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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Naruto 392

Naruto ch392

+ posted by tora-chan as translation on Mar 9, 2008 01:13 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 392

Sorry for the super lateness.. I was in another city working as an interpreter for a few Japanese writers, and - apart from the fact that I had very little time - Internet points were nowhere to be found, so well.. I've just gotten back today x_x I'm quite tired, I hope my English is fine (my Japanese sure is, lol)..


392: Susanoo...!!

Madara Uchiha, founder of the Uchiha clan, may be controlling all of the scenarios. What is under his mask!?

....What's Itachi's last jutsu!!?

ハァ ハァ
Sasuke: *pant pant*

Sasuke: ...Susanoo...?

Itachi: It's the jutsu one obtains
after he's awakened both "Tsukuyomi" and "Amaterasu".

Sasuke: *pant*

サスケ… お前の術は これで…終わりか…?
Itachi: Sasuke... Don't you have... any more jutsu?

隠している力があるなら… 出し惜しみはしなくていいぞ…
ItachI: If you possess any hidden power... Feel free to use it...

Itachi: The real fight is about to start...

Zetsu1: The sky is clearing...

Zetsu2: It seems like Sasuke's jutsu can only be used once.

え……あ… あれは?
Zetsu1: Eh...... Wha...what's that?

ハァ‥ ハァ‥
Itachi: *pant pant*

Sasuke: Ugh...

Orochimaru: ......I'll give you...

ハァ ハァ
Sasuke: *pant pant*

Orochimaru: I'll lend you my power...

Sasuke: Shit...!

私が必要なんでしょ… サスケくん…
Orochimaru: You know you need me... Sasuke-kun...

Sasuke: Uh...

Orochimaru: Didn't you want to get revenge on Itachi?

Sasuke: Gh...

さぁ… 私の力を解き放ちなさい
Orochimaru: Yes... Unleash my power.

そうすれば アナタの願いは…
Orochimaru: If you do so, your wish will become...

Sasuke: Gh...

Sasuke: Aah...

Sasuke: Gwaaah!!

snake: *hissss*

この感じ 大蛇丸の八岐の術か…
Itachi: This feeling... It must be Orochimaru's Yamata no Jutsu... (note: in the Japanese folktale about Susanoo, originally contained in Japan's oldest book, "Kojiki", he has to defeat a monster called "Yamata no Orochi". "Orochi", as you may know, means "great snake", while "Yamata" means "eight branches". In fact, this monster is a sort of snake/dragon with eight heads; ndt)

Zetsu1: W-what's that!?

サスケ自身ノチャクラガ無クナッタノニモ関ラズ 無理ニ力ヲ出ソウトシタカラダ!
Zetsu2: It's happening because Sasuke tried to summon more strengh despite being left with no more chakra of his own!

Zetsu2: This way Orochimaru's chakra, that was previously suppressed after he was absorbed by him, managed to resurface...!!

(note: if you notice, the liquid coming out of Susanoo's flask becomes his sword. This is also connected to the original folktale. In it, Susanoo puts eight big flasks full of sake in a place where Yamata no Orochi would transit, and when the monster gets drunk on it and falls asleep Susanoo cuts his eight heads with his sword; ndt)

Itachi: ...So you did have something else...

Zetsu1: Ah! ...That's...

Orochimaru: Ahahah.......!!

Orochimaru: Blurb...

Orochimaru: Bleurgh...

相変わらず 口からゲロゲロとキモいヤツだなぁ
Zetsu1: He's puking up stuff as usual, how gross...

文字通リ 蛇ノ様ニシツコイ奴ダ
Zetsu2: Literally, he's tenacious as a snake.

Orochimaru: Yes!
I was waiting for this moment!

Orochimaru: Thanks to you, Sasuke-kun's chakra that was suppressing my own disappeared!

これを機にあの子の体は私が頂く そして…
Orochimaru: I'll use this chance to take over the boy's body, and then...

Orochimaru: Eh?

Itachi: So, Sasuke...

Itachi: What are you going to do next?

Orochimaru: Kuku......
Do you really think this is enough to kill...

Orochimaru: T-this sword... It can't be... the Sword of Totsuka? (note: it's the name of the sword Susanoo used to cut off Yamata no Orochi's heads in the folktale; ndt)

Orochimaru: Itachi... You had it hidden...

Orochimaru: Gh-!

通リデ… イクラ探シテモ見ツカラナイハズダ…
Zetsu2: No wonder he couldn't find it no matter what...
Who would've guessed it was actually an incorporeal sword?

な…何なの あの剣…?
Zetsu1: W-what's with that sword...?

十拳剣 別名・酒刈太刀ト呼バレル封印剣デ
Zetsu2: The Sword of Totsuka is a sealed sword also known as "Long Sword of Sakegari". (note: "Sakegari" means "to reap sake". If you've read my previous notes I believe you can understand the connection to the folktale; ndt)

突キ刺シタ者ヲ酔夢ノ幻術世界ニ永久ニ飛バシ 封ジ込メテシマウト言ワレル…
Zetsu2: It's said that the ones it stabs are sent to a world of illusions similar to the dream of a drunken person, and they're sealed in it eternally.
It's like wielding a Sword of Kusanagi with a built-in fuuinjutsu... (note: fuuinjutsu = sealing jutsu; ndt)

Zetsu2: Orochimaru has been searching for it all along.

瞳力…それにこれだけの術… やっぱイタチはすっげー強え!
Zetsu1: The power of his eyes, this jutsu... Itachi really is awfully strong!

ハァ ハァ
Sasuke: *pant pant*

仕上げだ… サスケ
Itachi: It's time to finish this... Sasuke.

"Susanoo" tears off Orochimaru's tenacity ever so easily.... And now he draws near Sasuke, who's lost all means to resist. Next, conclusion!!

NO.392/end - Itachi sidles up to him to get his "eyes"!! Next, "My eyes..."!!

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#1. by EmoSuke ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2008
Thanks a lot~
#2. by 4ghost ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2008
Just when I thought a comp wouldn't be possible this week. Thanks for the translation it is always appreciated.

Oh and that being an interpreter in another city sounded interesting, I hope you were enjoying yourself.
#3. by hatsuharupeace ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2008
thanks tora-chan!!!
#4. by lordHokage ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2008
Thank you, tora-chan. Great job. :)
#5. by juUnior ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2008
Thx tora-chan :wtf And thx for your notes :wtf xD
#6. by zidane ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2008
yeah, thanks!
#7. by tora-chan ()
Posted on Mar 9, 2008
Quote by 4ghost;758858:
Just when I thought a comp wouldn't be possible this week. Thanks for the translation it is always appreciated.

Oh and that being an interpreter in another city sounded interesting, I hope you were enjoying yourself.

Actually I was a bit sorry because I guessed no one else would copy the script and so it would be much harder to do a compilation... >_< I thought I'd find an Internet point in that city, and I also thought I'd have more time to do a translation, but in the end...

Yes I had a lot of fun. It was also a wonderful experience, I learned a lot of new things and I did a lot of practice in real-time translation. I also got to know a few people that work as translators/university teachers/interpreters, and that's always a good thing, hehe~ X3
#8. by ketwaroo ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2008
ah, god damn crap.
It's said that the ones it stabs are sent to a world of illusions similar to the dream of a drunken person, and they're sealed in it eternally.

Brilliantly explained. too bad I had already finished by scan before your translation was out.
#9. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2008
thanks for the trans!!!
#10. by Shunran ()
Posted on Mar 12, 2008
Best english translation by far ;)

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