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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 586

A Fetid Town

+ posted by molokidan as translation on May 27, 2010 02:19 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 586

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tl by molokidan

Chapter 586 - "A Fetid Town"

1(2b): Getting born a Noble isn't something one can achieve from any kind of hard work! The
only way is to get born under a blessed star...!!
white: Sabo is a Noble--
2(2b): If I could, I'd love to switch places...I wanted to be born a Noble!
3(3b): So one out of those 3 infamous brats...was a Noble, huh...to think you'd come all
the way down from the [High Town] just to make fun of "Trash Mountain"...you two were
probably scorned right down to your innermost hearts.
4: Like hell we were!!! Sabo isn't that kind of guy!!!
5: That's right!! We're all brothers!!!
6(2b): ...fufufu, oh really? Well excuse me...however...there's no way you two will ever
get close to him again...
7(2b): If you plan on it, then I'll have to just slit both your throats on the spot right
here. If you really think you're brothers...then you'll leave him alone, for his sake...

1: --But Sabo hated the [High Town]!!
2: Just forget about him. That's what being kind means...once you become an adult, you'll
3: I owe you two one for the Polschemi incident...
4(2b): But I don't care about that anymore--in fact, I like strong guys. And age doesn't
matter. Right now...I need more hands. You wanna help me out in my work?
5: --This is a map of this "Trash Mountain," the Grey Terminal.
6: Leave the cargo at the X points -- that's all there is to it.
7: ...this is no fun without Sabo!
8(2b): Bear it!! I feel the same way...!! --But I don't know what real happiness is to
9: Let's just watch and see what happens. he's strong!! If he really doesn't like where
he's going, then he'll definitely come back!

Goa Kingdom: [High Town] Checkpoint--
1(2b): ...I can't say...but it isn't...Ace and Luffy's faults...
2: What do you mean you can't tell the "truth!!?"
3: Don't tell me they've done something to you to keep you from spilling any information
that might be problematic to them!!?
4: They aren't that kind of people!!!
5(2b): If he has previous offenses on record...it could cause problems for the reputation
of your family here in the High Town, so...you won't be allowed into the [High Town],
6(2b): You were instigated by those two into taking part in violent crimes against your
will...isn't that right? Sabo!!

1: Sabo...the lives of your two friends in that trash mountain are currently in the palms
of the hands of pirates, one of my batons of command. If they're that important to
you...then think carefully about what you want to do.
2: You're a smart child. You should be able to answer instantly.
3: Now we're
4: brothers!!
5: ...but you promised that you wouldn't do anything to them!!
6: That's why I came back here...!!
7(2b): Sins are sins. The three of us...acted out of our own wills...!!
8(2b): --Unbelievable. The sorrow of having such a foolish child...you'll understand, won't
9: Ohhh.
10: I am grateful for all your sacrifice, sir...
11: I will do something about the paperwork...!!

1: Now, Sabo, enter your own home for the first time in a while.
2: Welcome home, Master.
3(2b): Ahh! Don't step inside with that filthy body! Wash yourself off once in the garden
and sterilize yourself. Then it's off to the bath.
4: I'm so glad you're safe, Young Master.
5: Now, off to wash up.
6(2b): Oh my!! Sabo!! So you've come home! Ah...it smells a bit here.
7: You've grown so much! Hohoho!! Now, Stelly!! Say hello to your big brother!
8: Nice to meet you, big brother!!
9(2b): My name is Stelly. I'm 8 years old. I've heard so much about you...
10: ...who are you?

1(2b): An "adopted child"...!! Obviously an excellent one from a line of Nobles.
2(3b): But, well...due to some circumstances, his parents abdicated their child-rearing
responsibilities...but since he has good prospects for the future, we took him in...that
way, even if you fail somewhere along in your life...ahh!
3: Ahh, I spoke a little bit too much, didn't I...?!
4: Hey, big brother!
5: So I hear you're an idiot? ...fufufu
6: Mother and Father said so many things like that when you weren't around...
7(2b): --but bad luck is strong, isn't it...tomorrow night is "Flammable Trash Day"...!! If
you were still there at that time, you'd die!
8: Personally, though, I didn't want the real son of this family to come back in the first
9: Wahhh!! Wh-wh-wh...what are you doing, human trash!! You stink!! Don't come near me!!
10: ...what did you say just now...?! What's going on? Tell me everything!!!

1: The "Grey Terminal" is going to be set on fire!!?
2(2b): --that's right! You were there, so of course you wouldn't know...it's been decided
for months now...!!
3(2b): Do you know about the World Government's [Inspection Unit] going around East Blue?
They'll finally be coming to the [Goa Kingdom] three days from now.
4(2b): And this time, there will be World Nobles riding on the ship...the "Celestial Dragons," so
everyone's having a fit. So in order to try and get their feet even a little bit in the
door, the Royals have decided to burn up all the "filth" in this kingdom!!
5: If it wasn't for that trash mountain, this kingdom would be beautiful!
6: What are you talking about?! There's no way they could do something like that!!
7(2b): There are tons of humans living there!! They'll lose their homes...!! Everyone's
living off the life resources they found on "Trash Mountain!!!"

1: ...let me go!! ...didn't you listen to what I said?
2: I said they're going to burn
3: ALL the filth in this kingdom.
4: ...!!? Humans too!!?
5(2b): Hey!!! Wh...where are you going?! What floor do you think this...is...?!?!
6: Big brother!! Hey!!
7: ...I...didn't see anything!!
8: Is tomorrow's plan perfect? There are to be no deficiencies!!
9: Everything's perfect on our end, but...the problem is those pirates. We've got to make
sure they burn up all the trash properly.
10: They should be placing the oil and gunpowder in the proper plans on Trash Mountain
about now...
11: So Bluejam's involved too...!!
12: It's true...!!!
13: That ridiculous story...!!!

1(2b): I wonder...what Sabo's up to...
2(2b): ...shut up and go to sleep!! We promised to temporarily forget about him, remember?
This may be his happiness...
3: chirp chirp
4: Why, good morning!
5(2b): Good morning, Sabo-kun! You're the big brother the genius Stelly-kun, aren't you?
Nice to meet you! I'm your home tutor--
6: It's as if nothing's changed...does everyone really not know about this?! Things are
going so normal, it makes everything I heard last night seem like a lie...
7: Are you listening, Sabo-kun?

1: Wind sure is strong today...
2: Indeed, [Your Majesty.]
3: May be easy for accidents to happen as well. Be careful of fires.
4: Absolutely, Your Majesty.
5(2b): Sabo isn't within the manor!!? That good-for-nothing son...!! Search!! All of High
6: He can't get out of [High Town] that easily!!!
7: A fire tonight on "Trash Mountain?"
8: I know about it, but so what? Which family are you from?
9: He knows...!!?
10: So you've come, my little worker bees...
11(2b): the big job's tonight. I'll tell you about the details later.

1(2b): Yeah...I know about the fire, but...--everyone's supposed to keep quiet about it.
2: If news of it were to slip out to anyone besides those of [High Town]....
3: We're special, you know. If you're the son of a noble, then you should understand...
4: Waaaaaahhh!!!
5: Hey, you!
6: Over there! Is that him?!
7: The boy that ran away from home!!
8: Ace...!! Luffy...!!! This town's gone insane...!!! Even knowing that people are going to
die, they eat...!! They tell me to study!
9: Escape from Trash Mountain!!! Tonight, the people of this country...!!! Plan to
incinerate all the kingdom's filth!!!
10: Eh!!?

1(2b): --Burn down "Trash Mountain!!?" Why would you do something like that?!
2: You idiots, don't shout so loudly...the "Trash Mountain" guys'll overhear!
3: Oh crap! We gotta let the people over at Trash Mountain know right away!! This man
really is a bad guy after all!!!
*Written on Ace's shirt is "TSUJIGIRI," which is an act in which one, traditionally a
samurai, kills a passerby in order to try out a new sword.
4: I told you not to make noise, now didn't I? ...hey, keep 'em down!! ...don't think I'm
the wire puller here.
5: What you guys have been transporting yesterday and today is oil and gunpowder. A fire so
big no human could outrun it is going to occur.
6: I guess even punks as bad as you two are quakin' in your boots, eh...?
7: But now that you know about our little plan...there's no way we can let you go alive.
8(2b): Before the fire...there's one thing I want to ask...--c'mon, you little brats...you
stockpiled all your loot somewhere, didn't you?

1: Late that night--
2: Woof!! Woof woof!!
3: [Edge Town]--
4: Woof woof woof!!
5: Hey...look at that! Something's up with "Trash Mountain!!"
6: Is it burning...?!
7: Mt. Colbo--
8: The northern sky...look!!
9: Booooossss!! Boss, please take a look!
10: Is that toward the town...?!
11: ...no, it's in front of the town...!!!
12: It's the "Grey Terminal"...!! On fire!!
13: "Town Centre"--
14: Hey, what's happening?! It's like...a mountain fire!!!
15: If that super-humid trash mountain burns...
16: It'll be like nothing we've ever seen before...!!

1: It's very dangerous, so please evacuate from [Edge Town]!!
2: All citizens, please head into the [Centre Town]!!!
3: Please leave human rescue and firefighting to the Royal Army!!
4: Hahaha!! This is the best game there is!!
5: Everyone, wake up!!! Ruuuun!!!
6: Flames are coming from every which way!!!
7: Stay here and you're a goner!!!
8: Abandon your houses and ruuuuun!!!
9: Putting this fire out is impossibllllle!!!
10: The beach is no good!!!
11: The entrance to the forest is also smothered in flames!!!
12: Where should we go!!? ...there's no place to ruuuuun!!!

1: Burn up all the trash in sight, you bastards!!! Hahaha! Once this job is over, the dream
I've been seeing for years will finally come true!!!
2: We'll receive titles from the King, become Nobles, and live in the "High Town!!!"
3: Gyahahahahaha
4(2b): --looks like it's getting a little too dangerous for even us to stay any
longer...we're heading back to the Great Gate. Those soldier assholes are waiting for us.
5: Captain BlueJam!! ...Wait!!
6(2b): Look at this...!! Captain, could it be...?!
7: Hey!! What the hell is the meaning of this?!
8: Open the gate!!! Soldiers!!!
9: We should be able to escape from here, right?!
10: What happened to the promise?! King!! After we finished this job...you said we'd become
11: Did you sons of bitches set us up!!!?

1: Kiiiiiing!!!
2: Alright!! It's cut!!
3: rrrip!!
4: Hooot!! It's so hoooot!!! We can't escape anymore now!!
5: Dammit!! We got wrapped up in something really insane this time!!
6: Those who complain get left behind!!!
7: Uu!! It's not hot!!
8: Uwahh!! Hottt!! No it's not!
9: Haa...the outside is a sea of fire!!
10: Cough...it's so hard to breathe...no it's not!
11: The air is...sweltering!! No it's not...!!
12: You'll get out of this somehow!! I'm with you, after all.
13(2b): Did you hear...?! The ones responsible for this fire are apparently the BlueJam
pirates from Trash Mountain!
14: So it is true? I couldn't think of anyone else besides them...!!
15: It seems they caused the accident so as to keep the World Government's Inspection Unit
from coming in...

sfx: fura... fura...
1: Aaaaaaaace!! Luffyyyyyyy!!
2: Ruuuuuuuun!!!
3: Hey, that kid's still here!!
4: Get him out!!!
5: Uuu....
6: ...what's wrong, boy?
7: Mister...haa...the ones who started this fire...haa...
8: were the "Royal Family" and the "Nobles"...!! Haa...it's true!
9(2b): ...this town gives off an even worse stench than Trash Mountain...!! (Haa) It stinks
horribly of rotten humans!!!
10(2b): (Haa) ...as long as I stay here...I'll never be free...!!!

1: --I...am ashamed of being born a Noble!!!
2: --so you've finally forced your own children to say things like this...!!!
3: Goa Kingdom!!
4(2b): ...I think I understand...for I too was born in this kingdom...!!
5(2b): --but I still do not enough power to change it...!!!
6: Mister...will you listen to what I have to say?
7: Yeah...I won't forget it.
8: Run, Luffy!!!
9: Dragon...!! Preparations have been made, babe!!!
10: ...alright.
white: Will they survive?!

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#1. by nutuna ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2010
This trans is better than others i've read. keep on the good work!
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