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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 569


+ posted by vivi168 as translation on Jan 12, 2010 20:59 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 569

One Piece 569 - Monster

====Page 01====


Swords draw near!!

They wanna execute Ace!!

Straw Hat! Next time you fall, I don't think you'll come back in this world!


I won't fall anymore!

Tension hormones cheat on your body ! Injuries aren't healed!

Out of my way!!!

====Page 02====



I've to fight!!

I won't change! It's the battlefield! I've to bump this guy off with the intention of killing him!

Gomu Gomu No




====Pages 03-04====


Monkey D Luffy!

Shit ! those pain in the ass!

False Kuma!!


Boa Hancock... Sichibukai

Eh!! It's dangerous!

Attack stopped

It's an ally

I see, you're allied!

Thanks Hancock!!!

Still my noun!

It's the empress ? How do you know her?

Step aside Boa Hancock!

Don't pronounce my name!!


====Page 05====


It was neglected!

But you're regenerating, phoenix Marco!



Commandant Marco!!

====Page 06====

Commandant Joz's also down!!

You're finished, White Beard's pirates

The commandants fall down one after an other!

====Pages 07-08====

Slowly!! We will take White Beard's head together!!!


Don't come!!


Those guys ! By this way!

Ah... ah...

You think you'll kill me!

Don't help me!

Ah... ah...

====Pages 09-10====

I'm White Beard!!!!!!!


To die...

What does it means...

I know this!!

====Pages 11-12====

However my children, you still have a bright future in front of you!!

And it's not the time for me to die!

Isn't it, Ace?

What ? What's this organisation behind White Beard?!

Ha ha !! You can't understand!

We're defending our father's pride!!

You understand my intentions, you fools!!

You wanna see the future!! I'm gonna show you!!!

White Beard!!

Kill me!!


No way... I can't stop this...

Look!! White Beard!!



====Pages 13-14====




Right Now??

I'm coming to help you!!!

That kid!!

Kings' nature appear!!!

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