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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Naruto 353

Naruto Chapter 353

+ posted by aine as translation on May 12, 2007 02:01 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 353

(page 1)

[side text: The person Sasuke and Naruto are chasing, amidst the falling rain..]

Kisame: Let's tide the rain over under the trees
Kisame: The body will get cold.

Itachi: Aah.

Kisame: Because we'll contact Leader from here...

(page 2)

Chapter 353: "Akatsuki" Gathers...!!
[The prey rides on the shouldered katana]

(page 3)

Itachi: He looks like he's about to die.
Itachi: Old ones should be handled carefully.

Kisame: You say that because you don't know this one.
Kisame: Four Tails uses "Yo-ton". This jinchuuriki isn't just that easy.

Kisame: To you who wasn't at the direct scene of battle
Kisame: You wouldn't understand the pain I took.

Itachi: .....

Itachi: Hmph.

(page 4)

Kisame: Well, I was the one who asked to go alone please.

Kisame: Anyway, shall we do your assignment as well while I'm half-dead?

Itachi: Don't say that, Kisame.

Kisame: I'm a little tired
Kisame: Catch him soon so we can rest

Itachi: It's not urgent.. rest now.
Itachi: Because we still have time.

(page 5)

Kisame: About that...
Kisame: There are only a few left, right?

Kisame: It's been decided that Kyuubi must be sealed last.

Kisame: If not, balance will be destroyed and the statue of sealing will shatter
Kisame: So Leader said.

(page 6)

Itachi: Hmph. I don't care about that but
Itachi: Deidara failed too...
Itachi: If it's to be sealed last, that's the same thing as to be caught last.

Itachi: Also, if we catch it now, Akatsuki will attract too much attention.
Itachi: If we catch Kyuubi too early, Konoha will be even noisier than it is now.

Kisame: Haa.. That's true.

Itachi: The village of Konoha especially has a stronger vibe than the other villages
Itachi: One wrong move and we'll have to quieten our movements (can't really see this word, just


Itachi: For now it's better to make the swift capture of those up to the Eight Tails our priority.

(page 7)

Kisame: I see. Now that you put it like that it makes sense.
Kisame: !

Itachi: Good timing.

Sfx: (from the lamp-things) Buuun

(page 8)

Leader: You're late.

Kisame: We just caught the jinchuuriki
Kisame: We were late because we had to strengthen his bindings to keep him from escaping.

Leader: Good. Now everyone has assembled.

Kisame: hmm?

Kisame: I don't see Hidan and Kakazu yet..

(page 9)

Leader: Both of them were done in.

Tsunade: Uchiha Itachi?
Tsunade: Now for what to do with him...

Sakura: If we could capture one member of Akatsuki
Sakura: I have thought that Ibiki could get information from him..

Tsunade: I have indeed told the various teams to catch and bring back Akatsuki members alive if


(page 10)

Kakashi: But they're not as easy to capture as you say.
Kakashi: Of those we've met from now, if you look at their strength in battle, they're too dangerous.
Kakashi: Although I really wanted otherwise, I didn't even think of capture.

Sakura: Kakashi-sensei...
Naruto: ...

Naruto: Then, what can we do? (-ttebayo!)

Kakashi: Well, until we confront Itachi the best we can do is to search for him, right?

(page 11)

Kisame: Is that so.. kuku.
Kisame: Even that Zombie Combi died huh.
Kisame: I really want to see exactly how they died.

Leader: Stop talking of your comrades this way.

Kisame: Who did it?

Zetsu: Pursuers from Konoha
Zetsu: It was the team of Kakashi and the Kyuubi jinchuuriki again.

Tobi: That team is strong isn't it..
Tobi: They even beat Deidara-san until he was battered and torn. (Lit: they made him "boko boko")
Deidara: Tobi!!

(page 12)
(Explanation: Here, Tobi makes a pun since "cunning bag", which is what Deidara calls his bag of clay

here, sounds the same as "store of patience" in Japanese. I think.)

Deidara: You, try saying any more than that!
Deidara: My "cunning bag" is about to explode! Un!

Tobi: Ahahaha! I know one's "store of patience" indicates the limits of one's self-control..
Tobi: But Deidara's bag is an exploding one
Tobi: It blows up very fast.

Deidara: You bastard Tobi look here!!

Leader: Deidara, be quiet. That's just the way Tobi talks.

Deidara: Chi!
Tobi: Ahahaha

Leader: But even so when did you become so mouthy, Tobi?
Leader: Leave your seniors alone.

Tobi: Hai! So~rry!

(page 13)

Kisame: If you keep like that we'll never be able to assemble all the jinchuuriki!

Leader: Haa.

Kisame: But, more importantly
Kisame: I want to seal the Four Tails as soon as possible...

Leader: Wait.. I still have more to say.

Kisame: What is it?

Leader: Another one has been killed.

Kisame: Another one?
Itachi: ....

(page 14)

Leader: It's Orochimaru:

Itachi: ...

Kisame: He's left the Akatsuki for 10 years..does this save us the work of killing him?
Kisame: But the person who defeated that Orochimaru must be a strong opponent. Who did it?

Leader: It was Uchiha Sasuke.

(page 15)

Kisame: Hmm.. he really did it huh
Kisame: As expected of Itachi's little brother.

Leader: Now he's gathering some companions
Leader: Who are also mostly difficult to deal with.

Kisame: So you say and?

Leader: You should know well, right?
Leader: Kirigakure's Hougu brothers.. one of them. (I can't really make out the words here, so I'm not really sure if it's pronounced "hougu. Anyway, the literal translation should mean "demon lamp")

Kisame: Suigetsu?
Kisame: How nostalgic..

Leader: As well as Juugo of the Balance
Leader: As far as possible, be careful, Itachi, Kisame.
Leader: Most probably they're after the two of you.

Itachi: ....

(page 16)

Leader: The rest of you, remember well what I've told you about Uchiha Sasuke.
Leader: If they learn about Itachi and Kisame they may try to [i can't make this out] to Akatsuki

Deidara: Kisame, what sort of guy is this Suigetsu.. Un?

Kisame: ....
Kisame: 10 years ago.. he was a kid with a cute face and smile.

Kisame: Who would cut off the hands and legs of his pre-determined opponents
Kisame: Stopping at the head, which he would slice off.

Kisame: The god child (lit: "Shindou")
Kisame: Who was called the second coming of "Demon Zabuza". (lit: "Kijin Zabuza)

(page 17)

Karin: What are you a kappa out of water?
Karin: Don't keep stopping to sit down and drink!

Deidara: They seem very interesting..
Deidara: Un..

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#1. by bax ()
Posted on May 12, 2007
Thanx a lot for the trans :kkthumbs
#2. by indoakatsuki ()
Posted on May 12, 2007
thanks a lot
#3. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on May 13, 2007
#4. by A$CE ()
Posted on May 13, 2007
hey i have a question. What itachi said is different in other versions of translation: did he say that it's better to catch the beasts up to eight-tail is the priority or just the eight-tail??thx
#5. by aine ()
Posted on May 14, 2007
Quote by A$CE;390893:
hey i have a question. What itachi said is different in other versions of translation: did he say that it's better to catch the beasts up to eight-tail is the priority or just the eight-tail??thx

Whoops, sorry, I missed out the "madeh" in the original. It's actually "up to the eight tails" not so much the eight tails itself. Thanks for the heads up!

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