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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Naruto 393

Naruto ch393

+ posted by tora-chan as translation on Mar 15, 2008 01:29 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 393

Sorry for the lateness, I was out of town all day and got back super-tired == Tell me if you spot any stupid spelling mistakes or such~ XD;


"Susanoo" devours the last bit of Sasuke's strength...!!

ハァ ハァ
Sasuke: *pant pant*

うっ… くっ…
Sasuke: Uh... gh...

何なんだ あのイタチの術…?
Zetsu1: What in the world is Itachi's jutsu...?

Itachi: *pant pant*

Itachi: Cough!

Itachi: Cough!

Zetsu2: It appears that *Susanoo* or what's-its-name
is quite a burden on its user.

ハァ ハァ
Sasuke: *pant pant*

でもさ サスケは写輪眼ですらなくなってるし…
Zetsu1: Yeah but Sasuke can't even use his Sharingan anymore...

Zetsu1: And Orochimaru's gone too...
Itachi's going to win this one, isn't he?

393: My eyes...!!

イタチが確信する ——勝利の訪れ!!
Itachi is confident that victory is approaching!!

これで お前の眼はオレのものだ
Itachi: Now your eyes will be mine.

ItachI: I may as well take it slowly.

ハァ ハァ
Itachi: *pant pant*

Itachi: Ugh!

Itachi: Cough!!

Zetsu1: Uwah! W-what is...?

Zetsu2: Something's not right with him...

ゲホッ ゲホッ
Itachi: *cough cough*


(on the fuda) Explosive

ハァ ハァ
Sasuke: *pant pant*

ハァ ハァ
Sasuke: *pant pant*

ハァ ハァ ハァ
Itachi: *pant pant pant*

Sasuke: Gh-!

Sasuke: ...Gh......

Sasuke: Shit!!

Sasuke: Wooooohh!!

Zetsu1: That Susanoo jutsu
is using a shield to fight off his attacks...!

間違イナイ… アレモ霊器ノ一ツ
全テヲハネ返ス八咫鏡ト呼バレルモノダ… ソレニ攻撃ニハアノ十拳剣ガアル
Zetsu2: That's definitely... one of the "incorporeal tools". (note: or "spiritual tools", as you prefer; ndt)
It's called Mirror of Yata, it can repel anything. Besides, he uses the Sword of Totsuka to attack.

(note: the Mirror of Yata is one of the 3 sacred objects belonging to the goddess Amaterasu; the other two are the "Magatama of Yasakani", which is a jewel in the shape of the one Susanoo uses as an earring, and the Sword of Kusanagi, also called "Sword of Ame no Murakumo". According to the Kojiki, Amaterasu got hold of these objects in ways I won't explain here because it'd get quite long, but anyway, these objects were then passed on to Ninigi, the god who basically started the divine lineage on Earth, and went on to become the three sacred symbols of every Japanese Emperor. Well, since we're talking about the mirror.. According to the legend, one day, following Susanoo's raids on her properties that drove her mad, Amaterasu shut herself up in a cave and darkness fell upon the world. The other gods eventually managed to lure her out of the cave thanks to this mirror, that was built for that purpose and was then given to her as a present; ndt)

Zetsu2: It's completely invincible...

Itachi: Those are my eyes...

Itachi: My e-...

Sasuke: Uooooh!!

Sasuke: Agh-!!

Sasuke: Ugh-...

ハァ ハァ
Sasuke: *pant pant*

Sasuke: A wall...!

Sasuke: Gh!

(Itachi's finger) *tap*

ハァ ハァ ハァ
Sasuke: *pant pant pant*

Those are my eyes...... Itachi sidles up to him to gouge out his eyes, but then he suddenly collapses. Sasuke stands there, petrified...... What exactly...!?

NO.393/end - The curtain abrutly falls on this struggle to the death... Why!? Next, "Sasuke's victory!"!!


I find it clearer and clearer, as this manga progresses, that Kishimoto likes to make Sasuke suffer, or anyway, to put him into situations in which he makes a lot of "OMG I'm screwed! è__è;;" or painful/hurt/tired etc. faces. Not that this bothers me, on the contrary, kukuku.

Anyway, veeery good ending IMHO, I was hoping that Itachi's eventual death would be like this and not by Sasuke's direct hand ;) Kishimoto-sensei still hasn't failed my expectations, much love to him <3

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
thanks tora-chan!!!
#2. by EmoSuke ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
Thank you~ :yourock
#3. by One Eyed Sharingan ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
a million of thankies :wtf
#4. by zidane ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
yeah, thanks a lot!
#5. by Tsukisama ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
Thank you very much, tora-chan :hbunny
#6. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
Thanks lot tora-chan, always appreciated.
#7. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2008
Quote by tora-chan;767890:
Not that this bothers me, on the contrary, kukuku.

Oh dear, if you turn out to be short and fairly pale. I'll know for certain that the universe does conspire against me.

間違イナイ… アレモ霊器ノ一ツ
全テヲハネ返ス八咫鏡ト呼バレルモノダ… ソレニ攻撃ニハアノ十拳剣ガアル
Zetsu2: That's definitely... one of the "incorporeal tools". (note: or "spiritual tools", as you prefer; ndt)
It's called Mirror of Yata, it can repel anything. Besides, he uses the Sword of Totsuka to attack.

try "ethereal gear". That's just a suggestion mind you.
#8. by juUnior ()
Posted on Mar 16, 2008
Thx tora-chan, as always <3

Quote by tora-chan:
You guys do realize that Itachi's psycho-scene was genjutsu right? Sasuke saw it, but no one else did. Itachi still was able to maintain that blank, kuudere, personality outwardly.
Fully agreed with you. Kishi did an excellent job of the end of the one of the greatest battle's.. fights.. no, WARS xD between two shinobi of the caliber of Sasuke and Itachi, the two hateful brothers <3 Awesome <3
#9. by lordHokage ()
Posted on Mar 17, 2008
Once again, thank you so much for trans. :)
#10. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 18, 2008

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