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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

One Piece 472

One Piece Chapter 472

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Oct 3, 2007 07:41 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 472

Yay, catching up. If I can do this in 2 hours, then I can still get to sleep in time for school! :skywalker:

I'll have you know in retrospect that I failed this goal miserably.

Page 01:
Title: Down
Subtitle: Enel's Great Space Plan - Volume 36: The moon city's name is "Bilka". Short on resources, they flew to the Blue Planet. (Trans note: "Hoshi" also means star usually. Here it is planet.)

Page 02-03:
Zoro: I think I've got an idea.
Oz: You're tough little Pirates shishishishi!!
Zoro: How about sending this guy flying?
Usopp: ......Se...send him flying?! A guy this huge and built?!
Sanji: I see what you mean... it'd feel pretty good to do that.

Page 04:
Zoro: But still, this huge size combined with Luffy's movement is amazing.
Robin: But it doesn't suit the Pirate King.
Franky: I've got a few plans as for how we can bring him down......!!
Chopper: He has to have some kind of weakness.
Sanji: The way you catch
Sanji: a big fish, is to wear it out bit by bit.
Usopp: I'm terrified.
Oz: I'll smash you!!
Oz: Gomu Gomu no

Page 05:
Oz: Shirimochi!!!! (Trans: Butt-Crush) (Trans note: Phrase used also to describe falling on your own ass.)
Chopper: That's not a move at all!!!
Franky: Scatter!!!
Usopp: Uwoh!!!
Franky: ......Nuh!!!
Franky: Strawhat, why you...!! We'll teach you what it's like to take us on as one!!!
Franky: You guys!! Tactics 15!!!
Chopper: Eh? that?? We're gonna do that?!

Page 06:
Franky: Zoro!! Curly-brow!! Standby!!
Zoro: wha?
Franky: Grab my legs!!!
Sanji: hm?
Zoro: What
Franky: Pirates Docking 6!!!
Chopper: Giant Robot Warrior!!!
Usopp: Big Emperor!!!
Chopper: Wait a minute Franky!!
Chopper: Your left arm still isn't docked!!
Franky: What?!!
Franky: Oi!! What are you doing Nico Robin!! Hurry and dock with my left arm!!
Chopper: Hurry
Usopp: Come on Robin!! Just like I am!!

Page 07:
Robin: As a lady
Robin: that's embarrassing.
Oz: ......What. you're stopping?!
Sanji: Why is he acting shocked as well?!!!
Oz: Do it!!!
Oz: Dock!!!
Guys: Gyaaaaaaaaah
Oz: You got me all excited over it!!!

Page 08:
Zoro: Stupid!! How did I let myself get dragged into that?
Zoro: No... just forget it ever happened.
Chopper: If you just joined in Robin!!
Chopper: We would've been the Robot Warrior "Big Emperor"!!
Franky: I never thought you would betray us...!! Never!!
Usopp: If Luffy were here... he would've done it.
Robin: Never again.........
Robin: Don't ever try to "dock" again.
Sanji: You asshole...!! I have to hurry
Sanji: and get back to to Nami-san's rescue mission!!

Page 09:
Guys: Uwooooooooh!!!
Guys: We're just fine you jerk!!!
Oz: You. huh?
Zoro: Franky!! I'm gonna borrow this huge thing!!!
Franky: Ah!! My Nunchaku!!!
Franky: Take 'em!!!

Page 10:
Zoro: Robin!! I'm going to take out his left arm
Zoro: You take care of the joint!!
Robin: Understood
Usopp: Take this! "Hissatsu Tokuyou Abura Boshi" Triple shot!!! (Trans: Sure-Kill Special Use Oil Star)
Oz: Uwah!!
SFX: Sliiiiiip!!

Page 11:
Zoro: Oi, Launch me!!!
Sanji: You!! With that huge thing are you gonna...
Zoro: If you can't then that's fine.
Sanji: Why you...!! Get going idiot!!!
Sanji: Armée de l'Air (Trans: French for Air Force)
Sanji: Power Shot!!!
Zoro: Dai... (Great)
Zoro: Gekken (Sword of Defeat)
Oz: Oh!!!

Page 12:
Robin: Cien Fleur (Hundred Flower)
Robin: Big Tree
Oz: Wah!! This is bad!! I'm falling
Oz: I'm falling!!
Franky: Check out this Sudden Mid-Air Stair-Nuilding!!
Franky: but this promenade has a pretty short life span!! Lets get going Chopper!!
Chopper: Ooh!!

Page 13:
Both: Suuuuuupaaaaa!!!
Both: Frappa (French for "Hit")
Both: Gong!!!!
Oz: Oh
Chopper: You may be huge, but human weaknesses don't change!!
Chopper: A hit to the jaw will still rattle the brain!!
Sanji: All Luffy's monster has left for support
Sanji: is that one leg!!!

Page 14-15:
Sanji: Anti-Manner!!! (Unnecessary Trans note: Manner vs. Matter - He does not use the "t" sound at all in this move, and while it is popularly translated sometimes as anti-matter (because that sounds awesome!), it actually seems to be "manner" as in table manners. Which fits well with Sanji's move other names.)
Sanji: Kick Course!!!
Zoro: Now fall, monster!!
Franky: Yosh, go!!
Sanji: One Down. (Trans note: As in Boxing. See Hajime no Ippo)
Oz: Uooagaah!!!

Page 16:
Zombies: Uwoooh!! Oi, Oi!! The mansion's starting to come apart!!
Zombie: What the hell is he doing?!! Acrobatics?!
Zombie: can't be that someone actually sent him flying like that...
Zombie: Now come on, think rationally!! Even a thousand soldiers couldn't do that!!!
Oz: Owowow.........!!!
Oz: .........!! You assholes!!!
Oz: Now I'm pissed! I'll crush you all!!!!

Page 17:
Lola: I'll be alright Namizou.
Lola: You hurry up and get out of here.
Nami: Lola
Lola: I'll let you know what's going on right now on the island.
Lola: Your nakama "Strawhat Luffy"
Lola: The special zombie that his shadow has entered is running wild on the island right now...
Nami: It must be that that giant zombie we saw in the freezer.
Nami: This is bad, how're we going to get Luffy's shadow back from that thing......?!
Nami: hah
Nami: hah
Nami: But more importantly, the treasure!!
Nami: I already confirmed where it was earlier!
Nami: We can't have been put through
Nami: all this terror, and walk away empty handed can we?
Nami: Here it is!! It's not even locked!!

Page 18:
Nami: Eh?
Zombies: One, two, one, two
Pelona: Hurry!! Load it up!!
Zombie: Pelona-sama, the refrigerator can't fit any more.
Pelona: There's still a pantry isn't there?
Pelona: Hurry and load the rest of the treasure as well!!
Pelona: I stayed around and helped Moria-sama at least half-way!
Pelona: I stayed right up until I felt my life was really in danger.

Page 19:
Pelona: Hurry up you guys!! We have to hurry and get out of here this instant!!
Zombies: Yes ma'am!!
Zombie: Hm?
Zombie: Who're you?!! You're not a zombie, are you?
Zombie: What're you doing here
Zombie: you Bear-looking jerk.
Kuma: A bear, huh?
Kuma: That's right on the money...!!
Kuma: Is Moria
Kuma: around here?
BGText: Why?! Bartholomew Kuma of the Shichibukai appears!!

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#1. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz (Intl Translator)
Posted on Oct 3, 2007
Yaaay!! Thank u very much sky! ^^
#2. by hatsuharupeace (MH Senpai)
Posted on Oct 3, 2007
#3. by Patoz (Registered User)
Posted on Oct 3, 2007
Thx for the translation!

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