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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 456

One Piece Chapter 456

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on May 20, 2007 06:24 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 456

Can't win for losing... internet died on me again this week. Had to install a wireless card. Sorry for the delay.

Page 01:
Title: Devil from a Frozen Land
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Plan Volume 23: Regret!! The Space Pirates were too strong.

Page 02:
BGtext: Brooks absolute best plan is!?
Franky: Return to the ship!?
Franky: Go back to the Sunny!?
Brook: Precisely
Brook: The worst case scenario is that your nakama have already been captured
Brook: and their shadows have already been stolen!
Brook: But having your shadow stolen isn't going to kill you.
Brook: Take a look at what happened to me!!
Brook: AAH!! I've died!!!
Franky: That's a different story!!!
Franky: So you're saying they wouldn't die even if it were stolen.
Brook: That's it! But the period after their shadows have been taken will be their weak point.
Brook: They won't wake up for 2 days.

Page 03:
Brook: During this time they put those who are strong into boats and cast them off from Thriller Bark.
Brook: I've said this before, but what do you think this is?
Robin: So that the victims won't attempt to return to the island and reclaim their shadows, right?
Brook: Exactly!
Franky: Then wouldn't it be a good idea to just kill them while they're out?
Brook: They cannot!
Brook: This is a vital point, please listen carefully.
Brook: Though the body and the shadow may be separated, they're of one being!!
Brook: If the body dies, then the shadow is doomed as well.
Brook: Which means at this same moment the zombie will die!!
Brook: And since this would make trouble for the enemy, they make sure that the body stays alive.
BGMan: Body
BGShadow: Shadow
BGZombie: Zombie

Page 04:
Brook: So then if your nakama have had their shadows taken
Brook: then they will certainly be alive, and probably returned to your ship!
Brook: At this rate, if you two are robbed of your shadows as well
Brook: then it would be the worst case possible!! The entire crew without their shadows, left to wander the sea...!!!
Brook: Bear this for now. At this time, the moment when your nakama regain consciousness
Brook: will give you your one chance to rescue their shadows!!
Franky: I see... so your story did have a point.
Brook: You two, take this please...
Franky: what?
Brook: The Zombie's weakness.
Brook: It's effectiveness against the Spider Monkey is proof!!
Franky: Weakness...!! What is it?

Page 05:
Brook: Salt
Franky: ............ salt!?
Franky: So it's kinda like we're defeating some evil being by purifying it?
Brook: Well, put simply it's something like that.........
Brook: ...the source of the zombie's ability to move is originally the devil's fruit.
Brook: Since the salt holds the power of the sea
Brook: it undoes the bond between the false soul and the corpse.
Franky: So that's how it is... so that thing that flew out of the monkey's mouth a little while ago
Franky: was the shadow from within his body.
Franky: ......So they had a weakness like that.
Brook: Now then, to defeat the Zombies simply throw the salt into their mouths.
Brook: That's the trick!!! *A Pun on Bones.

Page 06:
Brook: It's Bones!! *Bone Pun Joke*
Robin: But why is it that you happen to know so much about this island and the zombies?
Brook: When my shadow was stolen 5 years ago
Brook: Naturally, I was cast off in my ship, but my luck was strong and I awoke in time to find my way back
Brook: I fought when I returned ...and the result ...was my crushing defeat!!
Brook: I shamefully ran to save my life...!! No matter what!! I did not want to die.
Brook: Because I was the sole survivor from my ship.
Brook: One day I would escape this cursed sea...!!
Brook: Because of my promise to them ...regrettably I ran to save myself!!!
Brook: And though I managed to live a long while, I was unable to achieve any resolution.
Brook: that is why this time ...I will not run!!!
Brook: Until I face that man and reclaim my shadow!!!

Page 07:
Brook: Well then!! My apologies!!
Brook: I must hurry ahead!! Take care!!
Franky: Wait a second!!!
Franky: While we're still talking.........
Franky: One more thing.
Franky: Answer my question,

Page 08:
Box: Within the Mast's Mansion
Box: Gekko Moria's Dance Hall
Usopp: Luffy......!!!
Nami: What was that!? ...just now ...did you see!?
Chopper: It's a shadow... he's taken his shadow......!!!
Usopp: This is...!! Just like the story that skeleton Brook told us.
Usopp: that his shadow was stolen...!! Then Brook was against him!?
Chopper: I can't believe it... why is he able to do something like that??
All: Wah!!
Pelona: Hm?
Pelona: Bearsy!! You were blabbering again weren't you!?
Bearsy: oh... oh...
Absalom: Man you're strict with Bearsy

Page 09:
Moria: Kishishishishishi!!!
Moria: This guy will bring me... one step closer to being the Pirate King.
Moria: Hogback.........!!
Hogback: Since the day I met you ten years ago I've lent you my power for the day number 900 would be made.
Hogback: With that shadow it could be historical as the most powerful Zombie created, and become a huge source of power for us!!

Page 10:
Absalom: The day that I will be known around the world as
Absalom: The Graveyard King has come closer.
Pelona: And the country of my dreams, where all the worlds cute little things
Pelona: will become zombies and serve me is before my eyes!!
Moria: That's right!! Even the most insolent bastard will become an obedient zombie if his shadow has been taken. This will become a world of docile zombies.
Moria: If I had a follower like this back then...!!
Moria: In "The New World" would that idiot Kaidou have beaten me? ...!!!
Moria: Why don't we pen his eyes? Kishishishi!!
Moria: Gyoro! Nin! Bao!!
Moria: Open the door to the special freezer!!
Zombies: Yes Master!!

Page 11:
Absalom: Spider Mice!! Take Strawhat Luffy's body and return it to his ship.
Absalom: And don't forget to remove the thread, it'll be troublesome if he dies.
Mice: Yes!!
Mouse: Hold on, wait!! The report!!
Absalom: What is it...
Mouse: Just now, Commander Spider Monkey Tararan was defeated!!
Absalom: Defeated?
Absalom: ...did they somehow manage to extract his shadow...
Mouse: He shadow was extracted!!!
Moria: Absalom... The only man capable of doing that is him...

Page 12:
Moria: The culprit is the Chivalrous Swordsman "Humming"!!
Moria: Before I knew it, there were countless victims!!
Moria: At this rate things will get just as unpleasant as they were then!!
Hogback: Dammit... the only man who could tell the enemy of the Zombies weakness.
Hogback: how did he find out ......and why has he returned here again!!?
Hogback: Wha... Cindry-chan why in front of me...
Pelona: I was listening and all but, what kind of guy is he?
Absalom: Pelona.........!!
Absalom: You don't know what he looks like!?
Absalom: ............!! Well the time to scope it out is over.
Absalom: The root of our master's trouble is on this island again......!!
Moria: Like I card about that you dumbass.
Moria: You all just do something about it!!!
Moria: Now, on to the freezer!!
Mouse: Ah... wait.

Page 13:
Mouse: Um!! With the current situation...
Absalom: You idiot, tell me that first.
Mouse: Ugah
Absalom: In that case we should be able to contain him.
Absalom: If there's a problem when he wakes up, report it.
Absalom: Now go ahead and throw Strawhat out already!!
Mice: Roger!!
Nami: Luffy!!!
Usopp: Idiot, stay inside!!
Usopp: It doesn't seem like your shadow being stolen will kill you
Usopp: Brook wasn't.
Usopp: We can't go out yet...!!
Usopp: We'll wait for our chance......!!
Usopp: It seems like they're going to do something with Luffy's shadow
Usopp: So we need to see what happens to it... so we can get it back later...!!

Page 14:
Box1: Mast Mansion
Box1: Hogback's Mansion
Box1: Second Floor
Box2: The Spider's Web Passage
Jigorou: They aren't here anymore.
Jigorou: That pair......!!
Jigorou: They ran off......!!
John: I never thought Tararan would go down...!!
Jigorou: Oi, where is the enemy......!! Let's cut them down quickly!!!
Box3: Inside Gekko Moria's Mast Mansion
Franky: Hah!!!

Page 15:
Robin: Franky...
Franky: Uwoah!!
Franky: What!! You moron, I'm not crying you idiot!!
Franky: Hauu...
Franky: Don't look this way!!!
Robin: Why did you ask him... that sort of question?
Franky: Shut up, It's who I am... lets get going!!! ...sniffle!!
Franky: Haaa...god dammit I love that Skeleton!!
Franky: There isn't a guy that good anywhere!! Oh dammit *Franky can't stop crying*
Franky: Uwoah.....
Robin: fufu... Indeed.
Box: Mansion Top Floor
Box: Hogback's Research Room
SFX: Katan
SFX: Katan *Koto sounds*

Page 16:
Ryuuma: ...yohohoho ...I knew it
Ryuuma: You wouldn't give up after being knocking down once
Brook: Of course not
Brook: Hah
Brook: Hah
Ryuuma: Have you not heard my name...!?
Ryuuma: Upon hearing "Master Swordsman Ryuuma"...anyone would recoil in fear.........
Brook: Quiet!! You are my shadow!!!
Ryuuma: Yohohoho.........
Ryuuma: The level of our flesh is different!!!
Brook: You will return to me
Brook: Back beneath my feet!!! *literally*

Page 17:
Box: Zombie No. 900's Special Freezer's Passage
Hogback: This will be exciting...
Hogback: When I saw his dead body in the Frozen Country
Hogback: I couldn't stop myself from trembling
Hogback: To think 500 years ago this repulsive thing ravaged the seas, it's breathtaking...!!
Hogback: There was a Raiding Country that took people back it their own territory
Absalom: Cold.
Hogback: It became known as a country of villains
Hogback: the man who was the ringleader of that legendary country, who's name held sway around the world was left there...!!!
Hogback: The absolute best from which to make a Zombie...
Moria: and another legend will be revived Kishishishi!!
Moria: Now then.........!! Time for his resurrection!!
Moria: History's only...

Page 18-19:
Moria: The deranged warrior know as the devil!!!
Moria: Oz!!!!
BGtext: The dreadful devil's revival!?

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#1. by bax ()
Posted on May 20, 2007
Thanx again sky :amuse
#2. by venicia777 ()
Posted on May 20, 2007
sky is back :thumbs

Thank you :confetti

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