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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 561

Luffy VS Mihawk

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 22, 2009 15:42 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 561: Luffy VS Mihawk

[Insert text: VS Mihawk!!]
Luffy: *pant* / ...This is no time for me to be fighting a guy as strong as that!!! // *pant* / I'm here to save Ace!!!
Mihawk: !

Luffy: ?!! // Ungh...!
Mihawk: You remain within my range.
People: !!!

Luffy: U... Ughh... He cut me...!! // Hm? // Aaghhh!!! // *pant*... / ............!! / *pant*
Newkamas: Out of the way, Straw Hat!! / We'll stop him for you!!! // Hawkeye! Do you remember us?!! // We once faced you in battle! But we are Newkamas now... far stronger than we once were!!!

Newkamas: !!!! / Ungh!! / Aahh...
Mihawk: I do not recall the face... / ...of every insect I crush!!!
Luffy: Why, you...!! / Gomu Gomu no... / ...Jet... // Baz... // ?!! // ...............!!! // *pant*... That was close...!!! Just now... // ...If I'd stuck my arm out... it would've been sliced off!!
[TN: I guess the fans who are longing for Luffy to intuitively learn how to use Haki are getting their wish xp ...Well, it's not like he'd stand a chance against Mihawk without it... >_<]
Mihawk: You seem... // ...unusually calm...

Luffy: Ahh!!!
People: ! // Eh? // ?!! // The glacier is falling this way!!! // !!!

Crocodile: Join forces with you...?!!
Jos: .........
Crocodile: How arrogant of you to consider yourself on a level with me. / Did you perhaps mean to say "make me your subordinate"?
Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffu!! And there I was thinking you might have got a bit more reasonable...
Crocodile: Would I be here now if I had? // Sables!! // Out of my sight... // ...you damned flamingo!!!

Buggy: Hm?
Convicts: Captain Buggy!!
Buggy: Aaaaghhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~!!!
Mr3: You're getting caught up in other people's battles now?!!!
Mihawk: What now, hm?!!!
Luffy; Ahh!! Waghh!!! // *pant* / *pant*!!!
Mihawk: You are moving further and further from your brother!!!
Luffy: Dammit...!! // Hm?! // Gomu Gomu no...!!
Buggy: Ahh! Thanks for -

Mihawk: !
Buggy: ...The heck was that for, huh?!!! Straw Hat!!!
Luffy: What?! It was him that cut you, not me! // Gomu Gomu no Substitute!!!
Buggy: Stop doing that alreadyyyyyyyyyy!!! // Unforgivable~~~!!! // You... you're "Hawkeye", right?!! // Take this!!! Special Muggy Ball!!! / That'll blast you away!!!

Buggy: Aaaaghhhhhhhh!!!
People: !!! // Captain Buggy?!!
Luffy: Thanks, Buggy!! I'll never forget you!!!
Mihawk: This is far from over.
Marco: Vista!!! Lend him a hand!!
Vista: Roger that! // Leave it to me!!
Mihawk: !!

Mihawk: ...............!! Whitebeard Pirates... // ...Fifth Division Commander, "Floral Blade Vista"...
Vista: A pleasure, Hawkeye Mihawk. // So you've heard of me?
Mihawk: I would be a fool if I had not............
Luffy: All right!!! I got away!! / Who's that old guy?! // Whoever it is, thanks!!
Mihawk: (That is no "skill" or "technique"... but the simple ability to turn those around him into his allies... // I would call that the most dangerous ability... // ...in this entire ocean...!!)
Luffy: Move it!!

[Box: As the execution draws ever closer... // ...a number of shocking truths have come to light. // A massive breakout of over two hundred convicts from the impenetrable gaol of Impel Down... // ...and the notorious prisoners making their sudden appearance on the battlefield... // The spectacle that unfolds hardly appears to be of this world... // ...a true ultimate battle set to change the course of History itself!! // The people of the world can only hold their breath... // ...and watch as the course of their futures is decided here.

Marines: Fleet Admiral! The preparations are complete.
Sengoku: Including the operation on the bay shore?
Marines: Indeed. Everything.
Ace: .........
People: Hm? // It looks like they're making preparations for the execution!
Pirates: Why, of all the......!! // What do they mean to do to Ace?! It's not time for the execution yet!!!
People: Are they going to begin right now?!! // They couldn't... there's still plenty of time left until the announced time!
Sengoku: Cut the Den-Den Mushi visuals!! / It would be troublesome to have the world lose faith in us. // The tragedy that is about to occur would be too much... / ...for the citizens of the world to take in. // There is no need for the world to learn of what is about to happen here.

Luffy: They really are going to execute Ace early!! // A~~~~CE~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Sengoku: In a few hours' time... / ...when the world learns of the outcome... // ...the single word "victory"... / ...will be more than enough.
People: Look! Over on the bay shore!! There's something there!!! // ...............?! // ?!! // Those aren't our allies...!! They must be Marines who've snuck around behind the ice!! // What are they?!!!

Whitebeard: So those are the Government's "Human Weapons"... I had heard rumours...
Luffy: It's those bear guys we saw back at the Shabondy Archipelago!!! // There's so many...!!!
Ivankov: .........!!! K......?? K......!! Kuma~~~?!!
[Box: Approximately one and a half hours after the commencement of battle... // ...the Marines unveiled their master stroke...]
Sentoumaru: Now, all of you!!! // We've waited long enough... it's finally our turn!!!
[Box: This was to rapidly change the flow of battle... sending it hurtling into its final phase!!!]
[Insert text: Kuma?! Kuma?! Kuma?!]

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#1. by luffyq1 ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2009
you guys are the best, thank soo much.
#2. by zidane ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2009
Thank you very much! On it...
#3. by woduhuk ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2009
you made my day.
#4. by ingwe137 ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2009
Thanks a lot )
A couple of small misprints:
p2: This is no time to for me to be fighting...
p10: That'll balst you away!
#5. by Haynes ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2009
w00t Thanks Cnet.
#6. by Shanna ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2009
Thank you very much!
#7. by Ykee ()
Posted on Oct 23, 2009
Great once again.

On page 5 tho, isn't Mihawk saying more something like "You give proof of a surprising self-control" ?
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