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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

D.Gray-Man 137

D.Gray Man Chp 137

+ posted by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi as translation on Nov 16, 2007 16:16 | Go to D.Gray-Man

-> RTS Page for D.Gray-Man 137

Hi Everybody,

I basically translated this from scratch, but I've read passages of Rei's translation, so I can't rule out that I might have been influenced at some points, so I give her credit.

The reason why I stopped translating is mostly, that Carlos' translations have gotten pretty good. And I had less time, because I took my final school exams.
Now I'm studying aerospace engineering, so you can guess how much time that leaves me.
I translated this one mostly because I wanted to show you guys, that I'm still there, after I wasn't asked for a comment in the yearbook (that kind of hit me, but on the other hand some greater translators weren't asked either).

How do you like the avatar I made?

Typesetters, please read this carefully

Big thanks to Ewino for helping me get rid of all the typos!
Page 1
1: Nice to meet you
My name is Howard Link, and I will be supervising your activities from today on
2: To deepen our good relationship, please have some of this pumpkin pie I baked for you

Allen: I'll gladly have some
<He's talking way more politely than the picture gives away here...>

Link: <unreadable and not in the script, but I'd guess 恐縮; Update: guessed correctly :)> I'm so glad you would

Lavi: Wait, Allen, don't be so trusting!

Thought Bubble in the lower left corner: That guy just said he'd be "supervising" you!!!

Page 2
Night 137: The Orphan and the Clown
<I noticed, that Rei translates this as "Foundling child and Pierrot". This is essentialy what is said in Japanese, but my philosophy is that a translation is a separate artwork, so style takes priority over matching exactly what is said. Also, "Pierrot" is used as a word for clown in Japanese>

Lenalee: Where's my brother?

Reever: Hey!
Hold on, Lenalee

1: Brother!
2: A guard from central is following Allen around. What does that mean?

1: Well well
2: Hello Lenalee,
have your feet gotten any better?

1: Director...
2: ...Ruberie

Page 3
1: Lenalee, she's such a troublesome child
2: You cannot run from the Order
3: Well now
4: Come
5: Come
6: So you are staying for the time being?
7: Oh yes,
I will also be conducting a study concerning your Innocence, by the way.

Page 4
Anyway, how would you like some of my newest Cake?
<I wonder when the companion cube will show up...>

Lee: Wow... So beautiful
II'll have sommeeeee

Reever: The Director's cakes are sooo yummy!

Komui: Hey, Lenalee, isn't it about time for your checkup?

1: Yeah, about time!
2: Well, follow me then

Komui: Bye, Reever

Page 5
1: Are you ok, Lenalee?
2(Thought): Eugh, I wasn't careful enough
Ruberie must be some kind of trauma from her past
Left of his head: I'm such a moron!

1: Squad leader Reever...
2: That man
3: What did he mean "stay for the time being"
4: Observing Allen,
5: What has this man come to accomplish?

<EOP 4>

1: Lenalee
she still hasn't forgiven me, it seems.
<kanji could be 探, but that doesn't make much sense; Update it's "許">

2: She won't show me a smile

Page 6
Lee: Let's get back to business, director

1: "No. 14"?
2: Is that about the Noah, who was slain by the Noah clan?

Link: The Noah clan is actually comprised of 13 individuals. Because we don't know his real name, we call the one who was born the 14th Noah by the pseudonym "No. 14"
Did you not know that?

Allen(Thought): "No. 14"'s secret room...

Page 7
Allen: What does that have to do with you watching me?

1: ...first
2: I have some questions of my own
I have put them together in these documents
Please get them filled out by tomorrow morning

Lavi: So many!?

Allen: What a mountain...

Lavi: Well well, quite the stack!
Can you do that in one evening?

Link: It's noisy here so let us head to the library

Allen: Eh? In the library till morning!?

Lavi: I'll go read a ...

Link: Please restrain yourself!

Allen: I can eat, though, can't I?
I don't have to fast, do I?

Lavi: What an ass...

Miranda: This pie is soo delicious!

Chef: Huh? Where did the kid from central go?
I was going to bring him some tea...

Miranda: "The kid from central"?

1: You haven't seen him before either, Miranda?
2: He's a bureaucrat from the guys who made the Order

Lavi: They sent this hound to watch us

Miranda: A dog?

Page 8
1: Allen Walker!
2: That is not the way to the Library!

Allen: Oh, is that right?

Cross: <gotta love this guy>

Link: Come!

Soldier: It was the director's strict order to moderate sir general's expenses, as I understand

Cross: So you want me to drink this cheap stuff! Aren't you supposed to care for my well-being?
Get me some Romanée-Conti! I don't care if you have to pay it yourself!

Soldier 2: General... That's too expensive

Soldier 3: Sir, with our salaries that is...

Page 9
Cloud (the woman): Why do I have to drink wine with you?

1: 'Cause I like drinking with ladies best
2: It's been 4 years. You're still just as good a woman, Cloud
<Seriously, the mangaka should play less video games, when choosing the names..>

Cloud: And you're still just as bad a man

Cross: Oi, Idiot Pupil, what are you up to?

Allen: That's my line! When I think I've finally found you, you hang out getting drunk

Small bubble on the left of the panel: I told ya to stay away, Tim

1: What are you on about?

Background of panel 5: You ask me what this is about?

1: Yeah, kinda

2: Are you talking about the music?

Page 10
Cross: Sorry, Allen

Allen: Hey! What are you...

Soldier: You are prohibited from seeing General Marian Cross

Allen: Eh?

Link: It is an order

Allen: Now way! What's with that?

1: You are now suspected by the order...
2: ...of being in contact with No. 14

Page 11
Link: After "No. 14" died
It was said, that someone would follow his last will

Komui: His last will?

There's more than one, actually
General Marian is one of them
He took Allen Walker as his pupil, because he knew of his "Musician's Talent"

Komui: You're speaking quite unreservedly

Branch leader,
Don't you think this is a quite scary topic?

Page 12
1: A Noah whose shape we don't know
2: People who worship him are gathering and they are planning something
3: Don't you think
4: hm?

Right of Allen's face: Zoned out

Allen: Why... I've been treated as a suspect before
Why does that keep happening to me?

Left of this bubble: Chaper 1

Left of that: Is it 'cause I'm cursed?
Must be
Must be

Link: Are you alright?

1: No, I'm not...
2: I told you before, I'm not planning anything, and I know absolutely nothing about No. 14!

Link: Yes, yes
Most people deny like this at first

Last Panel background: What's that supposed to mean

Page 13
Link: You have shown your connection to No.14 with your actions
How else could you have known the melody to move the Ark?

1: About that!
I've thought about that!!
That idiot teacher must have planted that memory by hypnotizing me when I was trained
That's got to be it. 100%!

Cross in the Background:
1: Idiot student, you can plaaay the Piano

2: And siiiing

Under the big bubble: Using Maria <or whatever that Akuma's name was>

1: So that's your explanation?

<EOP 2>
2: Then
why could you read this?

Allen: This... Why do you...?

1: He he...
You told branch head Komui about this sheet, didn't you?
2: We did some research:
These writings do not match any others of any time, country or people

Allen (Boxes):
1: Of course, because...
2: these letter are...

Link: Why can you read them?

Page 14
Allen: The ones Mana and I made up...

Link: Hasn't someone thought them to you you?
These letters...

Allen: But I...

Link: Are these not the ciphers "No. 14" has made?

1: can't say that!
2(On the white Background): Mana was just a traveling performer
3: who picked up and raised an orphan
4: and he died.
5: I made him an Akuma

Link: What now?

1: and became an exorcist
2: That's all there is to it
3: About me and Mana

Page 15
Link: What's the matter, Allen Walker?

1: I have proof, of course
2: for what I have said
3: living proof, I shoud say
4: at headquaters, we have one of those who follow No. 14's will.
5: He came to us seeking sanctuary, because he feared the earl would kill him

Last panel sfx: Peep peep peep (heart monitor)

Page 16
Dark Voice:
1: You
2: Why are you here...

1: hm?
Above his head: He dropped his papers!

Allen: M... my
behind you...!!

Link (On white): It's only our mirror images...

Allen: Can't you see it?

Are you so desperate, you start being a drama queen?

2: Stop being childish

Page 17
1: My head...
2: am I going crazy?
3: Mana
4: We were just an orphan and a clown
5: Nothing more
6: If that's not true
7: What on earth were we?

Narrator: Allen is confused...!

Night 137/End

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2007
#2. by Morri ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2007
The MQ/HQ raw is out.

Thanks for the translation. :)
#3. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2007
Thanks, I'm on it.
#4. by bludshock ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2007
Awesome. As far as the naming goes, I know that cnet went with 'Howard Link' last week, and IMO it fits nicely.
#5. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2007

Thing like that happen when you translate on the fly. The two kanjis for "Japan" and "Today" are the same, just in the opposite order. Agian: This translation is unchecked. Thing like that happen.
Plz check wikipedia, if anyone already put it in there...

And sorry
#6. by rhapsody blue ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2007
thank you so much! it's been a while since we have been graced with a rtt's translation :)
#7. by coby0 ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2007
thanx for the translation
#8. by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi ()
Posted on Nov 17, 2007

It took me all day, but finally...

I'll get a brake, then I'll right some notes, then I'll proofread it
All done. Finally...

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