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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 577

"Major Events Piling Up One After Another"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Mar 29, 2010 03:04 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 577 - "Major Events Piling Up One After Another"

1: Monumental news that spread around the world in the blink of an eye.
white: The tragedy continues...
2: The "Whitebeard Pirates" failed to rescue Ace, and their captain, "Whitebeard," died--
3: After setting their eyes on this historical event, which would surely be repeated on to
kin in the generations to come,
4: all who had watched the spectacle...now,
5: could only but
6: swallow their breath.
7: So you kicked the bucket, huh...Whitebeard.

1: 72 years old at the age of his death, the man who once crossed the seas with the "Pirate
2(2b): The "Great Pirate" Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates, Edward Newgate, also known as
3: in the outburst that occurred on the Marine Ford Beach,
4(2b): The Whitebeard Pirates vs. the Marine HQ & Shichibukai Allaiance,
5: at the climax of the battle,
6: died.

1(2b): Don't just stand around!! Get on the boat!!! Have you forgotten the final Captain's
2: Jinbei!! Get Ace's brother over here quick!!
3: Alright!!
4: Haa...haa...heheheh!!
5: Let's get this party started!!

1: He's going to try something else now!!
2: Teach, that bastard...!!!
3: What is he gonna do to the old man now that he's dead...?!
4: Zehahahahaha...
5: This is gonna be the best show you sorry bastards are ever gonna see!
6(2b): What's that black cloth?! "Blackbeard" and "Whitebeard" are inside it...!!
7: What the hell are you fiends up to?!?!
8: Hohoho!
9: Please wait a moment...and no entry, please.
10: How exciting!!
11: If he fails, are we gonna split up...?

1: Captain Buggy!! Where are you going!!?
2(2b): I'm running away, you idiots! Goddammit!! Now I can't take Whitebeard's head!!!
3: There's no way...!!! I'm too scared to even get close!!
4(2b): Go ahead and think I'm a coward if you want!!! I've had it with all you
5: That was so scarrrryyyy!!! Whitebeard is scaryyyyy!!! Climaxes are scaryyyyy!!!
6(2b): He's crying...Captain Buggy...oh, I get it! "Today's enemy is tomorrow's friend!"
7: At some point, you felt a "man's compassion"
8: for your rival, "Whitebeard!!" And you could've taken his head, too!! And now...!!
You're going to leave without even making a single excuse...!!!
9: Wait!!! Take us with youuu!!! Our beloved Captain Buggyyyyyyyy!!!
10: botoh!
11: Captaiiiiin!!
12: jiiiiih
13: Hurry to the oceaaaaan!!

1: Haa...Luffy-kun...!!!
2(2b): Hang in there...!!! We need you alive!!! Haa...
3: ...in this world, in which Ace is no longer present...tomorrow, and the day beyond
4: Fire!!!
5: You must...stay strong!!
6: You must live!!!
7: Haa
8: Haa...haa...
9: Jinbei...
10: ...if I die like this,
11: I'm really sorry, but...please take care of my brother.
12(2b): Let me just say this, Ace-san...don't overestimate me...I'm not much of a people
13(2b): He may be your brother...but in the world of pirates, I don't lend a hand, nor do I
protect men that I don't take interest in.

1: Jinebi, over here!!!
2: Alright!
3: Nnn!!?
4: Oh shit!!
5: The sea's been frozen!!!
6: Hurry up and do something!!!
7: tip tap
8: We can't shove off like this!!
9: Stop "Aokiji!!!"

1; Eh
2: bokoboko!
3(2b): The minute I said "I'm not letting them get away"...it means you need to abandon the
idea that he's going to survive, shit-for-brains...
4: Akainu!!! Haven't you bit the dust yet?!?!
5: Did he melt the ground and come around that way?!?!

1: --hand over Dragon's son...!!
2: Jinbei!
3: ...I cannot do that.
4(2b): --I have decided to protect this man if it costs my life.
5: --well then...
6: I won't ask you again...!!!

1: Protect Ace's brother!!!
2: Ace's family is our family!!!
3: Scooooooch it, Jinbei!!!
4: I'm not letting ANYONE lay a finger on my Strawboooooy!!!
5: "Heeeeeeell"
6: "WINK"!!!

1: Blackbeard's come out!!
2: What in the world was he doing...?!
3: "Whitebeard" looks absolutely the same!!
4: And so does "Blackbeard"...
5: Marines...I'm gonna show
6: you what my "power" really is.
7: Which means you will once again become my enemies...
8: Zehaha...
9: And...!!
10: Eh...

1: "Black Hole"!!!
2(2b): Uu!!! What!!?
3: This is the power!!! Of my "Yami-Yami Fruit!"
4: Uwaaah!
5: ...that stance...

1: Uwahhh!!
2: ...eh...
3: That's the...!! "Gura-Gura Fruit"'s power!
4: H...he took "Whitebeard"'s ability after he died...!! How is he using it!!?
5: Zehahahaha!
6: Wheeeee! Hahaaaaa! You did it, Captaiiiin!!
7: The old man's earthquake ability!!?

1: Uwaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!
2: What the hells is the meaning of this?! Teach!!!
3: Hoho
4(2b): Zehahaha!! The "Affinity of Darkness," which returns everything to nothing! And the
"Power of Earthquakes," which destroys all!!!
5: Now that they are both mine, I'm invincible!!!
6: ...I truly am the "strongest"!!!

1(2b): I have no idea what he just did...but he stole "Whitebeard"'s ability...!!!
2: How could he do that!??
3: That means...the threat of the "Gura-Gura Fruit"...isn't gone...!!!
4: But...having two Devil's Fruit abilities was supposed to be impossible...
5(6b): For "normal humans"...that's absolutely the case. But as you all know, Teach is a
little different...!!
6: The makeup of his body is..."atypical!!" --is that what made this happen...!!?
7(2b): Hey...did ya see that, bastards?! Zehahahahaha...!!
8(3b): ...go on and tell the world...!!! Every single one of those boring, peace-loving
commoners!! Marines!!!! The World Government!!!
9: Are we seeing a nightmare...?
10: And...pirates!!! The future of this world has been decided...Zehahahaha...!! That's
right, from this point forward!!

1: it's my
2: aaaaaaage!!!

white: A nightmare...

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