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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

One Piece 473

One Piece Chapter 473

+ posted by skywalker6705 as translation on Oct 22, 2007 01:22 | Go to One Piece

-> RTS Page for One Piece 473

Page 01:
Title: The Royal Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma Appears
Subtitle: Enel's Great Space Plan - Volume 37: Over his shoulders stand loyal followers and a great expanse of Vearth.

Page 02:
Risu: .........!! Geefuh...!! wh...what a terrible woman...!!
BGText: They've done it!! The Risky Brothers!!
Risu: We blabbed...every last word............!!
Box: Mast Mansion Treasure Room
Risu: but Pelona-sama loves treasure
Risu: that's right... it won't be stolen from her...
Risu: But we went and told her about the shortcut.........
Risu: Gahkuh...
Nami: hah
Nami: hah
Nami: What nerve!! Trying to take all of our treasure...!!
Nami: and then use the Sunny to get out of here...!!?
Nami: As if I'd let that happen!!

Page 03:
Nami: But even so, what's up with this bridge...?
Nami: Why is it so thin?!
Nami: ...it seems strangely well-made though.
Nami: What the hell
Nami: I'm not looking!!
Oz: You have better get ready.
Oz: I'm gonna crush all of you!!!

Page 04:
Oz: You won't even have bones let when I'm done!!!
Oz: Uoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!
Usopp: Uwah!! He's really really pissed off now!!
Usopp: oh crap oh crap
Sanji: Here he comes!!
Oz: They won't come out!!!
Oz: My horns
Oz: ..................damn
Oz: my horns are stuck right up to the root......!!!

Page 05:
Franky: Oh?
Franky: So you can't get em out huh...?
Sanji: ah ha...
Oz: Ah
Zombie: I'm certain that's Oz's scream
Zombie: I'm telling you that's no possible!!!

Page 06-07:
Oz: Give it a rest already!!!
Usopp: Retreat!!!
Oz: hah
Oz: hah
Oz: What a horrible group...!!!
Usopp: Uoooooh!! Look at that huge piece of meat!!!
Usopp: Right over there!!
Chopper: Uwah!! Delicious!!!

Page 08:
Group: Knee Crush!!!
Oz: Aah
Zoro: Does landing on the knee count as a down?
Franky: If we were sticking to the rules I don't think he would agree anyways...
Usopp: Yooshaa! It's over now Weak-knee-kun! (Trans note: Usopp call him weak kneed, and adds an "n" to make it "kun")
Oz: This is a disgrace......!!

Page 09:
Franky: We're not gonna lose!! Uhahahahaha
Franky: We'll hold out until Strawhat beats the hell out of Moria!!
Franky: Get those shadows back quick Strawhat~
Zoro: Why do we have to wait for that?
Zoro: We should just beat him.
Franky: Oi oi!! We aren't just stalling this guy so he doesn't become Strawhat's problem?!
Franky: You actually want to beat him?!!
Oz: I got no meat...
Oz: and they took out my knees...
Zoro: A fight's not over until it's won.
Franky: This is a zombie bigger than huge! We've gotta purify him to win!!!
Usopp: That's it!! Zoro, time! Gimme some time!!
Robin: fuh fuh (heh heh)
Sanji: If you're not up for it then get out of here. I don't intend to wait on Luffy either!!
Oz: Gomu Gomu no
Zoro: This guy wouldn't flinch even if a dinosaur stepped on him.
Zoro: "Hardness" is said to be the specialty of this black blade
Zoro: The power of the "Oowazamono" Shuusui that I've finally obtained.
Zoro: And this is the perfect opportunity to test it out.
Usopp: Wait!! Luffy's gonna take out Moria!!!

Page 10:
Nami: You, Hold it!!!
Zombie: Who's she?!!
Zombie: One of the pirate ladies!!
Nami: What do you think you're doing with my treasure (that I intended to steal)?!!
Nami: And the Sunny?!!!

Page 11:
Pelona: Oooh
Pelona: Horohorohoro...
Pelona: Just who do you think I am little miss pirate...
Pelona: Has your ceremony with Absalom already ended?
Nami: Who the hell would marry that pervert!!
Pelona: So you got away after all......what a useless man.
Pelona: And? What're you going to do?.........
Pelona: I do plan on taking your ship and getting off of this island.
Pelona: If you're saying you want to stop me, then I'll gladly take you on!
Pelona: This Mini Hollow Corps will tear someone like you to pieces!!!
Pelona: That nega-nose man is my one true enemy.........!!

Page 12:
Zombie: Please run Pelona-sama!!!
Pelona: eh...
Pelona: ...who the hell...!! ......?!!
Zombie: We don't know who he is but he's an enemy!!!
Zombie: Just a second ago he erased our brothers without a trace...!!!
Zombie: He's not ordinary!!!
Zombie: He's dangerous!!!
Zombie: He just really rotten bad!!!
Pelona: ..................what, you...
Pelona: You're not just anybody...!!

Page 13:
Pelona: He's one of the Shichibukai!!!
Pelona: The "Tyrant"
Pelona: Bartholomew Kuma!!!
Pelona: the man who... when he was a pirate, was brutal beyond measure............!!!
Zombies: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh?!!
Zombie: No way
Zombie: ......!!! Shichibukai?!!
Zombie: That's crazy
Zombie: A man on the same level as Moria-sama has.........?!!
Zombie: ...wh?! Why has he come to Thriller Bark?!!
Nami: this can't be happening........!!

Page 14:
Kuma: Where are Moria's followers?
Pelona: .........!! Mo...Moria-sama... I mean Gekko Moria?...!! I'm done with him!!
Pelona: I was just about to... escape from this island when...
Kuma: If you're traveling then
Kuma: Where do you wish to go?
Zombies: Eeeeeh?! Small talk?!!
Pelona: ??... What do you mean by asking............
Pelona: But since I am taking a vacation...
Pelona: somewhere dark... damp...somewhere near and old castle swirling with malice...
Pelona: I could spend my time singing a cursed song over the land.
Zombies: She answered!!!
Zombies: That just like Pelona-sama.

Page 15:
Pelona: ha
Pelona: I got wrapped up in my daydream!!!
Pelona: Thinking you can mess with me............!!
Pelona: I was a bit startled by your enormous size, but with my ability there's nothing to worry about.
Pelona: There's no one it hasn't brought to their knees...!!!
Pelona: Are you listening to me?!!!
Pelona: ...Your shadow must be really powerful too isn't right......Kuma?!!!
Pelona: I'll take you down here and leave your shadow as a parting gift to Moria-sama.
Pelona: Negative Ghost!!
Pelona: and a Special Hollow
Zombies: Uoooh She's using it
Zombies: her ultimate combo!!!

Page 16:
Kuma: If you're that rilled up
Kuma: then there's no hope of finding out Moria's location from you...
Nami: .........she's.........?
Zombie: Where are you Pelona-sama?
Zombies: Pelona-sama?!!
Zombies: Oi!! What happened?!!
Zombies: Pelona-sama disappeared!!!

Page 17:
Zombie: Why you...!!! What have you done with our Princess!!!
Zombie: You won't get away with this!!
Zombie: That's right!! We're not gonna let you get away with this!!
Zombie: but he's rotten-scary!!! Ruuuuuun!!! (Trans note: Oda's making alliterative jokes in japanese with the zombies' "rotten" lines. Ex: "keep kicking kids".")
Zombie: Hyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!
Kuma: The "Thieving Cat", aren't you?... (Trans note: "Cat Burglar" lacks the sense of cunning suggested by "Thieving Cat" I believe. both are acceptable)
Kuma: One of Strawhat's Nakama......!!

Page 18:
Kuma: It is true that Monkey D Luffy
Kuma: Has a brother?
Nami: eh
Nami: What...?! He made it here In just an instant...!!
Nami: he warped...?!
Nami: ......!! h...he does.
Nami: Ace right?
Nami: ......what of it?
Kuma: I see... so it was true...
Nami: What do you mean?! Are you looking for Luffy?! What're you after?!
Nami: Are you really a Shichibukai?!
Kuma: What I do
Nami: ah
Kuma: Is up to me.
Nami: ............!! He's bad news!! He's after Luffy?! ......... I have to let him know

Page 19:
Luffy: I got ya!!!
Luffy: Moria!!!
Luffy(topright): zeh
Luffy(bottomright): zeh
Luffy: hah
Luffy: hah
Luffy: You're not going anywhere now you asshole!!
Luffy: Now, fight me!!! Give back everybody's shadows!!!
Luffy: ...... a shadow?
Luffy: Dammit!!!
BGText: He fell for the plan?!
Luffy: He tricked me!!!
Luffy: Where am I?!!
Box: The Time Limit for Recovering the Shadows Draws Closer

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#1. by ChaosCloud ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2007
#2. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2007
Thx! n_n
#3. by Velvet_Rain_Dropz ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2007
Cool! Thank u very much sky! ^^
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Posted on Oct 22, 2007
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Posted on Oct 22, 2007
glad to have you translating again sky!
#6. by sakura_hime04 ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2007
Thanks Sky, It's been long time since you latest translate
#7. by Patoz ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2007

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