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Naruto 301

Naruto 301

+ posted by Windy as translation on Mar 30, 2006 18:33 | Go to Naruto

-> RTS Page for Naruto 301

Watch out, crap ahead.... Doing it for practice XD


sidetext: konoha is shaken... Then, a one instant's miracle swooping down(didn't get this one...) A legend that shines brightly even now.

Catching up to Sai, catching up to Oriochimaru, and then...!!
Sakura: Naruto
Sakura: This thime we will... Sasuke...

Naruto: yeah...

Sai: Hello, nice to meet you. I am Sai.
Sai: You must be Uchuha Sasuke kun-
Sasuke: beat it.
Sai: even though I'm making a smile...
Sai: It seems like I'm the type that's easy to hate.
Sai: Even Naruto kun hated me...

Sai: but comparing to Naruto kun...
Sai: It seems like it will be easier to get along with you.

5 (wtf)
Kabuto: Sasuke kun!

Sai: sweat...?
Sai: I don't feel anything.... But even then...
Sai: Our eyes only met... I can't recgonize what it was. Did Sasuke kun make me fear from the bottom of my heart...?

Oro: It's better not to make fun of Sasuke kun.
Oro: He's even worse than me.
Saucekay: I don't care about this guy.
Saucekay: Let's go now, Orochimaru.
Sai: I heard alot about you from Naruto kun.
Sai: Seems like he's been searching for you alot.
Sai: These three years....

Saucekay: So he was there too... That guy...
Saucekay: Let's go, Ororchimaru.
Sai: Naruto kun, he...
Sai: thinks of you as a real brother....
Sai: So I heard from Sakura.

Saucekay: My brother...
Saucekay: The man I want to kill... There is only one person.
oro: Well then, I shall go as well.
oro: Kabuto... Prepare a bingo book out of this.
Kabuto: This is...

off panel: A list of the members of the the anbu under the hokage's direct control...
offpanel: Seems like the real thing.
Yamato: It's here...
Yamato's evil twin: The entrance is under this rocky area.
Naruto: Sasuke is under there...
Sakura: yeah

Naruto: Right....
Naruto: Let's go
Yamato: Wait a minute.

Yamato: Swallow this before we go.
Yamato: Here, Sakura too.
Yamato: In the case we get seperated, this will allow me to locate you.
Sakura: This...
Yamato: Basically, these seeds are tracking devices.
Yamato: They're tools that respond to my chakra alone.

Yamato: I placed some in Sai's clothing and food earlier as well.
Sakura: I see... So that's how you could track them!
Naruto: You did this without us noticing...
Yamato: Do you remember?
Yamato: In the hot springs, when I went ahead of you...
Flashback: I'll go on ahead. But first, I have an interesting thing to tell you, Nartuo....
Yamato: So do you understand why I paid by myself for the onsen and the huge meal?

Yamato: As Tsunade sama said,
Yamato: Pay close attention to Sai.
Yamato: Anyway, swallow it now.

Yamato: Right! Let's go, you two!
Naruto: Right!
Sakura: OK!

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#1. by ensngre (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 30, 2006
Thanks! :)
#2. by Miso (MH Senpai)
Posted on Mar 30, 2006
Thank you very much, Windy!
#3. by venicia777 (Scanlator)
Posted on Mar 30, 2006
wow!! u are a darling- i want to learn japanese more and more.thanks
#4. by 4ghost (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 30, 2006
Thank you appreciate your effort.
#5. by Gold Knight (MH Senpai)
Posted on Mar 31, 2006
Thanks for letting us see your work, Windy :)

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