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Translations: One Piece 917 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Naruto 433

A Senjutsu Slip-up...!?

+ posted by Nihongaeri as translation on Jan 30, 2009 20:18 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 433

First trans in about forever...

Page 1
Text: Deva Pain assails a senjutsu-less Naruto!
Naruto: Looks like two's the limit for Ransen-Shuriken, even with my sennin-mode || So with two of "them" left, that lets me use it four times...
Shima: The lil' one's sennin-mode is gone 'n gone, Pa!
Fukasaku: Dammit woman, I have eyes, ya' know!
Shima: It'll be a bit dicey for us, but fusin' with'em now's our only option!
Fukasaku: But we can't do that...
Deva Pain: Now's my chance

Page 2
Shima: Wha'dya say now!? You tellin' me we can't fuse 'cusa the Nine-tails!?
Fukasaku: That seems to be the case...
Shima: Well then what now!?
Fukasaku: Lil' Naruto found his own way to manage things... and now's the time to do just that!

Page 3
Bunta: Pesky lil' fly!
Naruto: Dammit!

Page 4
Fukasaku: Naruto, throw it over here! I take care'a things!
Naruto: Bring it on!

Page 5
Bunta: Step back, kid! I'll handle this!
Naruto: I'm gonna go Sennin-mode! So you and your gang can stand back, Boss! || I don't want any of you to get hit by my Rasen-Shuriken!
Bunta: Grr, fine! Play the hero then!

Page 6
Justu text: Gyaku-Kuchiyose no Jutsu!! ("Reverse summoning technique")

Page 7
Fukasaku: He's here now! Go ahead an' realease the jutsu!

Page 8
Shima: Now that's a new one!
Fukasaku: Lil' Naruto made a couple Kage-Bunshins ahead'a time...

Page 9
Fukasaku: ... then he had 'em gather their own senjutsu chakra and wait on stand-by || So all we hafta do is summon 'em back from Mount Myouboku || Then he releases the Kage-Bunshin and gets himself a fresh ration of senjutsu chakra!

Page 10
Naruto: Him!?

Page 11
Naruto: I see... So this is the one that absorbs all ninjutsu, huh? || But didn't we take him out a second ago?

Page 12
Naruto: What the!?
Katsuyu: It would seem that that Pain is of particular importance
Naruto: So then he's the one that Pa was saying could bring the others back to life...
Katsuyu: One would assume that he is the Pain that manages those powers || And that would explain why he was in the rear when the group of them went into formation || Then there's that one the left... His ability to repel all attacks and pull anything towards himself makes him the most troublesome || He has yet to display his powers, but that does not make sense... Logically there must be something that's preventing him from using them at the moment

Page 13
Naruto: Either way, I'll need to take care of the one in the back first!
Naruto: And some smoke bombs next!
Naruto: And go!

Page 14
Preta Pain: A transformation technique! ... this the real one!?

Page 15
Naruto: You're not gonna avoid things this time! Gotcha!!

Page 16
Deva Pain: Finally, my power has returned
Bunta: He repelled it!

Page 17
Jutsu: Senjutsu - Rasen-Rengan!!
(Let's say... "Sage Technique - Rapid Rasengan")
Deva Pain: What's this!?
Text: A Dead Heat of Marvelous Feats!!
(trans note: yes, I'm trying to make the narration test as corny as possible)

Edited for typos

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#1. by dylec ()
Posted on Jan 30, 2009
Interesting version, still nice to see ya doing Naruto trans. ;]
#2. by Nasuke ()
Posted on Jan 30, 2009
Wow great Translation Nihongaeri and WB!
Didnt read the actual chapter just reading TL's but based on what you wrote I imagined the chapter really well! Keep it up!
#3. by laughing@you ()
Posted on Jan 30, 2009
#4. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Jan 31, 2009
Nice to see you back nihongaeri :D
#5. by Sariachan ()
Posted on Jan 31, 2009
Welcome back! ^^
#6. by zidane ()
Posted on Feb 5, 2009
Woot! Nice to see an old face :D

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