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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 614

"What's Done is Done"

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Feb 10, 2011 01:33 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 614

*Only for use by MS.

tl by molokidan

Chapter 614 - "What's Done is Done"
From the Decks of the World - "Fuusha Village"

white: In the Ryuuguu Palace...?!
1: I don't care...
2: you overdid it!!
3: That's right, reflect a little on your actions!!!
4: This is a battle YOU guys started, isn't it?! We're accomplices, you idiots!
5: We were just planning to intimidate them and then run for it!!
6: I was just enjoying the peace, sightseeing, and shopping...
7: Hey, what's done is done, alright?!?! Stop whining!!!
8: Wawawawawa...

1: Owwwww...
2: You think we can just say "oh well" and leave things like this?! "Yeah, we were walking through the Fishman District and then just happened to take over the 'Ryuuguu Palace!' Oh well!!!" What the hell kind of evil pirates are you trying to make us out to be?!
3: Would you rather have been captured, then?!
4: Like I told you MANY times already, we were waiting for the right timing to escape!!!
5: But you don't even know how to get out of here, and besides, Luffy isn't with you!!
6: That's right, Luffy isn't here!! Where did he go!!?
7: I dunno...
8: D...do you people know what you've done...?!?!

1: We're really in a hurry! So please don't be mean, tell us!
2: Yeah...where's Luffy...?
3: Where's the "treasury?"
4: Would you cut it out?!?!
5: Eh...why?
6: What are you acting innocent for?!?! Use some discretion!!!
7(2b): Come, everybody!! In painful times like these, we should sing and be happyyyyyy! C'mon!! It'll all work ouuuut, it'll all work ouuuut, and even if it doesn't, well, we all die someday, YEAH!!
8: You shut up too, Soul King!!
9(2b): Neptune-sama...!! Are you alright?! I can't believe the "Great Knight of the Sea," King Neptune has been treated in such a way...
10(2b): Mmmmm...ever since I strained my back, I haven't been one for fighting...I really have gotten old! I was unprepared...!! Sorry!!

1(3b): You fiends...when Prince Fukaboshi, Prince Ryuuboshi, and Prince Manboshi, the "three strongest" of the Neptune Army, get back to the castle...!! Don't think you'll be getting out of here in one piece!!!
2: Nuu...!! If only the entire castle had been filled with water, they wouldn't have stood a chance...!! But the water got completely drained out...!!
3: In any case...we can't stay on Fishman Island any longer.
4: Where's the Sunny? Let's get everyone together and escape at once.
5: You're already leaving the island??
6: But when the Sunny crashed through to this island, the coating got torn off!!
7: The "Log Pose" has been weird the whole time! Ever since we got here, it hasn't looked like it's going to set itself...
8(2b): Oh boy...you'll never be able to get to the "New World" with a simple Pose like that! You ignorant pirates...!!
9: Eh? This won't cut it? What do you mean?
10: I'll teach you if you untie me.
11: Mmm!
12: Ding-dong!! Ding-dong!!
13: Ahhh...!! It must be Prince Fukaboshi!!

1-2: Ding-dong!
3(2b): ...hm? Strange...where could the guards be?
4: clack!! Hello, who is it?
5(3b): Wahh, don't YOU answer!! Prince Fukaboshiiiiii!! Help uuuus!!!
6: Akkamanbo! Yaaay, yay!
7: Shut up, you guys!!!
8: Prince Ryuuboshiiiii!
9: Prince Manboshiiii!!
10: Brother...there...must be some kind of incident happening within the palace-la-si-dooooooo
11: I think so too!! Are father and Shirahoshi alright?!
12(2b): ...it's me!! Fukaboshi!! What's happening in there?!
13(2b): Please drop down the "connecting corridor" at once, and open the "main gate" and the "royal gate" to the palace!!

1: What'll happen if we do?
2: Sorry, can't do that!!
3: Heeey!! What are you saying?!
4: Just tell them the truth!!
5: Oh yeah! Guys, tie up me and Keimi too!! Otherwise we'll become accomplices!!
6: I'm scared, Zoro-chin!!
7: Which member of the "Straw Hat Pirates" are you?
8(2b): Fukaboshi!! He's the 160 million B bounty three-sword style swordsman from the "Straw Hat Pirates," the "Pirate Hunter" ZORI!!
9: It's Zoro!!
10: Father!!
11(2b): You heard him, didn't you? We have a ton of hostages on our side, including Neptune. If you care about their lives, then make preparations so that we can depart!!
12: We need a new coating for our ship, the Sunny, and we also need you to go find our remaining members: one dark girl, one robot unit, one raccoon, and one perverted imp.
13: Ah! Zoro, ask for 1 billion B too...
15: A...a perverted imp, did he say...?! Yohoho!
16: That...that hit my funny bone!! Yohoho!!

1(2b): I understand your conditions...you just want us to let you and your full crew leave here as quickly as possible -- in return, you will safely return every hostage!!!
2: Brother!!
3(2b): --we have no other choice...to us, this "connection corridor" is the only path into the palace...every other part is covered by layers upon layers of bubbles. It's impossible to break in.
4: May I ask one thing, Zoro-kun...
5: Hm?
6: I am reluctant to tell this in such a condition, but I cannot shirk my duty to Jinbe.
7: This is from the ex-"Ouka Shichibukai," "Knight of the Sea Jinbei" to "Straw Hat Luffy."
8: He wanted me to tell you this upon your arrival...there are two messages.
9: Jinbe...?!
10: Jinbe...
11: Boss Jinbe...
12: Oh yeah, he...he's friends with J...Jinbe...!!
13: He's a pirate, yet he is very well-trusted even on this island!!
14: Luffy isn't here right now...so I'll pass it on to him...say it.
15: The first is..."Do not fight with Hodi."
16: --the second!! "I'm waiting in the 'Sea Forest'!!!"
17: --these two things.
18: ...Sea Forest? Hodi?

1: Fishman Island - Coral Hill --
2: They really did it!! The "Straw Hat Pirates"
3: took over the Ryuuguu Palace!!!
4: Ehhh!!?
5: What are their intents!!?
6: That can't be...!! They looked like such nice people!
7: How could they do that?!
8(3b): So then the one who kidnapped the girls from the cove and the one who appeared in that fortuneteller's prediction must be them...!! Things are happening just as she said...!!
9: They've finally shown their true colors!!
10: Apparently two of their crew members...are in the back of Mermaid Cafe.
11: A police squad went to go arrest them now...!!
12: clang!!
13: Uwahh
14: "Kung Fu Point!!!"
15(2b): Hai!! Hai!!
16: Hachaaaaah!!!

1: Move iiiiiit!!!
2: Hochaaaah!!!
3: Guahh!!!
4(2b): Hwaaaaa!! Sanji's still getting better!! Don't lay a finger on him!!
5: What is this animal?!
6: It transformed!!
7: What do you mean "Come to the "Ryuuguu Palace?!" You came to arrest us, didn't you?!
8: Hey, you guys...
9: Sanji!! You can't move around yet!!
10(2b): --is she in that "Ryuuguu Palace" place?
11: I mean....the "Mermaid Princess"...
12: Sh...she is, but so what?!
13(2b): Then I'm going. Even if I die.
14(2b): You're going?! Don't you get it yet?! If she's beautiful, you'll die instantly!!

1: Ryuuguu Palace "Koukaku Tower"--
2: Heeey, what are you doing?!
3: Let's go!! Outside!!
4: --but I cannot, Luffy-sama!! I really cannot do such a...
5(2b): You said there's somewhere you want to go, right?! If I was shut up in here for ten years, I think I'd go crazy!
6: It'll be a thank you for the food!! I'll go with you!!
7: ...but...if I do such a selfish thing...I could cause great trouble to the people of the palace...
8: Where do you want to go?
9: Um...
10: Hm?
11: To the "Sea Forest."

1: Uuu...!! No...but...that is only a dream...I could never do such a selfish thing as step outside...uuu!
2: Why do you cry just after saying there's some place you wanna go?!
3: I...I...I'm sorry...I mustered up too much strength...
4: P...please do not be angry...I'm scared...Luffy-samaaaa
5: You're such a pain!
6: I...I'm...a pain?
7: Ahhh, fine, fine, I'm sorry!!
8: Gyah
9(2b): What was that loud sound just now...?!?!

1: --what is this?!
2: What's that sound!!?
3: --Could it be another one of Decken's spears? It's coming from Koukaku Tower!! Shirahoshi's in danger...!! Does she have guards with her?!
4: No...they're all captured here!!
5: Hey, pirates!! Go in place of the guards and make sure the princess is alright!!!
6: Huh?! What are you talking about?
7: If we do that, Neptune-sama, then the princess...
8: You can't escape an dire problem without some sacrifice!!
9: "Koukaku Tower" is in the northeast of the castle! Go at once!!
10: Why do we have to take orders from our hostage?!
11(3b): Silence!!! Shirahoshi is my only daughter, you know!! And due to certain circumstances, her life is currently being targeted!!! If something happens to her while I'm like this...!! I will chase you to the end of the sea!!!

1: In other words, she's the "mermaid princess," isn't she!!?
2: Hence, I...shall hasten to aid her!!! And!!
3: Wait, Brooook!!!
4: --would you mind if I let her show me her panties?!
5: Ohhhhh!! Oh boy! That guy's running forward with indecent intentions!!!
6: Now the Princess is in danger for a different reason!!!
7: Wait, skeleton!!!
8: Minister of the Right!!
9(3b): You can leave me tied up!! But please take me with you!!! "Koukaku Tower" is under my jurisdiction!! If something happens to the Princess, I wouldn't be able to take it!!!
10: You're a fan too, I see.
11: Don't be ridiculous!!!
12: Indecent!!
13: Excuse me, Sanji-san, I'll be going in first! Yohohohoho!

1: I always wanted to go to the "Sea Forest"...
2(2b): For ten...whole years...!! But everyone warned me that it was dangerous outside of the tower...so I was very afraid to leave...
3: Luffy-sama...will you really...take me out?
4: Yeah.
5: --will you truly protect me?
6: Yeah, leave it to me! It's alright.
7: ....uehhhhh
8(2b): Hey, hey!! If you're gonna cry, I won't take you!! And technically, you're going to be taking me, since I can't swim!!
9: I...I'm sorry. I'm just so happy...
10(2b): You really are a crybaby! And a weakling!!
11: --but once we get outside, you're so big that everyone will find out!
12: ...yes, I'm sorry...
13(2b): So I have a gooooood idea!! Shishishishishi!!

1: Mermaid Princeeeeees!! Are you saaaaafe?!
2: Hey!! Skeleton!! Look around the tower!!
3: Eh?
4: --how could this be...!!
5: It isn't a knife or an ax like usual!!
6: That was the sound of human pirates hitting the tower!!!
7: What insanity...how inhuman!! Vander Decken!!!
8: Ehhh?! V...Vander Decken!!?
9: No, wait...they're standing up...!!
10: This is bad...pirates, in our impenetrable palace!!
11: Were they trying to send in enemy soldiers!!?
12: Is this...a surprise attack...!!? The King is in danger!!!

1: The Princess is in dangerrrr!!!
2: It doesn't sound like we're being attacked anymore.
3: Let's go, weakling!!
4: Y...yes!!
5: I'm counting on you, Megalo!!
6: Upu!!!
7: Goooo!!! Shaaaaark!!!
8: Opuuuu!!!
9: To the "Sea Forest!!!"
10: ...!!? Megaloooo!!?
11: Huh!!? ...Luffy-san!!?
white: Are you kidding?!

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