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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 309

Naruto Ch309

+ posted by brucelee as translation on Jun 1, 2006 12:54 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 309

some what flawed....I need help!

translated as I read it. This post will be edited every few minutes

Tell that man! waiting in no mans land.
The dialogue begins.
Kyubi: If you can see me inside Naruto that means...Because you posses that crused bloodline...That loathsome sharingan...

Sasuke: Seems like it's not the first time you've seen eyes like these....that means...

Sasuke: You must be the demon, Kyubi.
Naruto: ...?
Kyubichan: Those eyes and evil chakara even greater than mine...
...Just like uchiha Madara

Sasuke: Like I give a fuck about that.
Kyubi: You're even able to supress my power it seems.
Kyubi. I'll say one more thing..thou...gh....it...may....be my...last...

Kyubi (?) Don't...kill...Naruto...You'll...be....sorry if...you....

Yamato: Gu!


Naruto: Sasuke!

Naruto: Orochimaru's gonna take your body soon, dont you know that?
Sasuke: If that's what happens, that's what happens.

Sasuke: You're still just a kid huh, naruto?
Sasuke: Revenge is my everything. If I get my revenge I coud give a damn what happens to me, I couldn't give a damn what happens to the world.
Sasuke: I'll spell it out for you...Me at this level, even Orochimaru, neither of us could beat Itachi.
Sasuke: But if I give me body to Orochimaru...I can get the power to do that!


Sasuke?) I'll give as many lives as t takes.


Yamato: Ok, enough with the chit-chat. Naruto, Sakura...I didn't want get rough with him right in front of you but...
Yamato: Now the gloves come off.
Sakura: Captain Yamato!
Sasuke: Konoha huh? I'm through playing with you. You guys are finished.

Orochimaru: Stop that Jutsu right there Sasuke kun.
Sasuke: get off!

Kabuto (kabuto fans go wild!) Hey hey! That's no way to talk to your master orochimaru!
Sasuke: I have no reason to stop...
Kabuto: You know what Akatsuki are up to now, right?
Kabuto: We want to leave the destruction of Akatsuki members to these konoha ninja. Even if they only manage to kill 1...
Kabuto: If other Akatsuki members get in the way your revenge might not go smoothly....
Sasuke: What a Pathetic reason.

Kabuto: We could raise your chance of success by say 1% or so, right?
orochimaru: We're leaving.


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#1. by nK ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
#2. by R3sistance ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
Looks like I was right when I previously said sai WOULD survive this arc =P. Anyways, The kyuubi knows of Sasuke's eyes, and knows something sercet about Naruto... or does he know something about sasuke what sasuke does not... Still Sasuke is cursed by his own eyes it would seem.

Anyways thanks for the translation =P. Gives an idea of what's going on now XD.
#3. by Predator (Scientist of Anthropology)
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
Added your translation to RTS thread.

You're great, brucelee. :thumbs
This fast and this good. Get ready for a bunch of gratitudes from the fans. :amuse
#4. by manji ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
thanks for the translation!!!
#5. by jacksprat ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
Thanks so much masta' bruce, darn quick work.
#6. by wilboy ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
wow... nice and quick...!!!GJ
#7. by Vegitto ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
If you'll have a proper translation, I could have an MQ scanlation up in 20 minutes.
#8. by brucelee ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
yeah..not so nice actually. I've been correcting it every 5 mins.....tons of errors. :s[br]Posted on: June 01, 2006, 06:14:22 AM_________________________________________________
Quote by Vegitto :

If you'll have a proper translation, I could have an MQ scanlation up in 20 minutes.

It's almost there.
#9. by UzumakiRoman ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
thanx for translation!!
#10. by Nawulf ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
*making waves* Wooo~ :whoo thank youu~ I was almost blowing my brain up because I didn't know what they said.
#11. by NastyM ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
Uchiha Madara?
#12. by destinator ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
Also to you a big thank you for the translation :)
#13. by R3sistance ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
Quote by NastyM :

Uchiha Madara?

don't think that should really be discussed here but we may have to assume this has something to do with the sercet of the Uchiha Clan that Sasuke read under the main hall of the Uchiha clan...

Still I can see a few changes, hopefully once all the errors are gone it will give a much fuller picture =P.
#14. by Twoshirou ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
Thanks for the translation.
#15. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
Thanks for the quick translation, bruce.
#16. by yeste ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
Thanks a LoT!!!!
#17. by Obidan ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
Thanks for the translation
#18. by Lazzchan ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
Kudos to you for the translation!
#19. by venicia777 ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
quick translation? this is good stuff.
#20. by brucelee ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2006
I made quite a few errors on this one...I would like to blame the speed I did it (i.e. as I read it page by page) but actually it just comes down to the fat that "I'm lacking penis....erm skill" as Sai might say.

PLEASE point out any errors (nihongaeri etc) It's the only way I learn.

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