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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 471

One Piece Chapter 471

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Oct 3, 2007 04:37 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 471

I am late and lazy again. Apologies!!

Page 01-02:
The title is in English. you are an idiot if you think I'm translating this.

Page 03:
BGText: Faced with unheard of strength, the pirates are defeated...
Oz: All that's left......
Oz: Is that "Strawhat" from before
Oz: that "Orange" woman
Oz: and that "Cool Hero".
Oz: I'm short by just three...
Oz: Where are they?

Page 04:
Pelona: Hah!!!
Zombies: Oh!! She's come to!!
Pelona: Waaaaaaaaaah, stop the hammer!!
Zombies: Pelona-sama!!
Pelona: I hate roaches, hurry, get them off, stop, nooooo!!!
Zombies: Pe-Pe... Pelona-sama!! Calm down...!!
Zombie: You're awake now!! There aren't any roaches!!
Pelona: Stop...
Pelona: This is...
Zombie: The enemy is gone now!! You were collapsed and foaming at the mouth Pelona-sama!!
Zombie: What happened to you!? Who did this?!!
Pelona: hah
Pelona: hah

Page 05:
Pelona: What's happened to the mansion......!!
Pelona: Don't tell me that the pirates are responsible for this!?
Pelona: They were already rampaging around but...!! Could this be the result of Oz's own rampage...!!!
Zombie: OZ?!
Zombie: Well from... what we've heard... Oz decimated all of the General Zombies.
Pelona: The most elite unit we have?!
Pelona: Has Oz gotten completely out of control?!
Zombie: Well that's not exactly...
Pelona: KYAAAAAAAAH!! You guys!!
Zombie: It's huge!!

Page 06:
Pelona: O...!! Oz!!?
Zombie: ...ah... now... now that I think about it, wasn't Hogback-sama was trampled as well...!!
Pelona: WHAT?!!
Oz: Any girls here?
Pelona: "Girl"...!! Th- this is bad!! That's it, I'm getting out of here!!
Pelona: If I stay at Thriller Bark either the Pirates or Oz will crush me...!!
Pelona: We have to gather the treasure and some food quick!!
Pelona: We'll put it on their pirate ship and get out of here!!!
Pelona: Hurry!!
Zombie: Yes ma'am!! Right away!!!

Page 07:
Box: The Wedding Ceremony... some free room.
Absalom: Now then, let's continue
Absalom: from the kiss
Nami: ha...
Nami: eh...
Nami: EEEEEH?!!
Nami: What?!
Nami: Wait, wait, what the?!
Nami: Kyaaaaaaaaah!!
Absalom: Hmm?! Oh, you're awake!!
Nami: STOP IT!!

Page 08:
Absalom: Get ready!!!
Absalom: With this kiss, you will finally become my wife!!!
Nami: I still want to have adventures and sail, I'm too young for this!!
Absalom: Be quiet and rejoice!! You'll be the wife of the Graveyard King!! You'll become the The Graveyard Queen!!!
Nami: What the hell? No way!!
Lola: Namizou, Why you!!!
Zombies: Waah!!!
Absalom: Uwah!!

Page 09:
Nami: Lo...
Absalom: Lolaaaaaaa!!!
Lola: Namizou!! You...!! How dare you betray me like this!!!
Lola: What you said before about rooting for my love was just a lie, wasn't it?!
Lola: You pretend to cheer for me and steal my Abu-sama away!! You're despicable!!
Nami: Wa... wait Lola!!! Just listen, I... I was passed out until just a moment ago.
Nami: when I woke up I......!!
Nami: ah
Nami: A Wedding Dress!! Why am I in one?! It's beautiful. (Trans note: lol)
Lola: It's not beautiful at all!!! You traitor!!!!
Nami: Kyaaaaah!!!
Nami: Wait, this is a misunderstanding!!

Page 10:
Absalom: Lola, why you!!! You've not only broken into my wedding
Absalom: but now what are you trying to do to my bride!!!
Lola: You be quiet and marry me!!!
Absalom: No way!!!
Lola: You don't know do you Abu-sama?!!
Lola: This woman's real name is "Namizou"!!! And she's actually...
Lola: A man!!!
Nami: So that's what I said...
Absalom: I was certain that in the bath I...!!
Lola: You get out of here
Lola: Namizou!!!
Absalom: Oi!! Stop it!!
Absalomi: Stop Lola!!

Page 11:
Nami: She's not hitting me...?!
Lola: Get out of here!! Namizou!!
Lola: I'll keep him busy!!
Nami: Lola...
Lola: I'm here to save you!!
Lola: My friend!!
Lola: Now Absalom!! Now that you understand I'll take her place
Lola: and you can exchange vows with me!!!
Nami: Lola!
Absalom: Uwoooooh!!
Absalom: My bride is......!! She's getting away!!
Lola: Your bride is right here!!!
Absalom: That is without a doubt a woman Lola!! Don't...

Page 12:
Absalom: Get in my way!!!
Nami: Lola!!!
Absalom: You're just a zombie......!!
Absalom: How dare you make me... use my strength pointlessly!!
Absalom: zeh
Absalom: zeh

Page 13:
Absalom: Ooh... hah.. so you've given up running... wise choice.
Absalom: hah
Absalom: hah
Absalom: That right, there's no way you could escape from me anyway, I'm an invisible man.
Nami: Thunder Charge!!
Lola: I'm here to save you!!
Lola: My friend!!
Nami: How dare you do that. (Trans note: I removed Lola to maintain the ambiguity of the statement so Absalom's next line makes sense)
Absalom: That's right, now leap forward into my embrace...!!

Page 14:
Nami: Swing Arm!!! (Trans note: Oda actually uses a very awesome Kanji Font for this. Typesetters take note.)
Nami: Of course that's not gonna hurt you...!!
Nami: Even I know that...
Nami: Why?
Nami: When were were up on the bridge earlier it didn't affect him at all...
Zombie: As I thought... in his fight with that man... he pushed himself past his limits...
Zombie: That must be the case...
Nami: Well, it's alright!!
Nami: I won!!!
Nami: I must've hit him in his weak point!! (Trans note: FOR MASSIVE DAMAGE)

Page 16:
Nami: Lola!!
Nami: Are you alright? Get ahold of yourself!!
Nami: Thank you for coming to save me!!
Lola: cough
Lola: hah
Lola: hah
Lola: hah
Lola: What are you saying Namizou... we're friends aren't we?
Nami: ...but I...!! I was afraid of you back then
Nami: so I lied!! I'm sorry!! The truth is I'm
Nami: a woman!!
Lola: ......dummy.
Lola: I already knew that.
Nami: Lola
Lola: But more importantly!! Right now Abu-sama is Knocked Out right?!
Lola: We'll be a family, Absalom!!!

Page 17:
Oz: Maybe in here!!!
Oz: Get out here, you leftovers!!
Sanji: What was it again? ...his name
Usopp: Ummm
Zoro: I thought it was... Ross
Usopp: No, it ended with a Z.
Zoro: Hughes
Sanji: Nope, that's way off...!!
Franky: Oosu (Trans note: This is a similar sound to how some people greet one another informally. Sounds like what Franky'd say I guess)
Sanji: ...hm? No...!! It's still a bit off...!!
Robin: It's Oz.
All: That's it!!!
Brook: Ah... I'm... I'm sorry but my body...
Zoro: It's alright, it can't be helped...
Zoro: Can you move back a bit? So you're not caught up in this.
Sanji/Zoro: Oi, Oz!!
S/Z: ... If Luffy's shadow is inside of you then

Page 18-19 (One bubble each!):
S/Z: Then you shouldn't underestimate.........!!!
S/Z: The strength of your own nakama............!!!
BG Text: They move together to defeat Oz!!

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#1. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2007
Cool!! Thank u very much sky! ^^
#2. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2007

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