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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 454

One Piece Chapter 454

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on May 5, 2007 17:25 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 454

Soooo, this chapter uses the word "Humming/Hanauta" alot. Now, they use it as a name, and a move multiple times. In keeping practice with other groups and ourselves, moves will remain in Japanese with english notes below or nearby. Thus, the word Hanauta will be there. However, used in sentances or names, I will translate it as Humming, as it is not being used as a move, and must sound equally as strange to the Japanese. So, point is, Hanauta=humming.

Page 01(spread):
Title: Humming

Page 02:
Usopp: Stop it, don't kill her!! She's our nakama!!!
Usopp: Quick Nami, run!!!
Chopper: You bastard, you bastard, stop!!!
Lola: Absalom is going to be my groom!!!
Lola: Move!!
Usopp/Chopper: Gyaaah!!!
Nami: ha...
Lola: Ah!!
Lola: Now then
Nami: ha
Nami: ha
Lola: give up!!!
Nami: Wait a second!! I'm...!!
Nami: ha
Nami: I'm
Nami: really a man!!!

Page 03:
Lola: eeeeeeeh!!?
Chopper: eeeeh!!?
Usopp: hey hey
Lola: Is... is that true?
Nami: Y... Yea it is!! I'm an okama*!! Don't think I'm joking around**!! *Male Transvestite **THIS IS A QUOTE FROM MR.2 BON CLAY
Nami: You and that beastman are perfect for each other. I thought I would help cheer you on!!!
Lola: Eh!? Really!?
Nami: Really. I'm not joking around**!!
Lola: ......No one's ever been supportive of me before. This feeling.
Lola: You're the first person to ever have said such kind words to me...!!
Nami: Raise your head! My friend
Nami: This is known as friendship! My name is Namizou, call me Nami.
Lola: Fri... Friendship...
Usopp: .............. She convinced her

Page 04:
Nami: I mean, of course you couldn't put his seal on, it's because he was concious!
Nami: Now while your prey is sleeping...
Lola: Attack while they're sleeping!? Is that ok!? As a human being?!
Nami: But aren't you a zombie Lola?
Lola: I never thought of that !! It never occurred to me!!
Nami: You'll just need to make him swoon when he's not asleep as well.
Usopp: Oi Namizou, can we get running now?
Nami: So anyways Lola... I dropped something earlier in treasure storehouse... I want to go back and get it but
Nami: Could you tell me where it was again?
Lola: How clumsy. It's no problem. If you go right through Lady Pelona's room over there it's really close.
Usopp: She's completely taken in... she's not gonna come out of it.
Chopper: So Nami was really a man...
Chopper: I always thought she acted kinda like a man.
Usopp: Oi Nami, that guy's finally caught up to us.
Nami: Really!?

Page 05:
Nami: Lola!! It's an Attack Chance!!
Nami: I'm never going to meet him again so you'll be alright!!
Nami: Do your best!! You two will be the best couple!!
Lola: I'll give it my all!!! Thank you Nami, I'm bursting with courage now!!!
Lola: Absalom!!!
Absalom: Uooh!!! Lola!!!
Nami: You two, now is our chance!!
Chopper: In the end nothing happened with that Wild Boar!!
Chopper: Nami is amazing
Nami: You would think I was just a good, obedient girl from talking to me right?
Usopp: Then why are your eyes so disturbing!!!

Page 06:
Box: Inside Thriller Bark - The Thousand Sunny
Pelona: There's not a single treasure chest here!?
Pelona: on the whole ship?
Zombie: They have treasure chests, but they're all empty.........
Zombie: they have just a little bit of money.
Pelona: I'm amazed that these two ships
Pelona: gave us almost no spoils...
Pelona: Is this really the ship of the man who defeated Crocodile?
Pelona: It's alright I guess. Even if it's just some random provisions, carry something back to the carriage!!
Zombie: Yea
Zombie: Pelona-sama!!
Pelona: Hildon
Hildon: Moria-sama is calling for the Three Mysterious People.
Pelona: The master is? For what reason?
Hildon: It seems we've captured Strawhat Luffy!!
Hildon: And it's come time to debut number 900!
Pelona: Number 900!? Are you serious!?

Page 07:
Lola: Abu-sama!!!
Lola: Absalom you bastard, get out here and marry me!!!
Lola: He's disappeared and gotten away again!!
Absalom: Strange.........
Absalom: even though I have nowhere else to run......
Absalom: Oi Bearsy
Bearsy: Oh...oh.... Absalom-sama it's terrible......!!
Bearsy: something bothersome has...!!
Absalom: Just wait, my reasons come first! Have 3 pirates come through here?
Bearsy: oh...oh...if you're talking about that
Pelona: Absalom!!
Pelona: What are you doing here!! This is my room.
Absalom: Pelona
Bearsy: We... Welcome home Pelona-sama
Pelona: Stop speaking Bearsy!! How many times have I told you!!
Bearsy: ......but there something important......
Pelona: Shut up!! Don't say anything!!!

Page 08:
Absalom: You're as strict as ever with Bearsy I see.
Pelona: Quiet, he's my subordinate
Pelona: And anyways have heard about the masters invitation?
Bearsy: oh.........
Absalom: Hm? Is there a problem?
Bearsy: um...
SFX: zip zip zip
Nami: S...somehow they haven't found us again, it's a miracle!!
Nami: But more importantly why am I hiding in someplace like this?!!
Usopp: We didn't have a choice. That beastman caught up with us this quickly!! And anyways that guy
Usopp: I don't think there's any way he could be a zombie!! Look for yourself at how quick he runs!
Hildon: So you were here Absalom-sama
Absalom: what?
Hildon: With the pirates... seem to have had one more intruder.
Absalom: An intruder?
Hildon: The swordsman "Humming"!!! *Written Hanauta

Page 09:
Franky: Someone fell from the sky...!!
SFX: Shuuuuu.... *Hissssss
Franky: What was it that fell just now...
Robin: It can't be
Robin: No... well...
Robin: I think I can guess......

Page 10:
Spider: Hey Heeey. Ahahahahah!!
Spider: That a strange interuption!! But you're not gonna get away from me.
Spider: Because I can make as many footholds as I need!!
Spider: Moonkey Monkey
Franky: Oh
Franky: These are some fine pillars you have here.
Franky: Could you give me a little to work with?
Franky: I'm going to make a weapon real quick.

Page 11:
Spider: Well then!!! Spider Sticky Net!!!
Robin: It's spinning from his hands.........!!
Robin: Seis Fleur
Robin: Slap!!
Spider: eh?
Spider: Gyaaaah!! There's something in my eye!!!
Spider: Uagaah!! Dammit!!!
Spider: I got myself with the sticky net!!!
Franky: Yosh! I'm ready Nico Robin
Franky: Step Back
Robin: ......!? What is that?

Page 12:
Franky: What? I just took the iron nunchucks I was carrying and
Franky: jammed them in these pillars.
Franky: With a monster this huge, you need an equally huge weapon.
Spider: eh
Franky: Heavy Nunchaku!!!
Spider: Boheh!!!

Page 13:
Spider: Guaaaaaah!!!
Spider: What is this power?!!! Is he not human!?
Franky: Ora!!!
Spider: fudeh
Spider: beheh
Spider: doeh......!!!

Page 14:
Spider: pueh...
Spider: wa... wait...stop...
Spider: stob idt you bastard!!! *he can't speak right
Spider: Spider Sticky Net!!!
Spider: ha
Spider: ha
Spider: ahahahah!!!
Franky: Weapons Left!!!
Spider: debaah!!!

Page 15:
Spider: gefuuh.........ah......ah
Robin: aah!!!
Spider: Oh
Franky: Eh!?
Franky: Nico Robin!!
Spiders: Heyheyheey
Spider: Mouuse Mouse
Franky: What the hell are those!!?
Robin: I'm sorry... I let my guard down!!
Robin: I hadn't thought there were other spiders.
Spider: Shaaah!!!
Franky: Guwah!!!
Franky: Dammit!!!

Page 16:
Spider: Ahahahahah!! You idiots!!!
Spider: Moonkey Monkey
Spider: zeh *wheeze*
Spider: It's not about whether you let your guard down or not!!
Spider: These are my subordinates, these Spider Mice!! *Oda uses "Spider Mouse", but due to how frequently it's plural, it was changed*
Spider: And I have 500 of these Spider Mice in Thriller Bark
Spider: zeh *wheeze*
Spider: We have never let even a single prey we've caught escape or go uninjured!!!
Spider: We wait everywhere to surprise!! From the darkness and blind spots we capture our enemy
Spider: Our thread has been modified by Hogback-sama so that no human strength can tear it!!!
Mice: From above the cieling while in the mansion
Mice: we carried away your nakama!!
Mice: And now we'll take you the same place
Mice: we took your nakama!! Prepare yourselves!!
SFX: Moouse Mousse
SFX: Yohohohooo
SFX: Yoohohoohoo
SFX: Yohohohoo
SFX: Yoohohoohoo
Spider: hm?

Page 17-18:
Brook: I've come to deliver Binks Sake
Brook: Doing as one pleases, following the breezes between the waves *emulating the rhyme best I can
Brook: On the other side of the tide, alarmed at the setting sun
Brook: Drawing a circle in the sky, the song of a bird.
Spider: Hm? What the?!!
Spider: Who?!!
Spider: Who is that singing?!!
Brook: Yohohoho. Well well it seems that everyone has come to the island.
Robin: Eh...... How did you get here from below
Brook: I jumped. I'm light you know.
Brook: If you've come then I suppose there's no choice.
Brook: I will tell you the entire story of this island!!
Spider: Oi, who are you you asshole!!!
Spider: Aren't you a zombie!?
Spider: You're one of the Pirate's nakama aren't you!?
Franky: Hey, skeleton!!
Brook: ...eheh... I'll be fine... because I've reached a decision
Brook: Hanauta Sanchou *Humming Three Tool Trans note: "Tool" is a counter word
Brook: Notched Arrow Strike!!!!
SFX: kiin *sheath*
BGText: A brilliant sword technique!!

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#1. by Nami (Queen of The Damned)
Posted on May 6, 2007
Thanks for doing this!
With the golden break, you have finally caught up with the latest chapter :)
#2. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on May 6, 2007
Quote by Nami;384964:
Thanks for doing this!
With the golden break, you have finally caught up with the latest chapter :)

Lol, Golden Break. I never heard it called that. Yea, I'm glad I did too. I was bogged down in finals and such the past few weeks.

Also, for those that may see this, my catching up means Franky House won't be far behind.
#3. by bax ()
Posted on May 6, 2007
Great <33

Hopefully to se you guys catching up soon :amuse

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