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Eyeshield 21 295

Eyeshield21 295th Down

+ posted by Xophien as translation on Aug 29, 2008 20:48 | Go to Eyeshield 21

-> RTS Page for Eyeshield 21 295

Is that a hawk? Is that a flower? No, it's OS.Hoshi~

:confetti 100th translation on MH :confetti

:yaha 100th translation of an ES21 chapter :yaha
:dance exactly two years since I've registered on MH :dance

Nyahaha, to think I started to translate a little less than two years ago, I never thought I'd get this far... So my thanks go to :
-Inagaki and Murata, they're the ones that motivated me into translating in the first place :shakefist
-Nihonjintaylor, if he hadn't created MH, I wouldn't be translating in the first place :shakefist
-The whole staff of MH, you guys are awesome and it's an incredible pleasure to work with you :shakefist

-OS.Hoshi, who's been co-modding the ES21 board with me and providing me with pics to make my translations prettier for a while now :shakefist
-And finally, and most importantly, you the reader, whether you're an anonymous leecher, an occasional visitor, or a regular user, each and every one of you are the energy that powers my translations! I love you all :yaha


Eyeshield 21 chapter 295

Page 01

Yamato : Woooooh!!

Announcer : The Teikoku Alexanders
Announcer : have cut in two Deimon’s hope of catching up with a single stroke!
Left : The emperor shows its best! Hopes of catching up turn to despair already...!?

Announcer : This touchdown is certainly
Announcer : the finishing blow!!
Board : Teikoku - Deimon

Page 02

Kurita : ... Everyone was working so well according to the plan
Kurita : And we finally caught up a bit, but...

Mamori : Even though
Mamori : we don’t have time left
Mamori : Even though we couldn’t let them score a single point...

Sena : This
Sena : easily...

Monta : Damn it, it’s my fault.
Monta : In the end, Taka settled it with that long pass.
Monta : I can’t surpass Honjou-san, right...!!

Page 03

Mamori : With this
Mamori : It’s 41 to 16...

Suzuna : After that, Teikoku
Suzuna : is going to get one more point with the bonus kick, right??

Aki : By scoring this kick, we’ll have our target, 42 points.
Aki : It’s your death.
Hera : “As predicted!” is what I can’t really say, but
Hera : Well, it’s alright in the end!
Hera : A win is a win!
(T/N : remember, “4 2” = “shi ni” in Japanese = “to death”)

Monta : Revenge
Monta : MAX!!

Monta : I’ve got a great idea!
Monta : For Teikoku’s kick right now
Monta : I’ll regain my notoriety... I mean, my honor
Juumonji : What, that damn stupid monkey wisdom again.
Toganou : A guy that can turn everyone’s face into this
Toganou : There’s no way he could think of something great, that stupid monkey.
Sena : Well, let’s listen, just in case...
Yukimitsu’s small text : Just in case, huh?

Page 04

3bros : Like you’d be able to do that, you stupid monkey!!
Sena : Yeah
Sena : That’s a bit...
Hiruma : Kekeke, even his idiocy has matured this far
Hiruma : But we’ll do it.

Hiruma : It’s 100% impossible, but it doesn’t matter.
Hiruma : Do it
Hiruma : Fucking monkey.

Yuuya : ... You’ve changed
Yuuya : Youichi.

Page 05

Left : There’s little time left. The control tower is showing its predicament through his back... What can I do...
295th Down : The devil’s mistake

Page 06

Announcer : Well then, the Teikoku Alexanders
Announcer : Are of course going to score here
Announcer : With a reliable kick!!

Hotei : Ohoho
Hotei : Even if you pile up one point by one point, it becomes a mountain
Kansai’s number one kicker : Hotei
Kick success rate : 99%
(T/N : for the trivia, Hotei is the name of one of the seven lucky gods in Japanese folklore, and as a god of abundance is depicted always laughing or smiling. Wikipedia it if you wanna know more)

Someone : Ooooh, Kurita at full power!
Someone : Crush the kicker!!

Hera : No worries
Hera : With Kurita’s speed
Hera : and the kicker being so far away
Hera : He won’t be able to bother him.

Page 07

Monta : The kicked ball...
Monta : Catch MAX!!

Page 08

Sakuraba : There’s no way
Sakuraba : You can do that!!

Hiruma : Yeah’s, it’s 10 billions percents impossible
Hiruma : But with your super catching power
Hiruma : If you could pressure the kicker for even 1 millimeter, it’s already something...!

Someone : Oooh, thanks to Kurita’s power
Someone : Monta has pushed through and jumped...
Announcer : What an impressive
Announcer : jumping power!!

Hotei : Ohoho
Hotei : Rookie-san is sure energetic...

Hotei : But I’m sorry
Hotei : Hardened by the skills of a top-class kicker
Hotei : No matter the pressure
Hotei : I won’t think about it at all.

Page 09

Hotei : Nhfun!!

Sena : Aaah
Sena : It’s useless...!

Page 10

Honjou : In the vocabulary of catching, there’s nothing like “I can’t catch it”

Honjou : There’s only “I couldn’t catch it”.

Taka : Is it because of the wind pressure when he extended his arm
Taka : or
Taka : because it grazed the end of his glove...

Page 11

Kurita : It’s...
Sena : out...!

Monta : Damn it, sorry!
Monta : I couldn’t
Monta : catch it properly...!!

Juumonji : No, it’s awesome enough, you idiot!
Sena : Monta!!

Hotei : What the...
Taka : *whispering* incredible

Taka : Incredible...!

Mamori : One point
Mamori : We’ve only managed to prevent a single point
Mamori : But this spirit
Mamori : will definitely...

Page 12

Doburoku : Alright, it stays at a 25 points difference!
Public : Deimon
Public : Deimon!
Suzuna : Turn to attack!
Public : Deimon!!

Someone : There’s little more than 5 minutes left already!

Riku : Even if Teikoku doesn’t score a single point more
Riku : They can’t win unless they score 4 touchdowns in a row...!
Kid : It’s become
Kid : quite a bit harder, huh...
(Xophien’s note : how about three touchdowns and a field goal, you baka-Riku)

Monta : Shit...!

Sena : Taka-kun is dealing with Monta perfectly
Sena : We can’t use something like a surprise pass to Monta
Sena : against Teikoku anymore.

Page 13

Shin : If passes are their only option
Shin : Then defending against it is easy.

Shin : Eyeshield 21
Shin : In the end, there’s no other way
Shin : But for you to pass Yamato with your run...!

Page 14

Yamato : ... I see
Yamato : I finally understand

Yamato : Why Deimon lost time...
Yamato : The reason for Deimon’s control tower,
Yamato : Hiruma-shi’s mistake.

Hera : ... That strategy
Hera : of Deimon earlier

Hera : After you managed to get rid of Taka with that super long pass
Hera : You did a nice job keeping the flow of things
Hera : But...

Yamato : But if passes are your only option, it’s easy to counter.
Yamato : In order to get back the lost time in one go with that trump card
Yamato : You needed to be able to attack with both runs and passes.

Yamato : That’s why
Yamato : you were waiting
Yamato : for Sena-kun to defeat me...

Page 15

Doburoku : Yamato doesn’t have weak points.
Doburoku : There’s nothing that would support him being defeated
Doburoku : But
Doburoku : He was still waiting.

Doburoku : While the remaining time disappeared second by second
Doburoku : He just...
Doburoku : He just believed in Sena...!

Yuuya : Youichi
Yuuya : You didn’t believe in anything else than numbers and facts
Yuuya : Just like me

Yuuya : But you’ve changed...
Yuuya : you got reliable kouhais
Yuuya : as your teammates
(T/N : for those who don’t remember, kouhai is the opposite of senpai, so underclassman)

Page 16

Narration : For the first time
Narration : He ignored the numbers
Narration : He ignored the facts

Yuuya : You kept up with it
Yuuya : If you had given up on Sena’s run five minutes earlier
Yuuya : With just the passes, you could have put on a good match

Hera : It’s the control tower Hiruma’s
Hera : mistake.

Narration : Hopes and wishes
Narration : Those are things a composed commander on the battlefield
Narration : should never have.

Sena : That Hiruma-san’s
Sena : mistake...

Narration : In the last decisive battle
Narration : What caused the iron control tower Hiruma’s complete mistake
Narration : That is...

Page 17

Narration : His heart that believed
Narration : in Sena
Narration : And in his teammates.

Sena : It’s
Sena : not
Sena : a mistake.

Sena : I’ll win.
Sena : I’ll win against Yamato-kun.

Page 18

Sena : If I can do that
Sena : The path that chose Hiruma-san
Sena : Won’t be a mistake at all...!!

Page 19

Taki : Ahaha, Sena-kun!
Taki : If you can’t pass monsieur Yamato above or on the sides, then...

Taki : Below!!
3bros : It’s even worse than Monta’s monkey wisdom!

Left : The path to catch up, it’s below!!?

Yamato : This
Yamato : is...!

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#1. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
First! :nuts

Thanks Xophy! And happy 100th anniversary!
#2. by jjmase03 ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
thanks for the trans!
#3. by OS.Hoshi ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS, Xophien~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:confetti :confetti :confetti

Thank you thank you so MUCH for your wonderful translations!!!!!!!!! :scry

Keep it up!!!!! :yaha
#4. by Sherlock Holmes ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
thank you so much for this translation!
#5. by Crayola ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
thanks again
#6. by Nekoi Echizen ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
OOOOH! The father proud of the son!<3 papa-sama talked very well! :wtf Him son is great and I luv him a lot! :wtf I know that now Murate will show us somethign amazing the next turn!
#7. by Mr. Prince (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
Omedetou, Danchou~~!!

It's a super fitting chapter for your 100th trans, I'd say! : D
Thanks a bunch
#8. by Trent ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
thanks for the trans...
awesome chap...
gratz for the 100th trans...
hope eyeshield not going to end soon !
#9. by maloose ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
Thank you s much for your excelent work until now, I always enjoyed your translations and T/Ns ;)
#10. by Phat ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
thanks :D
#11. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
really cool xophi-san..
#12. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
Congratulations Xophien for all your greaaaaaaaat work!

#13. by swankivy ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2008
Thanks a bunch! Everything you do is appreciated.
#14. by kaylee (mousou mashiin)
Posted on Aug 30, 2008
Awww, Xophy, that speech brought tears to my eyes. *sniff* :hug

But yes, CONGRATULATIONS!!! 100 chapters and your two-year anniversary?! What a milestone! :nuts And thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, and for waking up so often in the middle of the night, and for staying up 'till god knows when, in sickness and in health to translate for us! If it wasn't for you, I never would've discovered this awesome manga. So, extra big huuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs from me. :glomp
#15. by Ankoku_22 ()
Posted on Aug 30, 2008
Congrats Xoph!!

Thanks for all your hard work, 'tis very much appreciated! :D

#16. by gatsuuga9 ()
Posted on Aug 30, 2008
Thanks Xoph. Congrats on your 100 years and your two posts. Or is it the other way around?
#17. by Marq ()
Posted on Aug 30, 2008
Congrats on your 100th trans Xoph. You are a really great translator. Thanks for taking the time to translate this great manga, and I hope you keep going on.
#18. by heavens_dragon ()
Posted on Aug 30, 2008
Congratulations on your 100th translation, Xophien!

Thank you for all your hard work over these two years!
Here's a small gift just for you!

It's something I made in Paint when I lacked Photoshop XD I hope you like it!
#19. by THE KING ()
Posted on Aug 30, 2008
thanks & congrats
#20. by Xophien (Eroge Danchou)
Posted on Aug 30, 2008
Quote by heavens_dragon;1006414:
Thank you for all your hard work over these two years!
Here's a small gift just for you!

It's something I made in Paint when I lacked Photoshop XD I hope you like it!

Bwahaha, so cute :love Thanks Heavens :D And thanks everyone else too :yaha
#21. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2008
For you 100'th translation Xophy-nii :confetti

And thanks
#22. by kiniro ()
Posted on Aug 31, 2008
Thank you! And congratulations!!

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