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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 542

Yet Another Incident to be Told

+ posted by Svg as translation on May 14, 2009 13:12 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 542

Feel free to use it for scanlations, but please give me credit if you do so.


One Piece 542

Yet Another Incident to be Told


Onigumo: It seems Impel Down is dealing with / An

insurrection of unprecedented scale... !! / The culprit is Monkey D. Luffy...

Take a good look... This is the last you'll ever see of the sky...

When you're in shackles / On top of the gallows / You'll never see the sky again...

This is Onigumo. / Come in, Marinford! / Prepare the gates!


Marinford / Marine Headquarters

Marine: Supreme Commander Sengoku!!

Sengoku: Well, any news?

Marine: Hah... Hah... We can't find him anywhere!!

Ace's execution is in five hours!! / With the possibility of Whitebeard appearing any second now, these are critical hours! / We've searched the whole island /

But Royal Shichibukai Blackbeard is nowhere to be found!!

On an unrelated note... / A battleship with no permission to depart... / Appears to have / Just left for Impel Down... !!!

... I daresay it may be no coincidence... !!!

4. - 5.

Impel Down Main Entrance

Gaolers: P-Please wait!! / We didn't request any backup!! /

It's our duty to deal with the current situation! / We have yet to confirm this with the Headquarters!!

Blackbeard: Like I give a damn. / We're allies, ain't we... ?

Gaoler: Even so, we simply cannot let a pirate enter /The gaol...

Wha- / What is this?!


Blackbeard: C'mon, don't say that... We're on the government's side.

Burgess: Uooo, what a gloomy place this is!!


Blackbeard: Zehahahahaha...


Marines: Reporting in!! The crew of the battleship Blackbeard arrived in / Have been wiped out!!!

Stop right there!!

Blackbeard: Liberation!!!

Marines on the radio: They're intruders!!!

Royal Shichibukai Marshall D. Teach / Blackbeard and his crew!!!

Marines: Hey!! Pull yourself together!!

They're the gaolers that vanished just moments ago!!

Gaoler: Darkness...

We... Were sucked... Into the darkness...!!

Marines on the radio: They are entering the gaol and are obviously hostile!! / We have no idea what their purpose is!!!


Marines: Requesting instructions on... GUWAAA!!! / Bzzt / Click

Hannyabal: It' over... !! / My life is over!! / ... No, wait!! / It's a fresh start!! / My life of darkness as someone who'll never become Chief Warden... / Has just smashingly started!

Gaol: Vice Warden! / Please get a hold of yourself!!

Map (Top to bottom, right to left): Blackbeard Pirates /

Blackbeard / Auger / Burgess / Doc Q / Lafitte

Captain Buggy and prisoners / Buggy / Mr. 3

Straw Hat Luffy and prisoners / Luffy / Crocodile / Jimbei / Ivankov / Inazuma / Mr. 2 / Mr. 1

Main entrance / Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3 / Level 4 / Level 5 / Level 6

Hannyabal: Straw Hat Luffy on Level 4...!! Buggy the Clown

on Level 2... !! Shichibukai Blackbeard at the main entrance!!!

This is crazy... !!! What the hell should I do... ?!

How about we head back to the monitor room and have a snack?

Gaoler: Please, come to your senses!!! We must protect Impel Down!!!

Hannyabal: You're just saying that because it's not your job hanging on the line!!!

Magellan: Hannyabal!! / Can you hear me?

Hannyabal: Oh!! I-Is this Chief Warden Magellan?! Where are you?!


Magellan: I just finished off those idiots rioting on Level 2.

Hannyabal: WHAT?!

Magellan: I seald off the exits, so sooner or later everyone on the floor will fall unconscious.

Prisoner: Captain Buggy!! There's a big lump of poison blocking the exit!!

Buggy: Damn you, Magellan!!! You think this'll hold us off?!

Mr. 3: We have to do something!!


Magellan: I have no clue why Blackbeard attacked us / But if he's unwilling to cooperate... I have no choice but to set my backup plan to motion.

We won't be getting any backup from the Marine Headquarters / So we'll just have to deal with this ourselves. / Keep sending forces to Level 4!! / I'll be heading there, too, and there's no holding back!! / You have to hold out until I arrive... !!!


Yeah! Warden!! Warden!! Warden!!

Gaolers: Let's go, sir!


Level 6 / Eternal Hell

Shiryuu: Man, I sure learned my lesson... / Eternal boredom makes me want to kill myself.

Good thing you're letting me do my job again. / I ain't going back behind bars anymore, right? / Magellan.

Impel Down / Head Gaoler / Shiryuu of the Rain

Magellan: You're on death row, I'm only delaying your sentence. This is your last chance!

Shiryuu: Oh, yeah... I'll be sure to keep that in mind. [[Note: Props go to Aohige_AP for clearing that up.]]

Gaoler: Here is your sword, Head Gaoler Shiryuu, sir!

Magellan: I'll leave Blackbeard to you.


Shiryuu: Understood.

It's been a while since I've used one of these...

Gaolers: GYAAAAAAA...

Shiryuu: Sorry... But I had to test it. [[Literally: Sorry for using you as sword fodder.]]

Level 4 / Blazing Hell

Luffy: Crab-chan!! Where's the staircase leading to Level 3?!

Inazuma: To your left!!


Prisoners: We've destroyed the gaoler's room!!!

Got the keys, too!!!

Candies: Get your ass out of there if you want to escape!!

This is your best chance!! Come with us!!

Prisoners: Uhooo!! Thanks fer lettin' us out!!

Uwa!! Crap, it's the Blugoris!!!



Saldeath: Get them, Blugoris!!

Gaolers: Chief Guard Saldeath!! Please!! / Make the Blugoris take out that Okama Queen who's grown huge!!!

Ivankov: I haven't grovn huge!! I just used Face Grovth Hormones!!!

Saldeath: Get him, Blugoris!!

Ivankov: HELL!!! / VIIIIINK!!!


Gaolers: Uwaaaaa!!!

WHAAAAAT?! He took out the whole Blugori squad with a single attack!!!

Ivankov: HIIIHAAA!!

Gaolers: What's going on?! What the hell is that?!

Ivankov: Strav Hat boy!! / You cannot afford to stop!! / Leave these guys to us! Head forth!! Head up!! / Get going!!

Luffy: Okay, gotcha! Thanks!!

Prisoners: GYAAA!!


Prisoners: It's the Demon Guards!!! / There's three of them!!!

Gaolers: Thank goodness!! Backup has arrived!! It's Sady-chan and her beasts!!!

Jimbei: Let us go, Luffy-kun!! I shall aid you!! / Although I don't amount to much on land.

Luffy: Really? Cause you seem pretty damn strong to me!

Sady-chan: Go, my Demon Guards!!

Prisoners: GUWAAAA!!!


Crocodile: How pathetic.

16. - 17.

Prisoners: GUWAAAA!!! It's no use!!! They're too strong!!!

Guns and cannons are useless against them!!!


Don't fight them, just get the hell out of here!!!

UOOOOO!!! We're all gonna die!!! / They're on a completely different level than the Blugoris!!!

Sady-chan: OHHHH!! I can't have enough of those screams!

Prisoners: GYAAAA!!!

Someone, heeeelp!! / I'm gonna die!!!!

Luffy: Gear 3rd!! / Gomu Gomu no... Giant [[Giganto]]

Jimbei: Fishman Karate, 5000 Tile [[Gyojin Karate Gosen Mai-Gawara]]

Gaolers: Get them, Demon Guards!!!

18. - 19.

Jimbei: PUNCH!!! [[Seiken]]

Luffy: Pistol!!! [[Pisutoru]]

Crocodile: Sables!!!

Gaolers: WHAAAAAA!!!

Sady-chan: GYAAAAA!!!

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#1. by neomaster121 ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
#2. by Red Death ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
There is one page missing here, but aside this the translation is good. Many thanks.
#3. by Svg ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
Oh, damn, I left that out. I'm on it. Thanks for pointing it out.
#4. by Svg ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
Updated with the missing page. Thanks again!
#5. by alazim ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
nice..can't wait
#6. by kokoja ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
nice work man :)
#7. by zidane ()
Posted on May 14, 2009
Thanks a lot... keep it up.

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