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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 537

Okama in Hell

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 26, 2009 18:03 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 537: Okama in Hell
[Right-hand text: The CD of "Binks' Sake", with lyrics by Oda-sensei, is on sale now, with rave reviews!! Don't miss it!!]
[Left-hand text: The sky makes a nice change from time to time!! It's a fun party with the fun crew!!]

[Insert text: Whoa~!♡]
Flashback!BonClay!Nami: Aahhh... it's so hot in here... // It's like hell or something...!
Flashback!Hannyabal: Guahhh!!! Now that's what I call a hottie~~~~!!! // A healthy, spunky, top-class beauty!♡♡ // But wait a moment...!! Hmm? What about that mad dancing okama... / ...that just defeated all of the other guards...... Huh? / Who exactly...
Flashback!BonClay!Nami: Oh, forget about all that, big guy~! / Just come over here a moment~!♡

Flashback!BonClay!Nami: I'm so drenched with sweat, I can't get these clothes off myself! Could you help me out~~?♡ // Let's just go through here then, shall we~?♡
Flashback!Hannyabal: A - A - As you wish~~~~~~~~~~~~!♡ Here we go~!♡
Flashback!BonClay: Oh, I've got you now~!
Flashback!Hannyabal: Hm?
Hannyabal: (Unforgivable...!! I will never forgive that okama...!!! // Certainly, it's nice that I'll be able to blame this on the Chief... but I can't stand being outwitted like that!!! // ...Also, I want to be Chief.)
[Box: Level Four, Torture Instrument Storage]

[Box: Level Four, the Blazing Floor / Chief Warden's Office]
Magellan: Uuunghh!! // Uuuuuunghhhhhhh! / I used too much poison...!
[Box: Level Two, the Floor of Beasts]
Saldeath: That's right... all the prisoners are back in their cages... // ...but we can't seem to find all the missing keys. / It's a little troublesome...
[Box: Level Three, the Starvation Floor]
Sadi: What do you mean you can't... mmmmmmm~~~!♡ ...find him?!! // Hurry it up!! We need him back in his cell!! / That okama prisoner has to be hiding on this... mmmmm~~~!♡ ...Floor somewhere!!
Guards: Yessir!!

[Box: Time goes by... until finally, Mr. 2 Bon Clay...!]
BonClay: ..................?? / Huh.........??
People: Hey! Finally awake, are you, Nii-chan? // You were out like a log down there! Fancy a drink?!
BonClay: Where am I...?
People: Take a seat! What Floor did you come from?
BonClay: Where is this place?! / Where's Straw-chan?!
People: We have plenty of food!!

People: A toast to the Newkama!!
[TN: Play on "Newcomer" / "okama"]
People: We were watching on the monitors! Man, you guys had a rough ride out there!! // Come, now... do you remember breaking out of prison? // Don't worry, you're still in Impel Down.
BonClay: How can that possibly be?!! Those clothes... and the food... and drink... why... this is like paradise!!! / Yes, I remember now... I was attacked by those wolves... / ...Then just when it all looked hopeless, Straw-chan got up and unleashed some kind of strange power... / ...and I don't remember a thing after that... am I dreaming, then?! / Or did I freeze to death where I lay, and this is... the afterlife...?!!

Inazuma: Dear me... / You're finally awake? You certainly were sleeping soundly. / It must have been nearly ten hours...
BonClay: ?! // Ten hours?! What are you talking about?! Who are you?!!
Inazuma: Oh, my apologies~!♡ // My name is Inazuma. // It was I who found the two of you out there about to freeze to death... / ...and brought you both here...!!
BonClay: "You both"...?!! Then Straw-chan is here as well?!! Where is he?!! / Is he all right?!! / What are you people?! Gaolers?! Where is this place?!!
Inazuma: Calm down, calm down now... // She will explain everything.
BonClay: !
People: Ahh...! The lights are dimming! // It's starting...!! Look, up on stage!
Inazuma: Let's get ourselves seats at the front, yes?
Ivankov: Did you have sweet dreams down there, candy-boy...? // ...Or should I say, Mr. 2......... "Bon-boy"!
BonClay: ...What?? Why do you know my...?

Ivankov: Mmmmmm~! A good morning to you... and velcome! // Now, if you go down... into the drains of Impel Down... and follow a path that shouldn't be there...... / You'll reach this place... this Prisoners' Paradise~~~~~ Ooh!!! // Mmfufu... Ve have everything you could vant, so enjoy your stay!♡ / Ve have drink, ve have veapons, ve have games, and above all... // ...Ve have freedom~~~!
BonClay: !
Ivankov: Mmmmm~~~ That's right, folks, up above, the gaolers are in a tizzy...
BonClay: .........
Ivankov: "Prisoners disappearing!" "Drawn through the gates of Hell!" But I'm afraid they've got it wrong... // 'Cause we're all~~~ // Ri~~~ght HERE!! // Mmmfufu... So you think this is Hell, a land of demons, of "Akuma"...? / No, if anything, this is a land of "OKAMA"! A secret society, hidden from the vorld~! / That's right, dear... velcome to...

Ivankov: ...Impel Down Level Five Point Five! The Secret Prisoners' Flower Garden!!!
[Box: Kamabakka Kingdom / Queen (Retired Number) / Emporio Ivankov]
People: Aaaaaahhhhhh~~!!!! "NEWKAMA LAND!!!!" / Hee-ha~h!!!
BonClay: What's this crazy troupe?!!
People: Aaaah~~! Iva-sama~~~~!!
BonClay: Huh?! "Iva-sama"......?!
Ivankov: ...Wheww... Aahhh... / I think I may have overdone it a little there... // I think I feel anaemia... anaemia... anaemia...
People: Iva-sama, are you all right~~~~?!
Ivankov: ...NOT COMING ON~~~!!!
People: Hahah, "not coming on", she says!! // You had us going there!!

Ivankov: Mmmfufufu... Vel~~~~~KAMA~~~~~~!!! // ...to my glorious "Newkama Land"!! Heee-haaa!!! // Ha! Haha~~~~~~~~~~h!!!
BonClay: ...Don't... don't tell me you're actually... Iva-san...?!
Ivankov: Ohhhhhh, my dearie me!! You already know of little old me?!
People: Hold it, hold it!! Show a little more respect, would you?!! // Damn right! You're talking to the "King Of Newkama", Iva-sama!!
Ivankov: Oh, be silent, candies! Ve can't get all hung up on the little details, can ve?! / It doesn't matter vat you call me! Vat's in a name anyway?! Vhy, you could call me "Poop" if you like...

Ivankov: DON'T CALL ME POOP~~~~~~!!!!
People: So it's NOT okay?!!! // You had us going there!
BonClay: ......So you really are......... the "Miracle Worker"...!!! // The one I have always... looked up to and adored.........!!!
SomeDude: EMPORIO IVANKOV!!! // So I hear you're the Queen of Kamabakka Kingdom, ain't that right......!!! / Fifteen long years ago... my beloved father, proud King of his country, visited your "Kamabakka Kingdom"... // ...and he came back as an okama!!! My country, my family, they were ruined forever...!!! / And I, who was of royal blood, was reduced to a mere pirate!!! // To think that the one upon whom I must exact my revenge was right here before me!! Well, I'll make you pay for what you did to my life, right here and now!!!
Ivankov: Aggh! Agggggggggggggh...! / S... S - S - Stop this madness!!! Parading around a nasty thing like that!! // It's dangerous!! Toooooo dangerous!!! // You'll kill someone...!! Vhy, if I vere to get shot by that, I'd d... I'd d...

Ivankov: I'd... definitely not die!!!
People: Hahah! You wouldn't?!!! // You had us going there!
Ivankov: Mmmmmhhh~~~~~~! // DEATH... // ...VINK!!!

SomeDude: Wha - ?! // GUAAAHHHHH!!! // ......!!!
People: And there it is!! Iva-sama's "simple wink", the Death Wink!!
Ivankov: Mmmmmmfufufu!

BonClay: Y... You can repel a shell with a single wink?!!
SomeDude: !! // W - Waaaghh!!!
Ivankov: Emporio... // Female Hormones!!!
SomeDude: Guaaaahhhhh!!! // Aaghhh!! // No...!! You can't have...!!
Ivankov: Your father vanted to be a voman, did he not...? You should be happy!
SomeDude: Aahhh... // Stop... No... It's... disappearing!!!
Ivankov: Two mothers!! One daughter!! Vat's so wrong with that?! // Enjoy~!!

NotADude: Noooo!! // Aaaahhhhhh!! // Ahhh......!! // Waaaahhhhhhhh!!
Ivankov: Hee-haah!!! Looks like she fled in shame!! She has a long vay to go on the Path of the Newkama!!
BonClay: .........!! A man... became a woman......!! // Truly, this is a "miracle worker"...!! She's the real thing!!
Ivankov: Men, vomen, and okama... let each be vatever he may be!! / Silly little make-believe borders of gender...!! I... nay, VE... / ...have transcended those long ago!!! / Ve are a new and better race!! The NEWKAMAS!!!! // And this is the garden of freedom!!! NEWKAMA LAND!!!

BonClay: "Miracle Worker" Emporio Ivankov!!! // It truly is an honour to meet you!!! // I am glad... so glad...!! Yet... presumptuous though it may seem... I have a request that I must make of you!!!
Ivankov: ?
BonClay: My pal has been fatally poisoned by Magellan's poisons!!! I need you to save him...!!! // The poisoning is so strong that producing an antidote is impossible... and he grows ever closer to his limit...!! If you can save him, then I will do anything!!
Ivankov: ...Vould you happen to be referring to the Strawhat-boy?
BonClay: ?!
Ivankov: Ve are prisoners here, you know... simply because a person is injured... / ...does not mean that ve vill simply heal them out of the kindness of our hearts...!! / Do you not understand... vhy it is that ve saw fit to treat your vounds?
BonClay: ?
Ivankov: It is because the Strawhat-boy of whom you speak asked us so fervently to do so!!
BonClay: What?!! // Straw-chan...?!
Flashback!Luffy: Bon-chan was...... taken out... by the wolves... saving me... / ...You have to help him!!! // *pant* // *pant*

Flashback!Luffy: Please...... // He's my friend...
Flashback!Ivankov: .........
Ivankov: To say a thing like that when he was on the verge of death himself... I was taken aback. / To think that the beautiful flower of Friendship could bloom so brightly even in a place such as this! / Vhy, if I had stood by and done nothing after hearing that, I vould have been no better than a demon in human skin. // Ve began vork healing the Strawhat-boy ten hours ago already!!!
BonClay: Really?!!
Ivankov: However, it is a horrific process... He has been locked up, deep in a cave... // His screams have not stopped once over these ten long hours.........!!! / And it vill take two days more...
BonClay: ?!!
Luffy: Unghhh!! / GUAHHHHHH!!!
[Insert text: He's not going to make it in time for the execution?!]

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#1. by Helltroll ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2009
Thx for the translation! You're one of my favorite One Piece translators ;)
#2. by NaruJunky ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2009
Woot! cnet is in the stage! TY
#3. by mstarsup5 ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2009
Great translation cnet, as always :)
Thanks a lot!
#4. by uekipheonix ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2009
thanks cnet , your my fav and the best OP translator :)
#5. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2009
Thanks~! But after seeing what Ivankov can do.....will Luffy come out a dude after this is all done?
#6. by San ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2009
Thanks~! Nice work again. :)
#7. by silent_koma ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2009
I want scanlate with cnet's translation !!!! Where it is ?!
*crying* >_<
#8. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 27, 2009
Amen to that ~_~
#9. by silent_koma ()
Posted on Mar 27, 2009
I can't understend why they take the FIRST trans & make scan?! Better to wait some time, but to take better translation !!!! (IMO)
Maybe this words not about OP... %))

BIG thanks to you, cnet-sama !!!
#10. by zidane ()
Posted on Mar 28, 2009
Thanks cnet... we always wait, lmao.
#11. by zidane ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2009
After actually reading it while typesetting, I have to thank again,
it was a really great read, nice how you gave Iva this little speech defect,
I tried to find a fitting font for her crazyness :D (ended up with comiccrazy, lol)
#12. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 30, 2009
Mm, well, her speech is pretty goddamn crazy in the original Japanese (there were plenty of idiosyncrasies in there that I could hardly even grasp, let alone begin to render in translation >_<), so I just kind of ended up latching on to her "vata~shi" for "watashi" and running with that =p

(Along with the general okama-ness that puts even Bon-chan to shame, of course >_< I note you're using "her" to refer to her... I seem to have ended up doing the same, but I know a friend of mine has been using "him" exclusively, and to be honest, I'm not even sure which is preferable... proof, I guess, that Iva-san is mindfucking us in general...)

...although, reading back over it now, I noticed I've been a little inconsistent with the "v"-ing. Edited for a more satisfactory result.
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