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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 580

"End of the War"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 13, 2010 22:26 | Go to One Piece

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 580 - "End of the War"

1(2b): Red-Hair!!? That's the man who pulled Luffy onto the path to become a pirate!
white: An unexpected arrival!!
2: It's the Red-Hair Piraaaaaates!!!
3: The skirmish with another of the "Four Emperors," Kaidou, just happened yesterday!
4: And he's already here...!!?

1: Buggy!!
2: Nnn!!?
3: Give that to Luffy!!
4: "Straw Hat!!?"
5: I have a treasure map I want to give you, by the way.
6: Seriously, man?! Hold on, I'll give it to him right now!
7: Boss!
8: This is the first time you've seen Luffy in 10 years! You sure it's alright now to see him!?
9: See him...yes, I'd love to...
10: I'm entrusting this hat
11: to you.

1: Captain! I know it's rare to see one of the "Four Emperors," but hurry up and close the door!!
2: Yeah...hold on, something's flying toward us!
3: But...
4: I promise to come back for it someday.
5: Now grow up to become a great pirate, you hear?
6: if I see him now,
7: it'll be breaking
8: the promise, right, Luffy?

1: "Red-Hair," you son of a bitch...!!! Get Dragon's son...!!!
2: "Ice Age"!!!
3: zaboon!!
4: They're aiming for the submarine!! The surface of the sea is freezing!!!
5: Uwaah
6: Watch out!!!

1: Aw damn...
2: Still intending to fight, are you...
3: "Yasakani no Magatama" (*t/l note: The Yasakani no Magatama is a curved bead that stands for benevolence, and is one of the three items used in the ceremony of imperial ascension. --taken from wiki)
4: It's gonna hiiiit!! Full speed ahead!!!
5: To the sea floor!!!
6: sutan!

1: Uwaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!
2: Dammit...they won't give up, to the very end!!
3: ...!! The sub wasn't hit, was it...
4: Ace's younger brotherrrrr!! Jinbei!!!
5(3b): --if they're still alive after that...then we'll just have to call them lucky and give things up for noooow...!!
6: Hurry!! Chase the submarine!!
7(2b): Chase them? But they're at the bottom of the sea! If they really dodged the Admiral's attack right now, that'll just be...!!
8: No...they're definitely still alive...!!

1(2b): Listen up! Report to the army that we "Shichibukai" absolutely must chase down and finish off "Straw Hat Luffy" at all costs!!
2: Y-yes ma'am
3: But I have no idea how or in what direction to chase them...!!
4: Just keep going!!
5: Yes ma'am!! You're crazy, but beautiful...
6: You lied about the treasure map!? Goddammit!!!
7: It was just something I said on the spur of the moment -- Buggy -- it's been a while.
8(2b): Been a while my ass!! Don't forget that I already even bear a grudge against you, Shanks!!! How dare you use me for free!!
9: ...did you see that?
10: ...we did.
11: Showing that attitude to one of the "Four Emperors," Red-Hair...!!
12: Captain Buggy...!! We will follow you
13: for life...!!

1: --hold on a second here...if I stick with these guys, I'll be able to get off this island safely, right!!?
2: Red-Hair...!!!
3: Marco...don't encourage this battle any longer. Just quietly withdraw.
4: Hawk Eye!! Where are you going?!
5: I consented to warring against "Whitebeard,"
6: but "Red-Hair" is outside the scope of our agreement...
7: --if any more than this is sought for,
8: pointless damage for both sides will only increase...!!!
9: If there are any guys out there who still want to go wild,

1: then bring it on...!!!
2: We'll take care of every single one of you!!!
3: Well, Teach...!? --No..."Blackbeard!"
4: zuki...
5(2b): ...Zehahaha! I'll take a raincheck on that...!! I got what I wanted, and besides,
6: --it's still too early for our battle to happen...!!!
7: Zehahaha...let's go, you bastards!!

1(2b): I am going to have you all, right here,
2: save face for me.

1(2b): "Whitebeard," "Ace"...you will leave the mourning of these two to us.
2(2b): The footage of this war was broadcasted to the world...!! I will not allow anymore conduct that exposes their death to happen!!
3: The war...!!

Bottom note: One Piece goes on break next week, and returns in Jump #20.

1: What!!? But exposing their heads will increase the cry of victory for we Marines!
2: that doesn't matter!!
3: Fleet Admiral...!?
4: Fine...Red-Hair...I'll take responsibility for this.
5: I apologize.
6: Hurry and tend to the wounded...!!
7: is finished!!!
8(2b): --And thus, the greatest war since the beginning of the "Great Age of Pirates," the "War on the Summit of Marine Ford" closed its curtains here--and was carved deeply into history--
white: The wounds are deep--

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