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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Naruto 386

Naruto ch386

+ posted by tora-chan as translation on Jan 25, 2008 17:23 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 386

Oh my, I hate this chapter.....because it took me SO long to translate!! x__x I tried to put it down as smooth as possible without altering the meaning, I hope I succeeded..! @_@

I edited some stuff :) Mainly punctuation, but I've put a list of the "major" (=that more-or-less heavily modify the meaning of sentences) changes/additions at the end of the post :D

Enjoy! :D


386: A new light...!!

He has lived hiding a blade behind his back. All his deepest thoughts will finally unveil.

...What will Itachi tell!?

Sasuke: Madara Uchiha...

Sasuke: And you said... the other secret of Mangekyou Sharingan?

九尾を手懐ける瞳力… それ以外にも 何かあるってのか?
Sasuke: You mean... there is something else besides the power to tame the Kyuubi?

(on the wall) 狐

そうだ… そのもう一つの秘密
Itachi: Yes... Its other secret.

Itachi: A most important one.

Sasuke: An important secret...?

Sasuke: What is it?

Sasuke: What is it?
Answer me...

Itachi: I'll tell you a tale

Itachi: concerning the history of Uchiha.

Itachi: A long time ago, Madara had a brother.
...A younger brother.

Itachi: Since they were young they used to fight each other to heighten their own power.

Itachi: Eventually they awakened the Sharingan

Itachi: and at one point their names became especially known among the clan.

Itachi: In search of a further growth of their eyes, they kept on competing...

Itachi: And in the end...

Itachi: They awakened Mangekyou Sharingan.

それは うちは一族始まって以来の事だった
Itachi: It was the first time this happened since the clan was born.

Itachi: Eventually, the brothers took control of the clan thanks to their eye power

Itachi: and Madara, the older one, became its leader.

しかし… 順調だったマダラの身に ある異変が生じ始める
Itachi: However... Something unusual started to happen to Madara's otherwise healthy body.

さっき話したな… この眼は特別だと
Itachi: As I told you, this eye is special.

使えば使うほど封印され 行き着く先は全くの闇
Itachi: The more you use it, the more it becomes sealed, and the end of the road is utter darkness.

Itachi: That is the fate of Mangekyou Sharingan.

大きな瞳力を… 力を得る代わりにその力は自ら閉じ 光を失う
Itachi: A strong eye power... But in exchange, that power will shut itself off and lose its light.

マダラは 光を取り戻すためあらゆる手を尽くすが 何一つ効果を得られるものは無かった
Itachi: Madara tried every possible means to recover his light, but none succeeded.

Itachi: He was desperate.

Itachi: In the end Madara, obsessed with Mangekyou, sought the light... (note: you could read it as "possessed by Mangekyou" as well, but I feel it could change the meaning into something potentially wrong, so I didn't use it. Just be aware, if you wish, of this other possible chance; ndt)

Madara: Forgive me...

Madara's bro: Gyaaaah!!

Itachi: He plucked out his brother's eyes.

Itachi: Madara obtained a new light

そして… もう二度とその眼の光は閉じることが無かった
Itachi: and this time... it didn't shut off.

Itachi: An eternal Mangekyou Sharingan!

Itachi: It seems that by acquiring a new host, his brother's eyes gained eternal light...

そしてそればかりか 変化を起こした
Itachi: Perhaps as a consequence, a metamorphosis occurred in his eyes.

Itachi: A peculiar new doujutsu was born in them.

ただし 瞳のやりとりは一族間でしか行えない
Itachi: However, this trade can only be carried out among family members. (note: you could read it as "among clan members" as well, but I believe it refers to "family"; ndt)

それに この方法で誰もが新しい力を手に出来るわけではない
Itachi: Besides, it does not mean that *anyone* can obtain a new power with this method.

これは その後の多くの犠牲者の歴史の上に築かれた事実…
Itachi: This fact has been proved true by the numerous victims that followed...

Itachi: This is the other secret of these eyes.

Itachi: Using his eyes, Madara took control of many ninja clans one after another.

そして 忍最強と謳われていた 森の千手一族と手を組み新たな組織を設立したのだ
Itachi: In the end he joined hands with the Senju clan of the forest, that was reputed to be the strongest shinobi clan, and they established a new institution. (note: Senju = "1000 hands"; ndt)

Itachi: This would later become the village of Konoha.

その後 マダラは千手一族のリーダーであった後の初代・火影と 里の方針を巡って対立
Itachi: Subsequently Madara opposed the leader of the Senju clan - the Shodai Hokage to come - over the policy of the village.

その主導権争いに敗れはしたが マダラは今も その瞳力と共に在り続けている
Itachi: He was defeated in the fight for the leadership, yet he still lives, together with his eyes.

新たに〝暁〟を組織し その影に姿を隠してな
Itachi: He then founded "Akatsuki" and hid in its shadows.

十六年前——— 九尾が木ノ葉を襲った事件はもちろんマダラが起こしたものだ
Itachi: The Kyuubi's attack to Konoha that took place sixteen years ago was of course provoked by Madara.

Itachi: But it wasn't successful, since the Yondaime Hokage stopped it.
In other words...

Itachi: Madara is now a loser...
He's not worthy of the real summit of Uchiha.

…あの男 マダラを超え
Itachi: ...I'll excel him
and *I* will be the one to reach the very top.

Itachi: Now at last

Itachi: I can obtain the power to surpass Madara!

Itachi: Sasuke!!
You are my new light!

Itachi: You are my spare!!

元来 うちは一族は万華鏡写輪眼の為に友と殺し合い…
Itachi: Essentially, Uchihas have killed their friends to get Mangekyou Sharingan...

Itachi: They have killed their parents and siblings to gain the eternal eyes.

Itachi: They are a filthy clan that has always displayed its power like that!!

Itachi: From the moment you were born in this clan
you were caught up in its bloodstained fate too!!

Itachi: Now come!
My little brother!!

オレはお前を殺して 一族の宿命から開放され 本当の変化を手にする!
Itachi: By killing you, I'll be released from the clan's destiny and I'll achieve *the real metamorphosis*!

制約を抜け 己の器から己を解き放つ!
Itachi: I'll get rid of restrictions and set myself free from my own "ability"! (note: I guess now we can kind of understand the multiple meanings of the word "utsuwa" -> ability, vessel, container, tool..; ndt)

Itachi: We are unique brothers.

Itachi: I will always exist, as the wall you must climb over.

Itachi: We are each other's spare parts!!

お前は このオレを越える事を望み続けてきた
Itachi: You have always desired to surpass me.

だから生かしてやる… オレの為に
Itachi: That is why I will let you live. ...For myself

Itachi: *That's* what the bond between Uchiha brothers is all about!!

Itachi: It seems
that you saw *what lies inside of my mind* properly.

Sasuke: So this was the ultimate reason...

Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan is aiming for Sasuke! Next, "Unmistakable gap"!!

名は うちはサスケ
Sasuke: My name is Sasuke Uchiha.
I dislike many things, but I don't really like anything.

Sasuke: And...
I wouldn't call it a dream, but

Sasuke: I have an ambition!

一族の復興と ある男を 必ず…
Sasuke: To revive my clan and, at all costs...

Sasuke: To kill a certain man.

Sasuke: At last...

Sasuke: I'm here.

All of Sasuke's existence was for the sake of this day!!

EDIT: List of major changes to the spoiler translation
[spoiler=Click here to read them text="The underlined parts are the modified ones. No underline = the line was added later as a whole. Please do look with your browser's Find feature if you want to find the lines in the translation~

1) A strong eye power... But in exchange, that power will shut itself off and lose its light.
2) They have killed their parents and siblings to gain the eternal eyes. (this was totally my misreading! I even had the correct word in the script from the beginning..! XD; It doesn't actually change the sense of the line, but I've listed it here anyway)
3) In other words...
4) It seems that you saw *what lies inside of my mind* properly."]
By the way, I think Itachi wanted to point out (with his last lines) that everything Sasuke saw was "inside of his mind", that is --> only Sasuke and no one else heard the conversation. We still don't know what team Zetsu is playing for, but I guess in any case Itachi would rather not have Madara know about his personal plans.. XD;

What to say.. uh.. interesting chapter... It kind of.. broke my brain, but... XD; I won't even try to have coherent thoughts, I'll just.. ponder. While I'm studying for my exams *insert cry of pain*. Kishimoto, please choose a better timing to write complicate stuff x_x

As a last note, I suggest you all read the compilation threads when they're out :D I think it's very useful to be able to read all the translations together, you could get a more thorough idea of a chapter :D

See you next week~!

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#1. by Borgenstrand ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2008
Wow, quick trans!! Thanks! :D
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Quote by nizsu;699496:
great! thanks u rock man :D

She's a lady!

Thank you, Tora-chan, greatly appreciated!
#11. by Guru981 ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2008
THANKS for the trans =b
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Thank you!
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Posted on Jan 25, 2008
thank you .. i was dien to read the translation.. very good work
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Posted on Jan 25, 2008
thank you sooo much for this
#15. by lelouch84 ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2008
tx tora-chan!

hehe I can't believe Itachi called madara 'make inu' ... crazy chapter
#16. by weixiaobao ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2008
thank you so much for the trans..
#17. by GOKURO-3君 ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2008

THX ALOT tora-chan!!
#18. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Jan 25, 2008
thanks for the trans!
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Posted on Jan 25, 2008
Thanks =D
#20. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
Wow what a chapter thank you for the translation. I guess I can get to work now. Since the issues with the site seems to have passed it looks like I can now really get to work.
#21. by Tsukisama ()
Posted on Jan 26, 2008
Thank you, tora-chan
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Posted on Jan 26, 2008
thanks :D
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Posted on Jan 26, 2008
Accuracy at its best ;P
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Posted on Jan 26, 2008
tnx tora-chan....

we love your work....
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Once again, thanks. :)
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Posted on Jan 27, 2008
Thx <3

Quote by ManyHack:
She's a lady!
Like in Tom Jones song xDxD <my first reaction to that xD>
#27. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Jan 28, 2008
thank you lots for the translation!!!

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