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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 466

One Piece Chapter 465/466

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Aug 3, 2007 21:59 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 466

Hey, I took a week off. :p I'm gonna put these both in one thread, and split em up later I guess.

Alright, so the mods have altered space-time back to it's natural course.

I am a huge jerk who doesn't finish what he started in a timely fashion anymore :(

Chapter 465

Page 01:
Title: The Pirate Usopp vs Princess Pelona
Subtitle: Enel's Great Space Plan - Volume 30: What sleeps beneath the moon's surface?

Page 02:
BGText: The tables have turned?! Usopp vs Pelona!!
Usopp: Hey! Why are you flying?!!
Pelona: horohorohoro......!!
Usopp: You're pretty bold...!! For a woman who was fleeing just a few seconds ago...
Usopp: Why the change...!!!
Pelona: I was just a bit distracted before is all.
Pelona: I had thought there wasn't anybody who wouldn't be affected by the Negative Ghosts...!!!
Pelona: I have one thing to say to you though......!!

Page 03:
Pelona: There are good things in life.
Usopp: Leave me alone!!!
Usopp: So what if you can fly through the air!!
Usopp: I'm a sniper!! Whether you're flying or dancing, it doesn't make a difference!!
Usopp: Let me explain, you see my new weapon Kabuto
Usopp: In addition to have increased stability and range due to it's five prong design
Usopp: it uses one of the breath dials I acquired on Sky Island to change trajectory at the moment I fire.
Usopp: I can alter the speed and spin of the shot at my will, achieving a Super Pachinko!!
Usopp: Flame, Flash, Impact... as I change between these dials I can achieve even greater distances.
Usopp: There's no running away from this!!!
Usopp: Now then, prepare your...
Usopp: SHE'S GONE!!!
Usopp: Where'd she go?!
Pelona: Horohoro... behind you.

Page 04:
Pelona: Hurry up and shoot me.
Pelona: Horohorohorohoro
Usopp: Dowaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Usopp: Eeeeeeh?!! Wh-wha-...wha!!
Usopp: What the the hell are you!!
Pelona: Horohorohoro...
Usopp: You... Hi-hi- Hissatsu!!! (Sure Kill)
Usopp: Ageha Ryuusei!!! (Swallowtail Butterfly Meteor) *Trans note: "Butterfly Meteor" sounds better I know, but he's specific!*

Page 05:
Usopp: ......!! She's back to her regular size.........!!
Pelona: horohorohorohoro
Usopp: Why you...
Usopp: I'll shoot you down!!!
Usopp: Kamakiri Ryuusei!!! (Mantis Meteor)
Pelona: horohorohoro...

Page 06:
Usopp: eh...
Usopp: Gi...
Usopp: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
Usopp: Your hands...!!! They're sinking into me!!!
Usopp: I've been stabbed!! I've been stabbed barehanded!! I'm done for
Usopp: hah
Usopp: Hey!! Hah...hah...!!! I'm dying!! I'm dying of massive blood loss!!!
Pelona: Dummy, look closer
Pelona: You're not wounded. However, my hand is inside of your chest.

Page 07:
Pelona: Saying that you're about to die was the truth.
Usopp: hah...
Usopp: hah
Pelona: That's because right now I'm going to take your heart
Pelona: and crush it with my bare hands!!!
Usopp: Gehoh... Ooh!! Don't!!!
Usopp: Please stop, I'm really gonna die!!!
Pelona: I'm trying to kill you!!!
Pelona: Now, writhe in agony as you die!!
Usopp: No, stop it please ...hah Stop!!
Usopp: I don't want to.........!!
Usopp: hah......
Usopp: die...

Page 08:
Pelona: I can't do that kinda thing though.
Usopp: It was just a bluff?!!!
Pelona: horohorohorohoro...!! If I could have physically crushed it
Pelona: Then you would have died when my hand went through you.
Usopp: Hah...hah...
Usopp: You almost stopped my heart anyways...!!
Pelona: I only passed my hand
Pelona: through your body.
Usopp: Gyaaaaaaaaah servered head!!!
Pelona: Horohorohorohoro...
Pelona: Even if you can see me quite clearly
Pelona: anything shot at this body
Pelona: will pass right through............!!

Page 09:
Usopp: Hissatsu!! (Sure Kill)
Usopp: Rokuren Mamushi Boshi!!! (Six Chamber Pit-Viper Star)
Pelona: I told you it would pass through me didn't I?
Usopp: Uwaaaah!!! Stop it!!! This.... this is really creepy!!!
Pelona: In other words, your attacks
Pelona: will not hit me.

Page 10:
Usopp: Uwaaaah!!! Why you!!! Get offa me!!!
Usopp: Go that way dammit!!!
Pelona: horohoro...
Usopp: hah...hah...
Pelona: Now then, what will you do? No matter what attack you use it won't affect me.
Usopp: hah...hah...
Usopp: ......Be quiet!!
Usopp: Just now you made that bluff about being able to crush my heart didn't you?
Usopp: You weren't even able to really touch me then!?
Usopp: So if I can't attack you then
Usopp: You can't attack me either... am I wrong?!!
Pelona: Mini Hollow

Page 11:
Pelona: Ghost Wrap *Trans note: Ambiguous, could also be "Rap"
Usopp: ......!!? A... shockwave......?!
Usopp: Ugyaaaaah!! Get offa me!!!
Pelona: Wrap!!!

Page 12:
Usopp: kuh...
Usopp: hah
Usopp: .........why you!!!
Usopp: Hissatsu!! Hinotori boshi!!! (Sure Kill Houou Star) *Trans note: Hinotori is a famous japanese legend. Look up "Houou"
Pelona: Horohorohorohoro
Pelona: damn!!
Usopp: I can't touch her!!!
Usopp: hah
Usopp: hah
Usopp: My side can't attack at all!! How come her side can!!
Usopp: Can a fight really be this dumb?!!!

Page 13:
Pelona: Horohorohorohoro
Usopp: Wha!!!
Usopp: Get out of my way, I can't see where I'm going!!!
Usopp: Fugeh!!
Pelona: horohorohorohoro
Usopp: hah
Usopp: zeh

*The Ghosts in the last panel are the happiest things ever "Group Hug!!!*

Page 14:
Pelona: Ghost Wrap!!
Usopp: What's with this... what's this disgraceful behavior...
Usopp: That woman...!! I though she was even weaker than me...
Usopp: Bear...

Page 15:
Pelona: Be careful... Bearsy's strength is even greater than a real bear!!
Usopp: What's with this...!!! No one in our crew can hit her at all thanks to that ability...!!
Usopp: I even bragged about how I was the only one who could stand and fight...!!!
Usopp: Your strength is no match for this woman!!!
Bearsy: Oh...
Bearsy: Oh...
Usopp: It was supposed to be my turn... after all that I said, I'm down to this... it's no use... it's over... there's no way I can win...!!!
Usopp: If she defeats me, then she'll capture Luffy and the others... the crew will be destroyed.
Usopp: To think that I could save them... it's just too much for me......help me...!!!

Page 16:
Bearsy: OH?!!
Usopp: Help me Sogeking...!!!
Usopp: Tell me!!!
Usopp: What would you do.........?!!
Bearsy: Oooooooooooooh!!!
Sogeking: Tou!!
Pelona: Bearsy!!!
Pelona: You, how dare you do that to my Bearsy!!! And what is that joke of a mask?!!!

Page 17:
Sogeking: ......hah...This isn't a joke!!!
Sogeking: Nice to meet you!! My name is Sogeking!!!
Pelona: How's this not a joke!! You're still the same person!!!
Sogeking(thought): Calm down!!! Stand and fight Usopp-kun!!
Usopp(thought): Be quiet!! It's no use, there's no way that I can win.
Sogeking(thought): That's not true, you're a man that can get things done!!
Usopp(thought): Do you have some kind of reason to believe in that?!!!
Sogeking(thought): No
Usopp(thought): You don't?!!!
Usopp: I'm running!!
Pelona: Why you!! You're gonna run?!!
Pelona: Mini Hollow!!
Sogeking(thought): Listen, think carefully!! There are still many unanswered questions about that woman!!
Usopp(thought): ...it's true that there are... like why she suddenly became so full of confidence!!

Page 18:
Usopp(thought): If my attacks couldn't hit her from the start, then what reason would she have to run...
Usopp(thought): If she was able to fly and pass through walls?
Usopp(thought): But then why did she cry out and run away?
Usopp(thought): ...that's it... while I was busy stopping that bear, while she was out of my sight...!!!
Pelona: Wrap!!!
Usopp(thought): She did something, in that moment!!!
Pelona: Horohorohoro...
Pelona: Now then... I think it's about time I deliver you to Moria-sama.
Usopp: hah...
Usopp: ......hah..................!!
Usopp: ...That's it. I've figured out.........!!!
Usopp: Your trick.........!!!
Usopp: hah...
Pelona: horohorohoro......
Pelona: What? Is this some kind of last request...?
Usopp: There's got to be... some kind of room or something nearby...?!
Pelona: Eh?!
Pelona: Wait! Where are you aiming?!!!
Usopp: .........There is...
Pelona: Oi!!
Pelona: Wait!!!
Usopp: Hissatsu!!! (Sure Kill)
Usopp: Atorasu Suisei!!! (Atlas Comet)
Usopp: I've found it......!!!
Usopp: That's your real body!!!
BGtext: The secret exposed?!

Chapter 466

Page 01:
Title: The Finish
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Plan - Volume 31: A city suspended in the darkness below the surface.

Page 02:
Usopp: You looks like you're flying through the air
Usopp: and you can pass through people and walls
Usopp: and you can even change size at will
Usopp: it's almost as it you really were a ghost!!
Usopp: When I thought of how you ran from me before
Usopp: I knew that you had to have had a physical form then...!!
Usopp: In other words, the you right now was made
Usopp: while I wasn't watching you!!
Usopp: What you were hiding over there is your real body!! You can't fool me anymore.

Page 03:
Pelona: .........Hmph!! ...and I thought you were just a negative idiot
Pelona: maybe you found some courage while you were wearing that mask.
Pelona: For you to actually calm down and use your head surprised me...!! But you're only 90% right.
Pelona: I'm not just another random ghost that my main body manipulates!!
Pelona: I've separated from my body voluntarily
Pelona: and become a free-willed hollow of myself!!
Usopp: So that's how it is...!! So then, if you happened to lose the real body you need to return to
Usopp: just what do you think might happen to you?!!

Page 04:
Usopp: And if I'm shooting that that, don't think my attacks won't hit again!!!
Usopp: Hissatsu Daibakuhatsu Boshi (Sure Kill Giant Explosion Star)
Pelona: Nooo!! Stop!!!
Pelona: ......!!! That was close, it just missed. Was it was a dud!!!
Usopp: Kuh...!!
Usopp: hah
Usopp: One more shot!!

Page 05:
Pelona: You think I'll let you?!! Special Hollow!!!
Usopp: Woah!! This can't seriously be a super sized version
Usopp: of those little ghost before.........?!
Usopp: Owaahaaaaah!!!
Pelona: I've already won!! I won't let you touch my real body.
Usopp: Wa...!! Hey wait a second!! Those things made craters that big when they were Dango sized
Usopp: If one this huge explodes
Usopp: It'll tear me to piece.
Usopp(thought) SFX: POP
Usopp(thought) bg: aaaaaaaaaaaaah
Pelona: Say whatever you like, you can't force it off, it's a ghost.

Page 06:
Pelona: Horohorohoro!! Close weren't you!! Nega-nose!!
Pelona: When I snap my fingers your body will be blown to bit!!
Usopp: Uwoh!!
Pelona: Kamikaze Wrap!!! (Divine Wind Wrap)
Pelona: ......!!? Eh!!? It disappeared!!
Usopp: ...hah
Usopp: hah...
Usopp: ......That was close...!!
Usopp: If you're asking about that blast a second ago, it's inside this shell!!

Page 07:
Pelona: ......!? What the h...!!
Pelona: Huh?!! I can't move......!!!
Usopp: That "Daibakuhatsu Boshi" that you saw me shoot
Usopp: was a lie!! It wasn't a misfire either, that was a Torimochi Boshi!!! (Birdlime Star) *Trans note: Birdlime is a sticky substance used to catch small birds*
Usopp: So though you did return to your real body, you aren't going anywhere!!
Pelona: What did you say?!!
Usopp: And now I can take out that body and hollow all at once!!!
Pelona: Shit...!!!
Pelona: ......hm?
Hippo: You're the one you purified Capitan Bearsy?!!
Pelona: .........great timing......!!
Pelona: Get him!! Vice-Capitan Chivalrous Hippo!! (Gallant Hippo and Gentleman Hippo are also correct)

Page 08:
Usopp: Impact!!!
Hippo: Ooh
Pelona: wha...
Pelona(t): This guy... is really that powerful?!
Usopp(t): Owwwwww!!! My arm is gonna break!!!
Pelona: Chivalrous Hippo
Usopp: Hissatsu (Sure Kill)
Usopp: Kurobikari Boshi!!! (Black Sparking Star)

Page 09:
Pelona: uwah
Pelona: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Usopp: Alias: Cockroach Star!!
Pelona: Roaches!!!
Pelona: Grosssss!! Someone, get 'em off!! Save me
Pelona: they won't go away!!
Pelona: Kyaaaah!! They're inside my clothes!! No!
Pelona: I hate roaches, I'm scared Bearsy!! Uwaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Page 10:
Usopp: So you're afraid of cockroaches as well ...the thing you should be frightened of...
Usopp: Is... me............!!!
Usopp: You have underestimated me long enough...
Pelona: That thing will kill me!! Oi!!!
Pelona: Stop the roaches...!!
Pelona: And stop the hammer!!! And the roaches, and the hammer
Usopp: Usoooooooooooooooop...
Pelona: I promise I won't touch your nakama!!!
Pelona: Please forgive me!! Please stop!!!
Usopp: Golde~~~~n...!!!
Pelona: Noooo!!!

Page 11:
Usopp: Pound!!!

Page 12:
Usopp: The princess of the haunted mansion... passed out
Usopp: because of a balloon... and plastic cockroaches.
Usopp: To challenge me......!!
Usopp: to a fight over negativity and lies was a huge mistake!!!
Usopp: Just sleep there until dawn!!!

Page 13:
No text

Page 14:
Franky: Just now... what did that samurai say...?
Franky: I mean......
Franky: hah
Franky: what just happened?
Brook: .........In short......!!
Brook: hah
Brook: this seems to be the finish.........!!!
Brook: This is the first time... I've witnessed a fight like this.

Page 15:
Brook: That samurai... he wasn't
Brook: being serious with me at all...!!!

Page 16:
Box: 5 Minutes Ago Hogback's Research Room
Ryuuma: Yohohohoho
Ryuuma: You say
Ryuuma: that you will steal this dark blade
Ryuuma: "Shuusui" from me?! (Autumn Water)
Zoro: Actually... I meant that I would be taking that katana from where it fell next to your corpse.
Zoro: Something like that.
Ryuuma: Ah, I see...!! That's quite a statment, Yohohoho!!
Brook: ......ah...you'd better not provoke......!!

Page 17:
Ryuuma: You seem to carry three swords.
Zoro: One of them is broken.
Zoro: It doesn't feel right to just throw it away
Zoro: Because I'm a Santouruu swordsman.
Ryuuma: That's something I haven't heard of!!
Ryuuma: Are you a performer? Yohohoho
Zoro: It's a shame I can't really show you,
Zoro: as I'll be breaking that short nose of your's.
Ryuuma: A shame indeed. You seem strong........ Somehow
Ryuuma: there's a feeling welling up in me that I'm unfamiliar with.
Ryuuma: It's as if I were confronting some enormous beast...
Ryuuma: Such a strange sensation, it's very exciting...!!! My body is just aching to start.

Page 18:
Brook: Dowaah that scared me!!!

Page 19:
Ryuuma: Aubade Coup Droit (Dawn Serenade Direct Stike) *Trans Note: I do not speak French. After researching it for a while, the phonetic pronunciation is of Droit is "doruwah" which roughly matched the katakana. Iwanin gets credit for identifying this as a fencing term*
Zoro: Uwoooooh!!
Franky: A pistol?!!
Brook: A th...!! A thrust.
Brook: I've used that technique, but it''s never resulted in that!!!

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#1. by Aly ()
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thanks for the hard work skywalker ^_^
#2. by skywalker6705 ()
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Right back at you for your dedication!
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Quote by skywalker6705;483021:
Right back at you for your dedication!
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I think he means your effort on scanlating Aly :)

And thanx a lot sky ^^

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