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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

One Piece 466

One Piece 466

+ posted by Iwanin as translation on Aug 3, 2007 16:02 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 466

I'll be adding bold, italics, looking for typos and going over certain lines throughout the weekend, so if anyone's interested in using it for scanlation, be sure to check back periodically for updates.

Page 1.

Enel’s Space Opera, Volume 31: “From the darkness emerges an underground metropolis!”

Chapter 466: The Conclusion to The Duel

Page 2.

Usopp: *Huff*…Let’s review the facts, shall we? You’re visible to the naked eye, but you go through people and walls like nothing…you can fly…

Usopp: You can grown and shrink at will… why, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re not made of flesh and blood at all!

Usopp: But when I think back to when you were running away from me…

Usopp: It’s obvious that, at that point, you were entirely flesh and blood…

Usopp: Conclusion? You’re no more than a ghost created when I lost sight of your real body!

Usopp: That over there, is the real you! The cat’s out of the bag!

Perona’s secret revealed!

Page 3.

Perona: Hmph! And here I was, thinking you were no more than some idiot with a negative outlook on life! Got some courage outta the silly mask, eh?

Perona: Gotta hand it to ya, keeping calm enough to use your head straight…but you’re only 90% right!

Perona: I’m no mere ghost being controlled by my physical self! This is my actual hollow…*

*And now we see that “Hollo” is indeed short for “Hollow.” See, trust ole Iwa. And it most certainly seems to have been taken from Bleach, as nowhere else is “hollow” synonymous with ghost. As to why… Well, seeing as how the kanji for “hollow” indicates emptiness (just like the, um, term hollow), I would assume it’s meant to be taken as “devoid of substance.”

See my translation for the previous chapter, and the following post (the very bottom part)


Perona: My spirit, separated from my real body!

Usopp: No kidding? Well, then, I wonder what would happen…

Usopp: If you ended up with no physical body to go back to…

Page 4.

Usopp: You can bet your stockings that there’s gonna feel my attacks!

Usopp: Ultimate strike! Super explosive star!

Perona: Why you – don’t you dare - !

Perona: That was close! He missed… and the thing didn’t go off, either!

Usopp: *Kuh*…*Huff*…

Usopp: ‘need another shot…

Page 5.

Perona: You’re not getting it! Special Hollow!

Usopp: Oh, man, you gotta be kidding me! You’re telling me this is the macro version…

Usopp: Of the little dudes from before?

Usopp: Woah!

Perona: Take that! You’re not going anywhere near my body!

Usopp: Hold on a second! The mini versions could blow holes into concrete…if one this size blows up…

Usopp: I’ll be literally blown to pieces!

Perona: Struggle all you want – it’s a ghost, it won’t come off!

Page 6.

Perona: Hollow-hollow-hollow! Close, but no cigar, Pinochio!

Perona: When I snap my fingers, your limbs are gonna fly like fireworks!

Usopp: Uh…

Perona; Kamikaze wrap!

Perona: What the – where’d it go!?

Usopp: *Huff*…

Usopp: *Puff*…

Usopp: Well that was close…

Usopp: If you’re asking about the impact from the explosion, it’s inside this shell right here!

Page 7.

Perona: ‘the hell’d you –

Perona: Hey, I can’t move!

Usopp: Oh yeah, about the “super explosion star” thing?

Usopp: I lied! The “sticky star” did what it was supposed to!

Usopp: See, I just needed to make sure you weren’t able to move once you got back to your real body.

Perona: Say what!?

Usopp: And now I can take out your spirit together with your real body!

Perona: Dammit!

Perona: Hm?

Gallant Hippo: So you’re the one who exorcised Captain Kumashi!

Perona: Perfect timing!

Perona: He’s all yours, Gallant Hippo*!

*Note: “Gallant Hippo” is not a liberal translation… although I’m omitting his rank, which is vice-captain, so there you go.

Page 8.

Usopp: IMPACT!

Gallant Hippo: Oh…

Perona: Wha –

Perona: You’re telling me…this guy’s actually strong!?

Usopp: God, that hurts… ‘think I just dislocated my arm…

Perona: Gallant Hippoooo!

Usopp: Ultimate strike! Sparkling darkness star!

Page 9.

Perona: Uwah!

Perona: Kyaaaah!

Perona: Roaches!!!!!

Usopp: (also known as “cockroach star…”)

Perona: Gross, get ‘em off me! I can’t move!

Perona: *Kyah…!* They’re going up my skirt! I can’t take this, I hate roaches! Kumashi, saaaaveee meeeee!

Page 10.

Usopp: You may be scared of roaches… but you gotta lot more to fear… from yours truly!

Usopp: Boy, did you ever underestimate me!

Usopp: Back in East Blue, no man is more feared for his super-human strength!

Perona: Te…ten tons!? Oi...!

Perona: Where’d you get all that strength! Stop it! I can’t even run away as it is!

Perona: You’ll kill me! Oi! I’m begging you to drop the mallet..

Perona; and take the roaches off, while you’re at it!

Usopp: U…so…ppppp….

Perona: I promise I won’t hurt your friends, so please - !

Perona: Forgive me! Please stop!

Usopp: Gol….deeeeennnn….

Perona: Noooo!

Page 11.

Usopp: Pound!

Page 12.

Usopp: You’d think the Mistress of a Haunted Mansion could tell the difference between an actual mallet and a balloon made to look like one…

Usopp: Same goes for the plastic roaches - oh, well!

Usopp: Lemme just say this…

Usopp: You had no idea who you were messing with…when you came at me with negativity and lies for weapons!

Usopp: sleep tight – I’ll see ya tomorrow! Mwahahahah!

Page 14.

Franky: He …. say something just now, the Samurai?

Franky: So… *huff*… what does it… mean?

Brooke: It means…

Brooke: The duel is over…

Brooke: And let me say… I’d never seen a fight such as this!

Page 15.

Brooke: This Samurai fellow…

Brooke: He never bothered to fight me seriously at all!

Page 16.

Hoggback’s laboratory, 5 minutes ago.

Ryuuma: Yohoho!

Ryuuma: You say you intend… to take this Dark Blade, “Shuusui” (autum water)…

Ryuuma: From me?

Zorro: More like, I’ll be picking the sword up from the ground next to your inanimate body, but yeah - something like that.

Ryuuma: Indeed! Quite the feisty one we have here, yohohoho!

Brooke: I… I wouldn’t provoke him, if I were you…

Page 17.

Ryuuma: Might I inquire why you carry three blades?

Zorro: One of them’s broken.

Zorro: It doesn’t feel quite right to just drop it, so I’m carrying it with me.

Zorro: I normally use all three, see.

Ryuuma: Three swords? First time I hear such nonsense! Or perhaps you’re part of a circus? Yohohoho!

Zorro: All I can say is, it’s a real shame you won’t get to see it for yourself...

Zorro: I’ll be breaking what’s left of your nose, and all, you know.

Ryuuma: Shame indeed. You seem fairly strong…I must say I’m starting to feel excitement the likes of which I cannot recall!

Ryuuma: It’s this inexplicable, pulsing anticipation… as if I’m about to face off against a giant, towering creature…I can hardly contain myself!

Page 18.

Ryuuma: Aubade Coup Droit*!

*Oobaado Kuu Doroa. I'm also going with Aldrich's interpretation, which I looks to be correct, the facts at hand considered. Thanks! :)

Side text: Fireworks ensue!

Franky & Brooke: Wooooh!

Franky: ‘he just fire a gun!?

Brooke: It…it’s a thrust…! But…it doesn’t come out that way when I do it!

Page 19.

Franky: Whoa! ‘nearly shit myself just now!

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#1. by bax ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2007
Thanx a lot for the early trans ^^
#2. by Ginny-N ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2007
Arigato ^^!
#3. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2007
Nice translation. Thanks ^_^"

Agreed with Aldrich. After all, the kanji literally means something like the song of the dawn. ^_^"
#4. by Ardus ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2007
Amazing chapter!!! Amazing translation!!! Thanks!!!!
#5. by ginousuke ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2007
Great trans! Thanks!
#6. by natli ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2007
Thanks for the trans!
#7. by natli ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2007
Thanks for the translation!
#8. by skywalker6705 ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2007
Quote by Aldrich;482236:
If it's french I guess it could be Aubade Coup Droit. An aubade is a type of song, like a serenade, and coup droit means right handed strike.

I agree with this. I don't speak french, but after searching laboriously, the phonetic pronunciation of Droit matches with the katakana.
#9. by The Boff ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2007
Dude! absolutely awesome! thanks so very much for doing this!
#10. by MadDog ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2007
Thanks for the nice trans Iwanin.
#11. by studwo ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2007
thats fast?
#12. by Hermie (vs. The World.)
Posted on Aug 4, 2007

Thanks a lot dude! With Touch posting the raw, and Iwanin translating, this is just like the old days. =D
#13. by Aldrich ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2007
Quote by Iwanin;482189:
Ryuuma: Oobaado Kuu Doroa*!

*Ok, I have no idea what language is being butchered through katakana here, but I have a feeling it’s French (and that “kuu” is meant to be “coup” - strike). If anyone can come up with a plausible interpretation, please let me know.

If it's french I guess it could be Aubade Coup Droit. An aubade is a type of song, like a serenade, and coup droit means right handed strike.
#14. by Mugiwara_no_Jack ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2007
@Aldrich: That would fit since Ryuma has Brook's shadow ...

@Iwanin: Nice trans!
#15. by Brede ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2007
Thanks Iwanin...woo, we have a OP Bleach cross-over...
#16. by imintheradio ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2007
yahoo,that's great!!thanks ya!
#17. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2007
Thx u iwanin! ^^
#18. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Aug 5, 2007
Thanks for the translation

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