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Renai Boukun 2 (0 comments)
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pg. 0001
panel 1: I know it's sudden but,
panel 2: it's time for breakfast.
panel 3: Gyaaaah
panel 4: Wh- // Wh- // Wh-
Why are you here!?

pg. 0002
The troublesome angel has returned.

pg. 0003
panel 1: Naturally
It's because we're lovers!
panel 2: Isn't it obvious that we'll be together?
Yesterday was... not a dream!?
Speaking of lovers, we should probably do this too.
Good morning, darling <3

pg. 0004
panel 1: This is Gris, the girl who has the appearance of a shinigami and suddenly appeared in front of me.
She's actually a cupid.
She used a strange item that made me a couple with the person I (formerly) liked and with herself.
panel 2: And they all lived happily ever... Read More " "
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Renai Boukun 1 (4 comments)
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pg. 0001
panel 1: all of a sudden a shinigami appears.
panel 2: Aino Seiji-san, it's sudden, but
panel 3: if you don't kiss someone,
panel 4: you're going to die.

pg. 0002
panel 1: please go home.
panel 2: i have no need for shinigami
panel 3: was that a religous fanatic or some new sort of fraud?
panel 4: crush?
panel 5: you should listen until people finish talking, right
HYAAAH / you appeared out of nowhere

pg. 0003
the dangerous love story that starts with a kiss
Love Tyrant

pg. 0004
panel 1: ta dah, please take a look at this
what do you think this is?
panel 2: isn't this
panel 3: ...a death note

pg. 0005
panel 1: it's a kiss note
a kiss... note!?
panel 2: anyway, please... Read More " "
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Binbougami Ga 27 (0 comments)
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pg. 105
panel 1: well then ... that's it
panel 2: it's over
yo, Ichiko, how was the test?
it was a piece of cake
che! that's good then
panel 3: what are you going to do during your summer holidays Ranmaru?
i'll mostly be secluding myself in the mountains with my dad! it will be nothing but training everyday!
that's just like you isnt it
panel 4: there is this absurdely tough guy in the mountains we go to every year // we have a kind of relationship based on sworn rematches

pg. 106
in the back: doryaa!!!
panel 1: although he is an ordinary bear! / how many ridges has he carbed!?
Ranmaru... do you know about animal lovers organizations?
panel 2: what about you Nadeshiko?
panel 3: your family... Read More " "
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Binbougami Ga 26 (0 comments)
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pg. 087
panel 1: the realm in which the gods reside // the heavens (Takamagahara)
panel 2: in a corner of it
is the world in which the binbougami dwell, the binbougami world
panel 3/4: sign: in the middle of a meeting
so? // how about being honest...

pg. 088
panel 1: the collection of Sakura Ichiko's happiness energy
the absorbtion of the energy of outsiders has stopped but... // isn't the clean-up of the remainder getting delayed?
panel 2/3/4: for a single human to be storing up large amounts of happines energy...
i don't know what effect this will have
panel 5: on left board: one, on right board right: 9
are you alright family head...!
a... anyhow tell that girl... Read More " "
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Binbougami Ga 25 (0 comments)
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pg. 057
panel 1: summer ...
in commercial: [don't get burned anymore! never again!!「
Banner: To the shining sunrise
panel 2: the sea, the mountains // the pool, fireworks ...
commercial: together with your family! with your girlfriend!! with your friends!!!
panel 3: all sorts of events ...
commercial: let's come here next year as well
panel 4: attention: It is currently summer now
the common people are really easygoing!
why doesn't Nadeshiko-sama invite Tsuwabuki-sama to go somewhere?
of course i have invited him // ... but
panel 5: it doesn't work at all since he goes to his workplace every day
oh my ...
panel 6: oh?
are you in loser mode before the fight even started?

pg. 058
panel 1:... Read More " "
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Ghost Writer 5 (0 comments)
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pg. 002
ch.5: what's wrong with a different image?

pg. 003
the ghost writer... is producing a drama...
panel 1: he said something like that
i don't believe you now...
panel 2: lies...
won't you believe me...?
...are these
panel 3: the gears of fate as well?

pg. 004
panel 1: this is absolutely wrong!
well... that's just how castings for a drama are...
panel 2: this is Asumi, the sad heroine of "moon cover" // why are we using this 3rd rate idol...?
well... that's just how a casting is...
panel 3: she is more like... the graceful Asumi... // like a lily under a full moon... she is cold and...
*character portrayal
yeah, yeah, i got it, that's just how it... Read More " "
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Cross Manage Oneshot : One-Shot (0 comments)
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pg. 02
after school it's time for club activities!
hey, Misora, stop it with the homeruns
whoa // sorry
They sure are energetic at club activities.

pg. 03
panel 1: the sports clubs are doing their best today as well // Sakurai-san
how are you feeling now
panel 2: Lazy
panel 3: I'm busy living a comfortable life. // I have no free time for things like club activities
as expected of Sakurai
Lazy as ever!
panel 4: That Toyoguchi-san created a club from scratch. // The Lacrosse club
Wow, she's so passionate.
panel 5: am i not doing enough exercise by coming to school?
that's not what you call exercise, Sakurai-san

pg. 04
panel 1:... Read More " "
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Ghost Writer 4 (0 comments)
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pg. 002
all the
panel 2: a ghost writer’s payday...
balance: 19 yen
panel 3: 19 yen...
are often days where he just barely fails

pg. 003
ch. 4: what’s wrong with the power of summer?

pg. 004
panel 1: yes, Fuyushima speaking...
what is it Hikage
it's Mikage
panel 2: uhm... today a part of the fee for the manuscript still hasn't come in, although...
fee for the manuscript?
panel 3: i don't know about that loose change
ask the management, the management.
panel 4: 9 yen
this is an everyday occurence.

pg. 005
panel 1: since the spin-off of "spirit of the dead" came out last month and all...
panel 2: the latest of Nagareboshi Ryuusei
i thought i... Read More " "
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Ghost Writer 3 (0 comments)
Reserved for Kuudere

pg. 01
a startling awakening
panel 2/3: one day of a ghostwriter
panel 4: sometimes begins with the neighbour's crotch

pg. 02
what's wrong with being inexperienced?

pg. 03
panel 2: what are you doing Mikage-san!?
even if there is a robber so early in the morning...
panel 3: kyaaah!!

pg. 04
panel 1: Natsukawa-san! // you stepped in someone else's house again!?
uugh shut uup // it's only 7 o'clock
Natsukawa Haru (25)
Mikage-san's neighbour. occupation: event companion
panel 2: what would you do if something happened to you!?
it's just Mikage-kun nothing would happen
besides how come my door key also opens the room next door?
panel 3: so how many times did we even have this... Read More " "
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Boku wa Hajikko ga Suki 4 (0 comments)
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ch. 4

pg. 0001
panel 1: a different morning than usual

pg. 0002
no matter where we go, we two will be best friends.

pg. 0003
panel 1: mornin'
*swoosh* *swoosh*
(please don't wave)
panel 2: yeah
panel 3: *sit*

pg. 0004
panel 1: hey there, did something happen
panel 2: haa...
Haruko really amazes me
panel 3: every single day, she walks around
so splendidly
panel 4: although i’d say this is not the time for that, since i got confessed to this morning
panel 5: except for one part you were right
don't read my thoughts
i was right

pg. 0005
panel 1: oooh,
that is
panel 2: how was it?
wait haven't opened it yet / you're acting like a kid
panel 3: I mean, remember the story of Suzume. The... Read More " "
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Boku wa Hajikko ga Suki 3 (0 comments)
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ch. 03

pg. 03
panel 1: this is a happy chance!?
(on stick: hit)
panel 2: it's a hit, Katou-kun
panel 3: you need it?
it's ok, since i'm full
panel 4: it just happened to be with Katou-kun
that's my line...

pg. 04
panel 1: again
this is a small matter
panel 2: *haah*
panel 3: this is not the time to get off the track
because Noda-san will come here in 2 hours
*zuu-* *zuu-*

pg. 05
panel 1: hello,
she get
panel 2: ah, Katou,
i arrived
so early
panel 3: emergency
i have to secure the floor
panel 4: i didn’t
vacuum clean, but at first glance it looks clean // so...
i did it!
panel 5: like this // yeah
panel 6: it'll create a good mood with my... Read More " "
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Boku wa Hajikko ga Suki 2 (0 comments)
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ch. 2

pg. 03
panel 1: thanks mom
panel 2: I'm sure if I give her this, Noda-san will...
panel 3: thank you Katou-kun
panel 4: a boy who can cook is so cool (<- imitating her voice)
Katou stop doing strange vocal exercises, elective classes are next.

pg. 04
panel 1: This looks kinda fun
panel 2: since I'm pretty sure Noda-san is taking this class too.
Hurry up and sit wherever you want.
What're you doing thats so "fun"?
panel 3: what!?
We can sit wherever we want, so I want to sit with Noda-san...
yeah, yeah
panel 4: yikes, it's Hiroshima's twin dragons Arasawa and Takanishi
Let's sit away from them.

pg. 05
panel 1: ah
panel 2: Noda-san!
panel 3: Katou~ This one's... Read More " "
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Ghost Writer 2 (0 comments)
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story 2: What's wrong with asking for a replacement?

pg. 03
panel 1: Mabayu-san, the woman who slowly approaches with her feelings
Mikage-san ...
please don't run away ...
Ma ... Mabayu-san!?
panel 2: I'll let you let out a lot today
n ... no but
But I let out a lot yesterday too...
enough? noo i didn't get enough at all!

pg. 04
panel 1: until i'm properly satisfied ...
panel 2: i will sqeeze
Every last drop out of you
panel 3: ah ...!
wa ... wait a second ... Mabayu-san ...!
Don't open that...!

pg. 05
panel 1: ah ...
panel 2: really ...
250 yen is all you have...
panel 3: In other words
panel 4: I told you before didn't I?
it's vice-manager
It was just a dream

pg. 06
panel 1: It's... Read More " "
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Boku wa Hajikko ga Suki 1 (0 comments)
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pg. 01
this feeling, i love to fly

pg. 02
panel 1: what are you doing Haruko
panel 2: a countermeasure to the falling birthrates
panel 3: i wish we were done with stupid math i can't use my head anymore than this
panel 4: you are living alone aren't you
are you interested Yukko?

pg. 03
panel 2: how is it to be living alone?
panel 3: what is that great thing you have?
it's not that a big deal however
panel 4: the meal wasn't tasty
but you are first in home economics
panel 5: i did it
panel 6: it's complete

pg. 04
panel 1: how far will it fly?
but letting it fly is not my goal
panel 2: i wrote something important in there
panel 3: what kind of important thing
it's a secret
panel... Read More " "
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Ghost Writer 1 (0 comments)
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pg. 01
the rumors on the streets
panel 1: have you seen it, yesterday's Shadow People
panel 2: i saw it, i saw it!
Fukukawa Sadaharu is absolutely cool!
panel 3: until now i didn't read anything like that!
but even so it felt mysterious and was packed with romantic elements!
right right!
panel 4: Nagarehoshi Ryousei really is amazing!

pg. 02
Ghost writer
what's wrong with being the man behind the curtain?

pg. 03
panel 1: there are two types of people in this world
panel 2: the people who seize the day
panel 3: and the people who don't
(white panties) an endangered species ...
panel 4: lately on the streets mystery novels have been popular

pg. 04
panel 1: oh! the thrill is awesome
oh!... Read More " "
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Kurogane (Ikezawa) 35 (0 comments)
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Strike 35: the last ace

panel 2: how does swinging the new shinai feel!?
panel 3: oooh
no i can really swing it easily that shinai ...
panel 4: ... who on earth was he ... that person
i knew he was a swordsman ... was he strong?
panel 5: if he saw through Kurogane's habit in that instant
... then maybe he's a guy worthy of killing
panel 6: well although you understand that whoever your opponent my be, you have to cut him down!!
Sayuri should be quiet for a little
what i was cut with this idea

pg. 02
panel 1: that guy, who is he related to the next time i meet him i'll send him flying!!
he's Tsubame-san's enemy!!!
Tsubame-san didn't particularly die
panel 2: hm!?... Read More " "
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Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora 11 (0 comments)
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ch.11: neglect your glasses and they'll immediately get scratched nyan

pg. 01
panel 1: er ...
panel 2: what's that recently ...
did my eyesight worsen ...?
panel 3: well ... i'm sure the other day ...
it should've been made

pg. 02
panel 3: *soundeffects indicating a ruckus*
panel 4: ah Yamakawa

pg. 03
panel 2: Yamakawa
panel 3: ehm ...
note: this work is fictional. any relation to real persons is purely by chance and not intended
panel 4: who would you be?
huh ...?
panel 5: no ...
that is ...
sorry ...

pg. 04
panel 1: who are you ...?
these guys ... !!
panel 2: is it because of the glasses ...!?
it's just because i wore glasses
that they say they don't know who i am ...!?
i want to... Read More " "
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Kurogane (Ikezawa) 34 (0 comments)
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Strike 34: the Kanto preliminary

pg. 01
panel 1: Ok
we're done for today
panel 2: the next day after the fierce battle of the rookies
panel 3: ... unfortunately it broke during yesterday's training
although i borrowed it from Tsubame-san ...
panel 4: Hey Kurogane

pg. 02
panel 1: I've heard - was it amazing or something?
the club - were you participating actively at yesterday's match?
panel 2: h ... how do you know ...
panel 3: ... you?
no ...
you too!!
panel 4: did you hear it too -
that Kurogane was amazing!!
i heard it a while ago
that Kurogane -
wai ...
no ...
such a thing I ...
panel 5: ... because i collapsed at the semifinals ...
the finals would surely... Read More " "
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Kurogane (Ikezawa) 33 (0 comments)
Reserved for Poopy Scans

Strike 33: Kagerou

pg. 01
the swordsmen take a brief rest

pg. 02
panel 1: the awaited counter!!
"second of sword" burst!!
panel 2: the ...
technique ...
just now ...
panel 3: as i thought he finally managed it ...
the level and the form are different from my technique but ...
panel 4: that is without a doubt the second sword
Kagerou ("heat wave")
panel 5: dou ari (torso hit)

pg. 03
panel 1: wha ... what was that just now!?
what just happened!?
panel 2: that was a nukidou ... right!? //nukidou: beating the torso in succession
it looked like it was done like that thrust before ...
panel 3: that "thrust" was ... the same as the first time ...
panel 4: until... Read More " "
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Haru Polish 2 (0 comments)
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pg. 02
panel 1: Hello
I'm Okamoto Haru
everyone calls me Haru
that's how it is
panel 2: this spring i've enrolled into Shikinomori High School
i'm 15 years old
i was born on the 20th of April
my blood type is B

pg. 03
panel 1: i don't understand zodiacs very well
since i'm born on the 20th of April would i be Aries or Taurus
since that day is just inbetween i don't read magazines
panel 2: do i really not have one
is it perhaps Aldebaran ...
panel 3: as for my club i have chosen the Iaido club
since i can swing a japanese sword which i absolutely adore (or something that
looks like it)there
panel 4: but the club members are just me
and Katayama Wakana-senpai however

pg. 04
panel 1: if... Read More " "
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Haru Polish 1 (0 comments)
reserved for Kuudere Scans

pg. 05
panel 1: Haru
panel 2: Haru
panel 3: It's Haru
I became a highschool student

pg. 06
panel 1: ojii: oh haru it's good you came
obaa: did you come to show us your new school uniform
panel 2: i wanted to show you earlier
it really suits Haru right
panel 3: ojii: you're a highschool student already you've really grown up haven't you
Haru; although i stopped growing last year
panel 4: ojii: well we waited so long now she came our Haru
obaa: we should raise your allowance right
panel 5: Haru: no i don't need something like money
other than that ... well
panel 6: ojii: what is it Haru what else do you want
Haru: you know it already

pg. 07
Haru: I have grown up i already became an... Read More " "
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Sha 1 (0 comments)
Reserved don't use without my permission

Sya ch. 1

pg. 1
Meet the new series of Ootsuka Shirou of weekly shounen Sunday’s popular [Akira] in YG

The drama of the archery girls shooting right into the center of youth

pg. 2
panel 1: Kyaaahh
panel 2: Masami: ouchie
friend: are you alright? Masami?
Masami: hehehe I fell
(scroll: Yazawa Masami Ayazono High 1st year)
panel 3: friend: Whoa as usual you are an idiot aren’t you …
Masami: I wasn’t last place! So i’m proud
panel 4: on top of that you’re clumsy …
Masami: hehehe …
panel 5: moreover you are FLAT-CHESTED …

pg. 3
panel 1: Masami: Yuna is the flat-chested one!!!
Yuna: Sorry Sorry
panel 2: Yuna: by the way Masami have you decided on a... Read More " "
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13 Game 2 (0 comments)
[sizeptpt=200]Reserved for Kuudere Scans

13 Game Ep. 02

pg. 1
panel 1: eh? ...
panel 3: it's morning ... When did I fall a sleep?
today is my birthday ... mhm? it's morning ... yesterday?
panel 4: on my birthday ... i did some magic tricks ... what happened ... i came back home ... i came back ... huh...?
panel 5 : a refreshing morning ... ?

pg. 2
panel 1: yesterday at the park ...
panel 3: a dream ...

pg. 3
panel 1: th ... that's right! There's no way that happened!
a dream ... I was having a dream! wasn't I ... ! thank god
panel 3: the fkc (or number on the forehead) ... it changed from 0 to 1 ...

pg. 4
panel 3: u ... urgh
panel 4: but i lost consciousnes so how did i get into my bed ...
panel... Read More " "
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13 Game 1 (0 comments)
[sizeptptpt=200]Reserved for Kuudere Scans

pg. 1

panel 1:
12.4. (date)

panel 2: the start of a new amazing 13-part series!

panel 3: You won't be able to fix your appearance this early in the morning so you should just hurry up and go

panel 4: Today is the day I, Amamiya Kouta, turn 17

today is the day I plan to

pg. 2
[A fateful morning for this 17 year old boy, In order to make today]
confess to

Kouta: I'm o-ff

pg. 3
[the best day of his life, he will]
Misora Hiyori

pg. 4

panel 1:
Ever since middle school

I've been in love with Misora-san

I even managed to pass my entrance exams and enter the same high school as her

panel 2:
It's good that I managed to get into the same high school as her but
We were in... Read More " "
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