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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128

One Piece 523


+ posted by ulrilra as translation on Nov 28, 2008 20:08 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 523

--Page 01--

Title: Chapter 523 - "Hell"

Cover story: CP9's Independent Mission Report "Spandam in his intensive care unit receives a Den Den Mushi."

Bottom of page: Eiichiro Oda

--Page 02--

Background text: The unstoppable heart beat!!

Hancock: What's happening to me!! / I don't want to go against Luffy's request...!!! // To suddenly go to central... / Though I do have bad feelings about it...!!

Nyon: That is "love"!!! This unrecognizable suffering you feel, / it will soon weaken you and lead to your death!! // The past empresses...they all tried to crush that feeling and wound up wrecking themselves. / Your decision to go with that man will be what saves you. // By going to central and fulfilling your obligation as a "Shichibukai", / you will also be saving this island. // You will also be helping Monkey D. Luffy... // ...What star was he born under...? / Normally...a pirate would never want to go to the "Great Prison" nor would one have the means to get there...aside from being captured...

--Page 03--

Box: Amazon Lily - Harbor.

Girl: Luffy!!

Girl2: Luffy-sama!!

Girl3: Weren't you leaving tomorrow morning!?

Girl4: I still haven't gotten to touch you yet!!

Fat girl: It seems their destination has been changed. / Apparently he and Hebihime-sama are going to board the ship from central!

Luffy: I owe you guys a lot!! / I'll come back with my crew next time!! // Ah - is that okay...?

Margaret: Ahaha, if it's your crew then I'm sure it would be a special exception. // Ah!

Sweet Pea: The "She has come." volume.

Hancock: Just who... // had the nerve...

--Page 04--

Hancock: To put a puppy!! // And a baby seal in my path!!

Girl: Kyaa! It's Hebihime-sama!

Girl2: I'm very sorry, it was my fault...!!

Hancock: Be more careful...

Girl: For some reason she seems exceptionally beautiful!!

Girl2: Is there no end to her sex appeal!?

Luffy: Hey!! Sorry for the sudden request, snake woman!! / I really want to leave here fast!!

Hancock: ! // Oh no...!! Our eyes mustn't meet...

--Page 05--

Margaret: No, Luffy!! Speaking to her that way is rude!! / Call her "Hebihime-sama"...

Hancock: ... // Please...Call me Hancock.

Everyone: !!? // Kyaa~~~~~!!!

Luffy: Ok, got it, Hanmock.

Hancock: ..."Hancock"...!!

Girl: Hebi...Hebi!!! Hebihime-sama...smiled!!? What's this sudden change!!? What's this sudden radiance!!?

Nyon: A woman in love? Hehehehe there was once such a time for me...

Girl: Hm? Old Lady Nyon, your face looked really weird just now.

Nyon: Shut your trap!!!

--Page 06--

Girl: Have a good journey, Hebihime-sama~~~!!

Girl2: Come back again, Luffy~~~!

Girl3: Luffy-cha~~~~n!

Girls: See you again~~~!!!

Girl: Stop that!!!

Luffy: Shishishishi!!

--Page 07--

Hancock: The situation is as I explained to you on the Den Den Mushi.

Momonga: The only ones boarding are you and the snake, right? / As for wanting to stop at the Great Prison, "Impel Down", // I somehow managed to get the officials to agree... // Usually, it's a place that the "Shichibukai" pirates stay away from at any cost. / This time is an exception. We don't have much time, so you can't stay there for long. // Anyway, come aboard!!

--Page 08--

Momonga: It seems waiting paid off. / Now I'll be able to fulfill my orders. // First off, / can you do something about the crew? ...Are they dead?

Hancock: ...

Sander Sonia: Then, ane-sama!! Please take care!!

Marygold: Stay alive and come back, ane-sama~~~!!

Girl: I'll be praying for your safety, Hebihime-sama!!

Girl2: (You take care too, Luffy~~~!!)

Hancock: Farewell. I leave the country to you.

Everyone: Understood!!!

--Page 09--

Hancock: Awaken...

Marines: --ck-sama~~~!!!

Marines: !!!

Marine: Huh?

Momonga: ...

Marine: Huh??

Momonga: Get the ship moving!! You idiots...!!

Marine: Y-...Yes sir, right away!

Box: Luffy somehow managed to get the cooperation of the "Shichibukai," Boa Hancock, // and succeeded in boarding the Marine warship. // He now heads to the world's greatest Underwater Prison, "Impel Down".

--Page 10--

Box: Grand Line --- "Marine Headquarters".

Marine: Fleet Admiral Sengoku!! / We just received a transmission from Vice Admiral Momonga!! // It seems "Empress Boa Hancock" finally gave in, / and is currently heading here!!

Sengoku: Finally, huh...Hopefully she'll get here in time... / That woman is strong...!!! // Now we have six of the "Shichibukai". One more left... / The one we sent to the prison. Has he cooled his head yet?

Marine: Ah, no...At the moment he seems to be firm in his decision to fight us...!! // He's even prepared to lose his "Shichibukai" status...

Sengoku: I had thought we would be fighting with his great power on our side, but... // Coming here and rioting...

--Page 11--

Sengoku: Jinbei...!!!

Marine: I have a report!! Fleet Admiral, sir!! During the Shabondy incident, / Kizaru-dono captured 500 pirates. / We need the documents for sending them to Impel Down...

Sengoku: Let the lower workers handle it!! / Don't come to me with anything unless it has to do with "White Beard".

Marine: There's also the issue of Roswald-sei...

Sengoku: That's an issue for the Admirals! Where's Garp at!!?

Marine: Vice Admiral Garp left for Impel Down a while ago...

Sengoku: What's that man doing!? At this critical time!! He's too carefree...!!

Marine2: Fleet Admiral Sengoku!! It's of critical importance!! "White Beard" has started to move!! // Hah...Hah...

Sengoku: So he's come...This is a report from our patrol ships, right? Connect me through to them.

--Page 12--

Marine: About that...The ship reported to have moved was "White Beard's" mother ship, The Moby Dick, / and all 23 of our ships...!! // We lost contact with all of them in an instant...!!!

Sengoku: !!? / What...!!?

Marine: We also received reports that other pirate crews in "The New World" were on the move as well... / ...But now, whether it's what they're planning or when they're going to attack, // we can't get any information at all!! They're completely out of our sights!! / We're preparing to send out new patrol ships-

Sengoku: ...!! // ...They got us...!! // So he's already made his move!!! // We have no clue where he'll attack us now. / Since it's where Ace is currently being held, // there's even a chance Impel Down will be targeted! Make everyone aware of this!!

Marine: Yes sir!!!

--Page 13--

Box: The Great Prison, "Impel Down".

Man: It's this way, / Vice Admiral Garp... // Please be careful.

Garp: Yeah. // ... / Oh, oh...You've got quite the downtrodden form... // Are you alive there? // Ace...

Ace: Hah...Hah... // Old man...

--Page 14--

Box: Turning the clock back a bit... // On a certain island, on a certain patch of ground, there is a large paw print...

Old man: Hey, hey...Hey, hey, hey... // Hey, hey, hey, hey, young lady... / Just where did you come flying from, young lady...

Nami: You've addressed me too many times...What?

Old man: You've regained your senses it seems, hm... // You won't be stormy anymore? // Then let me present!! // This tightly tied, "Wind Knot". // I untie one, and...

--Page 15--

Old man: ...it summons a light breeze.

Nami: !?

Old man: I untie two, and-

Nami: !? / Wah!

Old man: -it summons a strong wind...!! // I untie three and... // It summons a squall!!

Nami: Kyaaa!! // What are you doing!!!

Old man: I, I, I thought it would make you feel better!!!

Nami: I feel better! Thank you!! Now I want to go home!! Where is this!?

Old man: This is...!! The small sky island, "Weatheria"! // The island where the scientific study of weather is conducted.

Nami: S...Sky island~~~!!?

--Page 16--

Box: Grand Line, a snow island.

sfx box: Dogohn...!!!

Franky: Owah!!!

Taroimo: Grrrrrr!! Grrrrr!!!

Man: Stop!! Taroimo!!

Taroimo: Grrr...!!

Franky: Dowah!!!

Man: I'm very sorry! Are you all right!? He thought you were prey...!!

Franky: Yeah, I'm fine.

Man: Uwoh!! Why are you fine!?

Franky: But, damn. Just how far did I fly? // Ah~~~~cold!! A snow country!? ...Heh...heh!! Frannnkee!!!

Man: This is bad! To be wearing nothing but panties in all this snow...!! Were you robbed!?

Old man: Please wear this loin cloth!!

Franky: Loin cloth!!? Forget that! It's unneeded concern~~~!! If I wore that thing~~~!!

--Page 17--

Franky: I'd be a perverted disgrace!! Auw!!! // Now follow along!! // Turn your butt~~~ / to the right!! / Put your right hand on your hip~~~thrust your left hand out!! // Slide in left!! / And repeat~~~!! // Auw!! One, two~~~! One, two!!

Man: ...

Old man: ...

Franky: Bring both hands down from above!! And screw!! // Nnnnnn~~~!! // SUPER~~~!!! // I'm still cold!!! Where the hell am I!!?

Man: Eh!?

Old man: This is "Karakuri Island", the birth place of the genius. / You are in the "Future Kingdom, Barjimoa".
(tn note: 'karakuri' means 'machine')

Franky: What the hell is that!!?

--Page 18--

Box: Grand Line. // The island of dreams, "Momoiro Island". // This island, along with "The Island of Women", is very legendary. // Animals and plants exist in this land of pink. // Those who gather on this island... // ...all have the heart of a maiden.

--Page 19--

Sanji's letter: Dear Nami-san and Robin-chan...

Person1: Kyaaa! Kyaaa! Stop~~~!

Person2: Hey, stop~~~!

Sanji: Like hell I'll stop! Idiots!!!

Sanji's letter: Are the two of you somewhere safe?

Person1: Aren't you "like us"!?

Person2: You're "like us", right!?

Sanji: Shut up!! Don't follow me!!! I already told you I'm not!!!

Okama: Welcome!! To "Kamabakka Kingdom"!!! (translator's note: "Kamabakka" means 'Full of transvestites')

Sanji: Uwooooooh~~~!!!!

Sanji's letter: As for me, // I am currently in hell.

Background text: The other paradise!!

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#1. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Nov 29, 2008
Not bad :). There are a few parts, like at around the beginning that seemed a bit unnatural, but nothing *that* bad :).

If you want to read up on how a very experienced translator translates the chapter, I suggest checking out http://www.mangascreener.com/stephen/onepiece/onepiece.html He's very very good.

If you have any questions or ever get stuck don't hesitate to ask me for some help :D.


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