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One Piece 569


+ posted by fishbot as translation on Dec 22, 2009 15:00 | Go to One Piece

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This translation is free to use as long as I am asked for permission. International scanlators and/or translators are free to use it as long as my name is credited in the final release.

Chapter 569: Monster

~some additional info about the movie~



Luffy: Ah...!!!

Insert text: The blades draw near!!!

Luffy: They're about to cut Ace down!!!

Ivankov: Strawhat Boy!!! Keep that in your mind, if you vill fall down yet again, you'll not be coming back to this vorld.

Luffy: *pant* *pant* / I won't!!!

Ivankov: My adrenaline hormones are but to bluff your own body!!! Do not forget that your vounds are yet to be treated!!!

Ivankov: Get out of my vay~~~~~~~~!!! Hyaaah!!!

Luffy: !

Luffy: Coby!!! / *pant* *pant*

Coby: If I won't fight... / I can’t change myself!!! This place is a battlefield!!! And I am going to fight him until the last breath!!!

Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...

Coby: Soru [TN: Lit. - to shave]

Luffy: Bul... / ...let!!!

Luffy: !!?

Pirate: Gwaaah!!!

Pacifista: Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy: Shit! They're quite troublesome!

Ivankov: Pseudo-Kuma!!!

Luffy: !? / Wha?

Pacifista: Shichibukai, Boa Hancock...

Luffy: Hey!!! Move yourself, that's quite a dangerous place to stand!!!

Pacifista: Ceasing the fire...!!! An ally.

Luffy: That's right!!! You're allies with them!!! // Thank you, Hancock!!!

Hancock: (He said my name once again... ♡)

Ivankov: Is that not the Pirate Empress!? How come you know her!?

Pacifista: Move, Boa Hancock.

Hancock: I do not wish my name to be spoken by the likes of you!!!

Pirates: Pops~~~~~~~!!!

Marco: Kh...

Kizaru: Ow~~~~ I was too lax with you~~~ // Never the less, you will not be playing back anymore... Phoenix Bird Marco...

Marco: !!? // Seastone!!! // Uaaah!!!

Pirates: Commander Marco!!!

Pirates: Commander Jaws is done for!!!

Aokiji: You're all done for, Whitebeard Pirates...

Pirates: Commanders are falling down one after another!!!

Sengoku: Do not chill out not even for a moment!!! Cut Whitebeard's head off~~~!!!

Pirates: Pops~~~~!!!

Whitebeard: Do not approach me!!!

Pirates: !!? // Pops!!!

Ace: ......

Whitebeard: They think... that such an insignificant thing...!!! / *pant* *pant* // I don't desire any help... // Just not yet... / *pant* *pant*

Whitebeard: I AM WHITEBEARD!!!!

Insert bubble: !!!

Marines: M-Monster!!!

Whitebeard: My death... // I know what it's going to mean...

Garp: .........

Whitebeard: And I am well conscious about that...!!!

Whitebeard: That’s why… That’s the very reason why I cannot die... / Not until I can fairly see the future of my sons...!!! // Right, Ace?

Marines: What formation are those pirates forming behind Whitebeard!!?

Whitebeard: ......

Jimbei: *pant* *pant* Like… You would understand...

Vista: We’re defending the name of our father!!!

Whitebeard: My foolish children!

Marines: !?

Sengoku: You said you cannot die until you see the future of your children, I can show it right here, right now! / Whitebeard!!!

Pirates: Oh dear!!! / Ace~~~!!!

Whitebeard: There's no way I could've stop that... / Guuuh!!!

Sengoku: Have a look, Whitebeard!!!

Whitebeard: (Dammit...!!!) / *cough*

Luffy: Stop it already~~~~~~~~!!!

Pirates: The Royal...!!!

Aokiji: Hey, hey, is he serious~~~~~!!!?

Ivankov: Now that vas something!!!

Luffy: Now we're going to rescue you~~~~~~!!!

Whitebeard: That kiddo...!!!

Insert text: The Nature of the King explodes!!!

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