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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Eyeshield 21 250

Eyeshield21 250th Down

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Sep 22, 2007 04:41 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 250

Credits to OS-tan and Murata-sensei~

Good morniiiiiing MH~ I had to stay up until 6:40am waiting and translating that one, but this was well worth it once again <3 A totally awesome chapter for which I've made a not too awesome translation, as sleepiness is funnuraba'ing its way into my already misty brain (my prediction is that when I wake up later today, this sentence won't make any sense. Just a hunch).

Either way, credit, use, translate, enjoy, and if your name is OS.Hoshi, try not to destroy your neighbors' ears with your screams at page 12 >.>;;

Now where was my pillow...

Eyeshield 21 Chapter 250

Page 01

Kurita’s Dad : What are you doing, Ryoukan !

Left : Well then, recruitment time!!

Kurita : Everyone! Let’s play
Signs : Recruiting members for an American football team!!
Kurita : American football together!!
Sign on Hiruma’s rifle : Join.

Page 02

VicePrincipal : Didn’t I told you?
VP : That you were forbidden from ever making an American football club.

Hiruma : Kekeke, interesting.
Hiruma : In order to make an American football club
Hiruma : We have no choice but to start by making something else.

Kurita : Like
Kurita : a slogan...?

Hiruma : A threat notebook.
Kurita : Eh??
Kurita (small text) : What’s that...?

Page 03

250th Down : Hiruma Youichi (last part)
Left : Passing from that time to now...

Page 04

Sign : Cellphone shop

Box : Cellphone recycling box.

Hiruma : Kekekeke!
Hiruma : Isn’t that a great harvest?

Kurita : But doesn’t this belong to this shop?
Kurita : Can really we take them...
Hiruma : I’ll use everything I get from this box.
Hiruma : It’s just a contest as to who gets to find the thrown away stuff first.

Hiruma : Hey, let’s hurry up and go to the next store, fucking fatty!

Page 05

Sign : Technology room

Kurita : It can’t be... that you’re
Kurita: Planning to use all those cellphones??
Hiruma : Of course not, since their SIM cards have been cancelled.
Hiruma : Do you think you can crack DoCoMo’s IMUI identification, you idiot?
Kurita : No, well, I already don’t understand what you’re saying anymore.
(Transnote : DoCoMo, biggest cellphone operator in Japan, IMUI stands for International Mobile User Identity)

Hiruma : Kekeke, I’m just getting the cameras
Hiruma : Fucking fatty!

Page 06

Hiruma : Oh

Hiruma : On the left inside the train in front of the Deimon station
Hiruma : I’ve spotted a problem with a molester with my four set of eyes~~

Agon : Ah?

Page 07

Agon : I didn’t give you my mail address for this kind of stuff, trash!
Agon : Besides, wasn’t the girl that other time just ugly?

Agon : There’s just no point saving an ugly girl!
Girl1 : He just clearly admits it!!
Girl2 : It’s kinda refreshing, in some way...

Girls : God-speed impulse!!

Page 08


Page 09

Agon : Are you alright?

Hiruma : Oh oh, and there’s some evidence in there.
Hiruma : If I were to show that to your company, there’s 100% chances you’d get fired, right?

Hiruma : Using threats to get slaves

Hiruma : And using slaves to find new threat material.

Hiruma : Kekeke, that threat notebook
Hiruma : is growing at an exponential rate...!!

Page 10

VP : Ha!
VP : What are you saying again...
VP : American football is prohibited.

Hiruma : Well well, vice-principal
Hiruma : If you would please look at this and reconsider
Hiruma : Or should I spread it?

Kurita : Waaaaaaa, I can play American football!
Kurita : I can play American football again, Hiruma!!
Hiruma : There’s not meaning if we just practice, you fucking fatty!
Hiruma : We still don’t have enough people.

Page 11

Blackboard : Doburoku-sensei

Doburoku : An American football club?
Doburoku : I’m fine with being your adviser
Doburoku : But to create a proper club, you’ve got to have at least 3 persons, right?

Hiruma : Then should I start by gathering 500 persons?
Kurita : D-d-d-don’t do that!!

Kurita : You can’t threaten them to join against their will
Kurita : Because I want to think that American football is fun!
Kurita : When I was alone... I never could find someone
Kurita : But if the two of us think about it, definitely...!

Hiruma : Kekeke, it’s true
Hiruma : that instead of 500 unwilling guys
Hiruma : Persuading just a guy that will be useful might be good...!

Page 12

Musashi : American football club?

Kurita : You see, at that time at the American base
Kurita : You destroyed the wire fence with your kicking power!
Kurita : Musashi-kun can definitely become an incredible kicker!

Hiruma : My father was a physiologist of the human body, you know
Hiruma : He earnestly studied it until he died
Hiruma : He was always saying his favorite phrase...
Hiruma : “Practicing kick in American football is a great way for a carpenter’s ability in his work to improve rapidly”

Musashi : No
Musashi : That’s obviously a lie...
Kurita : eh, wait?
Kurita : Wasn’t he a shougi player...
Hiruma : ? What are you talking about
Hiruma : Haa
Hiruma : I only made that up on the spot when you were in front of the incinerator.
Kurita : In the end, what’s the truth...

Musashi : ... I have to help my father
Musashi : I don’t have time for club activities
Musashi : Sorry, but look for someone else.

Hiruma : Kekeke, if it’s time you can always make some
Hiruma : Don’t sleep
Hiruma : Cut down the time you go to the restroom
Hiruma : Or do in your pants.

Page 13

Book : Modern language

Magazine : Now American football is fun!!
Musashi : ... He even secretly
Musashi : switched the textbooks.

Sign inside shoebox : Join the American football club

Musashi : Hiruma
Musashi : Why are you using such an indirect method?

Page 14

Musashi : Knowing you, you probably have evidence in your notebook
Musashi : That could take down our company if you talked about it.

Hiruma : I don’t have anything to threaten you with, fucking old man.
Hiruma : Because a puppet
Hiruma : is not the kind of comrade I want.

Sign : Maou middle school

Page 15

Hiruma : Kekeke he’ll kick them
Hiruma : He’ll kick all of them
Hiruma : If it were me I’d do it.
Kurita : Re-re-really!?

Sign : take a pamphlet

Musashi : Aah, I get it
Musashi : It really seems fun

Kurita : Isn’t it!
Kurita : American football is really fun, right?!!

Musashi : no.
Musashi You guys
Musashi : seem fun..

Page 16

Kurita : I wouldn’t have been able to do that by myself.

Kurita : Because they were there
Kurita : I could begin to play my favorite American football.

Kurita : This time
Kurita : Hiruma
Kurita : Everyone

Kurita : It’s my turn to protect them!!

Page 17


Page 18

Someone : Wooooh, Kurita!!
Someone : He sent that Banba-san
Someone : Flying away!!

Banba : As I thought
Banba : This man’s dormant ability
Banba : If it’s only about power I don’t stand a chance.

Banba : Interesting
Banba : If it’s you, you may be able to do something
Banba : With that Gaou as an opponent.

Banba : Are you thinking about a plan, Hiruma?
HIruma : Kekeke, you want to hear it, fucking complete baldy?

Page 19

SenaMon : What!!?

Banba : ...... Kurita
Banba : I think you understand that
Banba : Gaou’s power is surpassing yours right now.

Banba : The training that gave me those countless scars
Banba : To me it was my limits
Banba : But maybe if it’s you...

Left : Start of a special training!?

Banba : There’s 7 days left before the finals
Banba : During that lapse of time
Banba : I will turn you into a real player...!!

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#1. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
#2. by Aly ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks xoph~


Banba : Are you thinking about a plan, Hiruma?
Banba : Kekeke, you want to hear it, fucking complete baldy?

:P Banba suddenly went all Hiruma-mode on us ^_^ he also enjoys insulting himself. >_<
#3. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Thanks, but you missed the last two panels on page 12 <3

Blame it on lack of sleep, I'm guessing ;)
#4. by yoniekai ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007

arigatou once again xoph!
#5. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
#6. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Yaaaay!!!! Thx u very much xophi nii~sama!!! For the awesome trans!! :amuse

I'm going to do my trans too, using your trans!! ^^
And the picture made by os hoshi is awesome too!! ^^
#7. by Meno ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Thanks for this mang.
#8. by hanamaru ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
thanx xoph...
#9. by kiniro ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
thank you very much, we all apreciate your work :)
#10. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
this is so awesome!!! now,cant wait what will be happen within the 7days lapse..thanks dude!!
#11. by Bonifasius ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Thanks Xophien...
#12. by Ichimaru Gin n Tonic ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
No "power faces" this week? :D
But i think GK's right, Xoph, you missed those panels.
#13. by Obxist ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
thanks as always Xophine :D
#14. by Borgenstrand ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Thanks! :D But just what does Hiruma´s parents do? :)
#15. by Xophien ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Quote by Gold Knight;541092:
Thanks, but you missed the last two panels on page 12 <3

Blame it on lack of sleep, I'm guessing ;)

I blame it both on the lack of sleep and the fact that since I'm zooming on the pages to read them better, sometimes I forget to scroll down until the end -_-; (and yeah, usually I check for such mistakes since I know I'm prone to do them but there I only wanted to go to sleep :sweat).

Sorry, been fixed :amuse
#16. by OS.Hoshi ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
OOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, XOPH!!!!!!! *super high jump of joy MAX* XD XD
#17. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Yaaay!! Thx u xophie nii~sama!! ^^ Now i can finished my trans! ^^ Thx u very much xophie nii~sama!!! ^^
#18. by gatsuuga9 ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2007
Thank you! I really love waking up to see a translation right there in front of me. I'm full of goodness now.
#19. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Sep 23, 2007
Thanks Nii-chan :XD
*made indo's version*
#20. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Sep 23, 2007

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