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New Manga Shout Out: 11/17/14 - 11/24/14

+ posted by c_k in Shout-Outs on Nov 24, 2014 08:05

Welcome to the next New Manga Shout Out. This weekly article introduces you to manga that are new and/or have not been scanlated yet. This week features ninjas, a couple that is not meant to be, and the existence of heaven. Remember, if you like any of the series, favorite them. Don't forget to also thank the various people who feed your manga addiction. ^_^ Translators and Scanlators, please check out these series and see if you can spread some more manga love~

We're still looking for people who know Japanese and want to help write summaries for our manga database and for the shout out. Please PM me if you want to help out. Now onto the series~

Kanata (カナタ)
By: Syun Matsuena

Demographics: Shounen
Status: One-shot (Complete)
Manga Details Page: Here
Translations: None
Scanlations: None

Yaegaki Meguru's next door neighbor is unique, to say the least. They are the Kusanagi ninja lineage, and their son, Kanata, has been her classmate and friend since their younger years. Kanata would always get into trouble or be late to class due to his ninja upbringings. Every morning, Meguru would have to pull him away from his training with his father. Most days, he's late to class anyway.

In the past, they both vowed to never hide secrets from each other, yet Kanata would not reveal the "true purpose of a ninja." Meguru understood the reason behind Kanata's secrecy regarding his ninja background when a powerful force is released inside their own school. Then, Kanata will reveal his true potential as a ninja.

Thanks go to DrCoke for the summary.


Nakamura Koedo to Daizu Eryou wa Umaku Ikanai (中村小江戸と大豆恵亮はうまくいかない)
By: TAKASE Masaya

Demographics: Shounen
Status: 1 Volume (Ongoing)
Manga Details Page: Here
Translations: None
Scanlations: None

Nakamura Koedo and Daizu Keisuke like each other, but bad things seem to happen whenever they're together. They decide to date, but it seems like any time they get a chance to be near one another, something ridiculous and unexpected happens! For instance, Koedo tries to give him a first confessional love letter on a day that he is injured and can't see! On the first day they walk home together, Daizu is chased and terrorized by Koedo's own dog! Can they overcome their curse?

Thanks go to tethysdust for the summary.


RKD-EK9 (アールケーディーイーケーナイン)
By: NisiOisin x OBATA Takesh

Demographics: Shounen
Status: One-shot (Complete)
Manga Details Page: Here
Translations: None
Scanlations: None

Kamayude Boumei has proved the existence of heaven, but has also shown that it's impossible for an ordinary person to get there. One would have to save up many millions of good points from your life to be able to find their way to heaven. Everyone else's soul just vanishes after their death. A couple of high school students end up teaming up with Kamayude's daughter to try to find a way to go to heaven.

Thanks go to tethysdust for the summary.


Sukedachi 9 (助太刀09)

Demographics: Shounen
Status: 2 Chapters (Ongoing)
Manga Details Page: Here
Translations: None
Scanlations: None

As Japan's population grows older and smaller, and murder rates sky rocket, the Japanese government began to implement stricter laws against the worst criminals. With even the death penalty lacking the deterring force to stop the most violent criminals, Japan brought back to life a law from the 19th century: the "Revenge" law. This law will now allow victims and their related parties to employ a government special forces agency to capture the murderer and reenact the exact same methods with which the victim died onto the murderer.

Yamagishi Yuji is the 7th member of the Special Forces "Sukedachi-nin." Each of the members of this special forces have been chosen to enforce the Revenge law because they too have been a victim of past crimes.

Thanks go to DrCoke for the summary.


Tetsu no Ou (鉄の王)
By: SANO Takashi

Demographics: Shounen
Status: 1 Volume (Ongoing)
Manga Details: Here
Translations: None
Scanlations: None

Hyuga Tetsuo and Kusanagi Itsuki have been best friends since childhood, even though they are very different. Tetsuo is loud, good-natured, rough, not very smart, and dreams of being a teacher one day. Itsuki is smart, quiet, and very serious. One day, Tetsuo gets in a fight that leads his teacher to expel him from school, and Itsuki gets the same treatment for trying to help him. While Tetsuo is angrily sitting in class afterward, a missile launches from his pinky finger, killing the teacher.

Tetsuo soon finds out that he is or is becoming more than what he once was. He's now become embroiled in a war he doesn't understand, and one of his other classmates has revealed herself as his ally. However, Itsuki is not involved, and staying near Tetsuo will likely end up getting him killed. Will Tetsuo be able to figure out what's going on, and also protect his best friend?

Thanks go to tethysdust for the summary.


Tsurezure Children (徒然チルドレン)

Demographics: Shounen
Status: 1 Volume (Ongoing)
Manga Details Page: Here
Translations: None
Scanlations: None

Wakabayashi Toshiya shows us a series of 4-koma manga depicting various scenarios of young love. These short stories range from a boy, crippled by his absolute lack of confidence in himself, cannot even accept the fact that the girl of his dreams actually asked him out on a date, to the near-psychotic girl that pours her own blood into her homemade chocolate in order to win his heart.

Thanks go to DrCoke for the summary.

Note to all scanlators: If you recently started scanlating a new manga series (with about 5 or less chapters released) and would like your manga to be shouted out in the next New Manga Shout Out, then please PM me. Please include:
  1. The name of the manga series
  2. A summary of the series
  3. Publishing Status (+ Number of Volumes/Chapters)

This is what tethysdust said this week:
"...Umaku Ikanai" was really cute and funny. I think anyone looking for a fairly innocent romantic comedy would enjoy it. "Tetsu no Ou" seems set up to be a standard battle manga, but I liked the focus on the two boys' friendship. RKD-EK9 was a unusual look at the afterlife, and how scientific proof of its existence could affect the living.

My opinion:
Kanata - If you're a fan of action and ninjas, then you might like this short one-shot.
Nakamura Koedo to Daizu Eryou wa Umaku Ikanai - If you're in the mood for a romantic comedy where the world is trying to trying to prevent the couple from staying in the relationship, then this may be more your style.
RKD-EK9 - This nice one-shot is from the mangaka of Death Note/Bakuman and Bakemonogatari/Medaka Box. If you're a fan of either mangaka, then this is a must read.
Sukedachi 9 - This is an interesting take on how to prevent people from committing crimes by punishing people with the crime they committed. I'd be interested in reading this.
Tetsu no Ou - If you like sci-fi,action and aliens, they you should check out this manga.
Tsurezure Children - This is another romantic comedy, but in 4koma. If want another choice of romance and the troubles young love go through, then you may want to check out this one instead.

Translated items that need some love/scanlation:
myao - Circle Game: Chapter 1
persona_1 - Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell: Chapter 1
kinlyu - Samurai Flamenco - Another Days: Chapter 1

If you haven't done so already, check out the scanlations of the mangas from previous shout outs which have been recently scanlated: historical drama Harukaze no Snegurochka (MH link), action comedy Trash. (MH link), action comedy Fuji Cue!!! Fuji Cue’s Music!! (MH link).

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PROzess, Tiranofrome, Torca, paramitan, dark123

#1. by PROzess ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2014
Dat NishiO twist!
#2. by paramitan ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2014
Read a bit of Umaku Ikanai, and it's so freaking adorable...

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