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Naruto 298

Naruto Chapter 298

+ posted by Ryoma_Echizen as translation on Mar 9, 2006 15:47 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 298

Take a look at this Prince of Tennis translation if you feel inclined:


I'll be doing Prince of Tennis and Eyeshield 21 Translation in that forum. (Eyeshield Translations will start today/tommorow)

Edit: Finished. Sorry for the delays peoples.

Naruto 298 Translation
by Ryoma Echizen

Chapter 298: Secret Mission

Sidebar: Just like the dark side of the moon... the dark side of the mask no one sees. When just a little bit of it peeks out, everything starts to move!!

Page 2:

Narrator: An eyewitness to Sai's betrayal, a bunshin of Yamato!

Yamato-bunshin: He must have had this mostly prepared during the trip to the onsen.

Yamato-bunshin: Eh, whatever. I'll just deal have to deal with him later.

Yamato-bunshin: No matter how you look at things, persuit seems to be the best option.

Naruto: By the way, where's Sai?

Naruto: The bridge is...

Yamato: About Sai, he's now moving alongside Orochimaru.

Page 3:

Naruto: Eh?

Sakura: !?

Sakura: What do you mean?

Yamato: Both of you come with me.

Naruto: The ground's still soft. (-ttebayo)

Naruto: The bridge has been destroyed... and this area has become like this.

Naruto: Just what on earth happened here?

Page 4:

Yamato: You don't remember?

Yamato (thinking): As expected, it's just as Jiraiya-sama said.

Naruto: Now that I think about it, why was I unconscious...?

Page 5:

Sakura: You were done in by Orochimaru and passed out.

Naruto: ...So that was it... Darn it all!

Page 6:

Sakura: Sai's stuff is scattered about.

Yamato: That's the stuff he's dropped it looks like.

Yamato: He really must have been nervous in front of Orochimaru.

Sakura: You know about that, don't you?

Yamato: From the beginning my wood bunshin has been contacting me through the wireless I put in here。

Sakura: Did something happen to Sai?

Yamato: Sai... after he exchanged words with Orochimaru... left with Orochimaru and Kabuto.

Naruto: What do you mean?

Page 7:

Sakura: What did they say?

Yamato: The conversation was too far away to be heard.

Naruto: Just what did they talk about?

Sakura: Could he have been threatened into going with them?

Yamato: No, it didn't seem like that. He went up to Orochimaru himself and handed him something.

Yamato: It really appears that he was trying to gain favor with Orochimaru.

Naruto: H-Hold on a second!

Naruto: However bad a guy he was, he would never betray...

Sakura: No... he might.

Page 8:

Tsunade: In the past, he competed for the position of Third Hokage with the late Sarutobi-sensei.

Tsunade: Unlike the Third, he is a cold and calculating leader, a militaristic hard-liner who is also Sai's superior.

Tsunade: Since I am a student of the Third who was a moderate and granddaughter of the First Hokage, he simply hates me.

Page 9:

Sakura: Yamato-taichou, about a person named Danzou...

Yamato: I know him. He was a hawk that opposed the Sandaime Hokage.
(hawk=person who's for war)

Naruto: Who's that?

Sakura: Sai's superior. An old man who thinks nothing of the Third

Yamato: Using Sai, Danzou might be up to something

Yamato: Perhaps... there is the possibility that Sai was ordered on some kind of secret mission from Danzou seperate from that of the team.

Page 10:

Naruto: So Sai instead of our mission, moved on to execute a completely different mission?

Sakura: Exactly.

Yamato: From this I have a strong guess that isn't outside the realm of impossibility... brace yourselves and listen.

Yamato: Danzou might be seeking to crush Konoha as it is now.

Page 11:

Naruto: Huh?

Yamato: In order to overthrow Tsunade-sama from her position as Hokage

Yamato: If he is thinking of conspiring with Orochimaru to once again invade Konoha once again...

Sakura: After the regime collapses, he'll make a new village he can utilize and as Hokage once again stand atop at the forefront.

Yamato: The reason Danzou moves now is because he saw the last failed invasion of Konoha and may believe that now is the time for negotiations between Orochimaru to progress smoothly

Naruto: ...No way... So Sai's secret mission is...

Sakura: To gain favor with Orochimaru and to become Danzou's mediator...perhaps.

Page 12:

Kabuto: Orochimaru-sama

Orochimaru: I know. We're being tailed.

Kabuto: Has our trail been followed so easily or is he one of theirs?

Kabuto: What shall you do?

Page 13:

Orochimaru: No matter which way we do it, one corpse is needed isn't it now... right Kabuto.

Yamato: With the things and circumstances the way they are we might have to deal with Sai.

Yamato: Now my bunshin is tailing them... I don't know what's going to happen.

Page 14:

Yamato: We're going to immediately follow their trail!

Naruto: Yes! Here I G... What?

Sakura: Naruto!? Naruto, are you ok!?

Sakura: His still hasn't recovered from the previous damage...

Page 15:

Sakura: Indeed, I know it's best to chase after them immediately, but with Naruto in this condition

Yamato: So just leave him behind. He should have enough strength left to get back to the village by himself.

Sakura: Kakashi-sensei wouldn't speak like that...

Naruto: If it's me you're worried about... I'm fine. Go on...!

Yamato: I teamed with Kakashi in the ANBU. I know what kind of person he is.

Sidebar: Yamato's Decision... will fortune or disaster result...!?

Page 16:

Yamato: Indeed I am Kakashi-san's representative. But I'm different than Kakashi.

Yamato: "I won't let you guys get hurt" ...I regret saying something like that so casually.

Yamato: You guys are no longer apprentice ninjas that need to be protected.

Yamato: You are Konoha shinobi that will one day have to surpass Kakashi and to shoulder responsibility.

Yamato: If we don't chase after him now, we won't get a second chance to catch him.

Yamato: If we wait here its over. The chance to face Orochimaru won't come a 2nd time.

Naruto: Sakura-chan.

Page 17:

Sakura: OK

Yamato: What is that!?

Sidebar: The shocking scene that awaits the Yamato Bunshin! Is this a feint, a deception, or the traitor's sad final fate!?

Below: Sai's death enrages Naruto! Next time, "A Hanged Sai"


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#1. by Syntaxis_ ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
WOW that was fast!

Edit: heh, add to that: THANKS!!! :smile-big
#2. by moridin ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
thank you ryoma :D
#3. by Leen (MH's Peacemaker)
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Thanks. Incomplete but that's fast. O__o
#4. by jacksprat ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
*Whistle* Fastest translator on the web; thanks much Echizen
#5. by nekorose ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Excellent! Thank you!!!!!!
#6. by conan ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Nice going Ryoma.
Keep it going.
#7. by van_nistelrooy ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
wow!!Great!thanks a million!
#8. by frizbee1 ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Cool!! Thanx
#9. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Thanks, Ryoma. Half a translation is better than none. :)
#10. by Terra ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
thanks :D
#11. by akahigi ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
thank you
#12. by Gornot ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Yeah, I was here just a couple of minutes ago and there was no RAW nor your translation... WAY TO GO!!!
#13. by Splintered ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Thanks so much!
#14. by Zenith ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
you just made my day. :)
#15. by van_nistelrooy ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
omg!pls translate the next part!the other part is far more important!
#16. by batanga ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Thanks! Can´t wait to see it finished!
#17. by HitsugayaNaruto ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Thank you thanx thanx thank you
#18. by MadTact ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Nice, up to page 7 so far. Patience Patience
#19. by Kusachu ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
thank you!!
#20. by UzumakiRoman ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
#21. by coungpow ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Zoom, thanks for the trans man
#22. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Quote by Zenith :

you just made my day. :)

just to quote you- this is great of you.
#23. by Ayah ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
I'll definitely wait for the rest. Keep up the good work :Gaipose
#24. by Miso ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Thanks Ryoma! So much appreciated.

You made my day.
#25. by kaze950 ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Only.......8 more pages to translate left.....thanks though. Very fast. Can't wait to read pages 11-17!
#26. by zerocharisma ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
F5--Camp No Jutsu! (whoever made that phrase up, thanks for a good laugh)

#27. by Predator (Scientist of Anthropology)
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
You're really dedicated to this Ryoma! Thanks a bunch. :smile-big
#28. by Ryoma_Echizen ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Translation is done people, sorry I couldn't finish it faster, lol. Don't forget about my Prince of Tennis (#303) translation either!

-Ryoma Echizen
#29. by Mitchell ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
I hope he's dead.

Although he won't be, the chances of the creator wanting a Naruto vs Sai fight, or even Sasuke vs Sai fight is too ace. Having Sai going crazy drawing lots of dog-like beasts that sworm someone would look/be ace.
#30. by gallantpervert ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
thank you! wow, that's a curveball...kishi manages to do it again
#31. by brownboyd ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
nice dude... thnx for the translation....
#32. by Miso ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2006
Wow - it's finished! Now I have the full pleasure of reading it! ;)
#33. by antukecik ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2006
nice and fast translation..
i use it for scanlation
#34. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Mar 11, 2006
Great job....great translation man...thanks a lot for your hardwork

Quote by Ryoma_Echizen :

Take a look at this Prince of Tennis translation if you feel inclined:


I'll be doing Prince of Tennis and Eyeshield 21 Translation in that forum. (Eyeshield Translations will start today/tommorow)

You'd translate ES21??? :wtf hontou no hontou:wtf???? hontou ???:wtf :wtf hurrrrrrayyyyyyy :dance
#35. by vanxee ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2006
I have one humble request:
how to say on Japanese "dark side of the moon"?
I named my katana (unfortunetly not a real one, but i trained with him Iaido)
"dark side of the moon". It is important to say that it is not "evil side" but "unknown,
unexplored, misthical side"

Thx in advance.
#36. by ThE WoRm ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2006
That is not the place to ask, but "Tsuki no kurayami" - The moon's darkness, or "Tsuki no kurayami gawa" The dark side of the moon.
#37. by vanxee ()
Posted on Nov 16, 2006
I'm realy sorry for that, but begening of translated chapter started with "dark side of the moon" so I thought it would be apropriet to ask here.

I deeply apologise again and thank you so much.

Vanxee The Forbidden Elf
bike + backpacker = BIKEPACKER

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