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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 550

Marine Headquarters

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 16, 2009 06:58 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 550: Marine Headquarters
Short-Term Focused Serial 15: Usopp's I'll-Die-If-I'm-On-My-Own Disease
Vol. 1: The Boin Archepelago: A Forest of Gluttony

[Box: South Blue]
People: Only three hours to go... / You think Whitebeard's shown up yet? // Who knows... // You think he really will appear?! I mean, even Whitebeard must be getting pretty old these days... // Yeah... he hasn't made any kind of big news for years now...
[Box: East Blue]
People: Whitebeard's old news these days, surely? / Like hell Marine HQ could lose to him! // Win or lose...... there are sure to be many deaths... // We should just pray he fails to appear at all. // If the execution simply goes ahead... that's best for everyone.

[Box: North Blue]
People: Whoa, whoa, pops!! I need my drink~~~~!!! // You're telling me to do business on a day like this?!! Away with you!! // If there's still a world to open it in tomorrow, we'll open shop then! // Please, you've gotta sell me some drink at least!! I can't take this without it!!!
[Box: West Blue]
People: Don't think of him as just some old guy. / He hasn't weakened one bit...!! Why, just a year ago... // Just seeing him sitting there doing nothing was enough to make every last one of us... / ...give up on our lives!
[Box: Grand Line]
People: Even the children know it... listen to them sing as they skip that rope...
Children: Old Pirate Whitebeard~!♪ / Scarier than demons~!♪
People: O God above... what is to become of this world...?

[Box: On the isle of Marinford, where Marine Headquarters resides... // ...lies a large city primarily inhabited by the families of Marine soldiers. // Currently, all residents have been recommended to evacuate... // ...and so via monitors on the nearby Shabondy Archipelago... // ...the people stand and watch as the public execution comes ever closer... // Reporters and cameramen from far and wide, too... // ...are gathered here ready to deliver the breaking news to the world as efficiently as possible.]
People: Hey - check it out!! Ace has appeared!!

[Box: Patrol ships are sent forth by the Marines one by one, and one by one, they are sunk... // There has yet to be a confirmed sighting of Whitebeard... and tension in Marinford is on the rise...]
Ace: .........
[Box: ...as the time remaining until the execution... // ...passes the three-hour mark...]

[Box: Grand Line / Marinford / Marine Headquarters]
Marines: Do not let your guards down!!! // No matter what happens, in three hours time...
[Box: Famed Marine soldiers, gathered from around the world...]
Marines: ...this will all be over!!!
[Box: ...around one hundred thousand elite troops in all... // ...await the battle that lies before them...]

[Box: Surrounding the crescent bay and the island as a whole... // ...stand fifty Marine vessels. // Along the coast stand countless heavy cannons... // ...and visible upon the coast, at the very fore of the Marine troops... // ...stand the five twisted pirates who may determine the outcome of this battle... // ...the Royal Shichibukai.]

[Box: ...Meanwhile, at the very rear of the plaza, upon the towering execution platform itself... // ...the central figure of this conflict, Second Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates... // ...Portgas D Ace awaits his fate... // ...and watching sternly over him... / ...stand Marine Headquarters' greatest military force... // ...the three Marine Admirals. // Marine Headquarters Admiral / AOKIJI / (Kuzan) // Marine Headquarters Admiral / AKAINU / (Sakazuki) // Marine Headquarters Admiral / KIZARU / (Borsalino)]

[Box: All the forces of justice imaginable at this moment in time... // ...await the arrival of the Whitebeard Pirates... / ...ready to prevent the retrieval of Ace. // The Tarai Current]
Lufy: Oi~~~, Jimbei!! // They're coming into sight! The Gates of Justice!! Man, that was fast~~~!!
Jimbei: Not as fast as we might have liked... if the wind had been with us, we could have arrived sooner still. / Now then, how do we plan on penetrating those Gates?
Buggy: It's coming, men!!! Coming ever closer!!! Hm?! What exactly is coming, you ask...?!
People: The time when Captain Buggy rules the world!!!
Buggy: You got that right!!!

[Box: Marinford]
Sengoku: Garp... I am going to tell them everything.
Garp: Do as you like... I'll be down below.
Sengoku: Move aside a moment, men.
Marines: Yessir! // Fleet Admiral Sengoku!!
Sengoku: The Den-Den Mushi...
Marines: What's this? // ?

Sengoku: Men, I have something crucial to tell you all. // Something about the true meaning of Portgas D Ace... / ...meeting his end here today.........!!
Smoker: ?
Momonga: .........
Tsuru: The sin rests not with you......
Garp: Bwahahah! You can get awful kind sometimes, can't you, ol' Tsuru-chan!
Sengoku: Ace. / Tell me the name of your father!!
Ace: ! // ........................!!

Ace: My father? // Huh... at a time like this... // My father... / ...is Whitebeard!!
Sengoku: He is not!!!
Ace: Yes, he is!! Whitebeard is my only father!!! I have no other!!!
Sengoku: Back then, we searched as though our lives depended on it. / Searching for the possibility that there existed on that island a child of that man. // Based on nothing but the tiniest of leads from Cipher Pol... / ...we investigated all newborn children, all children who were yet to be born, and all of their mothers, but ultimately found nothing.

Sengoku: Or so we thought... // But out of pure obstinacy, your mother had risked her life... / ...to perform a certain trick with regard to your birth.........!! // And it was this trick that deceived our eyes...... // ...no... the eyes of the world...!! // In the South Blue, there lies an island by the name of Baterilla. // Your mother's name was Portgas D Rouge.

Sengoku: She performed a feat that we could never have hoped to imagine... // ...and out of devotion to her child, bore him in her womb... / ...for a full twenty months!! // And when the birth finally came, her strength all but spent... // ...she left this world as you entered it. // One year and three months from the father's death... / ...a child was born bearing the most accursed blood to be found in this world. / That child is you. // Do not claim you are not aware......!!

Sengoku: Your father is none other... // ...than Pirate King, Gold Roger!!!!
Marines: ?!! // ...............?!! / ...............!!!
Garp: ...............!!
Flashback!Roger: A child who is yet to be born... / ...bears no sin, Garp!! // I leave my child in your hands!
[Insert text: The stunning truth!!]

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#1. by cloneofsnake ()
Posted on Jul 16, 2009
OMFG! Did not see that one coming...

Thanks cnet!
#2. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jul 16, 2009
For bonus points, re-read my translation of Chapter 525!

...Heck, I was shocked at how accurate my translation was, looking back...
#3. by Alabanda ()
Posted on Jul 16, 2009
What a chapter... Thanks cnet!

Now that I read 525 again, it seems Garp had tried to or wanted to tell Ace who his father really is...
#4. by zidane ()
Posted on Jul 16, 2009
thank you very much, cnet
#5. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jul 16, 2009
Quote by Alabanda:
Now that I read 525 again, it seems Garp had tried to or wanted to tell Ace who his father really is...
Hm? I see no reason to doubt that Ace knew who his father was >_<
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