of sleep on your part though.... :wtf
#4. by Nihongaeri ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2006
Quote by njt :
I hope you saving me didn't cause any greif, or lack of sleep on your part though...No worries, no worries... Now off to bed for me!
#5. by Eagle ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2006
Thanks ! Great translation as usual ^^
#6. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2006
Quote by Eagle :

Thanks ! Great translation as usual ^^
yup! nothing more to add.
#7. by dylec ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2006
A slightly different version, but same great translation. ;]
#8. by marvacw ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2006
awesome thanks!
#9. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2006
Ah glad to see your translation up. Thanks for the effort.
#10. by modokjr ()
Posted on Apr 25, 2006
Worth waiting for :)

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