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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 575

Wordless Rage

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Feb 18, 2010 09:37 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 575: Wordless Rage

[Insert text: Ace falls...]
Flashback!Ace: Did you know? If you exchange drinks, you can become brothers! // Starting today, we... // ...are brothers!!
Pirates: This can't be happening, right?!! // ......!! / A... / Ace... // ACE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!
People: ......!! Fire Fist Ace is dead!!

Ivankov: Strawhat-boy!!! // (This is terrible!!! He has mentally collapsed!!! He could be killed!!!)
Jimbei: !!! // Hm?!!
Pirates: !!! // It's Akainu!!!
Akainu: This time, it's your turn, Straw Hat!!!

Marco: You will not take this boy's life!!!
People: ?!! // Commander Marco!!
Marco: Get Ace's brother out of here, Jimbei!!
Jimbei: Understood!!!
Marco: That boy's life... is what remains now of Ace's will!!! // We will protect him without fail, in place of Ace!!!
Jimbei: Luffy-kun. Pull yourself together!!!
Marco: If he dies, it will bring shame to the Whitebeard Pirates!!!
Pirates: YEAHHHHHHHHH~~~~!!!
Akainu: I thought I told you already... // ...I'm not letting either of them leave this place!!!

Marines: Akainu-san!!! Watch out!!!
Akainu: Hm?
Whitebeard: ...............!!
Akainu: !!! // ...Ngggghhhhhh...!!! // *cough*
Pirates: Th... The old man's got angry......!! // Everyone get out of here!!!
Akainu: Ngh... // Meigou.
[TN: "Hound of Hades"]
Pirates: Aaaahhh!!! Old man~~~~~~~!!!
Akainu: ?!!!

Peple: Aaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! // ?!! // !!!! // It's crumbling!!! Marine HQ is...... // ...collapsing......!!!
Akainu: *cough* / Damn you... // ...WHITEBEARD~~!!!
Marines: Admiral Sakazuki...!!!

Marines: Aaaghhhh~~~~~~~~~!!
Pirates: Don't let go!! // Grab onto my hand!!! // .................. / *pant* // Old man......!!! / *pant* / *pant* // No way......... // We've been separated from the old man completely!!! // He split the whole plaza in two!!! / With all the pirates on the other side!!! // Old man~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Sengoku: Half his face gone... / ...and still he possesses such power...!!!
Whitebeard: I'm not done yet!!!

Pirates: Old man!!! Ace~~~!!! // There'll be time for grieving when we're out at sea!!! // Hurry up!!! Everyone get on board~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Marines: All available vessels, guard the bay shore!!!
Hancock: Salome! I am so worried about Luffy!
Salome: *hiss*~~~~~~~!!

Marines: Eh?! // Hold on... wha... what the heck is that?!! // There's something lurking behind the HQ building!!!
Giant: Ah. // Dey spotted me.
Marines: Eh?! ...That couldn't be...!! // He's not the only one!! Who's that up there above the execution platform...?!!
Blackbeard: Hah... so you finally noticed.
Sengoku: ......!!! You people...!!! How on Earth did you get here?!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffuffuffuffu!!! Brilliant!! // Now this is a pretty turn of events!!
Whitebeard: You...

People: The Blackbeard Pirates?!!!
Blackbeard: Zehahaha... // ...hahahahah!!! // It's been a while!!! ...It'll be nice to have the chance to witness your death, old man!!!
Whitebeard: Teach......!!!
[Insert text: Blackbeard?!]
[Bottom text: Next week, One Piece will be taking a break. It will return in Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 14.]

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#1. by moonster x ()
Posted on Feb 18, 2010
thank you very much...^.^
#2. by d3death ()
Posted on Feb 19, 2010
thanks a lot!

P.S: So binktopia and mangastream have decided to ignore Cnet. who cares i am ignoring them now. BOYCOTT THEIR SCANS
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