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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 537

Okama in Hell

+ posted by ulrilra as translation on Mar 26, 2009 14:36 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 537

This translation was made for Franky House, so if you really want to use it for a scanlation, please wait until after Franky House has released their scanlation of the chapter. Franky House will post their scanlation at their New Releases section, located here: http://www.franky-house.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=193

--Page 01 - Page 02--

Bottom Text: Chapter 537 - Okama in Hell

--Page 03--

Nami: Hah...It's so hot here. // It's like hell.

Background text: Wow!♡

Hanyabal: Geh!!! You're smashingly my type!!! // Such young and healthy beauty!♡♡ // But wait...!! Huh? That persistent okama / who knocked out all the jailers...What happened to him? / Just who are you...

Nami: Never mind that, onii-san. / Come over here.

--Page 04--

Nami: I'm all sticky from sweating. Could you help me undress~~? // Could you open this door?♡

Hanyabal: Yes, yes, yes~~~~!♡ Of course!♡

Bon Clay: Gotcha.

Hanyabal: Hn? // I won't forgive him...!! I'll never forgive that okama...!!! // I don't mind letting the Head Warden take responsibility, but I hate getting tricked like this!!! // And I want to become Head Warden.

Box: Level 4 - Weapons Storage.

--Page 05--

Box: Level 4 - Scorching Heat Floor. / Head Warden's Room.

Magelan: Ohh!! // Ohhh~~~!! / I used too much poison!

Box: Level 2 - Wild Beast Floor.

Saldeath: Yeah, the prisoners have been put back in their cells, but... // ...it seems we haven't gotten back all the keys that were stolen. / It's a bit troublesome...

Box: Level 3 - Starvation Floor

Sadie-chan: There's no - Mmmmm~~~♡ - way you can't find him!! // Hurry!! Go and capture him!! / That okama prisoner is definitely on this - Mmmmmm~~~♡ - floor!!

Jailers: Yes!!

--Page 06 - Page 07--

Box: Time Passes. Mr. 2 Bon Clay is...

Bon Clay: ...?? / Eh...??

Pirates: Oh, nii-chan, you've finally woken up? // You slept for a while! Want a drink!? // A toast to New Kama!! // I saw you on the monitor! You've had quite an interesting adventure!!

Bon Clay: What is this place...? // Where is this!? / Where is Straw-chan!?

Pirate: Take a seat. Which floor are you from? // There's plenty of food!!

Pirate2: Do you think you broke out of the prison?

Pirate 3: Don't worry. This is inside Impel Down.

Bon Clay: That's impossible!! You're all wearing normal clothes and eating cuisine and drinking alcohol...Wait, is this paradise!!? / ...That's right, I was...being pursued by wolves... / Straw-chan stood up and saved me with some weird power... / Then I blacked out...So is this a dream!? / Or did I pass on and this is...The afterlife!!?

--Page 08--

Inazuma: Oh my... / You've woken up? You slept well. / For a full ten hours, in fact.

Bon Clay: !? // Ten hours!? What are you saying!? And who are you!?

Inazuma: My name is Inazuma. // Pardon me.♡ // I found you two nearly frozen to death, / and I carried you here...!!

Bon Clay: You said "two"...!! So Straw-chan is here as well!? Where!? / Is he all right!? / Are you all prison guards!?

Inazuma: Calm down... // That person will explain it to you.

Bon Clay: !

Pirate: Oh...! The lights went off!

Pirate2: It's starting...!! On the stage!

Inazuma: Let's go up front.

Ivankof: Did you sleep well, Candy Boy...? // No, Mr. 2....Bon Boy.

Bon Clay: ...What?? Why do you know my...?

--Page 09--

Ivankof: Mmmm~~~Thanks for coming...This place is... // If you go from Impel Down's sewers...through the "road that can't exist", you'll reach it... / The prisoner's...paradise~~~!!! // He he. There's as much as you could ever want.♡ / Liquor, weapons, games, anything and everything... // There's freedom here.

Bon Clay: !

Ivankof: Hnn~~~That's right. The prison guards are all riled up again today.

Bon Clay: ...

Ivankof: "A prisoner disappeared." "He was dragged down into the netherworld." That's what they say. But they're mistaken.

Ivankof: He he he...This place...Is no "makai". He he... / You could call it an OKA "MAKAI". The underworld society, unknown to all... / Welcome...
*Translator's note: "makai" is the world for hell. Ivankof is mixing the words Okama and Makai to make a pun.

--Page 10 - Page 11--

Ivankof: ...to Impel Down Level 5.5, the prisoners' secret flower garden!!! // Ah~~~!!! "New Kama Land"!!! / Heee~~hah!!!

Box: Kamabakka Kingdom Queen (Retired) - Emporio Ivankof.

Bon Clay: What is this perverted troop!?

Pirate: Kyaaah!! Iva-sama~~~!!

Bon Clay: Eh!? Iva-sama...!?

Ivankof: ...Fuh...Ah... / I used a little too much energy... // My...anemia...I'm...I'm...

Pirate: Iva-sama! Are you all right~~~!?

Ivankof: I'm fiiiine!!!

Pirate: So you're fine after all!!

Pirate2: Oh, you got me!!

--Page 12--

Ivankof: Nnnfufufufu! Wel-kama!!! // To my "New Kama Land"!! Heee hah!!! / Hah!!! Haha~~~!!!

Bon Clay: ...Could it be...You're...Iva-san...!?

Ivankof: Oh~~~~~my!! You know of me~~~!?

Pirate: Hold it, hold it!! Saying "Iva-san", that's rude, you know!?

Pirate2: Yeah! Call him "King of New Kama, Iva-sama"!!

Ivankof: Silence, candies. Don't make a fuss over such a small issue. / Such a small issue as how to address me...I don't care what I'm called....You could even call me "crap"...

--Page 13--

Ivankof: I don't want to be called "crap"~~~!!!

Pirate: So you do mind!!!

Pirate2: Oh, you got me!

Bon Clay: ...This person...is the "Miracle Worker"...!!! // The one I've been searching for for so long...!!!

Pirate: Emporio Ivankof!!! // So you're the former queen of Kamabakka Kingdom...!!! / 15 years ago...!! My father, who was the king of a whole country...traveled to "Kamabakka Kingdom"... // And he came back an okama!!! It tore apart both the country and our family...!!! / And I, the son of royalty, became a pirate!!! // For my arch enemy to be here...!! Before I rot away down here, I'm going to settle my score with you!!!

Ivankof: Agah!! Agagagagaga... / Sto...Stop that!! Taking out that weapon...!! // It's dangerous!! Dangerous!!! // I'll die...!! If it hits me, I'll d-...d-...

--Page 14--

Ivankof: I won't die!!!

Pirate: So you won't die!!

Pirate2: Oh, you got me!

Ivankof: Ohh~~~... // "DEATH" // "WINK"!!!

--Page 15--

Pirate: Eh... // Guohhh~~~!!! // ...!!!

Pirate2: ...There it is! Iva-sama's "mere bat of an eye", the "Death Wink"!!

Ivankof: Nnnn~~fufufufu!!

--Page 16--

Bon Clay: Ju-...Just by batting an eyelash, he repelled a cannon ball!?

Pirate: !! // U-Uwah!!!

Ivankof: "Emporio" / "Female Hormones"!!

Pirate: Guahhh~~~!!! // Ahh!! // Bastard...!! Did you...!!

Ivankof: Your father wanted to be a woman...What's wrong with that?

Pirate: Ohh... // Stop! It will...It will disappear!!!

Ivankof: Two mothers!! One daughter!! That should be fine! // Get along with each other!!

--Page 17--

Pirate: Stop!! // Kyaahh~~~!! // I'm...!! // I'm so embarassed!!

Ivankof: Heee hah!!! If you're embarassed, that means you're still a ways off from being a New Kama okama!!

Bon Clay: ...!! A man...became a woman...!! // ...Truly a "Miracle Worker"...!!

Ivankof: A man, a woman, an okama - you should be whatever you like!! / To one living on the "border", like me...no, like us, a vague concept such as "gender" has no meaning! / We transcend gender!!! / We are the new "Man Kind"!! "New Kama"!!! // This is the place of freedom, "New Kama Land"!!!

--Page 18--

Bon Clay: "Miracle Worker", Emporio Ivankof!!! // It's an honor to meet you!!! // It's truly an honor!! I'm overjoyed...This may be rude, but...I have a favor to ask!!!

Ivankof: ?

Bon Clay: My friend was infected with Magellan's poison!! Can you please save him...!? // There's too much poison for any antidote to work...He's at the brink of death...!! If you'll save him, I'll do anything!!

Ivankof: Do you mean the straw hat boy?

Bon Clay: !?

Ivankof: We are prisoners. We're not such good people / that we'll happily help any injured person we find. / Do you understand why your body is healed?

Bon Clay: ?

Ivankof: It's because that straw hat boy begged us to help you.

Bon Clay: Eh!? // Straw-chan...He...!?

Luffy: Bon-chan...tried to save me...and he got hurt by the wolves... / ...Please help him!!! // *Wheeze* // *Wheeze*

--Page 19--

Luffy: Please... // He's my friend.

Ivankof: ... // That's not something one on the brink of death would usually ask. / The flower of friendship is some thing that can bloom even in a prison. / After hearing his request, if I had done nothing I'd have been like an ogre wearing the skin of a human. // The straw hat boy has been undergoing medical treatment for 10 hours now!!!

Bon Clay: Really!?

Luffy: Uwaaaaah~~~!!!

Ivankof: It's pretty rough on him though. We put him in the cave ten hours ago. / And he's been screaming non stop since then...!!! / He still has two more days left of this.

Bon Clay: !?

Luffy: Oeh!! / Uuah~~~!!

Background text: Luffy won't make it in time to save Ace!?

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