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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 546

Captain of the Fishman Pirates, the Shichibukai Jimbei

+ posted by Svg as translation on Jun 11, 2009 13:01 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece Chapter 546

Captain of the Fishman Pirates, the Shichibukai Jimbei

Robin's They Do Such Horrible Things / Final volume:

The liberators of slaves, the Revolutionary Army arrives


Box: Level 1 / Crimson Hell

Line: Wax vs. Poison!!

Mr. 3: Get going!!

Quit doodling around!!

Magellan: Wax, huh... ?

Mr. 3: That's right, I'm a candleman who ate the Doru Doru fruit! [[Note: Doru is derived from the word kyandoru, which means candle.]]

My wax is as hard as steel!

Your venom won't be able to pass through it!!

Crocodile: ... Heh! The way some abilities interact with each other really baffles me...

Candies: Whoa!! He stopped Magellan's Hydra!!

Prisoners: Nice goin', Three bro'!


Luffy: Oh, right!! I forgot you could do stuff like that!!

Mr. 3: Well, as long as the floor's not hot!! Come on, get everyone above!!

I want to get out of here as soon as possible, too!!

Luffy: You said we need to steal a battleship, right?

Jimbei: Yes, but we must hurry!

Luffy: Go on ahead with the others and take one!!

I'll try and stop the poison guy!! I think I've got an idea!!

We wouldn't be able to take a ship with him on our tail, anyway!!

Jimbei: You make a good point... But can you really take him on?!

Please do not get careless!!

Luffy: Okay, Three, let's fight together!!

Mr. 3: Hold on a sec!! There's no way I'm gonna fight!!

I can only guard against him! And since I'm not gonna do that, I'm running!!

Prisoners: We can't do anything against him either, but we're still stayin', Three bro'!!

Mr. 3: I just told you I'm not doing it!!


Luffy: WHOOOA!! This is so cool!!!

It's perfect!!!

Mr. 3: Keep your eyes on the enemy, you numbskull!! This isn't the time for nonsense!!

Luffy: My tears... They just won't stop...

Thank you so much!!

I've never looked so cool...

Mr. 3: Who cares?! Just get 'im already!!

Magellan: Hydra!!

Mr. 3: Whoa, he's attacking!!


Mr. 3: Candle Wall!!

It won't work no matter how many times you try!!

Luffy: Gomu Gomu no... !!

Champion Rifle!!

Magellan: Uhh...

SFX: Biri Biri [[Note: The sound of tearing]]

Luffy: Alright, I can touch him!!


Prisoners: We found a couple of cannons!!

The wax'll be our shield!!

ALRIIIGHT!! We can do this!!

Box: Impel Down Surface Main Entrance

Bon: Ngahhahahaha!! We've come so far, there's no one who stands a chance against us anymore!!

Mr. 1: Letting your guard down so easily... What an amateur...

Bon: Oh, shaddap!!!


Mr. 1: There are ten battleships outside, with 800 marines stationed on each of them.

I don't know what conditions await us...

But if we steal a ship, we'll be taking on all the others at the same time.

We can't take this lightly.

Bon: Oh... I see...

Prisoners: Okay, everyone get ready!! We're opening the gates!!

We... We'll finally get to see... The sun shine in the open once again... !!

Buggy: It's not like we've already escaped, you moron!!

If we win against the marines, it's heaven, but if we lose, it's back to hell for us!!

SFX: Gii... [[Note: Sound effect of menace]]

Prisoners: We don't care if we have to take on thousands, we'll definitely win, and then we'll be free again!!

Come get some!!!

Here we go!!

Brace yourselves, people!!!

SFX: Gakon!! [[Note: Sound effect of dull impact]]

8. - 9.

Prisoners: Whaaa?!

... Where are the ships?!

SFX: Dodododo... !! [[Note: Sound effect of footsteps]]

We... We can't steal a freakin' ship if there aren't any!!

There's not a single marine here, either!!

No way... We can't do anything like this!!!

So we're just gonna wait here for Magellan to get us... ?!

How the hell did this happen... ?!

Croc: I see... So the enemy wasn't as stupid as we thought...

With gigantic Sea Kings waiting under the sea /

The Calm Belt is indeed Impel Down's greatest wall of defense...

Prisoners: We made it out of hell... Just for nothing...

DAMMIT!! At this rate, we'll just be sent back to hell!!

Jimbei: We have no time to grieve...

Magellan ordered the ships to depart not so long ago.

Take a good look... You can still faintly see the ships' sails in the mist.

Prisoners: Oh... He's right!! B... But there's nothing we can do if they're so far away!!

Jimbei: Worry not!! For I am here!!

Leave this to me... !!


Prisoners: Here!! This is a small dendenmushi I took!

Take it!!

Jimbei: We have to hurry!!

Croc: Get going!!

Prisoners: !! WHOOOOOA!! He's carrying that heavy ass door!!

That's the captain of the Fishman Pirates for ya!!


Prisoners: This is getting exciting!! Seeing a Shichibukai in action...

Really gets our hopes up!!

And our saviour, Captain Buggy is riding along side them like an equal!! Just as we'd expect from him!!

Buggy: Hehehe...

Gyahahaha, you fools!!

Of course I'd be here feeling safe beside two Shichibukai /

Rather than facing that goddamn Magellan!! Ya dimwiiits!!!

Buggy: Whoa!!

Jimbei: They've spotted us!!


Marines: He dodged it!! What incredible speed!!

That's not just any Fishman!! It's Jimbei, Knight of the Sea!!

All ships, open fire!!

If we take out Jimbei, they're all done for!!

Jimbei: Behold, behold the battleships!!

I am going to launch you on to the deck!! Hold on tight!!

Buggy: Wha?!

W-What?! What the hell are you talkin' about, you goddamn fish!!?


The bastard vanished!!

SFX: Chapu Chapu [[Note: Sound effect for plunk]]

Buggy: He just left us behind and made a run for it!!

Mr. 1: Just shut up and calm down...

Jimbei: Fishman Ju-jitsu /

Mizu-Gokoro!! [[Note: Mizu-Gokoro can mean swimming or following one's heart's desire. Literally Water-Heart]]

SFX: Kyuuu... !! [[Note: Sound effect of rumbling]]


Jimbei: UUUGH!!

SFX: Gugu [[Note: Sound of pulling]]


Ocean Current Ippon Seoi!! [[Note: Ippon seoi is a judo throw.]]


Buggy: Hey-hey-hey!!! Damn you, Jimbei!!

What the hell!!! We're gonna crash!!


Mr. 1: What the hell are you doing here... ?

Buggy: Ugyaaa!!


Marines: Wha?!

What's up with that waterspout... !?

It looks like it's alive!!

What could that be... ?!

... I do not have the slightest idea... !!


There is someone riding it!! It's Crocodile!!

They're here!!

SFX: Bakya [[Note: Sound of crashing]]

Crocodile: Great, we made it...


Marines: They've come to take over the ship!! We mustn't let them prevail!!

If we throw the fruit users in the water, we can win!!

Croc: And just who did you say you're gonna throw?

Mr. 1: Looks like they don't know who they're up against...


Marines: Don't falter!! Open fire!!


Jimbei: Fishman Karate...

Spear Wave!!! [[Note: Yari-Nami]]

Marines: !? DOWAAA!!

Croc: Hey-hey... !!

Jimbei: Oh... I got a tad careless!

That was the ship we were going to use!!

End line: He's just too good!!

The End

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#1. by mure91 ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
thix XD
#2. by ultrazai ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
big thx to you
one piece will lead the wsj series thi week again i love it
#3. by d3death ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
End line: He's just too good!!

By Cnet:
[Insert text: Hopes look high!!]

which one is correct :O :s
#4. by Svg ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
In the Japanese language, there are many occasions when you can't determine what the sentence refers to. This one, 'Tanomoshisugi!' could be literally translated to 'How promising / hopeful!' It's unknown whether it refers to Jimbei or to the situation itself. I interpreted it as the former, Cnet interpreted it as the latter, and both are correct in my opinion.
#5. by zidane ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
Thanks a lot man, you keep on improving every week...
And I very much appreciate the SFX...
#6. by Svg ()
Posted on Jun 11, 2009
Thanks, I appreciate it.
#7. by d3death ()
Posted on Jun 12, 2009
thanks a lot for the clarification also special thanks for the sfx trans

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