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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Naruto 448


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 22, 2009 16:42 | Go to Naruto

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#448: Memento
[Insert text: "I'm not going... to kill you." What does Naruto mean?!]
Naruto: .........
Nagato: You will try believing in that which Jiraiya-sensei believed in... // I see... so that is your answer. // What of us, then...? // Are you saying we should just sit and do nothing, trusting you to bring peace to the world?!
Naruto: .........
Nagato: Don't talk such nonsense! // How could I possibly believe Jiraiya's words at this point?! // True peace does not exist! // As long as we are living in this accursed world, it never will!

Naruto: In that case... I'll just have to lift that curse. // If such a thing as peace exists, then I will seize it myself! / I will never give up!
Nagato: ...... // You... // ......That's...
Konan: ? // Nagato... what's wrong?

Nagato: ...Those words...
Naruto: Yeah, that's right... / I took those words straight out of this book. // The first book that the Ero-sennin ever wrote.
[Book: A Ninja Tale of Pure Guts]
Naruto: With this book, the Ero-sennin was honestly trying to change the world.
Konan: .........
Naruto: And at the end of the book, he's written the name of the apprentice who gave him the inspiration he needed. // Your name... Nagato.
Nagato: !

Nagato: I don't believe it... / Is this coincidence......?
Naruto: And... the name of the book's protagonist... // ...is...
Flashback!Nagato: Sensei.
Flashback!Jiraiya: ? // What's wrong?

Flashback!Nagato: Are you... all right?
Flashback!Jiraiya: Yeah... I've been trying to write a book, but the ideas just aren't coming to me... / So I thought I'd try having a bite to eat, and see if that helps. // So... what's wrong?
Flashback!Nagato: ......... // The things you told me before, about the hatred in this world... // I've been thinking over them as best I can.
Flashback!Jiraiya: ...Oh? / Did you come up with anything useful?
Flashback!Nagato: .........Peace...... / ......I can't work out the best way to achieve it, either... // But...

Flashback!Nagato: One day, I swear I will lift this curse. // If such a thing as peace exists, then I will seize it myself!
Flashback!Jiraiya: .........
Flashback!Nagato: More important than how we achieve it... / ...is the power to believe that we will!
Flashback!Jiraiya: I see... that is quite the idea. // You may just be right about that.

Flashback!Jiraiya: ! // Ahhh!
Flashback!Nagato: ...What is it now?
Flashback!Jiraiya: I think thanks to you, I might be able to write a good book after all! // Let's see! // ...I think the first thing I need to settle on is a name for the hero...
Flashback!Konan: How long are you going to keep crying, Yahiko? We'll see him again someday.
Flashback!Yahiko: ...Aahh... Sensei...

Flashback!Nagato: ...... // !
[Book: A Ninja Tale of Pure Guts // By: Jiraiya]
Flashback!Konan/Yahiko: ?

BadGuy: Ain't it about time you just gave in? // I'm getting tired of this game of hide-and-seek.
NagatoDude: *pant* // *pant* // *pant*

BadGuy: ! // (Smokebombs...!) // !

Someone: Guahh!
NagatoDude: *pant* // *pant*
BadGuy: Give it up.
NagatoDude: Could I just say one thing...?
BadGuy: I don't feel like listenin'... now, eat dirt!!

BadGuy: !
NagatoDude: I'd suggest you give up trying...
BadGuy: ?!
NagatoDude: ...to make me give up.
BadGuy: ! // (A shadow clone...!)

BadGuy: Ugh... / Y... You can defeat me, but another assassin will just attack this village in my place... // Heheheh... // As long as we're living in this same accursed ninja world... there's no such thing... as peace.
NagatoDude: ......... // In that case... // I'll just have to lift that curse. // If such a thing as peace exists, then I will seize it myself! / I will never give up!
BadGuy: ...... // Wh... Who are you...?
NagatoDude: My name is...

Naruto: Naruto!!
Nagato: !
Naruto: That's why this name I bear is a precious memento of the Ero-sennin! // I can't give up... to give up would be to damage that memento forever! // I will become Hokage! // And then, I'll bring peace to the Rain Village as well! // Please, believe in me!

Nagato: .........
Naruto: .........
Flashback!Yahiko: ...You are... the saviours... of this world... // I know... that you... can......
Flashback!Nagato: The power to believe that we will!
Flashback!Naruto: That's why I'm... // going to try believing in what the Ero-sennin believed in.

Nagato: ...... // We are fellow apprentices. / I said before that due to our bond of a common master, we should be able to understand one another. // I only meant it as something of a joke...
Konan: .........
Nagato: ...but there is something about you... // You make me remember how I used to be......

Konan: Nagato...
Nagato: I was unable to believe in Jiraiya. // Or... even in myself... // But... you make me feel that a future may come that follows a different path from that which I walked.
Naruto: !
Nagato: I will try...... believing in you... // Uzumaki Naruto...
[Insert text: Nagato states that he believes in Naruto... what jutsu will he cast...?!!!]

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#1. by kicker of elves ()
Posted on May 22, 2009
Thanks for all your hard work!!!!
#2. by juUnior ()
Posted on May 23, 2009
Big THX Carlos!
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