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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 329

Naruto 329

+ posted by Yoshitsune as translation on Oct 26, 2006 16:25 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 329

Naruto 329: That Goal is...
This scene takes us back to his training. Still aiming to develop his new jutsu, Naruto's struggle continues!

Inside unimaginable pain!!

Naruto: Yo guys! Watch out!
There's another guy about to transform into the Kyuubi!!

Yamato-taichou!! He-lp!!

Naruto: Uooooh!!

Kakashi: Tenzou, it's coming!

Yamato: Damn!

Naruto: Gah!

Naruto: Pheww

Kakashi: You alright?

Naruto: It's been one whole day since you entered this training to add "wind manipulation" into your Rasengan...
with about 200 Kage Bunshin

If we count the training hours as an individual, we get 4,800 hours...
still not enough

Naruto: But, this training...
Chakra control is too hard,
and my limit is 200 Kage Bunshin

...I don't know
I feel like I'll never be able to do it

For starters, creating Rasengan takes a lot of concentration...
Then adding "nature manipulation" to that
is just impossible...

Kakashi: ...You rarely complain,
it's not like you

I mean, are you really the Uzumaki Naruto I know?

Naruto: ...But
Just this time seems impossible...

Yet you have to do it

Naruto: But when you're looking right and told to look left at the same time, can you do it, Kakashi-sensei!?

Yamato: That's certaintly impossible

Kakashi: Now I get it....so that's how it is...
Well then, it is possible

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!

Kakashi: While looking right,
you said to look left

Kakashi: Something like this?

Naruto: That's it!

Kakashi: What did he just get?

AB: As soon as the Sanbi is done, we'll seal the Nibi
This will take six days so be prepared

Hidan: Six days...that's mad long! This is crap
Kakuzu: Shush...you're one to talk

Hidan: We were so close to massacring those Konoha bastards
And showing those atheists the existence of the Jashin religion!

AB: Konoha is not a non-believer...
They deify their predecessors, and practice the "Will of Fire"

AB: That could be said to be a justificiation for battle...

Hidan: You bastard...Are you saying that to make fun of me! Huh!?

AB: No...I have no intentions to particularly poke fun at the reason you fight
I too am of the same boat, you could say
The reason for war doesn't matter

Religion, Beliefs, Wealth, Land, Grudge, Love, or because you feel like it...
No matter how foolish the reason, it simply becomes a reason for war

AB: Wars will never cease
Reasons can come later...
Instinct demands battle

Hidan: No one is listening to your long-ass speech!
I have my own way of doing things, and I have my own goals too
I don't plan on giving everything to this organization!

AB: As long as you belong to the "Akatsuki" organization, you will work together for its goal
If those goals are accomplished, then your desires will be achieved quickly as well

Hidan: Humph...no matter how cool you do things,
"Akatsuki"'s goal has just been "money gathering"!

You're just like Kakuzu...
This it the type of reason I hate fighting for!!

AB: I see...our impending goal is money
...but, originally "Akatsuki"'s goal has been somewhere else
For that goal, we need a vast amount of money

Hidan: Next to Tobi, I'm the newest guy here, so
I've never heard any details come out of your mouth!
Sneaking around when I'm not here...

AB: ...Are you pouting?
Hmf...then, I'll tell you about it

"Akatsuki"'s final goal can be achived by taking things step by step
And there are three steps...the first one is money

Hidan: Chh...

AB: Then, the second step is...
to create the first ever mercenery organization in the shinobi world

Hidan: ...Hey hold up! That's just what all the other Shinobi villages are doing
It's just doing requests and getting paid for it!

Hidan: You want to become the leader of a village that no country will even employ?

AB: Humph...
Completely wrong...I'll give you an explanation
of the country employed village

For countries that have a strong shinobi village, the "shinobi business" carries on the task of holding and dividing a country's profits.
By entering battles in and out of the country, these villages gain vast amounts of profit
You could say they support the country's economy

AB: In other words, for the country to make steady profit,
war in itself becomes necessary

In this era, however, there are many small battles,
but the great wars of the past have become extinct
Countries are cutting down villages and many shinobi are losing their place

Shinobi exists to fight
These conditions are their collateral for risking their lives for their country

The "Five Great Shinobi Countries" are still fine...the countries and their villages hold much integrity
There are many requests from other countries, so things are stable
But...that's not the case for the smaller countries

It costs about the same vast amout of money to maintain a country during peacetime as it does during wartime
That being said, if they cut villages off too much, then they can't cope with a sudden outbreak of war

AB: That's why we, "Akatsuki", will unleash it!
We won't belong to any country
We will prepare only the necessary shinobi we need for when the time comes

With the necessary money and power that we'll get from every small country and small village, we'll be a mercenary organization for war!

At first we will single-handedly undertake every battle for loose change and soon we will take the lead in the war market
And, using the "Bijuu", we'll cause wars suitable for that market

Before long, we'll control every war and create a monopoly ruling!

AB: ...And then, we'll destroy the large countries's "Shinobi Village" system
And force them to rely on "Akatsuki"

And then we finally arrive to the true goal beyond that...

The third step in our goal is...

To conquer the world

He will control what lies under his eyes....
He finally announces his terrifying ambitions!!

The author will be on leave next week to collece information

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#1. by THETRUTH.com ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2006
Thanks for the TRANS!!!
#2. by seunosewa ()
Posted on Oct 26, 2006
The AL is not as evil as we expected. He could indeed be the 4th hokage.
#3. by dylec ()
Posted on Oct 27, 2006
Hey, thanks for the nice translation.

Yamato: Now I get it....so that's how it is...

I think this line is mislabeled. ;]

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