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Naruto 493

Dark Naruto!!

+ posted by Nagumo as translation on May 6, 2010 20:17 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 493

For use in English by Binktopia ONLY. International scanslators to whom I've already given permission for any series may use this in a non-English language, provided I am credited. International translators to whom I've given permission must ensure that I am credited in the final scanslation, not just in the script. Others please PM for permission.

TS please use translated SFX only and not those in caps.

[Title] Chapter 493: Dark Naruto!!
[Sidebar] The indelible darkness engraved into Naruto's history

[1] And yet, up 'til now, everyone in the village has treated us like outcasts.
[2] He looks just like me... / ......Who are you!?
[3 inset] Another Naruto emerges from the Falls of Truth...!?
[3] Can't you tell by lookin'......? I'm you. / Huh? / I don't remember making a Kagebunshin!
[4] I'm the real you / The true self that lies at the bottom of your heart
[5] ...What the hell're you talking about!? / I don't know you! / Enough nonsense!

[1] They called this the Falls of Truth or something, right? / SUTSU* / To think it could bring me to the surface like this... / Pretty good place!
* shff
[3] ......Basically, I'm the truth inside you / I'm the real you
[4] ......The real me...?
[5] Yeah... I'm the hatred you hold dear / I'm your darkness!
[7] If I've made one mistake

[1] it's letting myself recklessly catch the eye of that Kyuubi guy
[2] ......You...
[3] The Kyuubi's will is a mass of hatred... / No matter how hard ya try ta fight it, it'll join with the hatred that's hidin' in some corner of yer heart and hijack it
[4] All this time... this guy and the Kyuubi... / KITSU*
* clench
[5] That's right... / I'm the real you / You can't get rid of me, impostor!
[6] So that's how it is...

[1] DATSU*
* shoom
[2] GATSU*
* thock
[3] GATSU*
* thock

[1] You're the impostor!!
[2] ZUN*
* fwoo
[3] Y'all islanders step to me, ya gonna take a fall / I blow suckas down like a motherfuckin' squall

[1] Yer still too soft, Kintoki-chan / Grawr
[2] Hey, Bee. Since you're just playing around anyway, wouldn't it have been a good idea to take a look at that Kyuubi kid?
[3] He's a Jinchuuriki, same as you... we should cooperate more... / I don't like that Kyuubi either, but... that kid's got potential
[4] I was pretty wild back in the day too, but... I've changed since I met you... / And somehow, compared to back in then, you...
[5] Like they say in rap- Shut up!! / I won't give props to anyone who makes a fool of rap
[6] Besides, that guy...

[1] Huff / huff / huff / huff / huff
[2] Shit! / SUTSU* / ...He really is just as strong as me... If we keep fighting, this'll go on forever...
* rustle
[3] You can't take me down... / it's impossible! / SUTSU*
* rustle
[4 inset] Kagebunshin no Jutsu!!!
[4] BOBBOBON* / Then I'll fight with numbers!
* poofpoofpoof

[1] BOBOBON* / Kagebunshin no Jutsu!!
* poofpoofpoof
[2] What the hell is up with this!!? / Don't tell me even the number of Kagebunshins is the same!!?
[3] You catch on quick!
[4] What's going on?
[5] DODODODODO* / By sitting in front of the waterfall and concentrating, it's possible to enter the inner world of the mind / and then this waterfall becomes a mirror which reflects your true self... It's a mysterious place
* fwooom
[6] ...Right now, Naruto's fighting another version of himself

[1] KATSU*
* shing
[2] Kahh!! / Huff / Huff
[3] Naruto, you okay!? / What happened!? / Another guy just like me appeared...! He was...... / Huff / Huff / ZATSU* / Was what?
* rustle
[4] ...the darkness inside me / Huff / Huff / Huff

[1] I was under pressure... We were an even match, with exactly the same power... / He had all my skills... techniques, tactics, everything was the same... / ...The match just wouldn't end! / Huff / Huff
[2] If you don't beat him, you won't be able to use the tailed beast's power / DODODODODO*
* fwooosh
[3] How am I supposed to win against a guy like that!? / I don't know... Your guess is as good as mine...
[4] That octopus guy trained here too, didn't he!? / If I just ask him...
[5] No...... Judging from his attitude, I don't think he'll teach me...
[6] Probably not...
[7] I wonder if the octopus guy had darkness in him too...

[1] ...Mr. Motoi... Can you tell me the whole story behind the octopus guy...? / Like stuff about how he was growing up or his character... Maybe I can find some kind of hint there...!
[2] I might figure out how octo-guy and I are different!
[3] If you're a Jinchuuriki too... You can guess the sort of path through life that existence entails! / Yeah, I can! And that guy should be able to guess how it's been for me, too! So why isn't he helping me, even though he sees me struggling...!?
[5] I'm not fond of prattling on about other people, but...
[6] Naruto, since you're a Jinchuuriki, just like Bee-san... / and since stabilizing the Kyuubi is crucial to world peace... Alright
[7] Thanks, man!!

[1] ...I said to you earlier... / that since you're a Jinchuuriki as well, you should be able to guess the sort of life that Bee-san had...
[2] And it's just as you might guess... / Great power gave birth to unease and ill will
[3] All the villagers hated and avoided Bee-san...
[4] But Bee-san didn't get depressed or complain / He was always cheerful and determined, and gave off an aura of calm / More than that, perhaps because he was ashamed to be a Jinchuuriki, he was always striving to attract and appeal to people
[5] The way I see it, it seemed like his way of expressing his pride
[5 inset] Yo-
[6] As to the question of why a Jinchuuriki had so much pride... / That's probably because...

[1] Of his big brother... The Raikage
[3] In order to ensure that the Jinchuuriki wouldn't turn traitor / it's been common since long ago for them to be chosen from among the spouses and siblings of the Five Kages, or others who are close blood relatives / The strength of the Jinchuuriki served to protect the Kage, the head of the village, as well as serving as a display of the Kage's power
[4] Bee-san probably wanted to become a great Jinchuuriki for Raikage-sama's sake

[1] It seems he even completed his training at these Falls of Truth in the blink of an eye
[2] I respect Bee-san from the bottom of my heart / I see him as a hero of Kumogakure
[3] To think a Jinchuuriki could be so beloved... Bee-san's a great guy, isn't he? / And you... to be able to empathize so well with a Jinchuuriki... / It's no wonder they made you manager of this place...
[5] That's it!! / Mr. Motoi, you can ask the octopus guy in my place! / About the trick to this training!!
[6] I... Can't do that... / Why not!?
[7] I'm not qualified to do that

[1] I tried to kill Bee-san
[2] ......Eh?
[3] ......What...!? / Didn't you just say you respected the octopus guy!?

[1] Seems there must be some special circumstances
[3] So what the heck are they!?
[4] So this is my confessional...
[5] I suppose I can tell you, a Jinchuuriki like Bee-san, / about that incident... / That incident...?
[6] ......It was 30 years ago...
[6 inset] Next chapter, revealing the Hachibi's blood-smeared past!

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