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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

Naruto 309

Naruto Ch 309 Translation

+ posted by Nihongaeri as translation on Jun 1, 2006 23:03 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 309

Page 1

Number 309: Pillow Talk with Foxy!!
(Number 309: A Talk with the Nine-Tails!!)

Now it's my snake that's bigger. You might even say inhuman.
(Tell him that I wait... Tell him I wait beyond the fringes of humanity.)

Page 2

Frame 1, Text:
And thus the pillow talk begins!!
(And thus the talk begins!!)

Frame 2, Foxy McSpinglebar:
Impressive that you've become able to see me, here inside Naruto... Such would be the power of that accursed Sharingan... and your forsaken ancestry

Frame 5, Sasuke:
Well, it would appear... this isn't the first time you've gazed into eyes such as these... Which would make you...

Page 3

Frame 1, Sasuke:
... the nine-tailed demon fox, no doubt...

Frame 3, Foxy McSpinglebar:
Eyes with such power and chakra even more sinister than my own...

Frame 5, Foxy McSpinglebar:
Not at all unlike what I once saw in a certain Uchiha Madara...

Page 4/5

Frame 3, Sasuke:
Pop goes the weasel, bitch...
(And you expect me to know that person why now?)

Frame 4, Foxy McSpinglebar:
Impossible... That would make you the monkey...
(Unbelievable... to think you'd even be able to suppress my power...)

Frame 6, Foxy McSpinglebar:
... but where is... the... mulberry... bush...
(... I may not see you again... but... I... warn... you...)

Page 6

Frame 1, Foxy McSpinglebar:
Don't... kill... Na... ruto...

Frame 3, Foxy McSpinglebar:
... you'll... end... up... regretting...

Page 7

Frame 2, Naruto:

Page 9

Frame 2, Sai:

Frame 5, Naruto:

Page 10

Frame 1, Naruto:
Why don't you get it!! Your body's going to be stolen by Orochimaru anytime now!!

Frame 5, Sasuke:
If that happens... then it happens

Page 11

Frame 1, Sasuke:
You're still quite the kid... Naruto

Frame 2, Sasuke:
Revenge means everything to me... As long as I can have my revenge, I could care less what happens to me, or the whole world for that matter

Frame 3, Sasuke:
Let me make it clear for you... For both me and Orochimaru, right now, killing Itachi would be impossible

Frame 4, Sasuke:
But if I am able to accomplish my goals through nothing more than offering Orochimaru this body of mine...

Page 12

Frame 1, Sasuke:
... then he can have my life, and my afterlife for that matter

Page 13

Frame 1, Yamato:
That's enough talk... Naruto and Sakura... with you two here... I had hoped not to have to resort to any of my cruder methods...

Frame 2, Yamato:
... but, unfortunately, it's time I get serious...

Frame 3, Sakura:
Captain Yamato...!

Frame 4, Sasuke:
Konoha indeed... I'm through with you...

Frame 5, Sasuke:
Now things end...

Sidebar Preview:
The "Sasuke and Sai" arc finally reaches its conclusion!! What will it be...!?

Page 14

Frame 1, Orochimaru:
Now, now, there's no need to use *that* jutsu... Sasuke-kun

Frame 3, Sasuke:
Remove your hand

Page 15

Frame 1, Kabuto:
There you go again... forgetting exactly *who* it is your talking to...

Frame 2, Sasuke:
... I have no reason to stop

Frame 3, Kabuto:
You know quite well what Akatsuki is up to

Frame 4, Kabuto:
We want to have our guests here from Konoha take care of as many of them as possible... even just one would be fine....

Frame 5, Kabuto:
If the other Akatsuki members get in your way... your plans for revenge could hit a snag, right...?

Frame 6, Sasuke:
... that's quite the pathetic excuse

Page 16

Frame 1, Kabuto:
But surely you'd allow it if it meant increasing the chances of your revenge succeeding by even 1%... right...?

Frame 4, Orochimaru:
It's time we leave, my darlings
(Yes, Orochimaru is this creepy)

Page 17

The long-awaited reunion leaves hopes unfulfilled. The only thing left for Naruto to do is silently reflect on his inability to do anything...

Chapter Preview:
Sasuke is the monkey... but what does that make Naruto!? Next Issue, "The Title"!!
(Sasuke is gone... What of Naruto!? Next Issue, "The Title"!!)

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#1. by destinator ()
Posted on Jun 1, 2006
Hadnt a lot of time to read but it looked really good. Thanks a lot for your translation :)
#2. by brucelee ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2006
Very funny. :)

I enjoyed that.
#3. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2006
Thanks, Nick! Added to the R/T/S. Sorry it took a while.

Edit: Oh, I see. Joke translation XD
#4. by Nihongaeri ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2006
Quote by Gold Knight :
Edit: Oh, I see. Joke translation XDOnly parts, only parts.
#5. by Iwanin ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2006
Quote by Nihongaeri :

Now it's my snake that's bigger. You might even say inhuman.

Laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair when I read this one.

Quote by Nihongaeri :

Frame 4, Sasuke:
Konoha indeed... I'm though with you...

Though I'm thou with thee.

Quote by Nihongaeri :

Chapter Preview:
Sasuke is the monkey... but what does that make Naruto!? Next Issue, "The Title"!!

The kana stain. If Sasuke = "saru", Naruto = "kanashimi"... :smile-big

Yeah, I know... I won't quit my dayjob... :darn
#6. by Yoshitsune ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2006
Just the title of this chapter made me laugh.
I felt like Kyuubi was ranting to Sasuke about living inside Naruto with a title like "pillow-talk"
#7. by Sariachan ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2006
Your translation is the best one even with the jokes parts mixed with the right ones... ^^
#8. by Nihongaeri ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2006
Updated the translation... finally...

And thanks for all the positive comments on the joke lines. I'm glad at least someone finds some degree of please in my perturbed and pathetic sense of humor.

(and thanks for catching the typo also, Pete.)
#9. by hashikei ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2006
thanks for the translation nihongaeri!
It's time we leave, my darlings
(Yes, Orochimaru is this creepy)

w..t..f.......o_O *shudders*
#10. by Anax (Schrödinger's cat)
Posted on Jun 6, 2006
*just read the translation THIS late*

Yeah, I didn't get a scanlation, so I could study the raw a little :grin Thank you for another great translation Nihongaeri! Nice to get a taste of your humour as well (it was reminiscent of Iwa sama's twisted style that I love).

Quote by Iwanin :

Though I'm thou with thee.

Ok, I just speak Greek and English so I probably missed any puns Iwa sama saw (about the size of the snake), but this line came so unexpectedly (had missed the typo both times) that I doubled over laughing! :grin

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