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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 542

Another Incident To Be Related

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 14, 2009 18:07 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 542: Another Incident To Be Related

[Insert text: The convoy transporting Ace!!]
Marines: I hear that Impel Down is currently experiencing... // ...an unprecedented riot amongst the prisoners...!! // The primary instigator is... Monkey D Luffy...
Onigumo: ...Take a good look at your final view of the sky.........
Ace: (..................)
Onigumo: For once you are restrained... / ...upon the execution platform... // ...you will never be able to gaze up at it again......... // ...This is Onigumo. // Marinford. / Requesting preparations for the opening of the Gates.

[Box: Marinford, Marine HQ]
Marine: Fleet Admiral Sengoku!!
Sengoku: Any luck?!!
Marine: *pant*... *pant*... There's still no sign of him anywhere!!! // There are only five or so hours left until the execution... / ...Whitebeard could easily appear at any point... this is the worst possible timing...!! / But no matter where we look...
Sengoku: .........
Marine: Royal Shichibukai "Blackbeard" is nowhere to be found!!! // ...There is one other thing...!!
Sengoku: .........
Marine: A single Marine vessel with no deployment authorisation...... // ...has just landed... // ...at Impel Down......!!!
Sengoku: ......?
Marine: It... couldn't be, could it......?!!

[Box: Impel Down, Main Entrance]
Guard: W...!! Wait just one moment!! / We sent no request for reinforcements!! // Due to an emergency situation in progress, there is nobody available to take responsibility! // We are in the process of confirming the situation with Headquarters!!!
Blackbeard: Ah, forget all that. // We're all on the same side here.........
Guard: Nevertheless, as pirates, no matter what the situation, certain procedures are... // ...required for you to... // Huh...? // Ehhh?!
Guards: Aaaaaaghhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~!!!
Blackbeard: No need for all that crap... we're on the Marines' side, we are!
Burgess: Whoooa, this is a gloomy sort of place!! Weeehahah~!!!
Blackbeard: Zehahahahahah...

Transmission: Reporting in!! The crew of the ship on which Blackbeard arrived... / ...are annihilated!!!
Guards: Stop right where you are!!
Blackbeard: !
Guards: ?!!
Blackbeard: Liberation!!!
Transmission: INTRUDER ALERT!!! // Royal Shichibukai Marshall D Teach... / ...and the rest of the Blackbeard Pirates!!!
Guards: Hey!! Hang in there, okay?!! // It's the guards who just vanished...!! // Darkness... // ?! // We were sucked... into the darkness...!!
Transmission: They are proceeding into the gaol with clear hostile intent!!! / Their objective is unknown!!!

Hannyabal: .....................
Guards: Requesting further instruction......... Guahhh!!! / *bzzt* // *zzt*
Hannyabal: (It's over......!! My life... it is over!! No... worse!!! It is just beginning!! This is the beginning... of a miserable life in which I can never become Chief Warden...
Guards: Vice-Chief! // Get a hold of yourself!!
[Box: Main Entrance]
[Above Bubble1: Blackbeard Pirates]
[Bubble: Blackbeard / Auger / Burgess / Doc ! / Lafitte]
[Above Bubble2: Captain Buggy + Prisoners]
[Bubble2: Buggy / Mr. 3]
[Above Bubble3: Straw Hat Luffy + Prisoners]
[Bubble3: Luffy / Crocodile / Jimbei / Ivankov / Inazuma / Mr. 2 / Mr. 1]
Hannyabal: Straw Hat Luffy on Level Four...!! Buggy the Clown on Level Two...!! Shichibukai Blackbeard at the main entrance...!!! // How on Earth.........!!! How do we even begin to deal with this situation......?!!!
Hannyabal: Shall we return to the monitor room and have some snacks?
Guards: Get a hold of yourself!!! We must defend Impel Down!!!
DenDenMushi: Brrrring!
Hannyabal: It's all right for you!!! You're not bearing responsibility for this!!!
Magellan: Hannyabal!! / Can you hear me?!
Hannyabal: ?! // Ahh!! Ch... Chief Magellan, is that you?!! Where are you?!

Magellan: I just finished dealing with the fools who were making a ruckus on Level Two.
Hannyabal: Ehh?!!
Magellan: All exits to this floor have been sealed, and the prisoners will all be beyond saving soon enough.
Hannyabal: ...............!!
Prisoners: Captain Buggy!! The way is blocked by a huge mass of poison!!
Buggy: Damn you, Magellan!!! That's unfair!!!
Mr3: Things aren't looking too good~~~~~~!!!

Magellan: I have no idea why Blackbeard is invading Impel Down... / But I have reluctantly decided... to take a last-resort measure on that front. // We cannot request reinforcements from Marine Headquarters, so we must hold out to the best of our ability with the forces we have. / Send every last unit you have to deal with the situation on Level Four!! // I will be there myself shortly.
Hannyabal: ......!!!
Magellan: You must hold out until then......!!!
Hannyabal: ...............!! // GOOOOOOOOO CHIIIIIEEEEEEEF~~~~~~~~~~!!!! // Hey! Chief!! Chief!! Chief!!
Guards: I think we should just go!

[Box: Level Six, the Eternal Hell]
Shiryuu: Ahhh, I was sick of that cell... / Eternal boredom can make a man want to die. // ...But you'd better not be telling me to work now...
[Box: Impel Down / Head Gaoler / Shiryuu of the Rain]
Shiryuu: ...only to throw me back in a cell later, now. // Magellan.
Magellan: You are a Death Row prisoner on postponed sentence. You get no further chances.
Shiryuu: I see... I'll keep that in mind.
Guard: Your sword, Head Gaoler Shiryuu.
Magellan: I leave Blackbeard to you.

Shiryuu: Roger that.
DenDenMushi: *ka-chunk*...! // Zzzz...
Shiryuu: A blade... it has been quite a while.
Guards: ?! // Aaaaaghhhhhhhhh......
Shiryuu: My apologies......
[Box: Level Four, the Blazing Hell]
Luffy: Crab-chan!! Which way are the stairs to Level Three?!
Inazuma: Left!!

Newkamas: The guards are defeated!!! // The keys are ours!! // Anybody who wants to escape, leave your cells!! // This is your big chance to get out of here!!! Let's all go together!!
Prisoners: Whooooa~! You're letting us outta here?!!! // Aaghh!! Unghh... it's the Bluegori!!! // Guaaaahhhhhh~~~~~~~~!!!

Saldeath: Get them all, Blugori!!
Guards: Chief Guard Saldeath!! Please!! // Send the Blugori to take care of that Okama Queen with the huge head!!
Ivankov: This is not a "huge head"!! This is "Face Growth Hormones"!!!
Saldeath: Blugori!! Get him!!
Ivankov: He~~~ll...!!! // WI~~~~~~NK!!!!
Blugori: ?!!

Blugori: Guuuaaaahhhhh!!!
Guards: Whaaaaaaaat?!! The Blugori forces were defeated with a single blow!!!
Ivankov: Hee-hah!!
Guards: This is ridiculous!!! What is that... thing?!!
Ivankov: Strawhat-boy!!
Luffy: !
Ivankov: You can't just hang around here!! / Just leave the enemies to us! Keep moving forward!! Keep moving upward!! Keep moving onward!! / Go!!
Luffy: Okay... Thanks!!
Newkamas: Aaaaaghhhh~~~~~!!!
Luffy: ?!!

Newkamas: It's the Demon Guards~~~~~!!! // Three of them!!!
Guards: All right!! Reinforcements!! Sadi-chan is here!!!
Jimbei: Luffy-kun - keep moving!! I will go to their aid!! / I have little power to speak of on dry ground, but...
Luffy: Really?! You seem pretty strong!!
Sadi: Now... attack!! Demon Guards!!!
Newkamas: Guaaahhhh!!!
Luffy: !
Newkamas: Gyaaaaahhhhhh!! // Nguaaaahhh!!! // Guaaaahhhhhh!!! // Ngueaah!!!
Crocodile: Powerless fools...

Newkamas: Guaaaaaahhhh!!! It's no good!!! They're too strong!!! // Guns, cannons, none of them do a thing!!! // Heeeelp~~!!! // It's no use fighting them!!! Run!!! // Aaaghhhhh!!! We're all gonna die~~~!!! // They're on a totally different level to the Blugori!!! Run for it!!!
Sadi: Mmmmmm~~~! I can't get enough of those screams~!♡
Newkamas: Guaaaahhhhhhhh!!! // Somebody heeeelp~~~~~!!! // We're all gonna die~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Gear Third!! // Gomu Gomu no... Gigant...
Jimbei: Fishman Karate: Gosenmai-Gawara...
Crocodile: .........
Guards: Get them, Demon Guards~~~~~~~~~!!!
Minokoala: ?

Jimbei: SEIKEN!!!
[TN: "Gosenmai-Gawara Seiken" = "Five-Thousand-Tile Punch"]
Luffy: PISTOL!!!
Crocodile: SABLES!!!!
Minorhinoceros: ......!!!
Minokoala: .........!!!
Minozebra: ......!!!
[Insert text: They didn't stand a chance!!]

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#1. by Cipo ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
Thanks a lot Carlos :]
#2. by uchiha-Kakashi ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
#3. by zidane ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
Thank you cnet >_> intro/outro text ftw...
#4. by Akainu (Magma♥)
Posted on May 14, 2009

page 9: "Guards: I thing we should just go!" is that intentional or just a typing error?
#5. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on May 15, 2009
A typo. Fixed.
#6. by max mahito ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2010
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