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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

One Piece 557

Luffy and Whitebeard

+ posted by Svg as translation on Sep 17, 2009 13:09 | Go to One Piece

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This translation is exclusive to Binktopia. No other English scanlations are allowed. International translators and scanlators are welcome to use it as they wish.


One Piece chapter 557:

Luffy and Whitebeard

Cover story 17: Brook's Bed and Panties, returning the favor [[The Japanese original is a pun on "bed and breakfast", I believe]]

Vol. 1: These people won't fight


Opening line: On top of the frozen wave...

Luffy and gang: What the hell happened?!

How did we get up here?!!

I dunno!!! Suddenly we were caught in a huge wave /

Then the sea froze, and now the ship's stuck!!

Croc: If you want to know what's going on /

Look down below.

Jimbei: Old Man!!

Iva: So the var has /

Finally begun!!!

Luffy: Listen up, guys!!! I've got an idea /

How to get off this thing!!

We need to get moving!!

Ace's gonna be executed in less than three hours!!!


Buggy: What!!? You seriously want to slide down this frozen wave!!?

Luffy: We have no choice!! But first we've gotta get the ship out of the ice!!

Mr. 3: This is a battleship, numbskull!! We cannot possibly get it to move!!

Luffy: If we combine our strength, I know we can do it!!!

Buggy: I...!! I feel like I can do this...!!!

Prisoners: Yeah, we've got Captain Buggy, the world's strongest man on our side!!!

Denden: Pururururu...!!

Calling all ships and personnel!

We will proceed with objective TOTTZ! Change formation /

And prepare for strategy number three!

Prisoners: It's a Marine strategy transmission.

It's hard to understand with all those code words.

Denden: Once the necessary preparations are complete, we will execute Ace ahead of schedule!

Luffy: What?


Luffy: We've gotta hurry~~~!!!

SFX: Crack...!!

Luffy: Huh



We're gonna fall~~~!!




People: What happened?!

Did a battleship just come dropping down?!

Luffy and gang: Buha~~~

W... Water!!! We fell in the water, we're alive!!

Why is this the only spot that's not covered in ice?!

SFX: Crackle... Crackle Crackle

Luffy and gang: I thought we'd hit the ice and die!!



Jimbei: These fruit users are nothing but trouble...

Prisoners: Come on, climb!

This is nothing compared to the water torture we endured in hell!

Luffy: Hah... Hah...

There he is...

Ace: Luffy!!!

Luffy: ACE~~~!!!

Finally, I got to see you again!!!

Marines: Huh?

Hey!! Isn't that Crocodile!?

It's not just him!! What's up with that face!!?

8. - 9.

Buggy: Gyahahahaha!!! Are you prepared for Buggy?!!

Luffy: I've come to save you~~~!!!

Ivankov: Truly a frightening force as assembled!! This is nothing to joke about!!!


Sengoku: It's your accursed family AGAIN, Garp!!!

Garp: LUFFY~~~!!!

Marines: Jimbei!! Crocodile!! Even Ivankov from the Revolutionary Army!!!

And behind them are several pirates who were quite renowned in the past!!!

They've escaped from Impel Down!!!

Mihawk: Straw Hat...

A man worthy to be talked about...

Moria: S~T~R~A~W~HAAAAAAAAAT~~~!!!?

Fullbody: What's he doing here?!

Jango: Those aren't his crewmates with him!!!

Hancock: Luffy...!!

SFX at Hancock: Throb Throb [[Heartbeat]]

Hancock: Thank goodness you are alright...!!!


Coby: Look, Helmeppo-san!!


Helmeppo: Straw Hat~~~!!?

Coby: I heard he was imprisoned in Impel Down, yet he's here!! He... really is amazing!!!

Aokiji: He sure brought some tough ones with him.

Kizaru: I never thought we'd meet again so fast~~~

Marco: So that's Ace's brother /

Who he always kept talking about!

Doflamingo: Now the Shichibukai, new and old, are fully assembled...!! Fuffuffu

So he's... /

The famous troublemaker rookie /

Straw Hat...!!!

Pirate: Hey, don't you dare ignore me!!!

Tashigi: Smoker-san!! That's...

Smoke: Yeah...

Straw Hat AND Crocodile!!

How come they're together?


SFX: Clomp...

Akainu: So that's him...

Grandson of Garp the Hero... And Dragon's son...

He, too, must be disposed of!

Sengoku: Is this your answer, Jimbei!!?

Jimbei: Indeed!

I revoke my title as a Shichibukai!!!


Garp: What an odd team.

I can't believe they'd share the same objective... Especially not on this battlefield!!

Ivankov: Hm?

Vhere is the Croco boy?

Buggy: Huh?

Found him!!! The bastard's trying to hog it all for himself!!!

Pirates: Crocodile's going for Whitebeard!!!


Crocodile: We meet again, Whitebeard!!

14. - 15.

Crocodile: I thought we had a deal. Why are you protecting Whitebeard?

Luffy: So this geezer really is Whitebeard, huh?

Then I won't let you touch him!!

Ace likes the old man!!

Marco: Ace's little bro ain't too shabby.

Shanks: In East Blue...

Whitebeard: What kind of enemy took that left arm of yours?

Shanks: This...? I bet it on a new age.

Whitebeard: That straw hat you have there... /

Looks just like the one Red Hair used to wear, kid...

Luffy: Oh, you know Shanks, old man?

He let me hold on to it for him.

Ace: Look, Pops!! This is my little brother!!

Whitebeard: Have you come to save your brother?

Luffy: Hell yeah!!

16. - 17.

Whitebeard: Do you know who you're up against?

You don't stand a chance out here!!

Luffy: Shut up!!! That's not for you to decide!!!

I heard you wanna be the Pirate King!!

But I'm the one who's gonna become the Pirate King!!

Peeps: WHAAA~~~?!!

Whitebeard: Cheeky brat...

SFX: Smile...

Whitebeard: Just don't get in my way, pipsqueek!!!

Luffy: I'm gonna do this my way!!! I'll be the one to save Ace!!!

Peeps: He actually challenged Whitebeard!!!!

Kizaru: Can I get a green light to execute these guys, Sengoku-san...?

Sengoku: But of course!!!

End line: The war reaches a new stage!!

The End

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#1. by zidane ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
Thanks a lot, we are working on it.
#2. by Kisu ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
I didn't understand why did you posted it, if the other tteam can't use it...

It's like " we have the translation nah na nah nah nah :P"

I seriously don't understand it. You can send a pm to Binktopia with the translation...

If i've said something wrong please forgive me .
#3. by SuperGotenks ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
Indeed Kisu. I always thought that was stupid.

And why does one group get not one, not even two, but three exclusive translations? Trying to start some sort of One Piece monopoly?
#4. by Nagumo ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
It's posted so it can be used in other languages, as stated in the disclaimer. I don't see what's so confusing about that.
#5. by Kisu ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
Is confusing that all the OP translations are of Binktopia only!

Bah, never mind.
#6. by AY War Horse ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
From what i can see all three English translations are now relatively Binktopia exclusive in regards to English scanlation, although cnet is permitting use of the translation as long as the scan is released 24 hours after Binktopia, I think i have read that right.

Now i am not going to get in to a discussion about the exclusive issue that is the business of the translators and Binktopia and nothing to do with me. I respect translators and raw providers who do make things exclusive.

But one point i want to say is that surely the translations are not just posted, or at least made use of, for scanlation although most are used in that way. I mean some people like to just read the translation, maybe along side the raw. Or some may want their One Piece fix as soon as possible and so read the translation as soon as it is posted, once again maybe along side the raw and then read the scan when it comes out.

I am sure there are other reasons, like showing how a new translator is developing and the new proof-reading policy of MH really helps this. Basically all i am saying is that MH is a wide community and people come here for different reasons.
#7. by dosukoi7 ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
Why does Binktopia need three translations is my only question

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