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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 550

The Marine Headquarters

+ posted by Svg as translation on Jul 16, 2009 06:16 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 550

You may use my translation for scanlations, but please give me credit if you do so.

Wow, long chapter. Leaving for my well-earned sleep. Enjoy.


One Piece 550:

The Marine Headquarters

Usopp's "Don't leave me all by myself" sickness vol. 1 [[Note: Literally "I'd die if I were alone" sickness]]

The Bouin islands are a forest of surfeit


Opening line: Anxiety rises...

Box: South Blue

Someone: Just three more hours to go...

I wonder if Whitebeard's appeared yet.

Someone 2: Could be.

Someone 3: You seriously think he will? I know it's Whitebeard we're talkin' about here, but c'mon, he's gotten pretty old.

He hasn't done anything special in quite a few years now...

Box: East Blue

Guy: He's old news now... A pirate of an era long gone.

Besides, have the Marines ever been defeated?!

Guy 2: Doesn't matter if he wins or loses, he's not gonna make it...

It'd be best if he didn't even meddle at all.

Let's hope they'll just go through with the execution...


Box: North Blue

Drunk: Booze, I need booze!! Pops!!!

Barkeep: You want me to run a business on a day like this?! Get out of here!!

I'll open the bar tomorrow if the world's still in one piece.

C'mon man, just gimme a shot of rum!! I can't live without booze!!

Box: West Blue

Pirate: Ya couldn't be wronger if ya think he's just some old geezer.

He's as strong as he was in his prime... !! I gotta tell ya, last year...

When we saw'im with our very own eyes, we thought we were goners...

N' that was just him sitting!!

Box: Grand Line

Woman: Oh, even the children know what's happening, they're singing a song about him while rope skipping.

Kids: Whitebeard, the pirate

He's scarier than a demon

Woman: Oh, Lord, what awaits this world?


Box: On the island of Marinford, home of the Marine Headquarters

There is a huge city where the families of the marines reside.

The current residents have been evacuated.

Cat: Meow

On Sabaody archipelago, people can follow /

The public execution on monitors.

Reporters and cameramen from all over the world are standing ready /

To inform the world of everything that goes on at the execution as fast as possible.

Dude: Hey, look!! Ace is arriving!!


Box: Every single patrol ship the Marines sent has been sunk by Whitebeard /

SFX: GASHAN! [[Sound of impact]]

Box: Whose situation thus remains unknown. Tension rises high in Marinford.

Precisely three hours remain /

Until the execution begins.

6. - 7.

Box: Grand Line / Marinford / The Marine Headquarters

John Giant: No need to be nervous!!!

No matter what happens, there are only three hours left!!

Box: Renowned marines summoned from all over the world /

John Giant: In three hours, it will all be over!!!

Box: Have gathered here, the entire army amounting to /

Around one hundred thousand, waiting for the battle to ensue.

8. - 9.

Box: Fifty battleships surround /

The crescent shaped bay and the island itself.

Countless cannons are lined up along the coast /

While in the foremost row of the troops /

Stand the five villains who might hold the key to the coming battle /

The Royal Shichibukai.

10. - 11.

Box: And on the execution platform towering high above, located at the rear end of the plaza /

The central figure of this incident, commander of the Whitebeard Pirates' Second Division /

Portgas D. Ace awaits his inevitable fate.

Watching over him and protecting the execution platform are the greatest the Marines have to offer /

Marine HQ Admiral / Aokiji (Kuzan)

Marine HQ Admiral / Akainu (Sakazuki)

Marine HQ Admiral / Kizaru (Borsalino)

The three Marine Admirals.


Box: The unthinkable forces of justice line up /

Waiting for Whitebeard to make his move /

Having sworn to prevent Ace's rescue at all costs.

Box: The Tarai Current

Luffy: Heeey, Jimbei!!

I can see the Gates of Justice! Boy was that fast!!

Jimbei: I would say we are running a tad late... If we had had favorable wind, we would have arrived sooner.

Now then, how are we supposed to pass through the gates?

Buggy: It's closin' in, men!! Hm? What is, you ask?!

The day Captain Buggy takes over the world, that's what!!!

Prisoners: Well said!!!


Box: Marinford

SFX: Katsun... Katsun... [[Clomp Clomp]]

Sengoku: Listen, Garp... I am going to tell them everything.

Garp: Do whatever you want, you're my superior anyway.

Sengoku: Leave us.

Marine: Yessir!

Marines: It's Fleet Admiral Sengoku!!

Sengoku: Hand me a dendenmushi...

Marines: What's going on?


Sengoku: Ladies and gentlemen, I have something important to announce /

About why this man's... Portgas D. Ace's death today /

Holds a greater meaning... !!

Tsuru: It isn't your fault...

Garp: Buwahhahha, you women get so sentimental at times like these, Tsuru-chan!

Sengoku: Ace /

Say your father's name!!


Marines: His dad? What's he got to do with this... ?

Ace: My dad /

Is Whitebeard!!

Sengoku: You're wrong!!!

Ace: NO!! It's Whitebeard!!! No one but him!!!

Sengoku: A long time ago, we looked for it so desperately.

We believed that man may have had a child on some island.

Relying on this possibility alone with the little intelligence the Cipher Pol gathered /

We searched in every nook and cranny for either his newborn child or his yet unborn child and its mother, but found nothing.


Sengoku: No wonder we didn't...

Your mother instinctively tricked us with your birth /

Putting her own life at risk... !!

And she deceived us...

No, rather... She deceived the whole world!!!

There is an island called Baterilla in South Blue. [[Mistake edited here]]

Your mother's name is Portgas D. Rouge.


Sengoku: That woman played us, using our own common sense against us /

Wholeheartedly carrying her child /

For twenty whole months!!

And when she finally gave birth to you, exhausted /

She passed away.

The child born with the blood of the greatest evil in history flowing through his veins... /

One year and three months after his father's death /

Was YOU!!

Not like you weren't aware of this all... !!

[[Note: This sentence is very ambiguous, and unfortunately the context doesn't help. It could be: "Not like WE weren't aware", or even "He is someone you know". Totally depends on Oda's intention, there is no indication whatsoever.]]

18. - 19.

Sengoku: Your father is!!!

The Pirate King, Gold Roger!!!

Roger: An unborn child /

Has no sins!! Garp!!

Make sure to take good care of my kid!!

End line: The shocking truth!!

The End

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#1. by fez5705 ()
Posted on Jul 16, 2009
If Ace is the Pirate King's son, then he does not have any blood-relation with Luffy whatsoever.
#2. by takadanama ()
Posted on Jul 16, 2009
woww... so fast~~~~!!! thx
#3. by Franggio ()
Posted on Jul 16, 2009

Now this wasnt really what I was expecting....but how are they all D's related? time to scan the forums for a topic suiting this :D
#4. by Svg ()
Posted on Jul 16, 2009
Wrote West Blue instead of South Blue on page 16. How lame.

Corrected. Need. Sleep.
#5. by zidane ()
Posted on Jul 16, 2009
Thank.you.very.much. <3

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