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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 463

One Piece Chapter 463

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Jul 13, 2007 19:51 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 463

Hey guys, taking this chance to let you all know that next week my translation will be on saturday (EST) if the raw is late-ist, because of the Harry Potter book coming out. But if it drops before then (like today) then no worries.

Change: Other translators have given a MUCh better alternative to "mysterious Person" as Enigma. So I'm going to try and stick with that future forward!

Page 01:
Title: The Pirate Sanji vs The Enigma Absalom
Subtext: Enel's Great Space Plan - Volume 29: For now, an attack.

Page 02:
Luffy: What's going on here?
Luffy: These tremors are huge.
Moria: The ship seems to have been caught in some strange sea current...
BGText: Luffy and Moria's Confrontation!!
Moria: It's your fault most likely, kishishishi!!
Moria: so, what business do you have with me. Why're you here?
Luffy: Aa! How dare you take my shadow in that lamp light earlier!
Luffy: I'm taking it back, along with Zoro's, Sanji's,
Luffy: Brook's, and the Zombie Ossan's. All of them!!
Moria: You're a pretty greedy man... and how are you going to get them?

Page 03:
Luffy: It'll be fine if I just kick your ass right?
Moria: If you beat me up, or even kill me
Moria: All that'll happen is the zombies will lose their leader. The shadows won't just escape.
Moria: My power is the command of shadows. The only way to grant your wish
Moria: to set free all of the shadows is to face all the zombies, and from my mouth
Moria: have me give the order "Return to your masters"!!
Luffy: So if I do that all the shadows will return?
Moria: Kishishishi, That's right, simple isn't it.
Moria: If you really think you could weaken me that much that is.
Moria: Still, it's not as if someone with just your level of strength could touch me anyways.
Moria: Fuaah...
Luffy: Yosh, GOMU GOMU NO !!

Page 04:
Luffy: Pistol!!!
Luffy: A Shadow?!
Moria: Kishishishi See for yourself.
Moria: My duplicate
Moria: Doppelman *Trans Note: Come from Doppelganger

Page 05:
Luffy: Wah!
Moria: In the past I was too overconfident in my own ability and ambition.
Luffy: What is this guy. Oi, move!!
Moria: And so I came to understand the importance of creating exceptional underlings.
Moria: I won't have to lift a finger, and using their power, I'll be the man who will become pirate king.
Luffy: The one who'll be The Pirate King is me!!!
Luffy: Wah
Moria: Your zombie said that same thing...
Moria: That's the real difference between the shadow and the body
Moria: their former masters can sometimes leave a very strong will behind.
Moria: But that's still just a matter of time.

Page 06:
Moria: He'll forget all the the memories of his life with you
Moria: and ultimately become another one of my obedient zombies.
Moria: No matter how strong the ego
Moria: Despite all that came before, all zombies will become utterly obedient.
Luffy: You're gonna give it back!!!
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...!!!
Luffy: Gatling!!!
Moria: Black Bat

Page 07:
Moria: Hmmm
Luffy: Damn!! They're all guarding him!!
Luffy: I can't hit him!!!
Luffy: Ooh!!
Luffy: Owowow!!!

Page 08:
Luffy: Ahowowowowowow!!!
Moria: Kishishishi, Don't worry, it's not like they're sucking your blood.
Luffy: It hurts!!!
Moria: How's this "kicking my ass"? Don't make me laugh!!
Luffy: Get off of me!!!
Moria: When an inexperienced kid like you tries to bluff
Luffy: hah
Luffy: hah
Moria: In the end you'll only learn shame.
Luffy: You asshole, I'm pissed now!!!

Page 09:
Luffy: hah
Luffy: hah
Luffy: Gomu Gomu No...!!
Moria: What's this? He jumped down?
Moria: Is he trying to run?
Luffy: STAMP!!!
Moria: OW, why this kid!!!
Luffy: Look!! Nothing to laugh at now!!! You giant leek!!!

Page 10:
Absalom: Eh?!
Zombie: eh
Sanji: Nami-san...

Page 11:
Sanji: LET HER GO!!!!
Sanji: Open your eyes Nami-san
Sanji: It's your Knight.
Sanji: Eh?!! A goddess?!!
Sanji: O.. ooh!! That scared me...!! Nami-san... it's Nami-san!! My mistake.
Sanji: False alarm! For a moment there your beauty... made me think I had rescued a goddess by accident!!

Page 12:
Absalom: What are you babbling about... you're
Absalom: one of the crew from that ship...
Absalom: Eh?!! An angel?!
Absalom: A...aah!! No, no, she's human. No a mistake, ah... I mistook her!!
Sanji: Understandable, totally understandable.
Sanji: Seeing Nami-san in this pure white, she's easily mistaken.
Absalom: I know, seriously.
Zombie: What's with those two?
Absalom: he-hey!!! You damn pirate, I don't have time to be getting to know you!!!
Absalom: Give back my bride!!!

Page 13:
Sanji: Oi, that nearly hit Nami-san. When there's a lady present
Sanji: You don't use attacks that'll draw in bystanders.
Absalom: You dodged that well
Absalom: Your shadow was just taken but...
Absalom: Actually now that I think about it, there was a newbie Zombie who was strangely attached to that woman...
Absalom: It seems because some ego hadn't left yet the Zombie wasn't totally obedient.
Absalom: That' was probably your Zombie.
Absalom: If you ignore that we put him into the General Zombies
Absalom: from how weak he displayed his original body's fighting skill to be,
Absalom: For all his talk, that penguin was really pretty weak.

Page 14:
Absalom: For an underling like that to stand up to myself, "The Enigma" who commands the General Zombies
Absalom: was just unbelievable......!!!
Sanji: Uwah!! What a scare!! I thought she was a holy nymph!!
Absalom: Now then, I'm not going to insult you.
Absalom: Just hand that woman's body to me and return to your shadow-less life.
Absalom: I'm a bit busy right now! My strongest zombies
Absalom: were just smashed up by your captain's zombie.
Absalom: And before I can check on that I have to be able to kiss my bride.
Absalom: You understand? I'm really irritated right now.........!!
Absalom: I don't have time to waste fighting against some small fry like...
Absalom: you

Page 15:
Sanji: Shut it! You Beast-faced Ceremony-man!!!
Absalom: Dobah?!!
Zombies: Waah!! Absalom-sama?!!
Zombies: No way!! He just sent that 300 kilo body flying!!!
Sanji: That Invisible Man that Usopp talked about
Sanji: was you right?

Page 16:
Absalom: What was that kick...?!!! Hogback gave this body the strength of a beast, for him to send it flying-
Absalom: Dead Man's Hand...!!!
Absalom: How do you like that?! Do you know what I'm gonna do to you now?!
Sanji: Bas Côtes!!!
Absalom: Guah!!!

Page 17:
Zombies: Uooh!!
Sanji: Longé!!!
Absalom: Gefuuh!!
Sanji: Tendron
Sanji: That invisible beast on The Sunny that licked Robin-chan was you right!?
Absalom: Gaah!!
Absalom: What's this strength!! This was an underling?!
Sanji: Flanchet!!
Sanji: Quasi Queue Cuisseau!!
Sanji: And the one who took his time spying on Nami-san in the bath was you too right!?
Sanji: Why is it she won't wake up?
Sanji: You'd better not have hurt her!!!
Absalom: Uwah
Sanji: Jarret!!!
Sanji: How's this a wedding? Look me in the eye and say that, and I'll make a Croquette out of you!!!

Page 18:
Absalom: Dammit!! Gotta get away for now.
Absalom: Skating!!!
Sanji: Usopp's special
Sanji: Salt Balls
Sanji: Over there..
Absalom: Uwah!! What?! It's salty...
Sanji: Veau Shot!!!
Absalom: Dobebebebah!!!

Page 19:
Absalom: Ridiculous... this guy doesn't even have a bounty does he...?!!
Sanji: You said you were irritated before...!!!
Sanji: ......I'm nowhere near that!!!
Sanji: I'm so full of anger I'm about to explode!!!
Zombies: He did!!!
Sanji: ...and unfortunately for you...
Sanji: There's one last problem between you and me.
BGtext: The last problem?!

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#1. by Hermie (vs. The World.)
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
Thanks for doing this every week, Sky! You rock!
#2. by TheGameJC ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
thx for the translation ^^
#3. by The Boff ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
sky for president?


#4. by bax ()
Posted on Jul 13, 2007
Thanx a lot ^^
#5. by kazamakj ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2007

Thanks for the quick trans. Enigma Absalom. Nice.
#6. by mugen ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
yes thanks for this
#7. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
Thank you sky! ^^
#8. by Anax (Schrödinger's cat)
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
Sky, you are a true hero! May, Sanji, the Will o' Wisp of love, shine upon your path on dark rainy nights, when you have to meet that girl! :smile-big
#9. by Mogeking ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
#10. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
Excelent trans! *-*

#11. by locomotion ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
there are no words to express the gratitud my heart
feels towards your translations. May God and the
Jedy force be with u my friend
yours trully,
Chuck Norris
#12. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Jul 14, 2007
#13. by wanderintowns ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2007

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